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AndroIRC for  Playbook and BB10


AndroIRC for Playbook and BB10

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Version 2.1.2
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Updated March 12, 2012
Installs 557 times
Category Playbook Communication
Tags irc playbook, andro irc, andro irc bar


AndroIRC is a complete IRC client (Multi-Server,SSL,NickServ,SASL,FiSH,Logs)

** Support AndroIRC with AndroIRC premium app! **

AndroIRC is an IRC client which can connect to several server (secured or not) at the same time.

– mIRC colors
– auto join channels on startup
– nickserv auth
– Android notifications
– copy & paste
– logging
– sasl auth (plain and blowfish)
– Multiple servers connections (SSL support)
– Easy access menu to kick, ban, change privileges…
– FiSH support (needs Android 2.3 or above)
– Tablet support
– Nick and channels completion
– Shortcuts
– Handle irc:// links
– And much more!

1 star rating is useless! Please send us bug reports by mail including logcat to help us improving AndroIRC.

You can see userlist by double tapping on the screen, and the open channels list by single tapping. You can also navigate between open channels by flinging!

All latest news on .
Bugs? Report them in !

Verizon user: Verizon blocks IRC over 3G. You won’t be able to use AndroIRC, nor any other IRC client, over 3G, you will need to use WiFi. It’s not a bug! If you want to use IRC over 3G, I suggest you to use an SSH Tunnel, see here : (thanks Daryl !). Many users have also reported that using SSL bypass the Verizon filtering! Thanks everyone!

A new premium AndroIRC app is available on the market. Installing this app will disable ads on AndroIRC, and will help us paying our servers!

Starting with AndroIRC 3.2, a new permission is required to get access to your location. This is *only* for the new action “Share my location” and nothing else! Moreover, AndroIRC *does not* have access to a precise position (given by GPS), but only to an approximate one (given by the network).

What’s new on v3.2?
– added: “Share my location” action. It shares your location with the active channel or the active query. This is why AndroIRC needs a new “Your location” permission. It’s only used for the “Share your location” feature, and for nothing else!
– fixed: properly handle network disconnection/reconnection if the app. if in background. It may not be perfect yet, but it’s much better than before.
– fixed: connection issues should now be resolved for everyone
– fixed: if SSL options is turned on and the selected port does not accept SSL, automatically turn SSL off.

What’s new on v3.1?
– added: support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and better support for tablets
– added: on device without ‘search’ button, a ‘search’ icon is available on the textview, allowing easy nick/chan completion
– added: channel completion in addition to nick completion (‘search’ button, tab button or ‘search’ icon on device without ‘search’ button)
– added: Add to favorite option – you can now automatically store a channel directly from the ‘action’ menu
– added: support for vibration, sound and led for notifications
– added: show a notification each time a pv is received, not only the first time
– added: show a counter on the AndroIRC icon which count unread message since the app. is in background (does not work on HTC Sense, sorry)
– added: Spanish translation by Ronald Montenegro
– added: Greek translation by stefanou
– added: Korean translation by Pandaren Sweetbarrow
– added: BNC support
– added: /sleep command
– changed: optimized listview, with less memory footprint
– changed: you can now customized color by clicking on the fan icon on the textview, instead of using the context menu, which was not available on all phones
– changed: better support for connection/disconnection. fixed high cpu usage for good
– changed: redesigned channel management. You can now store FiSH key per channel and choose which channel you want to auto-join

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  • Roberto

    I tried to install Aldiko for Playbook. I did not receive any error and I have Aldico icon on my playbook. But when I try to run it I receive an error and I can only close the app (sorry the error is in Itlaian “Spiacenti. Interruzione imprevista dell’applicazione Aldiko (processo Riprova. Something like “Sorry. Unexpected interruption Aldiko app. (process Retry)

  • Maggie06

    Thank you very much git it working and got my Kindle Margaret

  • Good E-Reader

     Glad to Hear it!

  • Good E-Reader

     The App is a little buggy. You can use the Kindle App to side load in converted MOBI files you have done with EPUBS in Calibre and then copy it to the sdcard/books/ directory. Or install Moon+ Reader which runs well right now.

  • Maggie06

    Hi Michael I am interested in the textTwist 2 android app any chance on getting it for playbook and BB10

    Thank you very much for all your help  Margaret

  • Roberto

    I need to read my epub and pdf books and it seems Moon+ do not support pdf

  • Miceec

    To download and use the Kindle App for Playbook, do I first have to download and install “Essential Download – Load Android Apps on your Playbook”.

  • Good E-Reader

     Yes, for sure!! You need to do that to install ANY Playbook app. We just posted a video tutorial in that app section too, that visually walks you through what you need to do, incase the step by step written instructions are not enough! Let me know if you need anymore help.

  • Mransom66

    Any plans to bring Netflix app over would be great

  • Good E-Reader

     It doesn’t work, netflix will not work.

  • big

     Can you try mvideoplayer to see if it will work?

  • Djdesloges

    I would really like Words with friends and Scramble by Zynga. Enjoyed them in the previous “Android Player” 
    Thanks for the updated ddpb installer as well. :-)

  • Ericman

    This is great, but can this work for Macs?

  • photoman

    I followed your procedure but fist when I connect my playbook it wants to connect by it self. I need the same password and it connects. But when I open the installer and put in the IP and the password I get a message Incorrect IP or password. Please help!!!

  • Ravi

     I got the same issue.

  • photoman

    I just resolve the issue. I needed to intall Java. Once I installed the Java was able to download install the Kindle app and it is runing fine.
    As such the installer softwer works without the Java but to connect you need Java.
    Thanks a million!!!

  • Killer Heels UK

    Please get Skype with video chat! 

  • Good E-Reader

     Skype and MVideoplayer both won’t work on the playbook.

  • Good E-Reader

     Software right now does not work for macs

  • Good E-Reader

     Mvideoplayer opens but when you try and watch a movie it freezes, The app was designed for phones and not tablets, which means the playbook is unable to do anything with it. We tried.

  • Killer Heels UK

     I have side loaded a bar file with chat only. It’s a shame that with such a brilliant camera set up, Real portal is the only app to take advantage.

  • photoman

    I tried to load ES file explorer. I get an error message “500 Error3 while decompressing:invalid block type.
    Any suggestions ???

  • Pkemp

    playbook installer doesn’t see the playbook in the menu, while the windows explorer does, so obviously my installer program can’t load /install app I downloaded on to playbook. I did a reboot with same issue

  • Good E-Reader

     You might need to make sure The Blackberry Desktop software is open and you use the password you used when you enabled developer mode on your playbook. My windows explorer too did not see the Playbook in Windows Explorer until i opened the Blackberry Desktop software, entered my Code, and then it appeared.

  • Wmjunger

     Pkemp – I had the same issue. Use Windows Explorer to move the app from
    your Playbook to your pc’s Downloads file. Then use the installer to retrieve the app from your pc. From there, you just select the app and install.

  • Sogica67

    Does anyone have a list of all Andriod apps working on Playbook 2.0 ???

  • Good E-Reader

     All of the apps we offer in this section are all signed and verified by our staff to be working. Obviously the OS2 update just came out yesterday so there needs to be some time. The way Android apps on the Playbook work is that all apps that have javascript handlers can be converted easily. Apps like Skype and Netflix don’t work because of the way the apps were made.

  • Sophiacycles

    Hi there, Just a note that I used your site to download the Kindle App to my Playbook and it does not work very well at all! It certainly does not operate like it does in Kindle Fire or the Ipad. The book gets frozen and I can’t see all the books I was able to download from the archive anywhere. Any thoughts?

  • Medy

    Thank you very much. I followed your instructions and I was able to install’re the greatest !!!!!!!!!!

  • Snvicil

    Please add Real Player or any video player. Thanks in advance .

  • Alxmac

    I successfully downloaded kindle to my playbook but when I open the app it comes up with a recent applications window with the app I downloaded before kindle called wordpress

  • Bamberg

    i have the same issue. have you found an answer yet

  • Slcpag

    It does not work.  I get incorrect IP or Password error.  I have tried changing it and still get the error

  • Slcpag

    Yes I had to reinstall java

  • Sogica67

    Thanks a million. I followed your instructions adding Android apps to my Playbook, it was really simple. Reviewed other sites which were very confusing and difficult to follow. I will post my review on Crackberry site. We need to see more apps from Android. :). 

  • Good E-Reader

     Make sure development mode is on and you know your password you used. When you load up DDPB hit the SCAN button next to the IP selection and verify its the same IP showing up in your developer section. Note: You must load up the Blackberry Desktop Manager and enter your password in it for the Playbook to be recgonized by your PC.

  • Good E-Reader

     Yeah obviously, it needs some work!

  • Good E-Reader

     You need to make sure developer mode is on and you have it connected physically to your PC! I recommend to open Blackberry Desktop Manager and enter your developer password and then the playbook will show up under your normal hard drive. You will then be able to see it in Windows Explorer.

  • Good E-Reader

     Yeah the big problem is Android apps that use your microphone and camera don’t work with the Playbook  yet.

  • Bryan Sklar

    On Windows 7, you cannot explore to the PlayBook or other attached drives with DDPB Installer V8. Have tried on 3 machines. Attach PB, drive “V” mapped to the Playbook. Open DDPB V 1.0.8 – Win 7 asks if you want an iknown app to make changes to the computer (guess it is not a signed app). Say “yes”. IP address found password entered. Select ADD apps, it browses to just the local hard drives – no external or network attached drives are shown. Cannot see the “V” drive that I can see in Windows Explorer.

    Also, if it does work, it will show up under COMPUTER on Windwos Explorer, below your local hard drives – if it works.

  • Good E-Reader

    We just added a new video that answers some of the questions you have all been asking. 

  • Bamberg

    I was having some trouble as photoman.  Thought I had java but upon checking at the java website I discovered that 
     my java was not running properly. I reinstalled java and rebooted my computer. Iwas then able to connect thru the installer and install the ndroid app. 

  • Deepak

    I am not able to install the apps you have provided on my Playbook. I am not able to see the Playbook directory on the Add menu of the DDPB program. I tried to install the Bar file from my PC hard drive but it freezes at 50%. Icon appears on the Playbook menu but it keeps telling loading and remains that way. I have opened the Blackberry Desktop Software, entered password. I can see the Playbook drive on my directory when I check other applications on my PC.

  • Jason Cardenas

    when i click download it just gives me a bunch of messed up letters.

  • Good E-Reader

     You want to download these apps to your playbook using the Playbook Internet Browser and NOT your PC.

  • Good E-Reader

     You need to install Java on your PC, this fixes your error

  • Good E-Reader

     We can’t post PAID apps, because we do not endorse piracy.

  • Good E-Reader

     You can download easyPDF  for those files, Moon+ is good for epub.

  • Luvsql

    I did see my Playbook on my PC as drive Y.  I selected Google that I donwloaded onto my Playbook.  It connected with the IP and password I entered.  I did use the Playbook password too hence the ability to browse the downloads folder on my Playbook. I selected it and clicked install.  It shows checkmark that it was successful.  STILL does not show on my Playbook. 

  • Techbiz758

    Was able to follow instructions and download. However when my playbook is connected to pc with mass storage on i cannot access it. Despite, i was able to download apps to my pc and install via ddpb without any issues.

  • Will Robertson

    Thanks Goodereader! Twitter app worked nicely. Thanks for hosting these downloads.

  • Sophiacycles

    Okay….I followed  your new video.  Developer Mode is on, Java is downloaded, Microsoft updates are done, Blackberry Desktop software is open and password has been  provided, the DDPBInstall has been launched and connected with right password.  When I go to add the program the Playbook is STILL not showing under the hardware but just network. I notice on your video when you are addressing this issue, the Playbook is already showing under your hardware listings (at 5:10 on your vide  you can see this clearly).  Could there be any other reason why the DDPBInstall will not recognize the Playbook under the Computer Setting instead of only the  Network Drive from where information cannot be accessed?  I tried to install the Kindle app from the hard drive once I transferred the file using Windows from Playbook to my download directory and it did install but it does not work properly at all!!!  Can you suggest something else for the poor souls who have been trying to make this work for hours now?  Thanks so much in advance. 

  • florencio

    can you please convert chikka messenger and tunein radio pro to bar,

  • Susan

    Repligo PDF reader is a paid app and should be removed. Thank you.

  • Glenhaworth

    Hey, how about converting Logos Bible App for Android so I can use it on my PlayBook? That would be awesome!

  • Waynaise

    I have Kindle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Thank you so much for making it so easy!

  • Daniela

    i have downloaded dropbox on my playbook but i cannot open file. so when i go through ddpb installer it also will not work. what i am doing wrong?

  • Mossfoot

    Google Voice doesn’t seem to be working the way it should be.  

  • Djdesloges

    Sorry, I thought they were free

  • Lt2525

    Tried the Comic Rack application. Loads and opens OK, but is always looking for files on the “sd card”. Can’t seem to manoeuver to looking at files stored on the Playbook. Any help appreciated.

  • Supernatural_freak452

    Thank u soooo much for all the clear and precise instructions. best tutorial ever. I do have 1 problem though. so i got all the apps on my playbook but when i went in repligo reader none of my pdf documents showed up in it.

  • Good E-Reader

     Thanks, someone sent it to us and said it was free, we removed it.

  • fotyc

    Flickr – I sideloaded the BAR to my Playbook, running OS2, and it won’t let me sign in, it keeps telling me I don’t have a network connection which I do – I’m connected to my wireless and my other apps run fine.  Is there a known problem with this version of the Flickr app?  Thanks.

  • Paul

    Would be awesomely awesome to have the Google Reader Android app by Google ported over. I prefer it over GoodNews.

  • Lt2525

     OK, figured this out. You have to look at the file structure on your PB via Win file manager or similar tool. There is a folder called misc. Look in it and see a folder called android. In the android folder are subfolders which can be accessed from the app.
    Move your files into one of these folders and the app will see them.
    Still no way to see the main PB folders far as I can tell.

  • marcia

    Well it took a while – thanks mostly to my VISTA software’s peculiar way of storing files. I had some trouble with the installer — it kept telling me that my password was wrong. But I rebooted everything and it worked.

    But, after a couple of aborted tries (corrupted files) I did get this installed. I did a work around for Drop Box by copying the file to my PC desktop and then installing it as it’s tricky to find the file if you go thru the navigation on the installer – I finally figured it out. Do you have an installer for MAC? 

    The Kindle app seems to be working perfectly. I’m very happy about that. I never could get the Cloud reader to work – when I tried to download, it just shot me over to the Amazon page, and my playbook won’t opne the file. Doesn’t matter now that I have the app on the PB.

    Thanks so much for providing this service. I”m hoping to see more apps in the future.

  • Robert Henderson

    Hello not able to put these apps on my playbook pls help

  • SA

    Do I need a netflix app to watch videos off of netflix on my playbook?…If so, I’d like to request that android app be added to ur playbook market.

  • Langas78

    Any chance dc comics app will be ported?

  • Good E-Reader

    Netflix does not work on the Playbook at all, we have tried every version since the beta release. It is NOT compatible. Same with Hulu + and many other streaming apps

  • The_Adventist

    This is version 1.10.3 from 2010.

  • Good E-Reader
  • Good E-Reader

     Glad you liked it! We always add new apps everyday so keep on visiting!

  • Good E-Reader

    Google news did not work, which is why we posted the other one, so at least you have something. 

  • Good E-Reader

     many other versions simply don’t work

  • Paul

    How about either Yahoo! Finance, preferably, or even Google Finance?

  • Good E-Reader

    Tried. doesn’t work

  • Paul

    Bummer. Thanks for trying it though.

  • Good E-Reader

    Google Finance does not work, it does not fetch stock tickers or news. Yahoo finance works though.

  • Florin Dumitrache

    Do you need to have the .bar files present on the Playbook when installing or can they be downloaded from your computer and installed from a local drive? DDPB does not complain either way.

  • Good E-Reader

     No, it really doesn’t matter, if you know what you are doing you can right click save as and install from  your PC.

  • Paul Rose5

    You are life savers. Please convert Airforces Monthly and a decent remote desktop application

  • Florin Dumitrache

    Thank you !

  • Lucho1970

    Nothing that I install runs. I have downloaded and installed several apps. They install and the icon appears on my playbook. But when I try to launch, nothing happens. No error, just nothing.
    I had previously, months ago, installed the leaked android player. I thought I read something about that somewhere. Could this be the issue?

  • Burgerk280

     Just finished sideload of Kindle for Playbook and it worked great. The instructional video (along with the written instructions) covered all the bases and made it easy.  Best of all it worked first time, once I figured out what directory to port my existing library to.

    Great job. Thanks.

  • Jstares

    Why when I click download a page of encryption comes up and wont download the file???? 

  • Good E-Reader

     Yes you have a problem with the android emulator, security wipe or debrick your device.

  • Good E-Reader

    If you are downloading to  your PC right click and click save as. We recommend browsing this site with your Playbooks browser. 

  • Airmo25

    awsome work guys!!! i am wondering if you can upload an anatomy app (free one of course) from the following wwebpage? 
    any app except for speed anatomy. i have a huge anatomy test and would like to study while on my playbook. 😛

  • rocky

    can v plz get yahoo messenger plug in :)….tht will be really helpful ….plz plz 

  • Raghav Sabharwal

    thank you so much :)….. can u plz upload yahoo messenger plug in ??

  • Roberto

    Sorry, I mean Adobe Digital Ebooks, so easyPDF is not useful

  • Erich Dschen

    Love this website so much, i was wondering would you add chinese input app please?

  • Teg604

    Thank you for providing all these apps!  I’m having trouble getting RockPlayer to work.  If I try hardware decoding, it says the file cannot be played with System Player.  If I try software decoding, it says the application has stopped unexpectedly.  This happens with all the video formats I’ve tried. 

  • Ken

    Please make a .BAR file for tap tap revenge. And thanks for all you have done here. Very cool

  • Nick

     Everything appears to work, but there is no shortcut on the PlayBook to launch the app.  If I select the option to “run on PlayBook after finish” the app opens on the PlayBook and works, but I still don’t have a shortcut anywhere to launch it.  Any ideas?

  • Nick

     Nevermind, I reinstalled java and it seems to be working.  Thanks!

  • Not Tom Tom

    Fantastic! It was very straight-forward to setup (PC, Win 7 Pro) and took very little time for me to set up and install apps I wanted (Google Map!). Thank you for making this possible. Could I make a request? I’d like to get WiFi Analyzer for my PlayBook.

  • Jo

     Thanks Susan…
    Good thing I got it before you ruined the party 😛

  • piano57

    Thank you, Good E-Reader, for making these apps (and more to come) available.  Much appreciated!

  • The_Adventist

     Sorry, I was referring to Tapatalk.  When I posted the comment I thought I was posting under the Tapatalk instead of this general area.

  • Gajitont

    Thanks,  Everything went smoothly, download, connection, IP and such.  When I click ADD from the DDPB Installer, I CANNOT navigate onto the Playbook directory, the Playbook is not visible (and it IS visible from a normal Windows browser.  What step am I missing ?

  • Samyukta_88

     hi is there any app for yahoo messenger…???

  • N Lipman

    Hi and many thanks. A noble effort. DDBP working on my laptop with vista after several tries. A new java did the trick.

    Still not working on win 7 desktop in spite of new java. Any ideas?

    Special request – greatly in need of game of bridge! Eg Bridge Baron or Omar Sheriff or other. There are some free. Ersions.

    Many thanks from Prof Norman L UK

  • Carlos-amaya

    Thank you very much, works great, hope you can have Nook Reader soon.


  • Snvicil

    I was able to install Rockplayer but it’s not working, not playing my downloaded movies (avi.) Is there anything I’m suppose to do ?

  • Ivica

    I have Mac! :(  …   Is there hope for us who have Mac?

  • Andy K.

    Any chance of OpenVPN being ported over ?

  • Dave

    Hi, I’ve installed Java and DDPB but when I scan play book IP and password it tells me they are not correct + below the password nothing is showing in the OS, PIN, etc
    I have Kindle ready to import

  • Ezrizur

    2.24.2012 / what might i doing wrong? When to download this kindle android app for BBPbook it takes me to a web page with code all over it other then downloading a bar file etc / what up; help, please

  • Good E-Reader

     If you read the instructions it said to either right click on the download button and save as to your computer or visit our website using your playbooks internet browser and download the programs right to your playbook.

  • Jstic

    Put in the IP of your playbook, don’t use the one from the Developer setup screen. Click on the little guy
    with the gear on his chest at the top of playbook screen, it will give you playbook’s real IP.

  • JB

    Hi, what about Skype

  • Good E-Reader

    Any app that requires use of your playbook mic or camera will not work

  • Kalu

    Going well until trying to find the playbook using the installer and cant find the playbook…have installed java on pc, have installed Kindle app on playbook but there is no drive for the playbook, any tips?  many thanks K

  • James van Oeffelen

    Trying to use DDPB, but all I get is ‘Incorrect IP or Password’ when I try to connect. I manually entered the ip, checked, double checked. Even made the password the number 1. Hard to get that wrong. Any ideas? Running on Win7 64-bit.

  • Miatared

    Thank you for this.  Skype would be fantastic to have – not sure how easy it would be.

  • Miatared

     Oops just saw a comment below…. using camera or mic is not possible with apps right now…

    In any event, great work.

  • Good E-Reader

     Its because you dont have the most recent version of Java Runtime. You need to download it, install it and reboot your computer with the Playbook plugged in.

  • Good E-Reader

     Try rebooting your pc, make sure you load up the blackberry Desktop Manager and type in your Password

  • James van Oeffelen

    No good. I have 1.6.0_31 (latest version of Java 6) installed and still have the same issue.  Does it require Java 7 for a 64-bit os to work?

  • Mononkserge

    Hi, try everything, thr playbook show as a networkdrive with installer ddpb….. in my computer it’s a drive.  blackberry desktop open, current version of java… I just want to load somme app….Thank you for the video

  • Kevin

    HI everyone,
    I am running windows 7 64bits and also install java. I opened BB desktop Software and the playbook was mounted as Z drive on my PC.. However, DDPB does not work for me… it always show ” Incorrect IP or Password” although I turned the Development Mode in Playbook

    Anyone has any idea to help me with this.?

    Thank you,

  • Jerrydee24

    Can you add ESPN Scorecenter or the DirecTV app?

  • Paul

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Paul

    Does the LinkedIn app port okay?

  • Lee Hubert

    Thanks for your help….you have ended some very frustrating times for me….!!!

    I am after Write Pad for Android….do you know where a ported version is free or paid…?

    Thanks….Lee in Virginia   2-24-12

  • Roberto

    Ok, but using only chats could be ok

  • Evan

    Can you help me to convert the Distro Engdaget to bar file ? 

    Thanks in advance

  • WaxW

    Could someone please convert the free Android apps Obenkyo, ChinaDict and GoldenDict to Playbook .bar format?

    Currently the only English-Chinese dictionaries available for Playbook are really very …. well…. lame.  I just downloaded (converted Android app) and it runs very well on the Playbook.

  • Good E-Reader

     We tried already and it does not work

  • Emanuelrcastro

    Hi there. Great work. Thanks. How about converting some turn by turn gps app? That is really the thing I have been waiting for on the playbook. There are some free ones on android market. Like tmndrive for example. Thanks.

  • Joe

    I can’t see the Playbook as a drive….

    I’ve watch the troubleshooting tutorial, do have the most current java and BB desktop software. BB desktop software is connected as well as DDPB software and both indicated “connected”.

