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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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CallFlakes is a rewarding app for smart call follow-up and Facebook caller ID

Most of the phone calls we make require some follow up. In many cases we promise to send an email, in other cases we schedule a meeting with the caller and need to enter it into our calendar and in some cases we just want to go online and Google something discussed in our call.

With CallFlakes, as soon as we terminate our call we receive a tool bar screen that includes 7 buttons for everything we want or need to do in relation to the call:

• Send an email to the caller
• Send a text message
• Call back
• Share something on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook
• Schedule a meeting in the phone’s calendar
• Set a reminder
• Search web

A slightly different toolbar is set to address al those things we need or want to do following a text message we receive.

Better yet, CallFlakes also provides us a Facebook Caller ID. As we make or receive a call to or from a Facebook friend CallFlakes presents us the Facebook wall of that friend and let us get recent updates of what our friends been up to before we start the conversation. Same happens when we receive a text message from our Facebook friends.

CallFlakes is also a rewarding app and it is connected to the Beintoo app reward program. As you use the CallFlakes productivity board you aggregate the Beintoo virtual currency dollars which you can then redeem against free coupons and other goodies from companies like Gap, Zappos, Groupon and many others.

CallFlakes is very simple to install and it does not require any technical expertise. One click is required to install the app and another click to connect the app to Facebook for the optional Facebook caller ID features. Thereafter the app turns itself on automatically for every event that applies to the Facebook caller ID and productivity board features.

CallFlakes is a free app supported by advertising. Please visit our advertisers and help us improve our apps and services.

Please visit us on Facebook at: or follow us on Twitter at for news and updates about new features and services

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