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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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【Great Update】“Touch to Talk” of Vimi Messenger is there for you now!
Vimi Messenger based on phone contacts is an instant messaging app. As long as you and your phone contacts already have Vimi, you can enjoy almost free SMS, MMS and voice intercom function. What`s more, you can try the Vimi new services, weather reports and funny joke SMS that make your life be full of happiness.
Vimi with the free “Touch to Talk” is not only for you but the people you care about.

* Give you a free phone call experience
No more people will refused the “Touch to Talk” based on address book. You are really out if you were still spending money to send text messages and call. Playing with Vimi voice intercom, talking for one minute consumes only an average of 38KB. Vimi, used worldwide, enters a short speech era together with you!

* The replacement of SMS/MMS, is no SMS cost.
Vimi uses your Internet connection: GPRS/3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when available. It only takes some data usage, you know, 1M can send 1,048,576 characters. It is very cost-effective. You can send a million messages a day to your friends without worrying about cost.

* Free weather forecasts and funny joke messages
In some countries, the cost of mobile value-added services is quite expensive, but now two new free value-added SMS services in Vimi latest version, weather reports and funny joke messages is completely free. You can custom these services as you want!

* Cross-border, cross-network, cross-platform
Cross-border: There is no cost to send Vimi messages internationally; it means that Vimi helps you to save the expensive international SMS charges. There are a lot of faithful Vimi users around the world;
Cross-network: Vimi works with virtually all carriers and networks. Vimiers no longer have to worry about having restrictions from carriers like other chatting-programs;
Cross-platform: Vimi support most widely platform and is available for iPhone, Android, Nokia Symbian60 and Windows Mobile phones.

* Make your messages alive
You needn`t to guess whether the messages you send were received any more from now on and you can immediately see the message delivery status (whether it has been issued, received or read); In addition, as Vimi user, you can share voice note, add expressions, share location and pictures and so on.

* Receive offline messages
Due to the iPhone push function, even if you miss your push notifications or turn off your iPhone, Vimi will save your messages offline until you retrieve them.

* Be committed to be SMS alternative
Say no to usernames and passwords ; no more confusion about logging in or out; no need to add friends, Vimi , just like SMS would, integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book that is used to automatically connect you with your contacts.

Welcome visiting to give us feedback if you have any suggestions or comments. Thank you for your support!

Recent changes:
vimi免费语音对讲—v2.0.2 版本更新说明:



*全新的UI 给你不一样的体验
*可能认识的人 找到更多熟悉的朋友
*给力的语音表情 生动形象的语音表情,还会说话哦
*免费语音对讲机 持续对讲一分钟平均仅消耗96kb,真正节约话费
*免费发短信、彩信 1M流量可以发上千条信息,开通流量包月套餐则完全免费
*免费的天气预报及笑话短信 给你贴心的问候
*后台运行,永不掉线 vimi在手机后台空挂一月耗流量不到1M,且耗电量占内存非常低
*全面的平台支持 支持ios、安卓、塞班、WM四大平台手机


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