    WIthin DDPB when I click “add”, I can’t see the playbook as a drive. (even after refreshing) but can see it as network drive. BB Desktop software is running “connected”

    When I look on my PC under computer, it IS there as a drive….. but not when I try to see it via DDPB.

    (Windows 7)


  • guest

    when I press add, I could not find playbook icon in computer section…

  • J Robertson

    i could not download with Firefox Nightly. It would open the bar file in the browser – a mess of course.  Google Chrome would work but I seldom use it as it is primarily spyware. 

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    I have the Blackberry desktop software up and running (and connected) but I still can’t access as a drive on DDPB Installer. I have updated Windows 7 and installed JRE 64. What could I be missing?

  • MHH

    Installed Rock Player Lite. But getting some errors. Anyone tried here yet???

  • Lorange
  • WaxW

    Believe it or not, there’s quite a few of us Playbook users who’d really like to see Obenkyo (for studying Japanese) and ChinaDict and GoldenDict (Chinese-English) dictionaries converted for use on the Playbook :) Thanks to anyone who can help!

  • Fmerazzo

    I cant download any app, the download link takes me to a strange page with lots of weird characters =(

  • MHH

     Please right click and click Save target or save link as. You will get the .bar file :-)

  • Joe

    Any way to get textplus app?

  • C4756448

    Thanks so much for your effort and make our playbook more fun.

  • Snvicil

    Same problem..It can play music but no video playback .

  • Glasgow08

    when i save these to my PC, they are showing as zip files, once the ZIP file is exatracted their are no BAR files only APK, where do you find the BAR file? – thanks

  • C4756448

    go to playbook apps

  • Mbraganca

    Could you please convert IBM Sametime Client for Android as well as the Polycom Client for Android

  • Atomusk

    Believe it or not, it should already be on the playbook market. can you confirm me that it is working properly ?

  • Secren

    Hi, any other reader who works with PDF files?  
    Thanks for all you effort!

  • shoshlynn

    I have installed the software and connected the Playbook to my pc without problem BUT  when i click add, i cannot see the playbook anywhere as a drive to click on… if i use the ‘my computer ‘ right from the pc the playbook shows up as drive Z:… but not in the DDPB installer software… i can see the .bar files on my computer but not on the installer software.. i have disconnected and reconnected many times!.. What am i missing here?  i have tried to drag and drop the .bar file from my computer over to the installer box to add but they will not go!
    HELP  i am so close and am very anxious to get the kindle app going!

  • Tony Hager

    Need a bit torrent client

  • Wendy

    Thanks Mate..Much appreciated.. Kindle is working beautifully.

  • Cynamonney

    I had the same problem so what I did was to create a folder with all the apps and place it in the C drive of my pc. I then accessed it through there and it worked, all apps were loaded to the DDPB and then to  my PB. All the apps I loaded working well on PB….

  • Cynamonney

    I had the same problem so what I did was to create a folder with all the apps and place it in the C drive of my pc. I then accessed it through there and it worked, all apps were loaded to the DDPB and then to  my PB. All the apps I loaded working well on PB….

  • Joe

    Could we get Textplus for Canadian Texting users! Thank you

  • Paul

    Could you please try porting the LinkedIn app? 

  • robert

    Thank you so much for all your help with porting these android apps.  Downloaded pandora, kindle, goggle maps with no problems.  All I need now is the netflix app.

  • Cynamonney

    Hey I appreciate the good job y’all are doing with the apps . Keep up the good work..

  • Bill

    Thanks for the work. Just installed Kindle app for playbook and BB10 and it works great. Found out books must be installed in kindle main directory which is in Android folder. I am using windows 7 (64) and playbook os2.

  • Raymek

    I have installed the software and connected the Playbook to my pc without problem BUT  when i click add, i cannot see the playbook anywhere as a drive to click on… if i use the ‘my computer ‘ right from the pc the playbook shows up as drive Z:… but not in the DDPB installer software… i can see the .bar files on my computer but not on the installer software.. i have disconnected and reconnected many times!.. What am i missing here?  i have tried to drag and drop the .bar file from my computer over to the installer box to add but they will not go! And i tried the putting it in a folder on the C & that wasn’t recognized.  all help much appreciated!

  • Good E-Reader

     Try Launching Blackberry Desktop Manager and entering the same developer password  you are using, this should fix the drive mapping problem.

  • Reggie

    Has anybody got Talking Tom ported to BB ?

  • Rachit

    You can create a folder anywhere in your local hard drive and keep the .bar files there. Then try to access it through the software. It will definitely work.

  • Joe

     Outstanding! Thanks Cynamonney….

    Shoshlyn, I had the same issue but Cynamonney had the answer. Just to clarify a little, some of the downloads won’t let you save directly to your PC and that’s not a problem. Save them to your PB, then cut copy to the folder you’re created on your PC. Then run DDPB….

    Worked flawlessly….

  • Good E-Reader

     Sadly Netflix does NOT work at all in any of its incarnations.

  • Good E-Reader

    We added a few!

  • Frankie Bloise

    followed this and now i can sideload my .mobi and /.prc books to my kindle app.. thanks for the tip!

  • Kckoch402

    Why is it every time I click on download on this site it takes me to a page with lots of crazy looking code stuff?

  • Good E-Reader

     You either need to load our website up in your Playbooks web browser to download the apps right to your device, or click right and save as the file name. For some reason BAR files are weird on our website, but APK android files work fine.

  • Patricerietveld

    Hey guys,

    Great apps for the Playbook!
    I sit possible for you to create 2 from the netherlands?
    these are our favorite apps for Android and iPhone: and

    thanks in advance
    greats for Holland

  • Gre

    I would be over the moon if Good For Enterprise was able to be made available. Great seeing all these new alps though so thanks for your work! 

  • Robharvey

    Is there a way to UN install files that have been installed with DDPB ? I’ve added some i’m want to get rid of… 16gb does not last long. As well, when i download some files from here  (Comics_v1.6.0.22…) they are .zip containing a .apk file….. how do i make bar files outta these, rename them??  Thanks

  • Rharvey

    Do i need an Android player app to use the android software? of can i just use playbook with out honeycomb say??

  • Robharvey

    ohh…. onem ore question…..  i have installed a honeycomb launcher, does this dublicate my audio and video files inmy playbook? It appears in the file directory under “android” and in that folder are the same files i have in my video and music folders on the playbook???

  • Jim

    I got to instruction #12 and I could not locate the apps I downloaded onto my PC.   They are in my “download” file but were not recognized when I pushed “add” on your loader.   Any ideas?

    Great so far though

  • Robharvey

    HI… How to i remove installed files?

  • Robharvey

    I have same problem,  AND I AM DOWNLOADING FROM THE PLAYBOOK APPS PAGE… So what exactally do you mean.

  • Gaye

    Great work.  Installed two of my favorites – Kindle and Rhapsody.  Any chance that Audible will be available.  What about Google Earth.  Thanks.

  • MHh

    Tap and hold the app icon. Then you will get delete option. You can delete the app right from there.

  • Sassy

    shazam and imdb are amazing apps they are working flawlessly on my playbook 
    thank you ^^

  • Cynamonney

    Glad I could help…

  • njrussell55

    Just wondering if you have this software available for a mac. 

  • Raymek

    Tried that — no success…. still no Z drive shows up when i open DDPB & go to add.  Any other ideas???  thanks for the help so far!

  • Ben

    I saw a coment from someone else earlier, is it possible for you to please repackage the textplus free android app?

  • Raymek

    Got it! Must not have been holding my mouth right!  Thanks a bunch Good E-Reader: this is fantasic!

  • Raymek

    Any chance we could get 3MCloud Library? 

  • Karl

    Just wanted to add my thanks for posting these apps.  Have not encountered any problems to date.
    Great work.

  • Lhander23

    thanks for the applications :)))))

  • Bob


    everything works fine right up to the point where I go and browse my playbook download folder.  The playbook does not show up as a drive from within the DDPB program despite being visible from WIN 7 explorer.

  • Lucy Who

    with the 2nd video (on pitfalls), everything became sooo clear.  I was getting lost as to which device and which file you were talking about…….  thank you !!!!!!

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    This app is not great – works ok but I find  using Twitter on the blackberry browser is as good if not better.

  • Miroozy

    i downloaded whatsapp but how can i import contacts !

  • kokoto

    Does not work on mine. I install it using DDPB,  but the app does not show up, has this happened to anyone else?

  • Good E-Reader

     Google earth does not work

  • JD

    Please add a craigslist app! 

  • Dave

    Installed Kindle okay but when I run it all I get is a black screen. Tried reinstalling but no luck. Anybody know the solution.

  • Outouaisgal

    Resolved! Same problem as Raymek and shoshlynn and others. Sure wished I’d read the comments first!

  • Caribeomega

    hello i just cant find the bar app for this link.. if you can help its really appreciated.

  • Lisesklar

    My main computer is a Mac.  Is there any way I can get these apps onto my Playbook using the Mac rather than a PC.  (The app I am most interested in is the Kindle one.)  Thanks.

  • Good E-Reader
  • chip

    Is tunein radio available….?

  • Good E-Reader

     If you can find us a APK of the Tunein Free APP and not the PRO, we can try converting it for  you.

  • WaxW

     Thanks for your reply. But I could not find Obenkyo, Chinadict, or Goldendict for Playbook anywhere. They certainly do not appear to be in BB AppWorld. Please point me to where they can be found. Thanks!

  • Blacofun

    works great on my PB. thanks

  • shoshlynn

    My apps downloaded and was very excited. I opened and use. The kindle application. When I tried to open words with friends and imdb they did not open. Now when I choose kindle I have a window called recent applications where my goodereader  apps seem to be put and nothing happens when I click kindle. No apps open now.  What do I do.  I was in a excited when I got the kindle app

  • David Boring

    You guys are AWESOME for doing this! Thanks!

  • Nhfilz

    Any chance the onenote application would transfer?

  • mahgnal

    Yes can someone please convert Logos bible app?  Is free app

  • Bwong199

    Thank you for the work. The Playbook has been useless to me since I bought it on Black Monday. You made it awesome. 

    Please add netflix on it. thanks again. 

  • Drudogg777

    GReader is in .apk format. Please upload the .bar version. Thanks!

  • Good E-Reader

     fixed it

  • Nightfox111

    Anyone try converting the slingbox android app?

  • Rgomez8731

    some apps are still at apk files

  • Good E-Reader

     The Only BAR files are the ones in the Playbook Section, the rest of the site is android apps.

  • Moe Lester

    How about the NHL gamecenter app or even Textplus the latest version?

  • Elemeno64

    Hello. The Bible for Playbook is still an apk file…

  • Good E-Reader

    Are you sure your downloading the right file? The
    Bible for Playbook? We just downloaded it and its a BAR file, it says for Android but its a bar file. Make sure your downloading it from the Playbook section. 

  • Fawaz

    Thanks for all of your work, I was wondering if there’s a way to convert google music app to be compatible on the playbook with the ability to login to your google account and stream your music through it? 

  • MHH

     Try to restart your playbook. Most probably it will work again.

  • Good E-Reader

    Only Android apps written for 2.3 or below will work. I tried converting a ton of different versions. If you can find the beta versions on the 1.0 I can try with that. Find the APK online and email them to

  • Miroozy

    no games are converted ? like angry birds, toss it , fruit ninja

  • Joe_extruder

    poker plz poker plz poker plz

  • Joe_extruder

    yahoo messenger plug in plz

  • Aakashnihalani

    Now plss put 1 more thingg which is android market

  • Louandbrent

    When i click on download all i get is a page of gibberish writing, Can anyone tell me why ?


  • tony coleman

    Thank you so much for the apps that have been converted. Can you try converting the Xfiniy apps?

  • LionelMaurice


    This is pretty awesome, has anyone done the Microsoft Lync client conversion as yet, I can provide the APK if necessary, I just dont have the inclination to go through the whole conversion and testing process myself :-)

    A note on the Skype Beta – it will not sign in as it requires a mobile (SIM) connection?



  • shoshlynn

    thanks  works now!  why does it freeze.. how can i prevent this?

  • Aakashnihalani

    Please. Put talking tom pleaseee

  • Aakashnihalani

    Ur doing a gud job

  • Aakashnihalani

    Pleaseee put talking tom as .bar file for playbook and BB10 plsss

  • Cynamonney

    Can you try converting either Log Me In or Team Viewer remote apps,..thanks 

  • Good E-Reader

    We recommend you load this website up in your Blackberry Playbooks
    internet browser. If you want to download our apps to your PC you need
    to right click and click on ‘save as’ on the DOWNLOAD button, to save
    these apps to your PC.

  • Elemeno64

    I click the orange Download button below “ Bible for Playbook” and I get a zip file: that has two folders: ‘android’ with Bible for Android.apk and ‘META-INF’ with five files, AUTHOR.EC, MANIFEST.MF etc.

  • DM

    Hi, I,ve followed all the instructions and downloaded DPP and the development mode and Java. However when I san I get the correct code and put in my password and press connect it says “invalid IP or password” . Help……

  • Samyukta_88

    hi…thank you very much for the yahoo messenger app for playbook and BB10

    is there anyway to download the audio and video pluin for the app..??

    coz wenever i click on download the plugins it takes me to bb market..???

    plzzzz try to help me with the plugins its the  best feature to have in a messenger the voice and video call capability plzzzz try to provide the oplugin download for playbook and BB10

  • Good E-Reader

    No android apps work that use the mic or camera

  • Kapil Madan

    Great work. Much appreciated. Any hope for Tunein Radio?

  • Samyukta_88

    then how come aol av can access the microphone and camera on playbook and y not the apps..??

    sorry for asking i m new to this app thingy so asking…

  • Guillermo Fondeur

    Thank’s a lot, thank you thank you for the work you are doing, 

    I have a question, amazon app store?

  • Good E-Reader

    We created a new section today! Playbook Games! This section is just APPS and the new section is just GAMES!

  • Bibbyster

    Great work Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now can you convert Iprint& scan for brother printer.Many thanks 

  • Bibbyster

    blank tiles don’t work!!!!! 

  • Samyukta_88

    thanks for all the great apps i just had 2 app request plz can u guys fullfill it plzzzzz

    i just needed an email client app for hotmail and gmail as how u have created for yahoo mail…???

    plz is it possible…??

  • WaxW

     I checked BB AppWorld and none of those apps are available. I searched here on Goodreader, and was not able to find them either. Please provide details on exactly which apps “should already be on the playbook market” and exactly where I can find them. Thanks!

  • Joe_extruder

    can someone  put this in bar file HOOKT link to apk file plz plz plz

  • Good E-Reader
  • Elemeno64

    I am pretty sure… I clicked the orange Download button under “ Bible for Playbook” and I get a zip file: “” which has 7 files inside: Bible for Android.apk, AUTHOR.EC, AUTHOR.SF etc but no bar file.

  • Good E-Reader

     it is likely because you associated BAR files locally with your Unzipping program. It it is a bar file but because you associated ZIP with it, it opens like a zip. It should work while installing on your playbook though.

  • emiliano_OdB

    Here’s Ebuddy XMS 2.2.2 for PlayBook. Working :)

  • Elemeno64

    Thanks for the reply. I will rename to .bar and see if that works.

  • shoshlynn

    Now that I have this working is zinio going to get added soon? 

  • HappyGuy

    Really coming along, you guys are amazing, thank you. Not sure what it takes or the time but could you look
    in to Oanda fxTrade and Trade Interceptor?

  • Myalize2000

    Will you get the android app Words with Friends anytime soon? 

  • Good E-Reader
  • Elemeno64

    This is wierd. If I try to download in IE8, it comes down as a zip file but if I use FireFox10 I get a bar file. So FF it is. Thanks.

  • AVillen

    Hi really need some help the installer keeps telling me that my ip or password is wrong!  I have rebooted my PC and I have triple checked and it the right password and ip bot still getting the same error msg any ideas?  

  • Good E-Reader

    For playbook or android? The Android app is here

    while the Playbook version is here

  • Good E-Reader

    This is because you either don’t have java, or an old version. Download the most recent version of Java Runtime for either 32 bit or 64 bit depending on your os

  • Gururakesh P

    Apps are not opening on my playbook

  • Barbarak

    what is dropbox? do I need it if I don’t want another ereader?  How can you put skype and utorrents on playbook? Do you always have to download the apps on a computor? I dont have any network accounts. Where are you located?

  • ppstv

    Hi, I thank you all your work! Just curious about whether you’ll convert pps_pad.apk to .bar?

  • Appleegalecaca

    please live holdem pro and facebook

  • AVillen

    Thanks that worked a treat.

  • Kevin Pelling

    Sirs, I am debating on whether or not to “jailbreak” or “root” my PB to set it up as an Android Apps Centre.  However, after reviewing several posts on YouTube and reading many articles on how to do this, I have concerns that I may wind up doing more harm than good to the PB.  Am I best to “leave well enough alone” and download the Android Apps from the list you publish each day?  Or is there a site where I can download whatever “.bar” files I wish?  Your recommendations & advice are appreciated.

  • Phil

    Just wanted to let you know of a problem with the working of the NY Times App. I downloaded this App and installed it into the Playbook OS 2. No problem with the install and it all went great. The ported NY Times App opens up and displays the news just fine. Except for one problem: once you have gotten into an article you want to read, there is no way to get out of it and go back to the list of articles. While you can scroll sideways (swipe left or right) to get to other articles in that specific news section, there is no way to leave the section and go back to the main menu. the only way to get out of an article is to shut the App down completely and the start all over again. In the Android environment this problem is not there and you can read an article and then get out of it and go back to select any other article or section of the newspaper. You should experiment with this App on your Playbook to see if this problem occurs in your machine also. Please note that a new version of the Android was App was released (any way to covert that new version into a new .bar file?) . I want to commend the excellent work that you folks are doing. Kudos to you and thank you for making the Android APK’s into .bar files. Your instructional video was excellent, too. Hopefully you cam fix the NYT .bar App as it is not workable to start the App anew after every article. Thanks, again. Phil 

  • Guest

    Love this site guys, great work.  I was wondering how the nook app is coming along for the playbook.  I have the Kindle app on mine and it works great.  But my brother would like the nook app.  just wondering

  • Good E-Reader

     Holdem Pro is in our games section here –

  • EliaE

    I installed iHeartradio but I have no icon :( it’s blank, help

  • Rcglidden

    SoundHound?  ….please

  • neo

    Could you please tell how can i add kindle books to PB? i looked in android/ data folder but no kindle folder in it

  • Lx140879

    IDownloaded Skype and installed..It runs..but can not make call using Skypeout..from Canada..????

  • Good E-Reader

     You can only SMS with it

  • Jerry

    Can we please get the two apps below?

    DirecTVWorldMate Gold

  • Jerry

    Can we please get the two apps below?


    Worldmate Gold

  • Good E-Reader

     Do you have the APK file for the directv app? I could not find it.

  • CJBecker

    When I click the download link I get a page full of gibberish.  Why doesn’t it download a .bar file to my computer?

  • alan

    how about angry birds, temple run, 3d bowling

  • Corey Davis

    So far most are working. Can’t get Espn Scorecenter and Craigslist to work.

  • mahgnal
  • Good E-Reader

     Sorry did not work

  • stan

     how about

  • Guillermo Fondeur

    the new google maps 6.20 crash/reboot my playbook, 

  • mahgnal

    Thanks for trying, appreciate you guys

  • Good E-Reader

     what was the last working version we had that worked? do you remember?

  • Guillermo Fondeur

    yes, but, I fixit, I’m uninstall / install again, and now is running fine,

  • billonlogan

    Thank you.

  • Landoman

    Hey Teckies at Good E Reader-
    I just want to say kodos to all you hard working people to make the .bar files for our P.B.’s. I see the list growing everyday! I haven’t found other sites doing what your doing.(if anybody knows,plz,clue me in.) I want to be able to help out but im not very computer savvy. I’ve read how to convert APK to BAR, but don’t understand all the steps.
    Anyhoo, I would like to ask a request.(I would do it myself if I could.) Their is a Chinese-English translation/dictionary called Youdao, I teach English in China and this is the BEST translation matrix out there. If you could could you covert it for use on the P.B. They do have the Android app, mostly with Apple since it’s so big here. Also, a Texas hold’em game?
    Keep up the awesome job you all are doing! It is much appreciated! :)

  • Loc5

    Downloaded Google map and installed, work great, thank you very much. If I use my pc to download Google map for playbook and BB10 file, I got the apk or zip file instead of bar file. When I use my PB to download, then I get the bar file. 

  • Abi

    It would be great if you could make Tubemate youtube downloader available.

  • mike

    I can connect my playbook with the ddbp fine. But when I go to add the bar file, I cannot find the playbook on the explorer window on the left hand side. Help?
    playbook ver:
    windows 7 x64
    ddbp installer ver

  • Dfoos

    Aldiko is super broken
    It installs. You cannot import books because there is no directory ebook/import on the SD card. 
    There is no way to make ebooks/import on the SD card. 
    There is no file existing on the sd card that can be seen with a file reader. 
    Most of the controls do not work on Aldiko. You cannot adjust the brightness with either the finger along the edge or the manual slider in settings. There is no exit button. You cannot get out of a book once you get into it except by exiting the program. I know you did this for free and it’s appreciated. but Please please, it you are doing it, please test it. I am eternally grateful for all your hard work and what you have done here is awesome. It’s just disappointing when it is so far out of whack. 

  • Good E-Reader

     Connect up Blackberry Desktop Manager and enter your developer password when it pops up asking you to.

  • Joe_extruder

    HOOKT plz plz plz

  • Dfoos

    Astro File Manager is broken. 
    If you open it with the tab in landscape position, only a sliver of the screen shows on the right. The rest of the screen is black. 
    If you then rotate the screen, it will show the main menu. 
    If you try to go to the file manager, you can push internal storage and it just lights up the bar in yellow quickly then just sits there. If you try to push on the external sd card button, it does nothing. It also indicates there is no files on that. 

    You cannot shut this down, if you flick the screen up like you do to close a BB app, it gets rid of the screen, but it’s still running in the background. 

    BTW, I have both this and Aldiko on my Samsung Galaxy 7″ tab, so I know how they should work. 

    Again, Not griping, just trying to “playtest” so to speak so the problems can be addressed. So, Again, Thank you very much.

  • Ryan Ogg

    Can you add IGN app from android

  • Good E-Reader

     Thanks for letting us know. We have updated it with an older more stable version. We tested it in both landscape and potrait mode and it works great!

  • Good E-Reader
  • KB

    Evernote is already on the PlayBook. I don’t know what the specific difference is but it runs without the Android Emulator. It’s in AppWorld right now.

  • Contact Ayush95

    What about whatsapp?

    You have that in your market. Will it work on my playbook? OS 2.0.07971

    Thanks in Advance 😉

  • Good E-Reader

     Any app listed here was tested and working.

  • Contact Ayush95

    Thanks a ton!

  • Killer Heels UK

    Yes! Delighted to find this! 

  • deeps

    hi came across ur website today was thrilled to so many apps for playbook and BB10

    plz can u provide me with some email clients like hotmail and gmail like u have provided for yahoo mail…???

  • Good E-Reader

     I would use ebuddy, gmail and hotmail don’t work on the playbook but you can use gmail. yahoo, msn, etc with ebuddy

  • Aakashnihalani

    what about the winamp player

  • Paul Rose5

    I love aviation magazies and would love to be able to get Air Forces Monthly on my playbook. I want to set up a subscription so can you guys port the app?

