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Tale is a new type of community that enables you to explore truly interesting content through the convenience of hashtags. It is a network of ideas where any and every type of content is welcome, from the bizarre to the hilarious to the inspirational!

Discover a vibrant community behind each of the trending hashtags displayed on the app’s main screen. When you submit content of your own, include up to three hashtags to help others locate your post. Unfiltered discussions, real-time hashtag rankings, and even a built-in photo and video editor… Why not get started?!

■ Explore Trending Hashtags, Ranked in Real-Time

Our system continuously tracks which hashtags are trending on Tale, and displays them on the main screen. When a hashtag suddenly spikes in popularity, it’ll be shown in red at the top of the list. This list is subject to change at random intervals, based on the evolving activity of our users, and is displayed identically for all users at all times! If there’s a hashtag you know you’ll want to view over and over again, just save it to your favorites! You can conveniently access up to ten of your favorite hashtags via your Profile Menu.

■ Avoid Hashtag Overload with Just 3 Hashtags per Post

We believe that hashtags are most useful for helping people discover posts related to the topics they find interesting. By limiting the number of hashtags that can be associated with a post, we’re asking users to consciously select the hashtags that would be most conducive to browsing content efficiently. Remember, there are no limits to how many new hashtags you can unleash into the community, one post at a time. So get creative (e.g. use emoji!) – you might be the creator of the next hashtag trend!

■ Unleash Your Creativity with Doodles and More

There’s no one way to create a popular post, but we do have a few tips for getting your content to shine! Firstly, include three hashtags per post so that your post is distributed on the maximum number of hashtag screens possible. Secondly, browse through related hashtags to see if an interchangeable hashtag has a greater audience. For example, would your post about Fido get more attention on #puglife or #puglove? Finally, if you want to create a brand new hashtag but don’t know how to get others to use it, the best – and perhaps obvious – solution would be to regularly post quality content using that hashtag until it gets more traction. If you combine this tip with the two above, you could very well become the creator of a new sub-community within Tale!

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