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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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The one and only app you can show and share all you have.
Share your belongings whether you use them or not through WHOSCLIP which is used in 96 countries.
Throughout different types of dealing with friends, find out how fun collaborative consumption is.

Let people know what your wish item is.
Friends, close colleagues and your followers will give it to you as a gift.

Look for the goods which doesn’t have to be new and also don’t have to go shopping.
Friends and colleagues or your followers will have it.
There are many things you need which you friends, colleagues and your followers don’t use and stored in a storage.

Show off your special belongings to your friends.
Friends will share many stories about your special items.

Don’t buy tent and camping equipment just because you want to go camping.
Share with friends who don’t go camping anymore or use the equipment only once a month.

Lend your friend a playstation.
Your friend or followers will need it more.

Now share your goods which you doesn’t need with someone who needs them.
You and your friend will become more closer.

Post bag and DSLR camera as a selling product.
It is a trade between friends and colleagues, you don’t have to worry anything.
This is a charm of WHOSCLIP.

● Things which you can deal with on WHOSCLIP are called CLIP.

● WHOSCLIP allows you to keep clips posted by other people in your cubbyhole or storage box. This is called clipping.

● WHOSCLIP can show friends your wish item. This is called Wish.

● WHOSCLIP isn’t just an app for commerce dealing, it is the best app for collaborative consumption full of fun and interest.

l WHOSCLIP is associated with the following items:.

SNS(social, facebook, kakaotalk, twitter, pinterest, instagram, path, pose, line, share, sharing, pinspire, Airbnb)
Recycle ( saving, barter, market place, shopping, carpool, market, direct dealing, secondhand dealing, C2C open market, flea market, free market, rent, auction, lowest price, recommendation, store, shop, advertisement, marketing, social commerce.)

Clothing ( kids unisex, Womenswear, Menswear, footwear, shoes, brand, fashion, casual, underwear, pajama, sneakers, period pad, bag, imported, watch, styling, model, brand bag,handmade)

Computer( Laptop, desk top, tablet, cloud, monitor, printer, internet, SKT, KT, game, graphic, sound, keyboard, mouse, P2P)

Mobile( Cell phone, Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, HP, smart phone, mobile accessories, galaxy, i-phone, i-pad, optimus, blackberry, film, case, ear phone, phone number)

Birth( pregnant women, hospital, pharmacy, weaning food, nappy, milk powder, wet tissue, baby, baby clothing, child goods, baby goods, baby walker)

Arts ( Art, music, P.E, musical, piano, concert, instrument, ticket, exhibition, gallery, play, ballet, dance)

Auto parts and accessories ( navigator, black box, car audio, tuning, motor show, F1)

Books ( best seller, book store, novel, poetry, essay, amazon, e-book, economy, management)

Toys ( Lego, pororo, toy, block, school supplies, study, Disney, puzzle),

Booking( Movie, theatre, cinema, subway, ticket, box office)

Home living electronics ( digital TV, video, DVD, CD, MP3, audio, digital camera, refrigerator, washing machine, humidifier, matrix, water purifier, camera, 3D, LED)

Health and Sports ( baseball, soccer, basketball, ski, swimming, inline skating, golf, diet, bicycle, glove, bat, PT, health club, snow board major league, Olympic, world cup, president, election)

Real estate ( Studio, hotel, resort, lease, trade, APT, high rise apartment, monthly rent, rent, golf club, silver town)

Hobby ( Domestic tour, inbound tour, leisure, camping, outdoor, fishing, lodge, flight ticket, reservation, vacation, gift, flower, instrument, climbing, pet, pet goods, card, sing, airplane, date, free time, barista, guitar, band, bargain, beach wear, swimming, skin scuba, yacht, vocal, lesson, composition)

● Any enquiries to

Recent changes:
– Data loading speed improvements
– Scrolling function upgraded
– Minor Bug fixes

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