  • Sargent.

    Hi, at what point do we turn the Development Mode Off? Affter all the app installs are done? thanks guys for all you do.

  • Aakash Nihalani

    please put winamp player and cut the rope for playbook and BB10 thanks!

  • Aakash Nihalani

    plese  put winamp and cut the rope for playbook and BB10

  • Paul Rose5
  • urbanguy

    The new messaging in OS2 is SO GOOD! Why would you want gmail / hotmail apps?

  • mike

    already did that. It doesn’t work.=s

  • Maggie060

    Thank you very much for all your hard work on getting android playbook app it is very much appreciated

  • Erik

    Hi, the apps are visisble on my playbook, but when I start them up the screen says “initializing, please wait” and then turns black. any suggestions?

  • Joe_extruder

    when  u finish install ur apps

  • Joe_extruder

    can you plz add hookt plz plz

  • Joe_extruder hookt apk.file plz convert to BAR  plz plz

  • Natidg

    Step 7.  What web address do we go to to download apps?  Need to confirm.

  • Killer Heels UK

     Because your trying to open the bar file with your PC. Don’t use your PC – go to the download link using your Playbook and it will d/l to the correct folder on the Playbook. Then use the installer to load.

  • Killer Heels UK

    Have you d/l java? If not you must — or they will not work.

  • Hafsadear

    Tanks a lot
    PLZ  Any Advanced Learner Dictionary Eg: Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5

  • P1024b

    Wow !!! This Playbook thing will get more expensive ! We need to purchase a lot now that’s dropped down to 199$ and can be found 2nd-hand at around 150Eur in Europe !
    Great site !

  • menuch

    I installed Whatsapp but it needs to verify by sending a text. How do you get past that?

  • shoshlynn

    i have looked but not sure which are the new players you have added.. can you please give me their names so i can find them??  

  • Aakash Nihalani

     how can i download apps from the amazon store

  • Aakash Nihalani

     click phonecall and type ur cell no

  • Claudio

    First of all, you guys are doing a great job consolidating all of this information and adding such simplicity to the sideload process for Playbook!
    I haven’t seen any requests yet for other music streaming apps like MOG and SPOTIFY. It would be AWESOME if you could convert these. I assume it’s better for you to obtain the apks, but please let me know if I need to contribute more and I’d be glad to do so!

  • Wlauber

    This is awesome.  I downloaded some of the apps yesterday afternoon (the 27th).  On the USA Today app, I am getting a “You are running an old version of the USATODAY application, please update your device via the Apple/Android App Store.”  Is there an updated app?  Also, the Amazon Mobile app is for the UK. Is there a US version?  Thanks for all your great work.

  • deeps

    OK thanks for the advice goodefeader and it worked pretty well…using the webmessenger for hotmail which I have given……!!!

  • deeps

    Sorry the app which you have given sorry blackberry playbook keypad typing problem sorry 

  • Guillermo Fondeur

    you can’t, the installs from amazon appstore don’t work, if you try, the appstore crash,

  • Richard

    I was wondering if Smurfs’ Village is possible for PB. This is one of my favorite games and my kids love it too. Would love to have it on PB.

  • James Matthews

    USA Today app says that it’s an old version and to update.  Any chance of getting the newest version?  Thanks

  • Paul Rose5

    Can you do the soft RSA token as it is on the android and ios devices

  • Iceman_137

    unable to download,  all i get is a webpage with lots of characters. please help

  • Jerry Mathis

    Angry Birds is available on Blackberry App World. This is only for free apps that Android provides that is not currently on App World.

  • Jerry Mathis

    Can we get Worldmate Gold and DirecTV apps added?

  • Evildido

    I’ve downloaded Skype. I don’t know how to make a video call :( 

    Help please

  • Jerry Mathis

    Does this work Good E -Reader?

  • Appleegalecaca

    thank you very much =D

  • Jerry Mathis

    Yes, it is available for download above.

  • Richard

    This is odd. I was unable to get my Playbook into a browseable drive in the add menu on DDPB although it was showing as drive Z and full browseable through WinExpl. In any case, I was able to load some apps onto my PB but they won’t open at all. Has anyone else had this issue/

  • Cluckiel

    What app do i need to be able to read my downlaoded epub books?  i cant seem to be able to read my books on the tablet, what app do i need that i can use with out having to be online to read my free books?  i have the blackberry os 2.0

  • Jerry Mathis

    You can not do a video call with Skype on Playbook. The only thing you can currenlty use Skype for is to text your friends. Hopefully Skype will create a Playbook app in the near future.

  • Jerry Mathis

    This is the way I add apps which is a tad different.

    I connect my Playbook and log into Blackberry Desktop Manager and DDPB. Then I find the apps on Good E Reader that I want to download from my Computer. I then download the apps to my desktop.

    Once downloaded, I go to DDPB and click the add button on the top. I find all of the apps on my desktop and add them. Then I check next to each one of them in DDPB and click install.

    Once they are all done installing then you are good to disonnest your Playbook.

  • Jerry Mathis

    Try taking them off and readding them. I ahve no issues with them from GoodEReader

  • Vwredbug2000

    what am i missing i have the program up but when i click on download it click over with a page full of scramble words
    if i load the page on my blackberry says bn.apk says unable to find default app? 

  • Jerry Mathis

    Same thing here. I hope they cna fix that and let us know.

  • Mrdeeds


  • Mrdeeds

    Have bookmarked this site.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Amona161

    What if somebody just installed the android store?
    Sorry noob question 

  • Swimberry

    Having some problems with downloading the Kindle app. (Yes, I’m a noob) When I download the file, I see the zip file. When I extract everything, I don’t see a .bar file anywhere.  Can somebody offer any help please?

  • Sskk7861


  • Killer Heels UK

     Your downloading to your pc from the download link aren’t you? Don’t. Download the link from your Playbook. That will install as a .bar file. Don’t forget to ensure your playbook is in developer mode and you have also installed java. Then connect the playbook to your pc and use the installer from this site to sideload.

  • Killer Heels UK

     Try reinstalling java. That might help.

  • Marilyn

    first thank you for making these apps available to the Playbook!  they have rounded out my use of it, now provides almost everything I wanted from it.  One of the apps I downloaded was Kindle Cloud Reader.  When I go to the cloud reader website I can see my books but when I click on one I get the message “Error Opening Content  AN error occurred while opening the selected item .  Please try again later”  It always gives the same message.  Is this a problem with the app, the way I loaded it the other 2 I downloaded work fine) or with the Kindle website?

  • Good E-Reader

     You can’t downlaod but you can load in your own using Moon + Reader or Aldiko

  • Good E-Reader

     also you can right click on download and click save as to the your pc

  • Good E-Reader

    Yeah, it has to send you a txt to your smartphone or cell phone

  • Trebligyrag

    Excellent work … I downloaded these to my pc (not using my pb browser) and the install process worked fine.  Kindle and Google maps work great! :)  

    Where can I find a tutorial about porting or converting apps myself from apk to bar?  Thanks.

  • Killer Heels UK

    Can you check the iheartradioapp it has installed ok but is missing the desktop icon…..

  • Killer Heels UK

     Can you check the iheartradioapp. It is missing the desktop icon….. and saved login stations crash the app.

  • Sijin

    Can someone please port the Mint finance app?

  • James Matthews

    No word on an update for the USA Today app?

  • James Matthews

    Removed the USA Today app which isn’t working and replaced it with the CNN app which does seem to be working…mostly.  You get the headlines and went not and it even plays the videos.  But when you try to go live it crashes.

  • frustrated ;-(

    still having problems….arrrgh..watched video multiple times first couldnt find playbook drive…now got that straightnend out but when i explore the dowloads file in play book and double click the download is says”the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows your running. check your computers system info to see whether you need x86(32bit) or x64(64 bit) version of program and contact the publisher”. im running windows vista have updated all and have newest version of java…i have 64 bit operating system…

  • Mark

    how about something to search a PDF like Repligo, ezPDF, PDFSearch, etc.  Thanks

  • Terryas

    I tried the sirius app and cannot login. This must be for the USA and not for us Canadians.

  • Snvicil

    You guys are the greatest !!!!!!!! you keep adding new Apps everyday..Thank you very much…Are you accepting donations  $$$  ?????

  • Rcglidden

    Thanks for the fast turn-around for SoundHound! Less than a day! It runs and looks great on the Playbook. However when I tap the orange “listen” button it give the error:

     “The application SoundHound (process com.melodis.midomiMusicIdentifier) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”

    then I have to force close it. It also does the same thing if I tap the “microphone” icon. Everything else works great, it even plays song clips from the list of songs.

    I also got Shazam and it works perfectly, but it is not as full featured and does not look as good as SoundHound!

    You probably can’t do anything about it, but thanks for the effort !!!!

  • Good E-Reader

     We sure are! On the right hand side bar, there is a PAYPAL donate button!

  • Cynamonney LInk for Cut the Rope. I have it installed and running great.

  • Cynamonney  Link for angry birds it’s running great on my PB 

  • Good E-Reader

    We just updated it right now and works fine. Download the update

  • Good E-Reader

    mint does not work

  • Good E-Reader

     We added facebook today

  • Good E-Reader

     We updated the usa today app just now

  • Danielmpalmer

    looking for blackboard mobile learn? I really use it a lot for school.

  • mike

    thanks all try that. =)

  • mike


  • Kevin P.

    Are you folks able to offer an App for “The Economist” magazine?   Thanks for the terrific job you’re doing with the wide selection of Apps for the Playbook.  This is the ONLY site I’ll use to download Android Playbook Apps. Keep up the good work!

  • Anna

    Mike, I tried to install it on my playbook but when it reach 50% it always stops. Tried it a few times with no luck.
    I also downloaded WhatsApp and that works fine.
    Thanks, see if you can give me a hint how to continue beyond 50%

  • Anna

    Sorry I forgot to mention what “it” meant, I was trying to install Skype Beta, works to 50%. Tried this a few times but doesn’t go beyond 50% then stopped completely. I even downloaded the file from the website again but still doesn’t work.
    WhatsApp works fine. Can you give me a hint how to successfully to get Skype installed 100%.

  • Ryan D. Ogg

    How do I get comics for this application? I try searching in app and nothing shows up?

  • Good E-Reader
  • Phil

    Ok, so how do you UNinstall a .bar app after it was installed into the Playbook? Is the unistall process a reverse of the install process from a PC? Or do you uninstall directly from the Playbook?

  • mark

    cant get my laptop to recognize my playbook as a storage device… it shows as a network device …help

  • Good E-Reader

    load up blackberry desktop manager and then enter your developer password

  • Danielmpalmer

    Thanks so much for Blackboard….You guys are the best! One more quick question I promise…Is there a way to run Python on the Playbook?

  • Kevin P.

     Thanks, fellas.  Just downloaded the App and all appears fine. Do you have plans to offer an App for “Maclean’s”?

  • Bslater3

    It worked and you have made me very happy. Thank you 

  • Lordbillistic231

    Firstly, i wanna say great jobs you guyz are doing up in here. I also want to know how i can download and install “the latest Yahoo! Messenger Voice and Video Plug-in to enable the call features” and also is there an app for scrabble and PES soccer?

  • Kevin P.

    Friends, I believe the SiriusXM App is for the U.S. service.  Do you have plans to offer the App for XM Radio Canada?

  • Ryan Ogg

    I would like to request a mobile banking app for US Bank 

  • Rachit

    thank u so much for the link!! Its working fine on my pb as well!!

  • Good E-Reader

     There is two siruis apps, one for USA and one for Canada

  • Al

    How about HBOgo or MAXgo since Netflix is a no go.

  • Petervs

    Any chance of getting team viewer?

  • Marbles

    Does skype works fine? Coz i read the note that says NOTE: This app does not work with video chats, but you can use the text based aspect of it to type to your contacts. It will not work to video or audio chat because of the way the Blackberry Emulator works. Did they already fix this? Thanks man

  • Posfukit

    how about Opera Mini?

  • Krawczaj

    You guys are super awesome! Blackboard!!! BTW I tested out Dolphin HD which seemed to crash or lockup my playbook on launch. After restart I haven’t tested it again, let me know if you would like me to do more testing

  • Krawczaj

    Any chance for yammer, its a social networking app for business organizations. Hopefully with your great work, more people will start to develop for the playbook, which is in my opinion a very underrated tablet.

  • Sangram

    The Adobe Reader on Playbook do not support searching/bookmarks/thumbnails…etc. Please get the Adobe reader from the Android. It tops the list if you talk about e-reading.

  • Dfoos

    Good call on the Moon + Reader. My favorite is Aldiko, but Moon + is a good second. Better by far than the imaginatively named book reader called “Book Reader” I paid for from BB app world. 

  • Daniele728

    this is a wonderful blog!!..thank you guys!!

  • Pablo Lewin

    Same here

  • Daniele728

    is there any feed rss in order to know when has been posted a new app/game?

  • Fshhse

    Looking for AutoCAD WS.  The Android version is a free download from

  • Fshhse

    Could we get Autocad WS?  It an android app from

  • Good E-Reader

    Sorry we tried this and it doesn’t run

  • Ismhael Cantada Veran

    is there an easy way to install android apps like use regular BB Playbook apps store?

  • Raghavsabharwal
  • Canuck22

    How about Fantasy Town

  • No-longer frustrated :-)

    Sorry nevermind! I downloaded to computer instead then transferred. It worked:-) . Is it only BAR files or can we also installl other types of files? Apk??

  • Joenat

    This is a great website, thanks so much for all the apps for the playbook. Any chance of converting some yoga apps?
    Keep up the wonderful work!

  • Steph Barnett

    No as these are not official apps.

  • Kevin P.

    Sirs, you’ve posted two (2) Apps for Sirius XM Radio.  However, there is a separate App for XM Radio Canada, which I would like to see on your website.  Pls. advise.  Many thanks.

  • Steph Barnett

    Use a land line, after trying to ext it – it will give up and ask you if you’d like to make a call and get a pin number to verify.  Use the landline number  – wait for the call and enter the pin. You can then add your contacts!

  • Ismhael Cantada Veran

     I see. So when and how to install official android apps?

  • Aakash Nihalani

    i could give the link for modern combat 2 asphalt 6 angry birds and rio  for pb if u want comment

  • Jerry2002

    Great work and thank you so much.  Any chance you could convert Gasbuddy?  

  • Atomusk

    it should be there : I even have 3 review ?_?
    Have you updated to OS 2.0 ?

  • Jshaver

    Anything on handrite or audible.

  • admirer

    Can you post an app for WATCHESPN

  • Michele

    thk very well done. i’m an italian user, any chance to get the “corriere della sera” app? tks in advance

  • Gianni

    Dolphin HD unfortuately can’t use the internet connection when Bridged with a Blackberry smartphone (only works via WiFi), great pity. I noted that mostly Android application have the same problem.

    Dolphin HD is terribly slow also does not support Flash ! So pretty useless, for this reason may be the author removed it from the App Store.


  • Vwredbug2000

    I downloaded the amazon and says amazon uk?

  • Jshaver

    Very nice guys. Any chance Audible and handrite note.

  • Bamberg

    Can omeone at goode check pandora. it does not install properly. Other apps i have downloade install fine.

  • Imranirfan

    use internet explorer. iam having same problem on firefox bu IE works fine for me

  • Pcjumaac

    Thanks for your good work with the Playbook apps.  I am going to make a donation to appreciate your efforts.
    Keep it up. 

  • Guest

     PDF Reader From Android

  • Flag

    We love the work your doing for the Playbook.  It is much appreciated. 

    We’re begging to see the OLIVE TREE BIBLE READER make it’s appearence here.  Thanks again.

  • Jerry Mathis

    Tery deleting and readding the app. I have no issues here with pandora

  • Jerry Mathis

    this was added above.

  • Jerry Mathis

    official android apps that are available you can dowload in the Blackberry App World from your Playbook.

  • Jerry Mathis

    Skype is only for SMS. No Video.

  • Deadmanwalking Eng

    nany chance of tripit or another trip planner on blackberry playbook? can supply apk if needed

  • Yuv

     Hi..i cannot download the file. whenever i click download, it says download is starting and i am getting the same screen again. I signed up and then chose add to my account and i can see that my account has 1 file with 16 mb. when when i click my files, it is not displaying… very weird. Is there any other site can it be placed…can you keep it in dropbox and share that link?

  • Anytime_09

    Is it possible to get groovy notes


  • Montgomery007

    Could you convert One Note Mobile please!  I need it bad.  Let me know.  Thx for all the great work here.

  • Good E-Reader

    One note does not work, we tried already. 

  • Adolfomc70

    Hi ! thnxxx for all these stuff…i need some help  with Adobe Photoshop Express. The app cannot find any image in my Playbook ( i’ve tried in many places but no result) ..ANY HELP ?¿¿ :-)

  • Kevin

    I’m looking for the nook app for playbook and BB10, any chance of that coming out soon? 

  • Flag

    Impressive work your doing for Playbook users.

    Any plans to convert the Olive Tree Bible Reader?  It would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again.

  • Rikambler

    Hi..  I got the KINDLE app on my playbook, but when I open it the screen is not central and I can’t type anything into the fields, the keyboard does not pop up when I tap the input field ?  Any ideas please ?

  • Zo176

    does anyone managed to get skype voice call working with imo am getting the belom error message “buddy is not using IMO”

  • Sean Chamberland

    I have my Playbook synced to my MAC…do you have an installer for MACs?

  • Jerry Mathis

    Have you tried deleting the app and re-addint it to your Playbook?

  • Kevin P.

     Thanks, Jerry. However, I’ve downloaded the App you’re referencing above, and it is for SIRIUS Radio customers.  I am an XM Radio Canada subscriber and I’m interested in the App for XM Radio.  Any ideas or thoughts?

  • Jerry Mathis

    Skype does not work on Playbook. You can only use SMS. The only hope will be if Skype creates an app for Playbook

  • Bessi Muslija

    can u please do even pokerstars app for playbook and BB10… pls

  • TSN

    This looks super awesome. I installed the DDPBInstaller.exe file and downloaded the apps. But after sideloading the apps successfully on my PB, I try clicking each of the apps and nothing happens. I must be doing something wrong and stupid – please help? :(

  • alfanzo

    Hey guys! big fan of your work. Any chance of getting ‘DSLR Controller’ from android market onto PB?

  • TSN

    I figured it out – needed to do a security wipe.

  • Montgomery007

    Can you convert and post One Note Moble?  I really need it and use One Note on the PC alot.  Let me know.  Thx!

  • Dadnoel85

    Could we get yahoo fantasy basketball or fantasy basketball monster converted?

  • LDP

    Fantastic!  Some of the key apps I have been waiting for on the PB work flawlessly – Dropbox, Economist, Bloomberg, Linked In. Easy to load as well.  I will keep checking back for more…

  • Jerry Mathis

    I know it is not the same but they do have a Poker game on their Playbook Games page if you ahve not seen it. 

  • Steverino

    I am really very grateful and made a donation.  Request:  the adnroid app KEY RING which is free and organizes your store loyalty accounts so you do not need to carry all those cards around.

  • Derek John

    Hi, I was wondering if I can make a few requests. Not sure if this works this way or not but wanted to give it a shot.  Here are some apps that I would like.  Path – Social Networking App; Rdio and/or Grooveshark – Music Streaming; PingMe – Instant Messaging; PageOnce – Personal Finance – Thank for your help any direction in obtaining these apps.

  • Secren

    would be possible any Ereader who works with PDF format?
    Aldiko doesn’t work with this format

  • rockstar

    please get stick cricket and doodle jump in your market

  • loc5

    Pretty soon this site will have more apps then APP WORLD. Keep up the good work.

  • Kim61259

    Thanks you your operation.
    I want to Kakaotalk app.
    Do you know Kakaotalk? It is very famous app in KOREA.
    Please.. Transfer.

  • Csome2

    are u able to get netflix

  • Kibbs308

    Can you add Xfinity mobile to the list 

  • Good E-Reader

    We tested it and added it to our site! 

  • Good E-Reader

     Netflix does not work

  • Good E-Reader

    This app does not work

  • Good E-Reader

     YES! I wonder how many total apps app world has, should be a goal of ours.

  • Idskochhar

    Hi can you please convert Saavn Music and iNitnem for Playbook …Thanks

  • Aakash Nihalani

    Link for doodle jump bar file

  • Scott Perloff

    Thank you very much.  Any chance of an Android Nook application for PlayBook? My wife would love it.  

  • Gad Zooks

    iReader for Playbook download is an .APK file and not a .BAR. Therefore not usable on Playbook.

  • Aakash Nihalani

    some paid apps from the app world visit here to get them

  • Mikegar23

    do you think you can get nook

  • Miatared

    Fabulous. A suggestion La Presse Mobile. Thank you.

  • Scott Perloff

    I am getting an error when I open and click anything.  “The application soundhound (process com.Melodis.midomi MusicIdentifier) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. ” I tried erasing, redownloading and reinstalling and same thing happens. Any ideas?

  • JM1234

    would be nice to have asian language input apps :(

  • Noi08

    i success install Tweetdeck in my playbook. But i can not add twitter account into the Tweetdeck. anyone got the same problem?

  • Hongnguyen0901

    hello, i did exactly the same but i have no idea why the ddpbinstaller always announce that there is the wrong ip or pwd??? i did check again and again but still the same result? Please help

  • Good E-Reader

    You need to install a new version of Java 32 or 64 bit depending on your OS. You need to either uninstall your old version or straight up install the latest Java Runtime. Reboot your computer and it should work

  • Ands

    Great Work! Keep it coming

  • Derek John

     Mine was a successful install as well.  Also able to sign in to my account.  However, I have not been able to actually scroll the timeline.  The odd thing about this app is that it doesn’t look to be opening in the Android Player but as an actual PlayBook app. … Maybe my install was bad.

  • Derek John

    Hi on the Path app it looks as though that’s just a link to the APK.  I wondering if you could fix that please.  Thanks!

  • Derek John

    Bible app by YouVersion doesn’t seem to be the correct app.  The icon looked a little weird when it loaded and when I opened it up its nothing like YouVersion’s app.  If you could revisit that please.  Thanks.  Sorry to be responding so often but I am trying out each app and I want to make sure that when everyone loads the apps they get the experience they were expecting.  Thanks again!  Your doing a great job and I appreciate your quick responses especially to requests.

  • rdonnelly (crackberry)

    Thanks for not putting popular downloads in alphabetical order, it makes it much easier to find the new ones as the list is getting long.

  • Sell Crack Ta Kids

    Can I request the NBA TV APP (US & Global), NetFlix and TuneIn Radio

  • Chip

    XM Canada App, and a bunch of the EZ games (Monopoly, Yahtzee, Tiger Woods, etc etc) would be awesome!!!  Please and thanks.

  • Good E-Reader

    If you can find me the correct APK file, i can look into it

  • Dusshyi

    I get this error message ”
    Incorrect IP or Password” when I connect to my playbook with DDPBInstaller.exe

  • carlitosPB

    Congratulations for your APPS, loving my PB now!! :) can you please post an app for WATCHESPN? thanks nad keep up the good work

  • photoman

    Can you please put FlexT9 on the list

  • TL

    Is there a possibility of getting a few magazines for PlayBook? For instance, Golf Digest, Time, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest. I will be sincerely thankful.

  • Jerry Mathis

    How about the below apps


  • Dusshyi

    Please someone help me with this issue.

  • Guest

    How about Olive Tree Bible Reader.  Much appreciated, man.

