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UpdatedDecember 22, 2012
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A Holo-themed Android client for Tent. Requires an account on a tent server.

Tent™ is a protocol for distributed social networking and personal data storage. Tent is for sharing with others and seeing what others have shared with you. You can ask to follow other users and other users can follow you. Because you control your own Tent server, it is also a good place to store things you do not want to share with others, a sort of personal data vault. It can also be used as a secure site login replacement so you don’t need passwords when accessing other sites on the web.

See for more about Tent.

File issues at

Recent changes:
* New preference to show names vs entities
* Fixed crash sometimes when logging in
* Fixed crash when network is flaky or not available.
* Fixed crashed when data returns before listview is available.

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