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Socialize (Green) for Facebook


Socialize (Green) for Facebook

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Updated September 21, 2013
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Connect to Facebook with style. Arent you tired of the boring white screen and ugly icons. Try Socialize for Facebook with black backgrounds, green and white text, and HD custom designed icons. The sleek new design offers a bit of style as you Facebook away with all your friends. Show off just how stylish and different you are while enjoying all the comforts that Facebook has to offer. Everything is fully customized for speed and looks. Every screen looks crisp and clean. There are others out there that try to imitate the same look and feel but they just don’t cut it. Socialize for Facebook offers all this while keeping the size down to a minimum and making the application run faster. Even the widget has the same black backgrounds with green and white text and custom HD icons. So dump the old and dreary and try out the stylishly new Socialize for Facebook.

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There is absolutely no ads what’s so ever associated inside of Socialize for Facebook. Nor will there ever be any.

Socialize for Facebook is made possible do to Facebook offering their sdk tools to build off of.

Please comment on Socialize for Facebook to help it rise faster in the market and reach others in need.

With this application you have access to:


Pictures may take a few minutes to load on first startup and do tend to load faster when your connected to a WiFi network

If you have any problems please email me or click on the forum link in the About tab in the menu before you leave negative comments in the Google market. I can not respond to any comment in there and usually I can fix any problems before anyone gets to frustrated.

Look for these applications

Socialize for Facebook (White)
Socialize for Facebbok (Red)
Socialize for Facebook (Blue)
Socialize for Facebook (Pink)
Socialize for Facebook (Purple)
Socialize for Facebook (Gold)
Socialize for Twitter (Blue)
Socialize for Twitter (Red)
Socialize for Twitter )Pink)
GoSocial for Go Launcher EX (Red)
GoSocial for go Launcher EX (Pink)
GoSocial for Go Launcher EX (Purple)
GoSocial for Go Launcher EX (Blue)

If there is enough demand I will create a white background version of this application as well.

I have no affiliation with Facebook or is a trademarked name and is in no way affiliated with Socialize for Facebook.

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Recent changes:
All buttons and some backgrounds have been changed from flat to glossy

Fixed the newer version issue. Due to fix the ability to pull to refresh in newsfeed was lost. I am trying to reincorporate it but need time. I believe its more important to have the newer version gone. To refresh the page you can hit your menu button and then click on refresh

Fix icon colors not matching

Fixed some text colors

All text boxes are black w/ green text

New Icon for the application

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