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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Club Events provides features for small organisations to organise events for their members.

Event organisers create events by choosing a location, activity and date for an event. Once the event is published it is available for members to sign up on.

Event organisers can create location placemarkers for events using Google Maps, once the placemarker is registered with the application (by sending the placemarker to, the location can be used as a location for an event.

Event organisers can create types of activity for events, such as Kayaking events, or Running events, etc.

Event organisers can quickly run further events of the same type at the same location, needing only to provide the date for the new event.

At any location, several types of events can be run, and several events of the same type can start from a particular location. For example, there can be two different cycling events and a kayaking event all starting from the same location, and any of these events can be repeated on numerous occasions.

Event organisers have visibility of all events created, regardless of whether an event has been published to members or not, whilst members can only see events that have been published. The event calendar is a Google Calendar.

Published events are facebook events, for which members sign up to using this application, by viewing the event in this application. Events can be viewed using the calendar or based on location using the map. In future, a feature to view events by activity type, e.g. Kayaking events, Cycling events, etc is planned.

Currently a member needs to be friends with the event organiser in order to sign up on the event. In future, a feature to associate photos as part of the description of an event is planned.

Those attending an event can post messages and photos to each other both before and after the event on facebook.

An Android app to view and sign up on events is currently in development. An Android feature is planned to allow event organisers to complete the attendance register for an event, whilst at the event.

This application:
is under development and running a sandbox environment, feel free to use but expect to see errors
requires facebook authentication for members and google authentication for organisers, and only stores your user id and email address for authentication purposes
is not designed or optimised for performance or scaleablity – some requests are long running and have not been converted to run asynchronously to maintain a responsive user interface
was written as an exercise to gain experience in various technologies, including, but not limited to, JPA, JSON, ATOM, REST, Android.
uses various Java technologies, including, but not limited to, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, Annotations.

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