  • YoungD

    DDPB Installer cannot connect for me.  I have verified I have the same IP address and password on PB development mode and have latest Java and .net on my Windows 7 64 bit OS.  I connect my PB and hit scan and the IP address populates perfectly but when I enter my password and hit connect it says “Incorrect IP or Password” but that is not the case.  Any other tip or tricks out there to get this working for me?  I’m very excited to extend the functionality of my PB.

  • Nivende

    Aldiko loads up but with no catalogue of books available …is this what was supposed to happen ?  Thanks

  • Dusshyi

    I got the same issue, I’m waiting for Good E-Reader to give us a solution!

  • Neilspringer78

    I had this same problem. I installed the old version of  DDPB and it works fine. Its funny my laptop at home work fine with the new version but my pc at work only work with the old version…go figure

  • Yuv

     Can you send me in the in any way other than mediafire?

  • Dusshyi

    Can you share the old DDPB download link?

  • Miroozy

    we need a workin teamviewer app ..plz

  • Sean Chamberland

    Is there an installer for a Mac rather than PC?

  • Sam

    Hi guys 
    You are doing a great job thanks for the wonderful applications and hardworking you are doing 

    Is there any chance of getting any dictionary application for playbook and BB10 its kind of weird that a playbook doesn’t have a dictionary application? 

    So plz try to convert a dictionary app for playbook and BB10 plzzzzzz?

  • Bamberg

    Young D I
     had same problem. check that Java is runing on your computer and is up to date. I found that on my computer Java was not running properly and I reinstalled it and then I could connect with DDPB installer no problem.

  • John

    DDPB Installer is not recognizing my Playbook. Please help.

  • JohnE

    I cannot browse to the Z: drive within the DDPB installer, even though it shows in windows explorer.  I have the latest Java and had no problem connecting to the development mode IP address as shown. If I browse to a staging directory on my workstation, and load the programs with the DDPB, it goes through the operation as though it is successful, the icons show up on my playbook, but I cannot launch any of the programs.  Any ideas?

  • alfanzo

    hey guys, had same issue with win7 64bit. Fixed it by downloading JDK 32bit. (64 bit does not work)

  • alfanzo

    Hello wonderful people. I made a request last night for ‘DSLR Contoroller” app which is a paid app and my apologies for that. However the same developers have a free app called ‘Remote release’ on android market, which also test compatibility with devices for the first app. However, we would take any DSLR app you guys roll out for us. Thanks

  • alfanzo

    Had same issue on 64bit OS . get java JDK 32 bit n you’r Good!

  • Good E-Reader

     I don’t know if you saw it but we have the myriam webssters dictionary?

  • YoungD

    Thanks Everyone.  I found that java although I had done a new install of 64 bit and restarted was not working properly so installed 32 bit and am now connected and installing apps!  Thank you for your help and thank you Good E-Reader for putting all this together!

  • arlanda

    Do these apps work on OS 2.0? I have tried installing a few but I see an exclamation mark after install (DDPB). I have tried running the newly installed apps on PB but it is only showing black screen..  when I swiped from the bottom to get back to desktop, I see “BlackBerry Runtime”. Still the same issue after reboot.

  • Yuv

    Guys.. how many people desperately want to connect to your corporate VPN from home.. the internal VPN is not really useful until you know all the configuration parameters. Do we have any app for playbook and BB10, equivalent to Junos Pulse?

  • Yuv

     Hi, can i get the .bar links for angry birds and rio.. no from mediashare.. for some reason, i cannot download from that.

  • Ksaleh

    I’m having a problem with the Kindle App where it makes me sign in each time….is this happening to anyone else?

  • Derek John

    Here is the link to the Android Market where the app is. The problem that I have always had with is that I don’t have an Android device to access to be able to pull down the latest APKs.  I hope this helps.

  • Good E-Reader

     Honestly we don’t have time to spend hours for the APK online and don’t have access to the market,if you want the app converted, spend some time and find the apk

  • Good E-Reader

     We fixed Path

  • Good E-Reader


  • Good E-Reader

     Nook Does not work, sorry

  • Gad Zooks

    The Wikipedia app did not work for me. For several attempts Installer stalled at 50% but it installed W icon. App opened but home screen has no text. Tried search but Wait/Busy icon spins forever, never producing any result. Uninstalled and reinstalled until finally achieving “successful” install but with no resulting difference.

  • Jerry Mathis

    Do you have the current Java?

  • Nathan Filz

    It would be amazing if you could create an RSS feed that contained a list of the new apps you had listed on the site…

    I am very comfortable doing that if you’d like assistance. 

  • Good E-Reader

     We made a video tutorial on how to setup a vpn. basically you click on WIFI, then Saved Connections, then click on your connection and then type http proxy

  • Kevin P.

    An App for Maclean’s magazine would be greatly appreciated.  Many thanks.

  • Miroozy

    i need a teamviewer app plz

  • Good E-Reader

     It doesn’t work on the playbook we tried.

  • Larriveefan

    Downloaded I heart radio and Youversion Bible.Cannot find either on my Playbook. Admittedly I’m a Noob but all that aside, where do they download to?

  • Mherma3

    Hey guys. Thanks all,I have a problem with Skype, doesn’t work properly, can someone help me? Thanks again 

  • Tom

    Thanks for your great work! Possible to get the Golf Digest magazine app?

  • Bruppert

    awesome site closest to real cool apps on the playbook yet keep it up

  • maninthemachine

    would like to see the app

  • jpeters

    Any chance you could get Fruit Ninja Free on here? Thank you for everything so far. These apps/games are awesome!

  • Good E-Reader

     Sadly it does not work

  • Gochezm

    Would you please convertido the Autocad app from android to playbook!

  • Good E-Reader

     does not work

  • Good E-Reader

    We uploaded a clone of fruit ninja, its as close as we can get.

  • Cynamonney

    I’ll need to get your email add so I can send the dropbox link 

  • Drsouth2

    When is One Note going to be available for the playbook?

  • sam

     no i just saw all the pages in playbook apps there is no app regarding the dictionary for playbook and BB10

    can u plz tell the name of the app or give me the link for that app..???

  • sam

     no i just saw all the pages in playbook apps there is no app regarding the dictionary for playbook and BB10

    can u plz tell the name of the app or give me the link for that app..???

  • Sj

    medical apps like epocrates,medscape,iradiology,radiopaedia

  • sam

     plz reply back as i badly need this app for playbook and BB10

  • Good E-Reader

  • Good E-Reader
  • Dexter OneLove

    Amigo ojala pudieras subir PullWiFi seria maravilloso 

  • tony coleman

    Thank you so much for the Xfinity mobile app. I have made a donation and the Xfinity TV app would be even more appreciated.

  • Sexmegoodnow

    I have a mac…the DDPBDownload
    Essential Download – Load Android Apps on your PlaybookDoesnt work on my mac :(

  • Gbaix2

     ezPDF Reader doesn’t work for me  and you ?

  • Jezzabeales

    Kindle installed fine. Great.
    But Skypebeta install has ‘stuck’ at 50% for 15 minutes now. What should I do, just kill it and start again?  Will this leave a half installed mess on the playbook? 

  • Neil Hopwood

    As an alternative to DDPB try using BBH-Plus downloaded from here useful if you want to sign your apk files as well. Both this and DDPB working fine for me on Win 7 64 bit with 64 bit java. My version of DDPB is if that is any use?

  • Yuv

     yuvpurush at-the-rate-of gmail dotcom

    Thank you so much.

  • Xxx

    there is no .bar file in this download – whatsapp
    plz fix it

  • Cynamonney

    Need to give me email again in proper form . I cant send to the one you gave me 

  • AN

    Thank you very much for doing this and making all these great apps available for playbook and BB10 users :) … Your efforts are very much appreciated.  Just wanted to let you know I was able to sideload the goodreads bar file from one of the crackberry forums and it works great. It might be a good candidate for your very excellent list.  I would like to put in a request for a cbc app (english), tunein radio, national geographic and/or apps.  Again, thank you again for this excellent resource.

  • AN

    One more request for BookMyne … Thanks!

  • mvk

    same issue as YoungD for me as well

  • Joenat

    I am having the same problem too. I will not download.

  • Joenat

    How about some yoga apps?

  • Jerryhunter

     Could you share how you were able to install Kindle on Blackberry Playbook

  • Sam

    Thanks for the link for the dictionary application but it does not support offline entry wish there was an offline dictionary because cannot connect wifi to always to check for meanings 

    Please try to provide an offline dictionary thanks in advance 

  • carlitosPB

    Can you post an app for WATCHESPN, please

  • Yuv

    Sorry.. sometimes emails will be stripped of when you give in the proper format.. that is why i provided like that.. here you go

  • Yuv

     Thanks for the reply. Can you pls point me the link to the video tutorial?

    From my home, with my laptop, I am currently using RSA Hard token to get into my corporate VPN.

    From my home network, i am not sure how you are proposing without adding all the VPN parameters with PB

  • Yuv

     Sorry.. go the link in the video section

  • Yuv

     Hi.. i viewed that video… my question is not to mask with a different IP, instead, how to login to my office-corporate internal network (VPN) using hard token. That has to be done in the VPN setting, which will assign a Dynamic IP of our internal firewall. But instead of these hassles, in ipad it is simple using Junos pulse app. I am wondering if we can have that to PB (porting from android) or do we have any equivalent already?

  • Richard

    Everytime I download Google Maps and install on the Playbook what comes up is Latitude.  Any idea why?

  • piano57

    Any chance for Docs to Go?

  • Davemoore66

    DDPB Installer cannot find my play book. I can get it to connect but it will not show the playbook in the explorer. any suggestions

  • Rnswain

    Can not load Google Maps for playbook and BB10. DDBB shows the download, put checkmark to install, PC shows download has been installed on the Playbook but nothing appears in the app list on the Playbook.
    Any Idea why?

  • NellyG

    I have downloaded the DDPB Installer and it is asking for my IP and Password.  When I type it in, it say I have an incorrect IP or passowrd.  I think this is because in my Developer icon, I have 2 IP addresses.  How do I get rid of one?

  • Totoro123

    When I try to load ezPDF Reader Lite with DPBinstaller, I got ‘881 required signatures missing’. Could anyone help me here? Thanks. 

  • Pcjumaac

    Appreciate any offline maps and GPS navigation apps for playbook and BB10

  • Mdowling

    I agree. The lack of search seriously hampers the usefulness of an Adobe pdf reader.

  • NellyG

    I’ve installed DDPB Installer and successfully connected to it but when I click “Add” it does not see my Playbook to grab files from.

  • Cynamonney

    Sent it

  • NellyG

    Figured it out.  Needed 32 bit Java install, even though I have a 64bit machine
    Download JRE for Windows 32 Here

  • Yuv

     Thank you so much… Its awesome…

  • Totoro123

    Could you please repackage ezPDF? I think it miss 4 files under META-INF foler inside package. It only contains MAINFEST.MF but not the other four files, see the list below. Thanks.


  • Jerry Mathis

    It would be great if you could either list the date they were added to the site or maybe add a new link next to each app as they are added to help keep track of the new ones or maybe an updated link next to apps that have been updated to a new version. :)

    We appreciate all that you are doing.

  • PJ79

    Would do a solid and upload TubeMate for all of us. It’s a Youtube downloader. 

  • GlennEsq

    My explorer does not see my playbook to add the app.  PLease help!

  • rafael_fajardo

    Is there any app for stylus hand writting on playbook? although there are a couple of apps in appstore  claimed to allow hand writing they are in fact hand drawing apps rather than hand writting. I’ve seen a couple a couple of good ones in Android market…

  • JSSong1988

    Does anyone know if Google Music app will be available for the Playbook? That app would be awesome.

  • Starfleet70

     It grabs them from your computer where ever you downloaded them to

  • Cynamonney

    I have the bar file for Fruits and  Ninja if you would like to have it let me know. Installed and working well ..

  • Tickalot

     They do. Click on the “Playbook Apps (103)” (or whatever the current number is) and then you can sort.

  • Eagle1

    We don’t have a windows computer, only macbooks.  Is there a similar program for Macs?

  • Eagle1

    We would like to use your programs, but it looks like the essential software program is only for windows machines and all we own are macbook notebooks.  Is there an essential software program for macs?

  • Wheretheroadends

    Hi all, just got my PB and I’m very happy to have found this site.  When I go to actually download an app, however, I keep going to a screen full of characters and nothing downloads.  I thought it might have something to do with the 32bit java instal I made to get DDPB to work but I uninstalled that and still the same.  Can anyone offer a fix?  Thanks, Payman

  • rockstar

    please get gta 3
    assassin creed 

  • mvk

    Still can not fix the problem dispite following instructions…aaah. please help!

  • Mikegar23

    Is there any app that i can read my nook books

  • B.C.

    Can you please try to add a hebrew right to left keyboard?


  • Dvdolnick

    CNet News app does not have a back arrow.  Once you dive into a story there is no way to get back to the main screen and look at other stories.  You are forced to close the app and reopen the app.  Anyone having the same issue?  Am I missing something?

  • Brent

    I just want to say THANK YOU to GOODEREADER.COM  … This is the best collection of playbook apps… As good as App World!

  • JohnE

    I reloaded OS from BB desktop.  I still cannot browse to Z: within DDPB installer, but installing the apps from a directory on my desktop works fine.  Thanks for porting these titles. 

  • Jerry Mathis

    Yeah, I currently do that for date but nothing shows if an app was updated. It would be easier if there was an icon next to the logo esp now that it is split into groups.

  • Jerry Mathis

    Can we get the DirecTV app?

  • Good E-Reader

    You can install our blackberry Playbook client app, it tells you all the new apps we upload, you can install it directly on your playbook. 

  • Good E-Reader

    I think you have to swipe down from the top and you can hit the arrow button on the bottom right hand corner. 

  • Claudio

    I’ve asked this before but I think it was missed among the comments.
    Would you be kind enough to try porting MOG and Spotify from Android?
    I’m already excited that Rhapsody was ported over.
    Thank you!

  • Totoro123

     Has anyone got ezPDF Reader installed successfully?

  • Good E-Reader

     spotify does not covert, we tried this on the first day of os2

  • Roachekilla

    why apk and not bar

  • John

    Sorry but I must be missing something. How do you get the App Store Client to run. I downloaded to my play book but nothing happens.  Help!!

  • MattM2G

    Just FYI – “Hanging With Friends” keeps prompting for an update, and I am unable to play. not sure if a new version is needed.  Also, a HUGE thanks for setting this up – donation on the way!!

  • Good E-Reader

     You need to side load it onto your Playbook.  You can then download any apps we offer directly to your Playbook and then you can side load them using BBPB Installer

  • George Creamer Jr.

    Does it have to stay in developer mode after loading the application?

  • Drsouth2

    I would like to have one note, for my play book!!!!!

  • Roachekilla

    all the files on this site seem to be zip files. When i extract i get .apk file instead of .bar files. So they dont show up in my ddpb installer. I have been able to sideload .bar files from else where. Ami doing someting wrong?

  • Good E-Reader

    Try using a different web browser, we have had reports chrome and opera do this, use firefox. Or just download our app store client to your playbook and download/browse for apps on your device

  • Dexter OneLove

    hola tengo la aplicacion apk de pullwifi que onda puedes convertirla para la tablet… funcaria demasiado para obtener acceso donde quiera que ande uno … saludos y buena pagina

  • Frederic Demey

    Thank you for this tutorial and app store. You’re making it easy. Any chance you may port the squareup app? Thank you in advance.

  • Zakorth

    Is it possible to get google talk and yahoo messenger plug-in please.. Thanks..

  • Good E-Reader

     Google talk won’t work but we added yahoo messenger plugin for you

  • Good E-Reader

     This won’t work because any app that needs the playbooks camera or mic won’t work.

  • Crospqr

     HORRENDOUS. Took me hours to figure out that it loaded and crashed the emulator in OS 2.0. I now respect the RIM Android Apps mroe than anything, as those third party installed through DDB as here just crash it. Only  a hard reser (power button 10 secs) will restart it. But this app in particular is a mega culprit.

  • Roo

    Hey all!   Great site.  The only part I am struggling with is having
    the playbook show up as removable media…not a network drive.  I
    followed the tutorial to a T but when I run the BB desktop software
    and everything syncs up…its still mapped the the network drive! 
    Grrrr.  So the loader is not seeing my playbook.  any suggestions?

  • Derek John

     Not to a more specific problem then what you are having but I have been side loading apps since PlayBook OS 2 betas and any problems especially with most of the apps that are on this site.  While some may not work properly none crash your PlayBook.  If you want to be more specific maybe someone will be able to help you.

  • Sebasnado

    Can you get two Canadian apps for me: “La Presse mobile” and “”. Many thanks and congratulation for the good work! 

  • Melclarke64

    Tried to download astrology for blaberry but will not run same as moon reader downloads but won’t install? I installed vevo and three others but not these. Anyone know why?

  • Henry Woodcock

    Really great work guys. Can you put The Times android client onto the PlayBook please.

  • Good E-Reader

     What Times? The UK Version? India?

  • Cesar Bonilla

    i been doing  a big search on the opera mini or the opera mobile does anyone have any idea how to get it ?

  • Andy Harrison

    Any chance that the Audible app can be converted??  This would make me very happy!

  • Good E-Reader

    We tried this already days ago, did not work

  • Samyukta_88

    hi i downloaded and installed both the yahoo messenger and plugin for playbook and BB10

    but i m still unable to make any audio or video call still it tells me i need to install the plugin and directs me bb market when i click install

    can u plz tell me the procedure after installing the plugin how to make audio and video call from playbook plzzzz


  • Good E-Reader

     When you use android files on the playbook you cannot use the mic or camera, this is why apps like this don’t work.

  • Samyukta_88

    plzzz plzzz reply me….i need ur guys help plzzz

    its not working i m still unable to make any audio or video call

  • samyukta_88

    Then what’s the use of this plugin???

    Plz reply me plz

  • Good E-Reader

     There is no use for it right now, but everyone was begging us to post it, so we did.

  • Raghavsabharwal

    how do i install the plug in :S

  • samyukta_88

    Ohhhh OK will wait for the working version in future then thank u for replying 

  • Pedro

    Feedly is not the program is national g.Thanks.check it out

  • samyukta_88

     the plug in is not working raghav they have listed becoz people were begging for that plugin but in reality it dosent work

    i installed and checked it out it dosent work for playbook and BB10 still….!!!

  • samyukta_88


    i just saw from the android market there are apps for Hotmail and gmail email apps…

    can u convert them for playbook and BB10…. ???


  • badognobisc

    dropbox 2.0  bugs!!  4 out of 6 app programs default to opening dropbox  screen for recent applications and no further.  tried to uninstall dropbox but still stuck!!    reboot system may be the fix!!  testing right now!

    yes fixed!!

  • KBro

    Need Sonos could trolled app

  • Kbro

    Sonos app needed.

  • belisarius

    The apps released through this site combine to crash when any 3 or more have been opened. The emulator then is fully crashed and only a restart of the Playbook would get it going. I also noticed that this problem does not occur when using android apps released through app world. Even doing a lengthy playbook reset of 2.0, nothing changes that apps such as Dolphin or Google Maps are so buggy the crash the entire emulator. Apps such as kindle did not cause any problems but even the ten app was freezing my emulator when ran in combination with other apps. When the freeze happens shutting the window does nothing. Restarting the emulator reveals just a black screen- no matter the app. Culprit could well be the emulator itself, but if the apps here cause such bad crashes I understand why rim has not adopted them and why best to wait.I also called rim with the issue, concealing the origin of the apps. They admitted a rare occurrence of crashes in some combinations, but asked me if I got the apps from another source. Non-Apple world apps result indeed in Kernel  and full freezes and hence apps need so much more time to actually pass the App world quality control.

  • Pedro

    Michael,is possible to move to bar the program to Penetrate pro key,thanks.

  • Miroozy

    th yahoo didn’t detect the plug-in can i make it detect it plz help 

  • samyukta_88


  • Kennielsen

    Anyone know if TTorrent is available for PB yet?

  • Steph Barnett

    Hi can you add hopstop for PlayBook?  Thank you

  • Sdt96

    Can’t figure out how to install the Good ereader app store.  :(

  • Phillip

    Is there a ‘Time Magazine’ App available for the playbook? The ‘Time Mobile’ App is not the magazine content and is merely’s online content. Can a playbook app be made for the magazine app?

  • Dvdolnick

    Any chance to get talkatone app converted to blackberry?

  • Jmponte

    Any word on whether or not worldmate will be available on here sometime soon.

  • Jerry Mathis

    I want this as well, Woldmate Gold

  • Jerry Mathis

    Anyone else having an issuing downloading from the goodEreader app? Everytime I try it unexpectedly quits and shuts down.

  • KB2755

    having an issue with VLC Direct, the app itself isn’t detecting a network connection on my PlayBook, even though I’m connected to Wifi. The VLC website was useless for troubleshooting, any suggestions?

  • Phil1

    Hi there,
    After I open the DDPB installer, scan for the IP address and log in the password then hit Add (A) – my PlayBook does not appear in the listing.  It shows in my main directory and I can access downloads, etc. but not in the installer.  I’ve tried un-installing and re-installing, re-starting both the PlayBook and my computer with no success.  Any ideas?

  • Dogmum

    No matter what I do, I have followed all the instructions, ensured my Windows updates are done, have BB desktop open, etc., the Playbook will NOT display in Explorer within the Essential download app.  It does display in Windows Explorer when I open it outside the app, but will not display so that I can transfer any files.  Any advice please?

  • Robharvey

    Might be fixed, however i doubt it is the 64 bit software. I have 64 bit running on 64 bit macine, works flawless

  • Robharvey

    Mee too.. whats up with that??

  • Robharvey

    Restart playbook, or check IP. If IP address is wrong it will go through the process, jut installing it to a NULL location though.

  • Robharvey

    Maybe i have toomany tabs, but i thought this was preinstalled on PB?

  • Robharvey

    You have to state WHAT FILE ifyou hope an answer.

  • Robharvey

    Magazines cost money not free. Thus you wont get it here…

  • Robharvey

    I have no problems even with 10 apps opened.

  • Robharvey

    For hotmail you can use windows live messanger, has a tab ibsside app for hotmail,,, Shydrive is there as well.

  • Robharvey

    You dont need the emulator. Android is native now. THAT is the whwole problem.

  • Dogmum

     I am having exactly the same problem. 

  • piano57

    Yes, it is. But, when I try to use the Android version of Evernote (yes, there is a Pb version, but the Android one has a more comprehensive interface), there is no way to read doc/docx or other files, such as .pdfs. I thought perhaps an Android Docs to Go was needed. If you have a work-around to suggest, I would be grateful. Thank you.

  • Richard

    Although it has the name of “Latitude” it is Google Maps when I run it. So I don’t care if it has a different name. 

  • Good E-Reader

     we added it

  • Good E-Reader

    This app just crashes

  • Mark Holle

    I have solved this by enabling WI-FI/USB sharing in settings on the Playbook.

  • Dogmum

     I have enabled this and am still having the same problem. 

  • Guest

    VLC Direct does not work. I’ve done some research online, and people over at CrackBerry forums are also reporting issues. It seems networking does not function in all ported Android apps. 

  • Guest

    Hello, admin,

    I’d like to report some apps that do not work properly and hopefully clean up the app section. Anyway, NHK World does not work. Like many ported apps, it does not recognize a network connection.

  • Bob

    Autocad please.

