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English Calendar for US


English Calendar for US

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Dharma Education Calendar 2013 for US

‘Hindu Chetana’ Android Edition’s unique features

Deities’ sattvik pictures drawn by Sanatan Sanstha’s sadhaks (spiritual significance of these pictures is given ahead.)
Photos of Deities from renowned temples, e.g. Shri Vitthal (of Pandhar-pur), Shri Subramanya Swamy (or Muruga of Tamilnadu), Shri Tirumala Venkateshwara (or Balalji of Tirupati).
Remembrance days of Sages, Saints, national heroes and revo-lutionaries, and specifics of festive days (fairs, religious festivals, vowed religious observances and festivals of Saints) throughout Bharat (India).

Print Edition’s additional features

Practical guidance on sadhana and stress management
Guidance on how to lead a sattvik lifestyle everyday

Promote Dharma by distributing the ‘Hindu Chetana’ Dharma Education Calendar

To relatives, friends, colleagues, customers
Display at temples, stores and workplaces
Gift to Dharmik or spiritually inclined people
Give as a sattvik gift during festivals and social functions

Proof of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in Dharma education calendar 2013 !

Radiance emitting from Deity Hanuman’s blessing hand (in a photo of His picture in Dharma education calendar) : A Hanuman devotee in Bihar, Bharat (India) bought and took home a copy of the Dharma education calendar in year 2012. From his mobile phone this devotee clicked a photo of Deity Hanuman’s picture (that was on the front side of April month of the calendar). When he looked at the mobile phone photo, he noticed radiance emitting from Deity Hanuman’s blessing hand. He felt that Deity Hanuman was pleased with him purchasing the Dharma education calendar and was blessing him. The devotee shared this photo and spiritual experience with sadhaks, and it was published in the ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ newspaper. – A sadhak, Bharat.

Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) in Dharma education calendar proved through a pendulum experiment : At the beginning of the year I bought Dharma education calendar 2012 in Bharat. With dowsing by pendulum, when I measured the positivity of the pictures of Deities published on various pages of this calendar, the measurements matched the proportion of the Deity’s principle mention-ed at the bottom of each picture, to the last decimal. This was proof enough of the spiritual purity (sattvikta) present in each of the Deities’ pictures drawn by sadhaks of Sanatan Sanstha. Hence, I put up this Dharma education calendar in my office and distributed its copies to others as well. – Shri. Nandan Munagekar, Vastushastra and Environ-ment expert, and Pendulum dowsing researcher, Mumbai, Bharat (India). (Ref. : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Important note for US Tax Payers
If you are a US taxpayer you will be eligible for tax exemption in the US for your donations to Forum for Hindu Awakening.

For a printed copy of ‘Hindu Chetana’ Dharma Education Calendar 2013 and 2014

Toll Free 1 877 303 3342 extn. 0 (Operator)
702 (NJ) 701 (Canada)
703 (Virginia) 705 (California)


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