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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Facade – Simple. Social.
Facade aims to be your one stop solution to receive and post all status updates from your favorite social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo,QQ Weibo, LinkedIn) at the ease of click one button.

How many times have you found yourself copy/paste almost the same message/photos to different social networks that you belong to?

Facade is here to push this ridiculous situation to an end.

What is our mission?:
Add some value to your life by providing:
Best experience posting to all of your social networks with only ONE click
Best experience in viewing all your social friends’ status update in ONE place

Please go to to vote for your favourite features to future updates!

The 3-step Plan:
Step One:
Core Objective of posting to multiple platforms at one click
Core Objective of pulling updates from multiple platforms under one app
Step Two:
Enhance user experience within Facade (Project Butter-on-Facade)
Step Three:
Make specific unique features to different platforms so that your social life can completely go with Facade
Facade-only features

Please kindly use EMAIL DEV from application to give me feedback on anything that is not working. If Facade is not working on your phone, please include your phone model in your review so that I can’t find a specific testing device to address the issue.

About the advertisement:
This app is free. And the ads are just there to support the continuous development. Please kindly ignore them if you don’t like them. Apologize for inconvenience to your experience.

Tags: Social, Networking, Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, LinkedIn, Multi-posting, all in one view, updates, news.

Recent changes:
(We Keep Going)
Due to a change at Sina Weibo on Sunday (Nov 11, 2012), the new installation login to Sina Weibo from Facade is broken down. This release is to patch this issue and it has slightly better handling of pictures in posts content, though we are working towards a better solution

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