  • Alpine32

    Could you please add the viper smart start app? I really want to start my car with my playbook. Thanks

  • Scott Perloff

    Still waiting for an answer on why I am getting an error message & then must click force close. 


     All pdf reader useless Does not work

  • smrowe

    I did a App Store search for apps like Photoshop Lite and Google Maps, but App Store search didn’t find them.  Am I missing something?

    Google Earth would be a very useful app to have on the Playbook.

  • Good E-Reader

     We have google earth in our playbook app section

  • Atilla

    what can you do with the amazon app store?

  • Gabino_44

    Can you get the game lane splitter and fragger

  • Tee

    You guys are doing a great job, but I can’t download your apps. I can’t get your apps to my playbook. Turn on development mode. On my pc I downloaded the newest java, turn on BlackBerry desktop manager. I download the Essential download. I plug in my playbook, I scan my ip address and type in my password. Press the add button it takes me to my computer settings. I can’t find any of downloads that I download on my playbook. I don’t see a drive for it. On the BlackBerry desktop manager under files I see the six apps I downloaded from you site. I can’t get from there to Essential download. Please help

  • Raghavsabharwal

    how to install yahoo plug in ??? i tried using ddpb… it dint wrk… plz help :(

  • Raghavsabharwal

    thnx :)…. i tried it couple of times… dint wrk for me either… i hope android comes wid new yahoo upgrade which dsnt require any plug in …. thnx mate once again

  • Webeinater_18

    Anyone have WOL Pro (wake on LAN pro)?

  • Dogmum

     Yes, I have the same problem.  I hope someone has some advice and a solution.

  • Tee

    I watched there video a couple of times, looked simple enough. Followed all the steps till I hit the add button. Can’t get any apps to the Essential downloaded.

  • Gaye

    I see Google Maps but don’t see Google Earth.

  • Dogmum

    Yes, exactly.  I can see the PB as a network drive in my regular Windows Explorer, but in the Essential Download software it does not show up. 

  • madrid2012

    has anyone ported Sky Go to playbook successfully?

  • Lonebaggie

    Is it possible To convert the Chumby Android app, Playbook would make a great chumby clock sitting in the Dock

  • Dunedin68

    I downloaded the Kindle app no problem to my playbook but am unable to download any books! I live in Canada – is this the reason? Very disappointed. 

  • Dunedin68

    what browser are you using? I found IE caused problems. Try Chrome or Firefox.

  • Todd

    Hello.  I was wondering if you have considered adding Sugarsync to the above list?  Thanks in advance.

  • Dogmum

     Once the software is downloaded and installed, the browser is not part of the equation anymore.  So not sure how your suggestion plays in to the problem as outlined. 

  • Cosmonaut

    The Bloomberg app installs BUT does not start.

  • arlanda

    PB will always show up as network drive either by cable or wifi on Windows. If Windows Explorer have successfully mapped the PB to a drive letter, then there’s no driver issue.. does the loader (DDPB?) automatically enter the IP address for you after hitting on the scan button? If not, you’ll need to enter these info manually.

  • Av Raham Benperekh Arias Ocamp

    To whom it concern:

    This will work with playbook updated to 2.0?

    Best regards!

  • Zakorth

    as a matter of fact it will only work if you have OS 2.0

  • Zakorth

     this was answered before by the admin..
    atm no video calling apps will work with PB..

  • Jpgrad

    Has anybody adapted the GoToMYPC android app?

  • Zakorth

     Ok my friend here is what you have to do..

    1. Create a Folder on your PC or laptop
    (doesnt matter where or what folder name as long as you know where it is)

    2. Try to download the apps directly into your PC
    (you will just have to RIGHT CLICK and then SAVE LINK AS into the said folder)

    3. Follow the steps to Sideload Apps into PB
    (this one i suppose you knew already)

    4. Now for adding the apps in DDPB Installer
    (Select the folder you created in your PC)

    5. And youre done!

  • Auouywonz

    How do I install this on my playbook?

  • Zakorth

    Can we get SNES and Gameboy Emulators please..

  • Zakorth

  • Av Raham Benperekh Arias Ocamp

    Hi All! Will this work with the official update? Do I need to root? best regards!

  • Good E-Reader

     added the SNES Emulator

  • Good E-Reader

    Yes, this will work with OS2 – no root required. Follow the instructions here –


  • Zakorth

    cheers mate!

  • Auouywonz

    So you can download from the App Store but you can’t install from it, right?

  • Good E-Reader

     Yes that is correct. Many people have BAR files on their playbook downloaded from other places that was initially downloaded from the Amazon App Store and need the app store installed for the app to work properly.

  • Atilla

     I had the same problem. i had to navigate through my network to see it. but it’s easier to just download to the pc and add from there.

  • Mar1300

    You guys are doing a great good!  Thanks for all the hard work.  Is it possible to get double twist? 

  • mb

    Love your work on this website! Been following it from the beginning! Well done you gave the PlayBook a new lease of life! But could you please also port the android version of german magazin: “Derby Spiegel”?

  • Doug

    I just downloaded and installed Kindle on my Playbook…followed your tutorial which is very good…and the app worked perfectly the first time….Thanks alot.

  • LumtFunny

    Please, please, please make the full Barnes And Noble Nook App for Android available for Android on Playbook.  Please make it a .bar file we Playbook owners can sideload. :-)

  • Vwredbug2000

    if there any way you could to a bar for the ebay turbo lister thanks 

  • Mike Rappos

    Any Remote Desktop app that will work on the Playbook

  • Kaplaa

    I’d love to see 1) Citrix Receiver, 2) updated version of OverDrive and 3) Keypass. 

  • Inzomneah

    i would like family feud and friends to work on my playbook is it available yet? Havent been able to find it yet

  • Tee

    When you click on any app there’s a paragraph which say any problems or comments let us know. I post a question asking for some help. It’s cool you didn’t answer my question, but you didn’t have to take down my post. Thanks anyway, maybe I should ask you to put up app that you already have up. Guess that the only question you answer.

  • Good E-Reader

     how can we help  you? Sometimes comments get lost since there is like 600 of them

  • Mherma3

    Thank you for all,about Skype.In the bigining was OK for chat now unable to log in.Can you help me?  Thanks again 

  • poker clever

    Thank you for making the whole process of side loading simple!

    Any chance of some dolphin apps as they don’t download from inside the browser I think they may need to be converted individually not sure can you advise?

  • Shubhashy2k82

    Thanks a lot for yours kind support we really appreciate yours work. 

  • Père de Breton d’Asie

    Hello GoodEreader migration team !

    Your job has been tremendous so far. Thanks for all the hard work.
    Just a request, do you know if you can port the Moozone app ?
    And another thing, it looks like when I want to download Feedly for Playbook, I have a file…

    Not sure it is right …

    Thanks anyway !

  • Keith

    Has anyone managed to convert and get working android software. I really would like to put my audio book collection onto my playbook.

  • florencio

    “Coming SoonThe installation of Blackberry Apps and Games via our Client – Stay Tuned.”

    awesome when it happen, installing bar files to playbook directly OTA.

  • florencio

    I wish to have text twist 2 in playbook, thanks in advance

  • Zakorth

    can we have falling fred please.. cheers..

  • Zakorth

    and running fred as well.. thanks a million..

  • Zakorth

    i agree text twist please ^^

  • Derek John

    Its nutty that these comments don’t go in order …  But anywhooo …  A couple more app suggestions:  Wunderlist, HootSuite, ReadItLater, GettGlue, Rdio and PingMe.  If you could, please!  Thanks!

  • Derek John

     Nevermind, I am idiot when it comes to sorting comments …

  • Good E-Reader

    we fixed feedly

  • Good E-Reader

     we added it

  • Good E-Reader

     pingme and rdio don’t work but we uploaded the rest.

  • Guess

    How do I load the Yahoo messenger Plug-in to work with Yahoo messenger 1.5.2?

  • mo

    i also would like to know that!

  • Guillermo Fondeur

    I have a simple question, do you updates this apps? 

  • Guillermo Fondeur

    the DDPB team update the tool to v.1.0.9 

  • Lgjenn75

    I have this installed and it keeps crashing, as do some of the other apps like The Weather Channel. Rebooted Playbook and still the same – suggestions?

  • Manjeshgpai

    Hello! Really appreciate the work that you do here! I downloaded some apps (especially Kindle app) and side loaded it through DDPB (the installation goes fine without any errors). But even though I can see the app icon on the home screen, the app wouldn’t launch on clicking it! I have OS Please help!!

  • JAy Effect

    anyone got watchespn, NBA gametime and nfl sunday tickey

  • Killer Heels UK

    iheartradio has been removed. Will you load another version that works? Thank you for all you’re doing!

  • Guess

    i need create .bar for .apk.   or I can use this in my playbook

  • ravi

    Hey…I am getting the below error when I launch DDPB. I windows version is 7 32 bit and I downloaded the java files as instructed by you but it is not working…..please help

    java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/qnx/bbt/deploy/Deploy
    (Unsupported major.minor version 50.0)

  • zakorth

     you dont need to convert it.. just follow the instructions and youre good..

  • zakorth

     no working video calling apps at the moment..

  • Good E-Reader

    yes, sometimes. Mainly the versions we have work. often the newest versions of the apps don’t work, so in many cases we try the latest app and then move down each release until we find a working copy and them post it here.

  • Good E-Reader

     currently right now NO version of it works

  • Guest

    I know this may not be a popular app, but should be useful for some.  THanks!

  • Kennielsen

    Anyone have Mobo Player for Playbook?

  • marcia

     I had that problem with VISTA – finally found the folder by trial and error. You have to navigate to it thru a dropdown that I think is located in a bar at the top of the nav window. For some reason it doesn’t show up in the “Network” folder. (I’m on a MAC now, can’t check). I also found that downloading the files to my desktop and sideloading from there worked fine. I downloaded Kindle and Dropbox – they both work perfectly; The lack of a Kindle app was a real disappointment when the new software was launched.

    Thanks so much for providing these. They make my Playbook much more playful.

  • Shannon

    i downloaded a few apps to my playbook – eg sugarsync & flickr – and my keyboard’s keys do not match with what i want to type. eg when i type H, S comes out instead. also, the layout comes out wonky, it doesn’t align with the playbook. like half the page can be seen and half cannot.

  • Shannon

    also i followed all the instructions to set it up

  • neuroben

    hello, any chance One Note can be converted for Playbook.  It was just released for Android.
    thank you

  • Good E-Reader

    Sorry it does not work. 

  • neuroben

    Damn. Thanks

  • Tee

    Thank you Zakorth. It work, thanks

  • Tee

    I loaded up the Snes emulator app today, the only thing I see on there is tic tac toe. Did I do something wrong? 

  • ravi

    can someone help me in resolving the error

  • Good E-Reader

    uinstall both java and ddtpb and reinstall ddpth after you install java 

  • Guest

    Is it possible to convert the RemoteLink onstar app for the PlayBook?

  • ravi

    i tried both but it does not work

  • Good E-Reader

    I Would recommend visiting the crackberry forum in the playbook section. 

  • manjeshgpai

    Really appreciate the good work you are doing here!  I downloaded some of the apps (like Amazon Kindly, Moon Reader, RockPlayer, Dropbox) and side loaded them using DDPB. The installation completes successfully and I can see the app icon on the home screen. But when I try to launch the app, nothing happens. There are no other symptoms like frozen screen etc. The app simply refuses to launch. Please help! 

  • Joe_extruder

    Adobe reader how can i get it

  • weaver

    How i update apps, Vivo wants to force an update.

  • weaver

    How do i update an app. Vivo wants to force an update but just hangs and does not want to move on.

  • Joe_extruder

    did u get it to work?

  • Sudiptalaha

    when i install google maps /  yahoo messenger in my playbook it doesnot work.. Other applications like kindle, IMDb works fine. 
    The ddpb tool displays -4 of static column instead of “OK”. Please suggest.

  • Gregd

    Can you please add the Kingston wi-drive android app for Playbook?  I’d love to be able to use the Kingston wi-drive external storage .

  • Jmt7878

    any chance of the sun uk newspaper app please !

  • MC

    I cant not see the blaybook when I go to add. I can see when I go to my computer setting

  • Conrad

    Hi, I loaded all programs as required but do not see my playbook in the directory to add dropbox to my playbook. Any ideas?
    Thanks Conrad

  • Conrad

    Hi, I loaded all programs as required and watched videos twice but my playbook does not show up in the directory to add dropbox to my playbook. Any ideas?
    Thanks Conrad

  • Gregd

    Did you type your password on your ipad when prompted?

  • Good E-Reader

    Like physically, the playbook is not in front of  you and has disappeared? You have it plugged into  your computer? You opened up Blackberry Desktop Manager and entered your password?

  • Gregd

    I meant  Playbook

  • Conrad

    I did all what the video said to do. I get connected to DDPB with no problem. When I hit”Add” My Playbook is not listed, only my “C” drive. Playbook is not showing up in the list.

  • Conrad


  • Good E-Reader

     When you load DDPB and hit scan does it show the same IP address that the guy in the top right hand corner of your Playbook says your IP address is? Keep in mind, there is two IP addresses,  you want to  use the first one.

    Also, try swaping your USB connection from the front one on your PC to the back one.

  • Ubest_888

    Anyone know how to use Google voice on Playbook. It seems it only has voicemail inbox. Can you any please advise how to open phone dial pad? Do I need application like Google voice dialer or something like that?

    BTW. google maps work for me. only thing is cannot find my GPS location.

  • Conrad

    Showing the same IP address as top right of Playbook and tried different usb connection. DDPB is still not detecting the playbook. I deleted DDPB and reloaded with the same results. Connects to Blackberry Desktop Software with no issues. I am stumped?

  • Killer Heels UK

    Thank you for confirming that. Can you look at LogmeIn? That would be excellent
    I’m really enjoying the d/loads each day!

  • Tee

    This morning I seen angry bird Rio app for playbook and BB10, but I don’t see it anymore. 

  • Good E-Reader

    People said it was a pirated app, so we deleted it. 

  • zakorth

    can we have “My Guitar” and “DJ Control” by Borce Trajkovski

    and “Drum Kit” by Nullapp.. thanks a million..

  • Tom Thumb

    This is awesome.  Thank you much.
    Someday, someone can then suggest some easy ways to convert apk files to bar files.

  • zakorth

    can we get a malware detector or something.. ive got a battery update malware from recently installed apps.. not sure what app it is.. thanks..

  • akoito

    I had the same problem but what I did I saved the bar files to my PC (any folder). Open DDPB, then add and install from the files you save in your PC, not from Playbook.  That’s it.

  • zakorth

    can we try and get Airpush Detector please.. coz this might detect the source of the airpush notification.. thanks..

  • zakorth

     and Addons Detector please.. cheers mate!

  • zakorth
  • Good E-Reader

     We added AVG Anti-Virus Free

  • sham


    i just went through all the apps but didnt find anywer any wifi printing tool app

    plz can u upload any wifi printing app for playbook and BB10


  • Sudiptalaha

    any Suggestion on this?

  • alexandertrevor

    A quick tip for most of the apps here, try launching them from portrait view.

    For a few of the apps I downloaded, I was not able to start them and would only get a black screen. However, in portrait view the app would launch, and even better that after that initial launch the apps would work fine in either orientation.

    I’m not sure that’s a fix for everything, but just a trick that helped me.

  • Me

     So how can we get the adobe reader? any idea?



  • Gregd

    The Seagate GoFlex Media app for android would be nice too. 

  • KillerHeels

    If you can get me the apk file to Breezy for Android I can see if it can be converted……That is a printer over Wi-Fi network.

  • KillerHeels

    Yes there is a great tutorial on crackberry’s website – look for Johan99 posts. That’s how I learnt to do this.

  • KillerHeels

    World newspapers has this already I think.

  • KillerHeels

    You can’t. You just have to wait and see if a more recent version is converted and works. Remember these apps are from apk files and have to be converted for the PB.

  • KillerHeels

    Thanks for the tip. I have found that the black screen will load…..eventually. It seems that some apk converted files are a bit slow running on the PB. Compatiability issues perhaps?

  • zakorth

    thanks for adding AVG but it cant detect the airpush ad..

    ok its really pissing me off now.. the “Battery Upgrade Notification” keeps on showing up..
    and i cannot locate where it is..

    Can you please add Airpush Detector and Addons Detector..
    maybe they will work somehow..

  • zakorth

     am i the only one getting the Airpush Ad problem here?

  • zakorth

     bump ^^

  • Samyukta_88

    The medscape app doesn’t work it does not download the clinical reference it just closes while downloading 

  • Vwredbug2000

     do you have a Citizens Bank mobile app or wells fargo app
    or the ebay turbo lister thanks in advance

  • Mike Rapppos

    Any Windows Remote Desktop Apps?

  • R Mckenna

    I would love to see First Class suite app here. 

  • Good E-Reader

     We added it for you,  please confirm it works

  • Gonçalo

    How about Radio thermostat? 

  • Good E-Reader

     Both the banking apps don’ work and i can’t find anything in the android market called ebay turbo lister

  • Good E-Reader

     We deleted it.

  • Good E-Reader

     We added it for you

  • Good E-Reader

     Do you have a link to the apk i can download it from? Not android market, but where i can download it.

  • Good E-Reader

    Provide me with a direct link to the APK file please. 

  • Good E-Reader

     I spent an hour looking for an APK file for these apps, if you want them converted so bad, give us direct links to a drop box or something with these files in it.

  • Gregd

    Can you please add the Kingston wi-drive android app or the The Seagate GoFlex Media android app for Playbook?  I’d love to be able to use one of the wi-drive external storage drives with the Playbook!  Excellent job converting the apps that you’ve done so far and many thanks!

  • Good E-Reader

     You need to link me to the direct downloads of the APK FILE, i spent 30 minutes online trying to find a copy and could not.  Please help us, help  you.

  • Conrad

    Thanks, but don’t you have to install dropbox on your Playbook? I am confused.

  • Lgjenn75

    How about Epson iPrint for Android? Then I could print – woo-hoo! Thanks in advance! :)

  • Anthony

    When adding the app I’m not finding the playbook under computer when the browse window pops up?

  • Teelaikram

    How do I get games for the SNES emulator?

  • Gregd31
  • zakorth

     thanks.. but still didnt solved my problem.. any idea how to fix this “Battery Upgrader Ad”

  • Samyukta_88

     yeah agree anything reagrdin wifi printing tool like hp wifi printing…???

  • Jmponte

    First I just wanted to say thanks for the great work on this site, the apps are great, i find myself coming and visiting a few times a day just to see whats new. 

    I was wondering if there was any chance of getting a copy of worldmate and wuala converted.


  • BBPB26

    reinstalling may solve the issue, if not
    then try to download the bar file again then try to install.

    I already encountered many case like this, for some instance I need to just reinstall, but for other case I need to download again the file and install. Make sure to check the file size after you download it and compare it with the original file size of the app

  • BBPB26

    use repligo for android, it has all the basic functionality

  • BBPB26

    any media player that can play rmvb format?

  • Badognobisc

    Can anyone develop or find a margin calculator?  I need to take a raw cost, multiply it by a load (percent), then divide it by a reversed percentage.    I.E.  100.00 * 1.05 = X.  X / .80 =Y.      Thx.

  • Facebook User

     reinstall the desktop manager, i had the same issue and was even going to send my pb to rim, but after 4 hours on tech support, a wiped pb and a wiped laptop, i fixed it myself without rims help. Heck I even called Thorsten Heins because of the lack of professionalism by the tech staff. reinstall and then like others said, go to the java site for the latest version. Im on windows 8.

  • Tee

    Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing. I download the SNES emulator to my playbook. The only game it has on it is tic tac toe. Where do I get the roms for SNES?

  • Vwredbug2000

    do you have Google+
    By Google thanks in advance

  • Good E-Reader

     You can easily just google for SNES ROMS and find tons

  • Tee

    Thank you for answering my question. Next question is how do I get the roms to my playbook? I tried to sideload it but it didn’t work. Maybe you have a video or something.

  • Nice work

    First of all i want to thank you for great work you are doing here. You guys have made me like my PB more…. keep on with the good stuff. Second thing i tried installing the yahoo messenger plugin but yahoo messenger still does not make video calls is there a specific way of installing it?

  • A_V__D

    Thanks a lot. Over 200 apps.

    Can you guys try “Stick Cricket” please?

  • Not Tom Tom

    Use your PC and transfer the SMC files to your PlayBook or use your PlayBook Browser to download the file (SMC and not ZIP) directly (will go into the Download folder you will have to move it to the correct directory). I personally find it easier to transfer the SMC via PC.

    Go back to the SNES Emulator for PlayBook download page, read the instructions and that’ll get you going. As a note, the path to the ROM is different for me (under Misc folder and not the account folder). I am guessing the instructions were Android specific.

  • Good E-Reader

     You have to put them in a specific directory. When you open up the SNES ROM  file to download it in the description it says where exactly to put the files on your playbook

  • vin6006

    First, thanks a lot for what you are doing. I deleted  medscape but the login page did not get deleted. Now this page pops up whenever I open android apps I sideloaded preventing the app. from functioning. Need help. Also if you could provide WEB MD app.

  • dholder

    Great work. Any chance of the V1 golf swing analysis application?

  • KnowJoe

    I meant to say Scramble “doesn’t” work  Thank you and keep up the good work! 

  • guest

    any chance on getting a few more games like sprinkle or wheres my water?

  • killerheels

    Can anyone zip me the apk file for the united airlines android app? (used to be Continental prior to merger)  I would like to convert to .bar and sign…

  • killerheeels

     Breezy for android might work. Anyone zip me the apk file and I can try and convert/sign for playbook and BB10…..

  • Crgordo

    Any chance of converting Citibank mobile app?

  • Tee

    Any chance I could get hidden object games, and oovoo. Thanks 

  • Sameer

    Hi GoodEReader Team – Great work! I’m sure someone asked this before but is there a version of your software available for Mac? Since it is written in Java, I’m not sure how hard it would be to port over to Mac. Look forward to your response.

  • n00b

    i had this same problem as well, n00b error on my part.  i downloaded the 32 bit but i did not install it…duh.  it connected flawlessly after…thanks again, the comments really help with troubleshooting.


    Could you work on some free apps like AutoCad WS, La Presse Mobile, TuneIn Radio, GoodReader or RBC Mobile Banking? And some decent PDF reader? None of the above pdf readers are coming close to the native app on Playbook in terms of quality of display. Unfortunately, that native app is missing some important functions. Thanks!

  • Arlanda777

    I had the same issue before using an older version of DDPB. Try getting the latest version (I think the one that ends with a 9?)

  • arlanda

    What about code editors? (i.e. Touchqode, WebMaster`s HTML Editor, AndEdit, Android Web Editor, etc.)

  • arlanda

    Link isn’t working

  • arlanda

    There’s already a few PB apps (i.e. SplashTop, Remote Desktop, etc.)

  • arlanda

    How about Firefox?

  • Good E-Reader

     firefox does not work

  • Good E-Reader

     we added webmasters html editor

  • Good E-Reader

    Yes there is way, just google for bar file for mac

  • Good E-Reader

    we tried it does not work

  • vin6006


  • Chili Boots

    “Before you copy apps to your computer…” –


    Throw-away line, at end of video. The whole notion,
    here, is to install them to Playbook, only, FROM the
    place, ON THE PC COMPUTER, to which you have
    THEM TO THE PLAYBOOK. This was the only way
    that worked for me, but it was hardly mentioned, AT
    ALL, in the instructions. Rather important, for me.

