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Easy Battery Master- Pro Saver


Easy Battery Master- Pro Saver

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Having problems such asyour phone is always on low battery urgent for charging?
Having problems such as your phone always die at crucial moment due to running out of battery?
Having problems such as battery tools is neither easy to use nor professional enough?
Eager for a solution? Eager for a solution?
Here comes the Saviour! Here comes the Saviour!
Battery Master,the most efficient BATTERY SAVER ever! Your reliable Pal Friday helps you master your power with most professional battery settings! Designed elaborately by top transnational engineers, high-quality authenticated by global users!
== User Comments:Up to 4.8pts! ==
讚 原以為界面是我最不會的英文,沒想到是中文。用起來也比金山那些好用,沒有多餘,甚至不太能用的功能。簡單實用,為此賜與最高評價!!(Like most of my original thought that the interface will not be in English, did not expect to be Chinese. Jinshan with them than those handy, no excess, and even less able to function. Simple and practical, this gave the highest rating! !) –蒼源道合
Wow this application is good the battery of my galaxy note 2 pays more grace time to this application esta aplicación es bueno que la batería de mi Galaxy Note 2 paga más tiempo de gracia a esta aplicación (Wow this application is good the battery of my galaxy note 2 pays more grace time to this application this application is good that the battery on my Galaxy Note 2 pays more grace time to this application) –Luis Martinez
exellent wow amazing app really!!! thanx alot 4 this app…cool interface with effective settings nyc keep it up good work…god bless u waiting for new apps from u guys!!! –parth patel

== Highlight Features ==
*Nearly 100 setting options,with toggles,modes,ect.
*Highly customizable saving mode,as well as Master Pre-set Modes
*Toggles for Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth, Auto-sync… every detail setting supported
*Real time monitor on both apps and hardwares, graphic panel available
*Smart battery consumption optimization
*Deeply optimized charging logic, guarantee your charging efficiently and healthily.
*Regular auto-clean-up
*“Optimize” desktop widget stops power-consuming background apps with the one-touch
*Accurately estimates battery remaining time
*Accelerates the speed of your device
*Home screen widget supported, toggles available easily
*Widget included, master your battery at all times
*Save even more power by reducingthe speed of your phone’s processor when the screen locks
*Easy—Increase your battery life by up to 50%
*Choose from multiple Saving Modes best fits your needs, including General Saving Mode, Super Saving Mode and Advanced Customized Mode
*Multi-language coming soon!
== Q&A ==
Q: Can Easy Battery Master save power and extend battery life?
A: Yes Tap the circle at the home screen (Widgets) to kill power hog apps that are not currently in use to improve battery life. Use the “Tasks Killer” widget to optimize your power consumption conveniently.
Q: What is a full charge and why does it matter?
A: Batteries have memories, these memories are manipulated by charging habits so the manner in which you charge your device is very important. Plug in your phone when the battery has about 20% remaining and continue to charge until Battery Doctor tells you the 3rd stage of trickle charging is complete. Do not overcharge by keeping your device plugged in nor undercharge by charging in short bursts whenever convenient.
Q: How does “Saving Mode” work?
A: “Saving Mode” is an extreme setting that shuts down all non-essential functions of your phone with exception of making phone calls and sending/receiving text messages. Wifi, Data, GPS, etc will all be shut down to ensure battery life.

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