    Thanks for all of your hard work, though, in these

  • Chili Boots

    I had to copy the apps from the playbook, after down-
    loading them there, and hooking the USB wire to both,
    then, copying the apps to a new folder on Windows.

    I browsed to that Windows folder, using Windows and
    the DDPBinstaller, selected those, copied, apps in the
    new Windows folder, told the DDPBinstaller to install
    from there, clicked on the “run on playbook after finish”
    box (toward bottom, left), let it fail (apparently), and
    then it installed them onto the Playbook. They are in
    place on the Tablet, and they work.

  • Chili Boots

    Thank you for clarifying that. I had no idea
    what he was talking about. One doesn’t
    “print WiFi”. We need to be very precise
    about these requests. Common Courtesy.

  • Chili Boots

    Exactly correct.

  • Tee

    Any chance to get hidden object games or oovoo

  • Deede

    Whenever I click download I try to open the file but it always says ” unable to find default app” what am I doing wrong??

  • Matthias Wille

    Doesn’t work for me. Followed all steps and the apps are installed, but when trying to run the apps on the Playbook nothing happens. 

  • Matthias Wille

    In matter of fact no Android apps even those downloaded from Appworld work for me. Getting in touch with Blackberry support

  • Guest1

    Hello, I downloaded the DDPBinstaller.msi, but when trying to open it, there is an error message:  This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package. Please help!! I have Java installed btw!

  • Frustrated

    Is anyone having problems with the app icons not showing up on PB after DDPBInstaller has been run?  The .bar files show up in the downlaods folder on PB but no icon is on the PB screen.  If I check the option to run the app after installation, it opens on PB and works just fine.  Once I close the application, there is no way to reopen it.  One thing I did notice is that PB is not showing up in the Windows Explorer box when I click the “Add” button on DDPBINstaller even though it is recognized in a seperate Windows Explorer window on the PC.  The instructions say you are to download the app onto PB and then designate the .bar file from PB on the “Add” window in DDPBInstaller.  Anyone have any idea why it is not working?

  • MHC

    My question is this.
    When I click on Add in the DDBP installer my Playbook does not show up anywhere.  The DDBP has read the IP address and it indicates that the Playbook is connected.  It does show when I click Explore on my computer.  I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the Essential download app to my computer.  Also went from Development mode to regular and back to Development mode (basically uninstalled and started from scratch but still no success.  Any thoughts?

  • Nabeel


    I have downloaded and installed most of the apps but there are not working. When I tap on the apps, no response and nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  • Nabeel

    Tried again and nothing is working. I have Plab book OS 2 and followed the procedure, as per the video on goodreader, but no luck.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Good E-Reader

     Load up Blackberry Desktop Software and enter your developer password and your playbook should show up under your Network drive and be clickable.

  • Pat

    Question: How functional is the AVG app? Forgive me if I sound like a noob, but since it’s running in the Android Runtime Environment… does it work (ie scan and protect) only the Android environment-part of the PlayBook, or does it work on the entire PlayBook?

  • Sdmilliken

    Would you be able to do the MLB At Bat 12 (Blue Jays)  and the Calgary Flames?

  • Gregd31

    Can you do this Southwest Airlines app please?

  • MHC

    Yes I tried that too.  Meant to say that in my first msg.  Just tried it again.  Blackberry Desktop shows connected and ready to syn.  I had to enter my password with the Desktop software too.  So that seems ok.  When I click on Explore the Playbook does show as a “Y” drive.  The Playbook is also recognized in the DDPB installer.  But when I click on Add I can’t find it.  After clicking on Add I click on Network and the only thing that show is my laptop.  It seems like I’m missing something simple.

  • ViV1990

    is there any GPS apps??

  • James fish

    great site! Thanks.

  • Craigwp

    Can the bar files be installed directly from the PB?

  • Good E-Reader

     No, they can’t. You need to download this software and watch the video tutorials –

  • Good E-Reader

     sorry does not work

  • Good E-Reader

     Its fine, it mainly just scans the android aspect of  your machine. We had people who thought they had maelware on their playbook due to files they got elsewhere and wanted an anti-virus solution

  • Craigwp

     I’ve been doing that already but thought I might be able to it directly from the PB. Thanks for the quick response. Great site.

  • Elevation Toronto

    Any chance you can convert the following app.  Happy to make a donation for your time.  Thanks very much

  • Gary

    For example, added directv, cbs sports, and read it later and all 3 just give me a blank screen.

  • Dfb8085

    do i download this to the playbook or my pc? then do i download the apps I want to my pb or what. I am sorry to be confused but I downloaded 2 apps to my playbook and i can’t see them yet

  • Montgomery007

    Could you convert and post One Note Mobile please!  Thank you for all your great work here!

  • Tee

    How about oovoo?

  • pmr

    How about My Fitness Pal?

  • Ottawablackberry

    Amazing stuff.  Thanks!!!!

  • Sudiptalaha

    Can anyone make the playbook application of  “The Time of India”
    Below is the android market link

  • Good E-Reader

     You did not really look in our news and e-reading section? This app is available there.

  • Mark McKinney

    Every app I’ve downloaded from here comes back with the DDPB Installer error

    “500 cannot determine Package-Id”

    Any help?

  • Chuck Green

    Anyone know where I can get adownloader or another torrent app that lets me download torrents on the tablet instead of controlling a computer program remotely?

  • arlanda

     I can confirm that it is working great. Thanks!!

  • arlanda

    Skype isn’t working for me

  • arlanda

    May I suggest these following improvements to this site:
    1) implement separate comment system for each app rather than consolidated. This will help to make it easier to track comments specific to the app.
    2) implement rating system per app (similar to BlackBerry App World). Sort by popularity within the category.
    3) display categories at top which we can quickly jump the big list (expand/collapse the “Popular Downloads” section)

  • Melclarke64

    i need help i cant do this it says wrong ip address or password???what do i do? anyone

  • Melclarke64


  • Gary

    Does it take installing apps when they reside on the Playbook itself a LONG time to complete with DDPB Installer to you guys? 10 minutes in only 50% done with 2 apps.

  • Linda E Clark

    Great to have something to finally get Kindle on my Playbook. I was using Cloud Reader until os2 came out and then it stopped working. Thanks a bunch!!

  • Linda E Clark

    So happy to be able to get some apps I was missing on the Playbook. Like the Bible by YouVersion, Kindle reading app and You are the greatest!!

  • Melclarke64

    my computer says connected on your app downloader but when i click all the playbook does not come up.  but i can see it on my control panel any ideas?  please

  • Melclarke64

    would really love wnba app cant download its great for the gals  pls

  • richie

    I am also having this issue DDBP will not open playbook. Its available on my computer. playbook is development mode

  • Psp

    Google music?

  • David

    how do i get the yahoo messenger plug to work?

  • Gary

    I keep trying to install the greader app client and it gets to 100% and then says “-4″.  When I try to launch the app the player starts but the app never shows up.  What’s going on here?   Traditionally I’ve always installed apps from the PC and not from the playbook and some have worked and some haven’t.  Now, I’m trying to strip everything off and follow the instructions on this site and I can’t even get the client itself installed.  Any ideas would be awesome!  Thanks.

  • Mflaherty

    SpeedTest for Playbook is buggy.  Tests download speed fine, but errors out when trying to test upload speed.  Works flawlessly on iPhone and iPad.  Hope this one gets fixed soon.

  • Phil Newcombe

    Hi! Thanks for the wonderful work you have done converting these apps. I have sideloaded LinkedIn, Google Maps and Kindle and am delighted with them.
    Have you considered converting the android app at all please?

  • arlanda

    yes I have similar issue with app icons not showing up after DDPB said that the installation was successful. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat several times before the icon will show up. Even the uninstall option doesn’t work too well… either DDPB or PB is buggy.

    I have come across a few Android app that won’t open. That’s why I made the suggestion to the forum moderator to improve their site to have a separate comment system for each app so it’s easier to report problem/issues.

    To moderator:
    Please add a thumb up/down button that will allow us to quickly report if the app is working or not.

  • arlanda

    I have similar issue

  • Samyukta_88

    It doesn’t work for playbook and BB10 currently

  • Samyukta_88

    Install java it will work fine….I had similar issue after installing java it worked 

  • MHC2

    Hi; I’m still having trouble finding my Playbook after I click on Add in the DDPB installer.  I’ve turned on Development mode, selected a password, connected the Playbook to the computer, opened up Blackberry Desktop Manager and logged in with my password, The DDPB says its connected to my Playbook.  When I click Add it only shows my C drive, Recovery drive, Back up drive and DVD drive.  When I click on Network, I only see my laptop listed. When I click on Explore from my Start button it shows my Playbook as a “Y” drive.  But the Playbook doesn’t show anywhere in the Open window after clicking Add in the DDPB. What am I missing?

  • Xavier Flemmings

    Read this, I followed this and havent had any problems.

  • Asung89

    Hi, I’ve installed everything and I can connect my PB to my laptop but when I click on Add on the DDPB screen, the explorer pop up does not show my PB as drive Z even though on Windows Explorer everything is fine. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.

  • Leo

    Can you guys do real soccer 12?  Btw love what you’re doing, all my new games are running great

  • MHC2

    thanks for the effort Xavier but I don’t see anything different that I’m doing.  Just don’t know why it doesn’t show up on my PC

  • Asung89

    Yeah, same here. Everything was working great until I got to this step. Uninstalled everything and reinstalled but no change.

  • Xavier Flemmings

    You said you open Desktop Manager, not sure if you are to open it, just dismiss it when you see it pops up on your computer and see if that makes a difference. 

    Have you downloaded JRE btw? 

  • boo

    what happened to the skype beta app that was here last week?  I downloaded it and it worked great the first time and then never again…..perhaps that is why it is not here anymore?

  • mrad1125

    is there a bar for rbc mobile? would really like to get it. thanks and great job!!!!

  • Guest

    Can someone try to convert this molecular viewer program?  Thanks!

  • Andrew Kirwin

    Hi I’m having a lot of trouble, i cant seem to get aanny of them to work, when you tap on one it highlites but dose not open, any help would be good,

  • singam

    i cant open the playbook download file from ddpb it ask for password 

  • Alisonmdale

    I would also appreciate RBC mobile.

  • Good E-Reader

    sorry, it does not work. Do you really think we have ignored all the banking apps or airline apps? what we have is the only apps that works.

  • Kim61259

    I want KAKAOTALK. Could you transfer kakaotalk for blackberry playbook.

  • Crewt2

    everything has connected properly and the playbook shows up on “My Computer” as a selectable drive, with all folders showing and accessible, including the “download” folder. However, when I click “add” on the DDPB Installer, only playbook “network” folders appear, but nothing that is accessible.

  • Andrew Uhnal

    Can somebody convert FBReader?


  • Samyukta_88

    Did you browse properly? 

    It’s the third app in the popular downloads section see again 

  • Zemlinsky

    Thanks – really liked PlayBook but missed kindle. Now with your clear instructions I have all my kindle library available 

  • Gary

     I wanted to update everyone here that installing 2.0 fresh using Desktop Manager and then loading apps from PB initially as the site recommends worked fine.  Apparently something must have gotten messed up with the android player from all of the sideloading from the PC itself and it needed a good clean.   To install a fresh copy of the PB 2.0 turn off playbook, hook pb to pc and launch desktop manager.  Choose Update when the connection fails and follow prompts.  

  • frogger

    Could we please get the avforums android app :)

  • Timmaryfamily

    Folks, you all are such a blessing!!!  Thank you so much for what you are doing and enabling us to enjoy our devices even more.  

  • arlanda

    Telnet: not working

  • Boris

    i’m not getting any voice from OOVOO is there a solution?

  • vin6006

    Is it possible to get WEB MD app.

  • Mrad1125

    is there a bar for or how about the new winnipeg jets app,ok how about winnipeg sun appor kijiji, sorry i know PITA sorry just miss these from my android tablet i used to have. seriously though great job with the apps way to go guys, keep it up.

  • Jorge

    Hi, I’m looking for a reader that reads PDF protected. I have many books like that and I would like to read them in my playbook

  • mb

    Please port over the: “der spiegel” mobile app

  • Guest

    The Proledge App should be very useful for structural biologists.  Thanks!

  • Gmbeckham1000

    Did everything according to your instructions, but when it came to seeing the playbook in your installation program, I could only find it in the network section.
    When I connected blackberry desktop, it prompted me 2 times for a password and I put in the password I created when I went into the developer’s mode.  Tried it several times, but never was able to find the playbook downloads directory to go further.

    Need help. Thanks

  • Manojs911

    If cant use video chat on skype then no use of skype :-)

  • play book fan

    Do you have an app for epson iprint ? thanks

  • Elevation Toronto

    Anyone want to convert this for a fee

  • Achu Rangarajan

    the password for the development mode, i entered correctly in the ddpb installer program, but it says incorrect ip or password!!!!! PLS HELP!!!

  • dusan

    great job all round guys! just missing one thing that I’m sure is getting lots of attention, netflix. :)

  • Robert_russell

    When I click connect on the DDPB installer it keeps telling me that my password or IP address in not correct.  I am sure that they are correct.  Any ideas?

  • Vwredbug2000

    any hidden games apps
    thanks in advance

  • Good E-Reader

    It is because you do not hava java 32 on your pc

  • bc50099

    Hi Guys:
    Trying to install this in Win7 on my mac using VM Ware Fusion 3.1.3 – having some issues getting the playbook recognized.  Is there a workaround – while VM Ware is stating that the playbook is connected to windows, using scan and manually typing in the IP address isn’t working; thanks for any advice.

  • Gregd31
  • Guest

    Hi Thanks for all your work!! 
    Would it be possible to get Global, Golf Channel, Golf now,, Kijji, All recipes, and Viber.
    Thanks Again 

  • David

     rt news is apk not bar

  • Aman_rfd

    watched the videos and im still unable to see the PlayBook directory in DDPBInstaller. everything is updated. running win 7 32bit, os 2

  • Lepanto

    I was wondering if you could add any Khan academy app. 

  • Daniel McLoughlin

    You are doing excellent work here is there an official request process? I’d love to see a couple of apps here, Webex, Nat West, British Airways and Ocado to name a few!

  • Samyukta_88

    is it possible for anyone to convert webmd plzzz…??

    here is the link

    it will be very helpfull for medical students like us….plzzz

  • Vwredbug2000

    would be interested
    in any of theses thanks in advance

    Word Search app
    hidden games app
    GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas
    Wells Fargo Mobile

  • Jay

     My Hootsuite won’t login. Any ideas on how to help?

  • Pierre

    March Madness
    It’s an android app
    all the NCAA fianls
    any chance you can port this one?  Need it NOW of course.  It’s always like that.  Thanks for all you do.

  • Jgrande27

    Hey amazing job guys!!! Anyway to get xfinity tv app or tv guide app, much appreciated!!!

  • aj c

    can you possibly add crunchyroll to the list of apps?

  • Pcjumaac

    Thanks for your effort in bring these apps to the Playbook.  I visit here everday.  It would be nice if you can tell us what new addition you have for the last 5 day.  Save some of us going through the whole list again and again.
    Thanks again.

  • Good E-Reader

     We made a new section called “new” its on the top navigation bar. It will list all the new apps we upload and then move them after 3 or 4 days to their proper sections. Thanks for your support!

  • Jaymjay27

    hi guys, loving all the apps your giving us!!!, anyway to get the newer xfinity tv app, and or TV Guide app, i appreciate all your hard work

  • Samyukta_88

    hey guys plz can u help me with the webmd app for playbook and BB10..??


  • dpm

    Awesome! Will check this site often for more quality apps. Great work on the site design! Very user friendly!!!!  Loaded the “Guitar tabs tool” OK but get a message that “Amazon App Store was uninstalled from your device”. Can anyone help?  

  • dpm

    Awesome work!!!! Great site thats very user friendly!!! Will check here often for more quality apps.

    “Guitar tabs tools” loaded ok but gives a “Amazon app store was uninstalled from your device” message. I run other apps ok. Anyone have a fix?

  • Brother

    I really like the Kindle app – it is very well done and reads Amazon and mobi books perfectly – but it doesn’t stay in memory when you switch to another app.  I suspect that is because it is just an Android app that has been made to work on the Playbook, rather than being optimized for the Playbook operating system. Good job anyway.

  • Craigwp

    Any chance of getting a non-laggy ‘words with friends”? The version 4.53 I sideloaded hangs up almost consistently.
    Thanks in any event.

  • Guest

    Clicked on the Moon+ Reader download and got the message “Download does not exist”

  • Jgrande27

    Hi guys thanks for all the apps, anyway for a RedBox app?

  • Frustrated

    Hello, I have now tried to launch/install the DDPBInstaller.msi file on 2 completely different PCs – One running Windows 7, the other Windows Vista, and on BOTH I have the same error message when trying to install the DDPBinstaller – “This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.” Can anyone please help? If this error is on 2 completely different PCs, then it probably isnt an isolated incident..

  • Ly Pham

    Can you update Aldiko for Playbook?  1.6 is very old one. Version 2.1.0 is available on the android market.

  • BBUser

    Hi guys, great work you’re doing here. I love the android apps but some of them seem not to work for me. For example TubeMate_Youtube_Downloader_1.05.22 works fine while the new TubeMate_Youtube_Downloader_1.05.24 gives me the error -500 cannot determine package id-

    I already installed the newest java but can’t find a solution. Do you have any idea?

  • Izabelb

    Do you have a list for MAC?

  • Scott Perloff

    May I ask why you do not reply to anyone who informs that an app (Soundhound) doesn’t work? AND why do you remove those posts???

  • Jasal

    Great job doing this and it’s greatly appreciated.  But when I tried to watch your first video about how to set up my Playbook and my PC so I can begin downloading Apps, your voice-over suddenly gets very, very low and I’m unable to hear what you’re saying, even with my volume turned all the way up.

  • aj c

    Thanks for adding Crunchyroll works great =D

  • Jgrande27

    Can u get the redbox app

  • Eengeeoo

    I’m in development mode and my playbook has 2 ip addresses. I’ve tried both along with my passwrod and neither combination wors. This is strange because I was successful just 2 days ago at loading converted android apps. What can be the problem? Please advise…anyone.Thanks.

  • Sushantpatil8186

    After Installing the DDPB Installer, it just doesnt show my PLaybook directory. It gets properly connected and all with correct IP.
    Please help

  • Coolbirdcool69

    I did everything right, but my downloads are not showing in the DDPBinstaller. Any ideas 

  • Sushantpatil8186

     Hey Hi, I am facing the same problem. In DDPB installer I am not able to find playbook directory at all.But normal when I go to My computer , I can see my playbook directory and all files as it is properly.
    Let me know if you facing the same problem.

  • Michaeltm

    Can you please add the app “ESV Bible” by Crossway?  Much appreciation for all of your efforts!

  • barskin

    First it asks me for my password on my pc (when I click on the installed program). I enter the new password. It’s okay. Then I am asked to enter the IP address and the password, and it tells me “incorrect IP address or password.” The guy in the shirt icon gave me two IP addresses. I have tried both. NOTHING WORKS. What kind of system is this anyway?????

  • Good E-Reader

     Did you install Java 32 bit or Java 64 bit and then reboot your PC?

  • MV

    I can’t go to my channels on you tube. When I hit Add account it does not ask username/password but simply throws an error “there was a problem authenticating”

  • Lightning Mage

    Would u convert “where’s my water” android game..
    Bcuz i really2 love that game, and it’s one of the best android game

    Thank you

  • Tony

    i wish i had “kakao talk” app in my BBP

  • Richard Cooper1984

    Mine keeps saying invalid IP or Password even though they are both right!!!??? HELP!

  • Tony

    can i have “kakao talk” app for blackberry

  • Manuel

    Is it possible to convert Android App?

  • Manuel

    Please try as well.

  • Dsclem

    works like a charm!!  Thank you!

  • Richie

    Came back to say I was Finally able to make it work instead of trying to add the apps directly from the playbook cut and copy  the apps into a separate folder on the desktop and then upload them from there. Since we can open folder from my computer z drive

  • Aditya Swaminathan

    neither am i…is ther any other way of getting ths???

  • Aditya Swaminathan

    hey i got this ddpb from

    it works…

    now im figuring the way of installing apps

  • Emmanuelle

    Got only one single problem, the Playbook is not showing on the list of HDD. It does on explorer but not on the DDPB program when I am looking for downloads. 

  • Chili Boots

    Firstly, there is no such word as “firstly”.

  • Latenightscrapper

    is there any good podcast apps for the playbook?   thank you for all you do!!

  • Yuv

    Hi all…Is it possible to get the Media Remote App (for sony) as a bar file. 

  • Brommers

    Loaded Sugarsync using DDPB and its not showing on playbook, any idea what the problem is?

  • Skylu0701

    please help me on this app.

    gPen IME(繁體版手寫輸入法)

    chinese input is so hard to find from PB

  • Joecharp

    Me too.  Got the right Java, .net.  The installer connects to the Playbook but it does not recognize the playbook in the explorer window that comes up.  I can see it just fine in my Windows Explorer but the version that opens from the installer doesn’t see it.  Stuck…..

  • Good E-Reader

    You need to load up blackberry desktop managaer and then enter your developer password and you  playbook will be navigatable via windows explorer. 

  • Steve

    Thanks Michael, awesome apps man! the Playbook world really appreciates your work here. Any chance of having a look at an android app called “Planning Center”
    Steve (In Aus)

  • Jgrande27

    Hi guys, anyway we can get the Entertainment Weekly app on here? Thanks in advance!!! 

  • Dr_pajhiwo

    IM+ download link is dead :(

  • Good E-Reader

    we fixed this issue for you

  • Joecharp

    Did that….exactly as video shows.  Playbook in developer mode. Connected Playbook.  Prompted for password. Entered it.  Desktop Manageer started. Started installer. Scanned for IP and found it. Entered developer password there.  Connected.  Clicked add.  The installer explorer window comes up but does not see the playbook.  In my case that is the z drive. I checked to see that I have most recent .NET and Java.   

  • Joe_extruder

    can you guys please convert plz plz plz

  • Gonkie

    Firstly, might have been an idea to check… 

  • Good E-Reader

    sorry it does not work

  • Vissioner

    hi im after my country from android any chance that could be done much appreciated thanx

  • Jpargo

    I’ve done everything in the instructions, have java, etc, and I can see the Playbook and all its files under my Computer. But when I go to the DDPB installer, and click add, I cannot find the Playbook, even when I manually type in the Z/: address. Any suggestions on why this might be? The only thing I can think of is that my Playbook and developer passwords are the same.

  • rodney

    the ddpb installer says that i have the incorrect ip address or password but neither of those is incorrect. wat do i do?

  • Sdmilliken

    Thanks. Where can one get these .apk files to convert to .bar?

  • Good E-Reader

     We already converted the APK to BAR files. Any section that says Playbook and lists all the apps will have the BAR file for instant download

  • Mark

    everytime i try to open ddpb installer it keeps telling me that this installation package could not be opened.Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package……

  • MadScientist

    Here is a great free App called Proledge for viewing protein structures.  Can you please convert?? Thanks!

  • carleton98

    Hi, my computer doesn’t recognize my Playbook in the DDPB application when I want to add the apps.  It sees the Playbook when I browse Windows Explorer.  Do you have any suggestions as to what that could be?

  • Emmanuelgnou

    plz plz someone can help me…when i putting my password I seeing this message ” incorrect ip or password” what should i do

  • Eagle1

    The NY TImes android program has updated and is showing up on my BBPB.  Should I update?  Or will that cause problems with the app?

  • Solvi

    I downloaded and installed the talkatone app.  I have logged in to my gmail account and the program displays a screen indicating that “Talkatone is connecting to the servers…”

    This seems to be all it does.

    I have made a voice call through google talk to a land phone on my home computer and that  works.

  • Tyler Abstract

    Keep two copies of the app, one in the playbook download, and one on your PC. Then add and install the app via the copy on your PC. This worked for me!

  • justme11208

    Your app Pacific Wing, for two weeks and it was working very nice. For the pass two day I keep getting “The application pacific wings has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”. Same thing happens again. Help?

  • justme11208

    At one point you had up Angry birds app. On android app world, Angry birds, Angry birds rio is free. Any chance we could get up again.  

  • Enzopcc

    Downloaded Dolphin Browser HD, installed it to playbook I launched Dolphin Browser right after installation. I played with the browser for a while, closed it… now it disappeared. I have no icon on my playbook home screen (with the list of apps).  What went wrong?

  • hopper

    Could someone convert samurai vs zombie defense for me? I’ve been trying to do it myself all day and i keep getting a signature error.. not sure why.  I just want this game on my playbook..  also if possible army of darkness defense.  both great games that would run and look great on the playbook.  Thanks :)

  • haleequemta

    Hello! I’m having an issue, when I about to install the apps through DDPB, after the “Action” status, I received this kind of error says “500 cannot determine Package-id” . Any help ?

  • Noob

    Any chance of getting Spotify on here?

  • bass_mark00

    Thanks for the excellent work on this site and please keep it up. I’m very pleased to have found qPDF as it reads PDFd produced with AutoCADs writer, which Adobe is not able to do.

  • Derek John

    Hey everyone, if you are enjoying the site and the app promote the site on Twitter or other social sites.

  • Guest

    Does the SI app work on the playbook?

  • Felix John

    Hey guys, I am new to this website. Thanks for all your effort in bringing these apps to playbook. how about the following apps:
    1. Foursquare
    2. Flipboard
    3. Google +
    4. Vimeo
    5. 500px
    6. Foodspotting

    I presume the above lists are free apps on the android.

    Let me know.


  • sai

    all apps are working well thanks 

  • jon_c

    same here

  • Jgrande27

    Next issue doesnt let me opena magazine it says error, is this happening to anyone else?

  • Prophit852

    Thanks so much for all of the work here.  Unfortunately   for me the playbook is still showing as a network location.  I followed the video and I am loading the playbook in the BB desktop manager.  Everything works just like the video and syncs…but there is absolutely no change in where derive is mapped.  its still a network location and its still not seen by  the installer. I cant manually Map the drive because it not showing there either Any suggestions?

  • Eurostation

    I would love to have BlueFire Reader.  My public library have only Adobe ebooks DRM.  Thank you again for your fabulous works.

  • Jdextreme

    Please Update to latest version, so I can download it. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  • Good E-Reader

     what app?

  • Earl Terry

    I have this same problem. I am able to download and use other apps with no problem except for this google sky map app.

  • ak470125

    Unfortunatley it wouldn’t work for me.  Unable to see the PlayBook directory in DDPBInstaller and yes Blackberry Desktop Manager is up and running/password entered into both BDM and DDPBInstaller.  Disappointing as I would have liked it to work.

  • Solvi

    The Windows SkyDrive for Playbook App would be excellent if it would allow you to share a file through EMail properly.  When this is attempted, the EMail contains the Subject “Get this cool Android App” and then in the message body you are directed to the AppsGeyser web site.

  • Gallen

    When I attempt to “Add” applications to be downloaded from the PlayBook, I can never see the Playbook drive on my PC even though I have run the Blackberry Desktop Software program,  I can see the Playbook folder when using Windows Explorer.  Help!

  • Good E-Reader

    just download the files to your PC then

  • Gallen

    I took Tyler Abstract’s suggestion and it worked for me as well.

  • Larry

    Hi, Sorry if I had misinterpreted your directions – is it only good for message chats but not skype to skype audio calls?
    when I try to call a skype contact. I get the messages
      Action not supported
      Intent {act=android.intent.action.CALL dat=tel:xxx-xxx-xxxx}

    I am able to text chat

    Thanks in advance


    I tried a lot of the above apps. What works really great (almost better than BB native apps) on my Playbook are: LinkedIn, Kindle, Twitter, Readability, La Presse Mobile (french only), Movies by Flixter, Skyfire, Amazon, Google Maps, National Geographic, Wikipedia, Huff Post, Daily Dilbert, TripAdvisor, Read It Later, Basketball Shot, Financial Times. 

    Almost none other app (didn’t tried religious ones or those intended to non-american markets) worked for me. I mean, they open and start to work somehow but somewhere along the way they crash or take a really long time to load, or don’t really fill up their role after a day or two. Mainly the big (most used) apps are working. The rest are not so great. That shows somehow the quality of work put by original designers into those apps. If they work in Android Player, and on iOS and on Android Native is because they are quality apps.

  • Faisal Arfeen

    Earlier I felt like the playbook is useless for me as I wasn’t able to download a single application from app store as the service is not available in my country but thanks to you guys I am enjoying the every app converted for playbook and BB10 and feel like its now getting worth to wait for right time.

    Thanks guys… Keep up the good work.

    By the way I m unable to run VOB files on playbook, arcmedia lite is not working, Can you please recommend any app to run VOB files with out converting them directly on playbook? 

  • Faisal Arfeen

    Install Java you will not get this error again…

  • Jawwad

    Either the playbook device driver is not installed correctly or there must be a connection problem with desktop manager

  • Usman

    Install Java

  • eugeniusii

    Can any one convert spring pad or teamviewer?  I use these two apps all the time.  I tried to convert them myself but I am not sure if they have to be signed or not.  

  • Darwin Gonzalez02

    I was having the same problem , copy the apps on your pc destop and when you do the adding part instead of looking for the playbook , go to the destop and add the app from there, it worked for me!!! I downloaded many apps already!!!!!!!!!

  • Mschroeter

    I really want this to work, but after two hours of trying – no luck.  watched the videos, downloaded right versions of and java, changed my playbook settings, watched the videos a 2nd time… and when i click to “connect” through the DDPBInstaller, I get the message “Incorrect IP or Password”.  (IP is automatically populated through the Scan button, and the Password is definitely the same as the one I needed to access my Playbook when I connected it through the Desktop Software).  I’m at a loss… is this a common glitch or am I overlooking something?

  • Good E-Reader

     try rebooting your pc after you install java and

  • Ruben88

    Everything is working. But my playbook is under “network location” how do I make it into a “hard disk drive”? And I did everything and I have all the current updates. If you can help me that would be awesome!!

  • Peter W. Schroth

    This is a wonderful public service.  Thank you.
    Can you make work on the Playbook?

  • Peter W. Schroth for Android is here:

  • Good E-Reader

    this is a paid app, sorry

  • BloodAngel

    Isn’t it blasphemy to translate it? Also, what happens if you delete it? Do people riot?

  • eugeniusii
  • Jr_rivero

    Heys Guys… need some help having some trouble after i installed the DDB installer i cannot connect with my playbook device … it tells me incorrect ip or password. Both are the same as when first installed. Any idea.. ?

  • James Peters

    I tried downloading the pinterest for playbook and BB10….but it keeps downloading a .apk file. I’m not sure but I don’t think that will sideload….

  • Junior Rivero

    when trying to connect with the DDPB installer to my Playbook it says incorrect ip or password!

  • Mark McKinney

    I have downloaded several apps from Good e-Reader App Store  and attemted to load them with DDPBInstaller.  Each time the app fails to install with the error message “‘500 cannot determine Package-Id”  Has  anyone else experienced this problem? Does ANYONE know what the cause is and how to FIX IT?

    Thank you for any help.

  • Good E-Reader

    Did you originally have a rooted device or beta installed on it? Try googling for the errorr or asking on the crackberry playbook forums

  • Joe_extruder


  • KofiAsante

    When are we getting Bofa and Wells Fargo banking mobile apps on playbook?. I need them badly.

  • Mark McKinney

    Playbook is running  Never rooted, never installed Beta.  I’ve googled “‘500 cannot determine Package-Id” AND searched and asked for help at Crackberry.  No help so far.  Any idea what’s causing this?  HELP!

  • Tikana

    Can you guys convert the WAZE;  a GPS apps.? Thanks in advance.

  • vivek

    is talktone working ???? it says connectn to talktone servers but doesnt connect plzz help!!

  • rwk

    Would you please do ITV Player (UK tv). Thank you.

  • Joe Mateus

    Please, help.

    Did exactly as per instructions and video. When got to step 12. that calls for “cliking ADD and navegateusing the Explorer to the download directory” in the playbook, I see the playbook directory under “networks” but when I clik on it it only shows two folders,; crts and media, nothing else. Tried to get there using the windows explorer but no luck. Have the lates java and windows updates. What am I doing wrong?

  • Joe Mateus

    Having problems downloading apps to my playbook

    Did exactly as per instructions and video. When got to step 12. that calls for “clicking ADD and navigate using the Explorer to the download directory” in the playbook, I see the playbook directory under “networks” but when I click on it it only shows two folders,; crts and media, nothing else. Tried to get there using the windows explorer but no luck. Have the latest java and windows updates. What am I doing wrong

  • Good E-Reader

    If you continue to have problems just download the BAR files to your PC and then use DDPB installer to transfer them to your Playbook

  • Alain1960

    Hi, tanks for your great work, my problem is that I have 2 ip address, on the playbook in the development window I have an address, when I check the address on the lookalike guy in t-shirt I have 2 ip address there. When I use the scan on the DDPBinstaller, he find the same address then the one in the development window but when I try to connect, he says wrong ip address.  I tried to enter it by hand, same result, I tried both address to see if it will change something but still, same error message, please help me.  My internet connection is with bell internet on a 4 connexions modem, for now there’s me and my wife connected to the modem.  Thanks in advance.

    p.s., sorry for the mistake, my mother language is french.


  • Hernancervera

    After scan the IP and password when I try to ADD APP, DDPB doesn´t recognize playbook, that is in Z:, but I can see the playbook in Z: from my PC

  • Hookem30ls

    is it possible to download Draw Something App?

  • Hernancervera

    Did that….exactly as video shows.  Playbook in developer mode. Connected Playbook.  Prompted for password. Entered it.  Desktop Manageer started. Started installer. Scanned for IP and found it. Entered developer password there.  Connected.  Clicked add.  The installer explorer window comes up but does not see the playbook.  In my case that is the z drive.  Help…

  • Tdehoog

    Please convert kakaotalk.  Thanks.

  • Mike

    Would it be possible to get MX Video Player and bacon reader (reddit client)?

  • Pod_zol

    Can you convert paod apps like oziexplorer?


  • Krawczaj

    Any chance for a VMware client. I believe Android has one.

  • Griffin88

    Have you tried to convert Audible for the playbook?

  • JH

    Go To My PC, REQUEST?  Any chance your group working on this one?

  • Lilshot14

    Hey Guys: I downloaded the apps.  But now that I have closed the apps out on my playbook.  How do I get back to them?  I would have assumed they would “appear” with my other applications.  Help!

  • choud2403

    I am a Forex Trader and I want to download MT4 platfrom by FX-onTap From Android Market. But it’s not converted for playbook and BB10 use.
    Can someone please convert this so that Forex trader like me will be helpful. Here is the link

  • guest

    doesn’t work

  • Danny A. Lizarazo

    it´s time to post the new google maps v6.40 for playbook and BB10.

  • Good E-Reader

     the version we have is the most recent version that works

  • Dkleinschmidt

    my fitness pal would be awesome!

  • gallen

    I downloaded the Skype beta app the other day.  It was working fine but now, it will no longer connect to Skype. Any suggestions?

  • Tcapeling

    I successfully installed moon reader and aldiko onto my new playbook. 
    What folder do I copy my epub files to from my computer (ie click and drag)
    How do I get the books to show up in the shelf?
    I tried copying the files to the downloads and books folder but no luck

  • Brian Clark

    Yahoo Fantasy Baseball app is from 2011 To use for the 2012 season, updated app 2.0 is required. This app won’t be much help for Playbook owners.

  • Spring

    I’ve installed an updated java, the developmemt mode is on, blackberry desktop is loaded with password accepted, however the ddbp installer tells me my IP or password is incorrect no matter how many times I’ve made sure it was.  I’m wondering if this works with playbook os

  • Good E-Reader

     Did you reboot your computer after installing and java 32?

  • Alain Lepage1960

    Hi, the ip address in the development window and the lookalike t-shirt guy are not the same, how come, please help me.

  • Pedro126501

    hi is possible to pass the application friendcaster playbook towards android, thanks

  • Andrea

    Thank you.  Works perfectly.  I now have Skype and Kindle up and running.  

  • Eamon10

    please i need mac version

  • Freakzilla504

    Bluefire app reader for playbook and BB10 please,someone help

  • Winge

    I have tried to download skyscape and epocrates but they do not work. I am a healthcare provider and these two would greatly help me. Also if you guys could provide Medscape as an app for playbook and BB10 it would be the best for all of us that own BB Playbooks and do not this options on BB App World. If there is something I need to do to be able to take advantage of the first two that you already have available that I am not doing, I would greatly appreciate the guidance. If they do not work at all and there is not possibility of overcoming this inconvenience, would you let me know as well? Thank you for providing this site as an option.

  • Spring

    Uh oh… didn’t know I had to install and I’m not sure if it was java 32, so I’ll try those.  Am I suppose to download those to both my laptop and playbook?

  • Spring

    Okay, I went back to check and it was the java 64 that I downloaded to my laptop yesterday..

  • Spring

    ….and I forgot to add that I did reboot after installing java 64  :)

  • Spring

    I’m sorry for so many posts, …. my laptop a few weeks ago updated to IE9. Do I still need to download something from microsoft?

  • Mahari

    I tried several times to download Kindle for playbook and BB10. However, I wasn’t successful. Every time I try to find Kindle for playbook and BB10 in the downloads list using the DDpdownload software, I never find it althoug I have checked and made sure the presence of the software Kindle for playbook and BB10 by going through my computer and selecting the blackberry playbook documents. Can someone help? What am I doing wrong?

  • Dora Isabell Ovando

    This link was the only working once my pb, canyou please please post anterior more linos ofrece gametos that you hace?? Please please???:/ i try everything but i think there isla sometimiento hing wrong with playbook.. Everything step i madera it qnd the only one i could instaló was This link, and i Love ya forma that! Please cantidad you post atención lista one more gametos?? 

  • Spring

    THANKS!!! a bunch guys!  When I added Java, I didn’t uninstall the one on my computer… so today I uninstalled- rebooted- reinstalled Java and tada…. no more “incorrect IP or password” messages.  I’m reading my kindle books now.  Thanks again  :)

    PS… my comments below are out of order chronologically… so hopefulle that doesn’t confuse anyone reading.

  • Mike Giannoumis

    Is anyone working on porting Teamviewer? This is a great tool!

  • Leedean59

    can you please convert tune in radio

  • Gallen

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it is now working.

  • PM5-metmuseum

    Thank you -thank you -thankyou -thku!!!

  • PM5-metmuseum

    I’ve been following instructions on Crackberry for Mac for days and couldn’t get it going, finally downloaded your converted bar file and replaced the file I found there and voila!!  I’m soooo excited! 

  • Ubest888

    Talkatone – free calls for Playbook

    has anyone made this work on playbook? I installed it on my pb OK. It asked me to login to google voice account, it works. then it says connecting to talkaone server…, never connected. restarted pb. it doesn’t help either.

  • ubest888

    Talkatone – free calls for Playbook

    anyone has issue with Talkatone on your PB? Install is OK. I am able to log in using google voice. then it says… connecting to server … never connected.  I restarted my PB, it doesn’t help. I have talkatone installed on my iPad with the same WIFI connection, it works fine.  any idea?

  • Spring

    Mahari, have you tried actually downloading the Kindle app to you pc or laptop (not your playbook :-) ) by “right clicking” on the DOWNLOAD button- then click “save as”.  This saves the app to your pc/laptop, so when you select ADD in the ddbp installer, it will bring up the Kindle app.  HTH

  • LALA

    Has somebody a link to the Ing-DiBa online banking app?

  • LALA

    Does anybody have the link for the Ing-Diba online banking app available for android? Couldnt get that one for playbook and BB10 so far..

  • ubest888

     QIYI 奇艺高清影视 for Playbook

    love this application. Good job whoever did this convertion. Anyway to make PPS.apk on playbook. Thanks again!

  • ubest888

    Google Voice for Playbook

    Hi There, Does Google Voice for Playbook come with dial pad. Only I can see is Google voice mailbox on my PB. Anything wrong?


  • Shirley

    Trying to download the tripadvisor app to my playbook but when I try to open it I keep getting the message
    Unable to find the default app
    Please can you help in easy language. I’m new to using my playbook and a bit of a technophobe, but my family are kicking me into the21 still century. 

  • A000762

    in my playbook dont install need help i made all the spets and dont open my apps :( help

  • ubest888

    it works fine with me. I would suggest you should uninstall it first and reinstall it.

  • Beige202

    draw something app please!!

  • Benil

    Can we have a bar file for ‘moviebrowser upnp for tablet’? this will be really a great addition…

  • Don Felipe

    ermm how to do this on mac?

  • ubest888

    I suppose that you install DPinstall on your PC and load the *.bar file from there:

    Essential Download – Load Android Apps on your Playbook

  • Vgteach

    unable to install ddpb installer. keeps asking me to download .Net. already done this twice. any help would be appreciated.

  • Pakuykoy

    How Long it should be installed like Marv the miner? For me it’s been 1 hour and still intalling.. :((

  • Nightfox

    Hi Good E-Reader… just wondering if you can introduce a rating system on each of the converted andriod app? It’s starting to get hard to figure out what’s good and what’s not. Some stuff works… but it’s really not worth the time to install.

  • Ncd

    Copy to miscandroidany directory

  • Darren

    Also a little “Updated” icon for existing apps.  

  • Ae86 Sleeper

    Hi, I have Epocrates up and running but after logging in, I try to download the” Clinical Content”and then the app crashes.It says “The application Epocrates (process com.epocrates) has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again”  Is there any way around this? 

  • MaxMatambo

    Hey Good-E-Reader team, it would be so amazing to have the Android OneNote app for the Playbook! Do you see a chance to introduce it? Thanks in advance!

  • Talkatone


    Please don’t even try to run android version on playbook:

    1. There are number of bugs in networking code in Android Player which prevent Talkatone from connecting.
    2. Android version uses native code to do audio processing which is NOT supported in android player on Blackberry
    3. There is number of audio-related APIs used in the app which are not supported by RIM.

    That said we were able to tweak the code to run on Blackberry and despite of RIM’s claim that VoIP is not supported get audio call going. (no compression, no echo cancellation, so it is usable only over VERY good networks and ONLY in headset with built-in microphone).

    However, the real bummer is absence of Address Book access !!!! Not having access to address book is critical and we decided to halt all efforts until RIM improves their Android Player to expose at least address book to android apps (and may be ***wishful thinking**** allow to recompile native code for their TI CPU).

    p.s. unauthorized reposting of app IS COPYRIGHTS INFRINGEMENT. 

  • Good E-Reader

     We will work on it, you might want to download our Playbook App Store client app found in the Android App Section, there is a comment/rating system in it.

  • Spring

    I just uninstalled from my playbook and removed from my computer WordUp and 4 in a row.  4 in a row had a flashing icon at the bottom that led to some kind of ad (looked buggy), and the WordUp game froze -became hard to exit – when opening up other apps, the WordUp game appeared.

  • Guest

    Does anyone have trouble with the TSN and PGA app?  The only way I close the app is to reboot the playbook.  I have tried to reinstall but I sill have the problem.

    Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing!!

  • uncheel1987

    Me too…………frustrated and don’t know what to do next.

  • Jfw2

    When I click “Add” then playbook…it shows only media and certs folders…clicking either one will ask for my Network password…which I have no idea…

  • Good E-Reader

    You can load up Blackberry Desktop Manager and then enter your developer password

  • Arabianhorse

    newer versions of the android apps default to BB app world.  How do we update via the android market.  Example: Epocrates v 1.191?

  • Casey

    I’m in the EXACT same situation as “Joecharp” described. The Playbook is not visible from inside the DDPBInstaller file browser no matter what I try.

  • Casey

    OK – I did as ”
    Tyler Abstract” mentioned above (keep a copy of the .bar on your PC locally) and found success. It seems to install the apps just fine.

  • Good E-Reader

    we upgraded this app for you

  • Fanyb0n

    So, With this app, I can directly download more applications to my Playbook?

  • Alan

    Hi Good E-Reader!! Thanks for all this!! Wondering if you can convert Line app… it is for chat messaging app found in android market and apple store free… thanks sooo much!! cheers!!

  • pgg

    There is a new upgrade for Words with Friends and the Playbook Version does not allow you to play unless you upgrade. But of course it is a sideloaded app so you cent upgrade it from App World.

  • Gbriden64

    My PB running 2.0 will not connect it scans the IP fine but says password wrong and well it is fine not sure what I am doing wrong here

  • Sara

    avast! Mobile Security – can you convert this? from apk to Bar?

  • Mikepraba175

    Hi, Thank you very much for your effort. I was able to install the apps but VLC player is asking to connect to wifi (but it is already connected) and I am not sure how do I fix that. Also the skype (Beta) is not allowing me for video chat or making the call.
    * Can I request you to add the TD bank Easyweb app to this list? you have Bank of montreal and CIBC but td is a popular one too.
    Once again thank you and keep it up.

  • MikeMacCalla

    Hey folks. I would really like you to convert the MindMeister app for android into a BAR file so I could run it on Playbook.

  • Javin Marshall

    Hi i installed the veetle app… Its load fine but it’s not allowing me to view and videos. Two options to install flash player or to reload app. Either does any justice. Has anybody else encountering this problem?

  • bongie

    can you please try “MXPlayer”. thanks!

  • Johnniegman

    Successfully loaded several apps.Tried to install another and in the ddpb installer  I get a window asking for my network password .Entered my developer password again and that doesnt do it.HELP

  • Joseap2040

    Pleaseeeeee!!!! Acad WS!!!!!

  • Good E-Reader

    Make sure you have Java 32 installed on your PC and then reboot it. If you already have it update it.

  • Lordbillistic231

    I downloaded the plug in for yahoo messenger but it’s still not working…. What can i do?

  • Jasdeepsinggh

    Hi! dear,
    i am very much confused ,as i downloaded the games from your site few days back … all were working fine …but now when i connected thepb again to download the new games….. it did show all icons of new games on the PB itself,…. but nothing is working … except the  default apps from BB ….pls guide me why these games are not working on .. PB now ………pls share your views on and ………..only one game is working that is slam dunk basket
    …. my email .pls help


  • Alihaider_10


  • Good E-Reader

    that game does not work, you get many errors such as red checkmark, -9 -1 or other minus’s which means i game/app won’t work. Also many apps will install but fail to launch. That is why we made this store, we install/test everything so it all just works.

  • Aihaider_10

    But Im getting that for twitter too…and my buddy has the twitter app from android on his playbook…also that is whatzapp its from your market…its a texting app…they should all work but for some reason they are not…please help

  • brearsi

    As anyone got a Good Audio Book Player?

  • Macberry

    Please can u convert: APEMap und Locusmap

  • Trspirit

    I get two IP address and neither of them work, claiming address or password is wrong.  I know I’m using the right password.  Any suggestions?  I’m quite sure I followed the directions setting up the Essential software.

  • Mina Tawfik

    hi guys ;
    thank you so much for that site
    if you can convert mx player  for play book

  • Developer Mentor

    Hey Guys at Goodereader i am a skilled developer and i am amazed by your hundreds of apps. i was wondering if i could help you not for pay but for the need of apps for the “customers” i know that you will still do awsome with out me but i am wanting to share my learning with you. if you agree we could work something out like you giving me apks to convert and test I would love that Plz reply fast

    And if anyone needs a apk converted just write it here at my crackberry page

  • thurask

    Steam, please. Been dying to get this working.

  • Dancaboy528

    thanks for the vid you toutourial was really helpfull now ive got some really cool apps thanks to you guy like wahts app est 

  • Big_alx

    Hi Good E-Reader!! Thanks for your great efforts here!!
    Can you please please convert LINE app for me please? I am no longer using iPad and usually use this app
    to chat with friends, and will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you once again!! Cheers!! :)

  • deb

     Can you please convert mythmote into bar.

  • Theodore Hagan

    Thanks Good eReader I have just expanded the capability of my PB. Once you learn the steps to port apps its easy keep up the good work. The guys at RIM probably aren’t happy but they should be on the ball. 

  • RXX590

    I followed all of these steps and loaded up some apps.  I also checked the box “Run on Playbook after finish”.  They worked fine on the Playbook immediately after the install since they were already open.  But when I exit the apps and then try to find them again, they are gone.  I can’t find them on the Playbook.  I see them in the Downloads file when I plug this back into the PC but I can’t find them to run again on the Playbook.  Where did they go and how can I keep them available to use?  Thanks for your help.

  • Jeff Coffin

    Hey I just saved the game files to my desktop on my pc and searched for them on there instead of on my playbook and installed all of the apps I downloaded and it worked fine cause I was having the same problem

  • Cate

    Hi Goodereader, thanks so much for the conversions. Would it be possible to convert Google Catalogs to a .bar file? I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Arig77

    Hi – Can you please convert this ESPN Fantasy Football APP. Want to make sure I get it before we can no longer sideload:

    Thank you,

  • Arig77

    As a follow up please convert it to a .bar file. Keep up the good work.

  • Mila Kolovic

    I have gone through all steps, when I click on connect I
    got message incorrect ip address or password. Healph please!!

  • Trackcoach

    Hi Good E-Reader can you looking into converting Go Payment by Intuit. 

  • Jaguar

    none app works.. any reason?? i have the OS

  • Al Milk

    Thank you for this. How do I uninstall android apps from my playbook?

  • Jaguar


  • Hadjiskolo

    Cant Install Skype but other Application installed as instructed using DDPbInstaller. It just freezes during installation. What am I doing wrong?

  • Big_alx

    Please please convert Line app for blackberry playbook!! I really really need this!! Thanks soooo much!!

  • Gazettebobbi

    The playbook is mapped to see drive on my computer. I can see it in Windows explorer but the downloaded doesn’t show it

  • Derek Harris

    Are you able to do kijiji for Playbook?

  • Max

    What is your OS version????

  • Pal

    yahoo messenger video calling doesnot work in playbook please help

  • Zluay2001

    I have installed the app on my playbook but when I tried to register it I got an error and when I contacted go-text-me the stated that “Sorry, that’s because TextMe is not available for Blackberry yet :(”

    Please advise

    zluay2001@yahoo:disqus .com

  • Joe_extruder

    can you guys plz convert this plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • Cordertx

    Please consider adding the following app for the Playbook.: 

    Wi-Fi Analyzer

    by farproc

  • Danny Lightfoot

    can u convert draw somthing plz 

  • Guest

    Any chance of a Google+ app?

  • Warped77

    My only issue is after I press connect, and it does connect, when I click add my Playbook directory is nowhere to be found. But its on my computer mounted as Z.

  • Warped77

    Got it figured out!

  • Hanas

    I can not install the software through DDP. Please advise how to install. 

  • Rimmer

    So why must i have a pc to install your apps? I have a playbook INSTEAD of a pc! Please write an app to install apps…

  • JBHJr

    First — THANK YOU for what you do!  Second — could you add the New Yorker app?

  • RXX590

    Amazing.  After attempting to download again – and then dropping my playbook on my desk – the apps just suddenly appeared – two days later. 

  • Yeskey_yeskey

    Could you please convert NAVFREE  for Playbook

  • Spring

    I love LOVE my new Kindle app!  I was wondering if we’ll ever have the txt-to-speech option?  Has anyone ever got this to work on their pc or Playbook?

  • Terri

    I have downloaded the ddpbinstaller and scan in my ip but when i enter password it gives error message that ip or password is incorrect i have verified several times and info entered is correct..any suggestions??

  • Norbert

    DDPB Installer scan my playbook IP address and the IP address is right, also I enter my correct password but DDPB Installer always respond “Incorrect Ip address or Password. Can U help me? I already have Java 64 Bit and my OS is Win 7 Home 64 Bit

  • Amkin

    Hello. I have a BB Playbook and I’ve been attempting to install androids apps to my playbook via my PC however I have been unsuccessful in downloading the apps to my PC.  I’ve followed the tutorial and download drop box and essentials however whenever i attempt to download an app a message appears reading incompatible for my 64bit windows vista system.  Is there an alternative?

  • D Kmech

    I tried and got the same error message when I tried to register to textme,hopefully it will work in the future.

  • A_zamora93

    The new Textplus keeps force closing on me :( any ideas?

  • Heinrich

    The Sunday Times newspaper for playbook and BB10 – problem.
    Appears to install then red ! shows on the left and the Static column changes from 100% to -12.
    On the playbook the app only opens to a blank black screen.
    Needs re-converting ?

  • Daniel5126

    hello good e reader i installed amason app store on my playbook and typed in my amason detals and when i go to download something it says its not in my regoin plz help me 

  • Tadamsmk

    Is blackberry desktop software the same as blackberry desktop manager?

  • Tadamsmk

    I have a blackberry playbook and was wanting to put android apps on it.  Do I need to crack it or can i copy apps to it.  i was following the steps above but got confused.  Do I need to download android apps to my pc first.  When i get to the step on putting my ip address and password in.  It says one is incorrect, but they are not.

  • DMRCoffey

    I have followed all the instructions and when I get to Scan for the IP and enter the password it keeps telling me it is an invalid IP or Password.  I know its right as I wrote it down.  So I uninstalled and started over and same thing.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

  • Sixer03

    Can you update the Yahoo Fantasy. Baseball. Apparently? There is a mandatory update and the current app no longer work.

    Thank you.

  • Heinrich

    Crashes on install with -12 message in the sideloaded and blank screen on the PB. Need re-converting ?

  • Maria93

    Hello, Could you convert Smurf’s Village in Bar file please?

    Thank you very much!! 

  • Guest

    Can you please convert the 7notes handwriting app? 

  • Cruz200164b

    Hi, everything installed fine but when I go to add and try to 
    Navigate using the Explorer to the Download Directory on my Playbook I can’t find the Playbook drive (in my case it is Z:). Outside of the DDPB I do find the drive. Can you help???

  • Suffolk_mac

    can you do netflix for the playbook please

  • P Dimitrakopoulou

    Completing the installation process I see the android app icons on my Playbook but upon launching each app I get a blank, black screen.

  • Spring

    Hey everyone! Did you guys get an update notification on your playbook to os  I’m kind of nervous that this update might not work with my kindle app if i upgrade.  What do you guys think?

  • Angelika

    I have downloaded a number of apps from your site, and I thank you very much.  Most of them have worked great for me, the odd one not so much.  I do have a request, if you do requests, would it be possible to get Jorte Calendar for the blackberry playbook?  I have seen it in operation on android phones and its a great calendar app.  Thank you for all you do for all of us who love Blackberry.


    DRAW SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE CONVERT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adie Cartwright

    Hi, I have been looking through the Playbook apps and cannot find the Sony Reader for playbook and BB10 app. Is this app available yet? Thanks Adie

  • Coco

    Luv ur site!! Now my playbook is worth having!! Can u please convert tune in radio, sims 3 freeplay, and temple run??? Thanks a million!!!

  • Jaguar

    New OS Update available, check your playbook updates !!!

  • James R Avila

    I followed all the steps and am able to load android apps to PB but they do not run except for one of them (the Doom game).  The other app icons show up on the PB but when I press them, nothing happens.  Is there something I’m missing?  Why does the Doom game work but nothing else?  help!

  • icarriedawatermelon

    Thanks so much for the tips & the apps – I bought my Playbook a week ago & after a wobbly start I now love it!
    So pleased to have proper Kindle app on there now.
    Any chance of converting Nutracheck? It’s available as an Android app but not for PB.
    Any help appreciated

  • Tracythompson32

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can I have tap zoo

  • Brian Potter

    Please add the Delta Airlines app!  Thanks :-)

  • Ervis Balla

    the app dosent show in my playbook, the installer proces go well, but the icon of skype dosent show in my pb ???

  • Gdknelsen

    This app TSN mobile worked very well until I got the OS update for my play book.  Now it doesn’t. What’s up?

  • Tracythompson32

    tap zoo please please please

  • Bobby

    Any chance of converting an Android App called Epinephrine. This is an excellent MSN Messenger programme which will be ideal for the many users looking for a decent MSN App

  • Ray Smith

    For Text Plus – I am unable to receive audible notification of an incoming text.  Further I cannot create an address book as it is unable to link to Playbooks Contacts.  Any way to fix these bugs?

  • Secren

    Hello, Skype is not a .bar file it appears like a .apk file, could you possible convert it?

  • Frédéric Fortier

    Can we make requests for some apps we would like to be ported?

  • DrXym

    Cool, I’ll try this out. Playbook is screaming for a decent ereader.

  • Jays1fan

    mine wont “Connect” after putting in the IP and Password.  Any Help ?

  • Jays1fan

    ok , got past the connection problem.  Tried to download ESPN ScoreCenter and I get a 500 error message

  • Jays1fan

    done everything in order the videos say , still wont work.  I have blackberry Desktop manager and when launching your DDPB installer , it still wont recognize the playbook

  • ME

    skype extension apk. DDPB cannot see the file. How do I go about this?

  • Chad_t_moore

    I was wondering if the Android app “printer share” is converted to. Bar yet or if it will be in the future?

  • Ds

    Doesn’t work on playbook with ver2 os

  • guest

    is there anyway to update the latest next issue app?

  • Statzs

    all these apps are supposed to be working? some of them i get a red exclamation mark….

  • Terryofarrell

    Try nobex radio in the bb app store. 

  • VE3BZW

    could you please convert APRSdroid

  • VE3BZW

    APRSdroid link

  • Ddustinmac

    I added 9 apps but only two showed up on my playbook, any ideas?

  • Michael Sobolev

    After installing it with DDPB installer, tried running it, but getting error message when signing in :
    “Please reinstall Skype”. Any ideas ?

  • Bo

    Dailymotion download link only downloads a png file not the bar file!

  • Stellar

    I got this same error message. The app installs, but asks me to reinstall the app as soon as I log into Skype. I’m going to write this one off as NOT a working app.

  • Ubest_888

    I got the same error even after I updated my PB to 2.01.358. Good trial. but not sure why so many people like the app. it seems this version of Skype doesn’t work.

  • Gdknelsen

    Okay I asked about what happened with the new operating system that made my TSN mobile quit working.  Any ideas or reasons.

  • Dekke2820

    Trying to install Textme on my Playbook, but it’s not loading up when I click on the icon on my PB. During the install, the window had an exclamation mark and a Status of -4… Is there something that I’m doing wrong, because the other .bar files seem to work.

  • Coolbirdcool69

    DSP MANAGER is needed badly for the playbook

  • amcasper

    Convert Microsoft OneNote, please!

  • Insyncro Vanagon Restoration

    I would really appreciate it if a Bank of America app could be made to work on the PlayBook.

  • Rishab Malhotra

    You guys are doing an amazing job.
    God bless you all!
    Can you please bring up TEMPLE RUN for playbook and BB10?
    This app is really famous and in demand by all the youngsters who love to play video games.
    Its available on the android market and the appstore.

    I will be really grateful.

  • Good E-Reader

    does not work

  • Techie786

    I downloaded Adobe Flash Player 11 for Playbook and tried to open the file and it gave me an error message “Unable to find a default app”
    Any ideas?

  • tony

    DDPB installs only .bar files no apk files
    if u want to install the .apk files u have to convert it to .bar

  • tony

    in other for you to to use the DDPB,
    1. the first step is to go to security under the menu of your playbook and then switch on developers mode
    2. then enter your password then you can plug in your playbook to your pc nd do ur stuff

  • Mark Anderson

    Has anyone attempted to convert Citrix Gotomypc?  This would be greatly appreciated!!

  • BPJ

    Can’t get Skype to work. It seems to install fine, but when I run it, the program prompts me to reinstall and takes me to BB AppWorld. Any suggestions?

  • Aakash Nihalani

    please try and convert temple run

  • Coolbirdcool69

    DSP MANAGER is needed badly, also PLAYER PRO DSP PACK.

  • Mariush

    Hii i watched the video and followed the steps. However it tells me every time wrong ip , which is not true, or wrong password, which i resetted a few times. So please help. Thxs

  • Good E-Reader

    You need to install Java 32 Runtime on your pC

  • Mark A

    I am having trouble connecting to my playbook through the DDPB Installer. I followed all of the instructions listed, but when I scan the IP address and then enter my password it tells me that I have the wrong IP address or password. I have tried multiple times and am sure I have the right password. The IP address is also correct… For some reason, however, my playbook has listed two IP addresses (I have tried both and neither work). Any ideas on what could be wrong?

  • Recon721

    It worked on my PB try installing the updated version

  • Housecall55

    Installed Skype for Playbook per your instructions, but when I launch it and attempt to log in, I get an error message saying that it needs to be installed, which fails.

  • Pakopv

    hola, Cordial saludo y gracias por el aporte, funciona perfecto

    Una coduda: Esta version de Kindle 3.2. será que la van a actualizar??. La version 3.5 biene con algunas opciones interesantes que me gustaria tener


  • PeeCeeTee

    Thank you for this.  I kept trying to install from my pc, but your tip to download the .bar file to my Playbook and then install it via the installer on my PC worked beautifully.

  • Mariush


    thanks, I have Java SE 6 31 installed, should that not be ok. tried to load java re also, but it does not work , say not a valin win32 option (both RE 32 and 64?), but if i look at java SE profile it seeems RE is incorporated?

    hope you can help

  • Johannes Klein

    Thank you for all your work. Most apps I have downloaded work fine. Would it be possible to convert the TD(Canada) Banking  app?

  • Jakrx7

    when i dowload it on my playbook i cant here anything why

  • JoseVareka
  • Seppies Welt

    I installed
    BB Device manager, Java 64 bit, dotnet framework 4, DDPB installer. I’m running win7 home premium sp1 with 64bit. I can’t connect DDPB with my playbook. With the device Manager it works perfectly. An advice?

  • Seppies Welt

    It says I have the wrong IP address or password. 

  • Matthewchoy7

    the app tells me to re-install it

  • Seppies Welt

    Solved: it has to be Java 32bit, 64 wont work.

    But now when i installed an App,  there is no icon to start the app, and when using “Run on playbook after finish”, it fails to complete initializing and closes . Any help?

  • Brandon70__

    descargo skype,lo instala normalmente pero no corre la aplicacion en la playbook q puedo hacer 

  • Baroody2006

    not working :(

  • Arsene

    Great service.  Thanks GoodEReader!

    Problem with Skype: After I type in my Skype name and Password, I get an error message “Please re-install Skype – Install / Cancel”.  I uninstalled and reinstalled via the DDPB installer.  Same problem.  Does anyone have the same experience?  Any solutions?

  • C Pepper1

    good i have managed to download Kindle but i don’t knoow how.Step 12 how do i find download directory on my playbook?

  • Nina Bunbun

    Thank you very much for these playbook apps. This is exactly what I have been waiting for from RIM OS. 

  • Agdenise

    This is wonderful. Thank you. I was wondering if “Let’s Golf 3″ would be coming out soon.

  • Jesusjuiceiz4kida

    Can we get the time Warner Cable android app converted

  • djb

    Skyscape Medical Resources for Playbook doesn’t look right when you hit download?

  • S.A.Watson

    I had a glitch with this app and it was fixed immediately… Excellent support!

  • Jaguar

    I have the same issue with the apps i posted that before but the goodEreader does not respond to my inquire never… I think he doesn’t matter

  • Good E-Reader

    The latest OS update for the Playbook prevents Skype from working. This is being worked on. 

  • Jaguar

    but it is not only with skype,, i followed all the steps ,, install the program in my pc, install java, downloaded the .bar apps. installed in my playbook, shows the icon in my playbook, but it does not open at all,, i’ve been triying with a lot of apps her and none of them worked on my playbook,, i dont know why,, just shows the icon but it doesn’t open,, why??

  • Goodereader

    Have you tried to convert vidtrim? There’s a need for a playbook video trimmer/editor.

  • Keilina1

    i ran ddpb and connected it but when i tried to add a app or game my blackberry playbook didnt show up so i couldnt go to downloads to add it

  • Leugim_j15

    hey guysdoesnt works the link

  • Good E-Reader

     what link does not work?

  • Paulsingh81

    cant get whatsapp to work help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mpumford

    is draw something converted or being coverted to a BAR??? thanks in advance

  • ljshephard

    Loaded Any.DO onto my Playbook. Already use it on my Android phone. Cannot add an account to sync to and anything added and obviously not synced deletes when I restart the Playbook. Am I missing something? Downloaded the bar file twice and loaded twice – same problem.

  • Shotgunboss

    while trying to install dropbox it hangs at %50 os 2.01.358 can u help

  • Carne Chung

    only shows the sign on page and after you put your credentials it says that the app isn’t working ;(

  • Seryth

    i can get everything working, but when i go in to the program my PB wont show to open, any suggestions plz

  • mrh11389

    Any ideas why the “Playbook” OS doesn’t appear on the Explorer on my computer? My playbook is plugged in and everything ran smoothly until step 12…I cannot find the playbook os and download folder containing the program I want to install that was downloaded on my playbook.

  • Guest

    can you please convert “pocket”, the password vault?

  • C Pepper1

    Just download apps to your pc click add in dpp windows downloads will show click install and apps will install on pb

  • rob

    can you do a netflix app?

  • emmanuel

    pls help, create the bar file for medscape

  • Tweedle

    How come Google Sky Maps is ONLY listed in the “Blackberry Playbook Apps” section and NOT in any of the sub-discipline sections?  This really buries an outstanding application.  Grrr. 

  • eFFeB

    Hi all! I’ve properly followed your instractions and I have android apps on my pb. However, they (skype and kindle) is not properly working. skype doesn’t allow me to type whilst kindle is too slow and crashes! hoe can I do? many thanks. fede

  • Iamsiaho1

    ok, an odd problem. the installer program will not connect to my playbook.
    i hit scan, it gets the IP address, i put in the password, and i get the error “incorrect IP or password”i’ve typed in the IP manually, same issue. i turned off and turned development mode back on, using the password to turn it back on, no problem, go back to the program, no luck, same issue.blackberry desktop software needs the password now to access the blackberry when plugged in. no problem, i put in the password, it connects….am i missing something? i watched the video after the issue happened, and yeah, i followed all the steps

  • Iamsiaho1

    updated java, it now connects.

    however, though in windows explorer i can find my playbook, when i click “add” in the program and look for my playbook it isn’t there.

    if i figure this one out i’ll reply with info as to how (so if anyone else has my issue they can see how i fixed it)

  • Iamsiaho1

    ok, last update. i do not know why, but nothing i can do makes my blackberry appear in the installer program. 

    however, i tried something else. i downloaded the .bar file i wanted to my computer, selected it from my c:user(whatever)downloads, and told it to install to my playbook.

    and it did. so maybe it’s not the recommended way, but for now it works

  • Jaguar

    Thanks again for your No answer!!!!

  • Jaguar

    Thanks again for your NO answer !!!!

  • Good E-Reader

     No problem. if you read the first line in the skype description, it says it does not work with the latest firmware update. Don’t get mad at us, because you can’t read.

  • Leon Walker

    I have been trying to download some apps to my blackberry playbook but when I check in the download section on my pc it shows only some off the apps when i press the add button on the DDPB installer. This is very strange as when I go into the download section through my PC all the apps are there. Any ideas how to rectify the problem.

  • Carlodigirolamo

    Hi, I seem to do everything right but the apps don’t show up on my blackberry? What am I doing wrong?

  • JCR

    Any progress with the skype app for new OS 2?

  • Wayne Woodward

    Why does the Dailymotion Video Stream app download as a PNG file. I’ve tried downloading 5 times and keep getting a photo file.

  • Den Chang

    Can you use Whatsapp with only a Wifi connection? My Whatsapp install included a request for a phone number? And after it failed (to register the number with the device) it continues to give me an error message. Can anyone help me with this? How can I remove the app if I can’t use it?

  • jelp2

    Is anyone able to print from the Cortado Workplace app. I crashes whenever I try.

  • a_arias_m0493

    hey when i click on install, the process strats but it gets stuck in 50%… I don’t know what to do please help

  • Ingrid_siobe

    Everytime I scan for the IP Address and enterthe password itsays INCORRECTIP Address/Password even if its correct. I cannotconnect. Pls Help.

  • Ingrid_siobe

    I cannot log in in essential download it says incorrectip add/password. even ifits correct, Pls help.

  • Good E-Reader

     You need JAVA 32 installed on your PC

  • Jim

    Please add EchoLink

    thank you

  • Episaac

    Any way you can provide feedback on the NY Times App? It does not work with new PB OS update. Thanks.

  • Dpmo

    WHen I try to connect the installer with my playbook, I get a message that the password is wrong. I am using a standard PW and I don’t believe I put it in wrong. The pPW allows me to open development mode on the PB. Is there some way to change the PW on the develop. mode on the PB to be sure I put it in correctly? Is there a problem with the app on the PC? Thank you for any help.

  • Dukesfan

    Hi, I am trying to load the Draw Something Free app onto my Playbook but it downloads as an .apk file & I can’t seem to convert it to a .bar file. I am using a virtual windows on my Mac & my Windows doesn’t see my Playbook as such. It does connect on the Mac side & as long as the file is a .bar file I can use the ddpb installer (which is on the Windows side) with no problem, but if it’s an .apk file my DDPB Tools doesn’t want to convert them. Will I be able to install this app onto my Playbook & can someone help me please? 

  • Ingrid_siobe

    Incorrect IP or Address everytime i log in at DDPB Installer. Pls Help. 

  • Trrpls1

    I am getting an error on initial setup.  “unable to complete initialization, please check that you are connected to the internet and try again”

  • Trrpls1

    Just installed it and It wont finish the initialization of the app.  At the point of entering my “Screen” name.

  • Trrpls1

    Any help would be great!

  • Ingrid_siobe

    Can I request INSTAGRAM formy playbook? Please?

  • Jm_santelices

    I can’t login with this Skype for Playbook using BB Playbook.. Its asking me to re-install when trying to login on my account.. Can anybody help please or really we can’t use this in the new build or Playbook firmware..thanks..

  • Ray Garcia

    Installed Good eReader app store and Mindjet on my Playbook, but nothing happens when I try to start either application.  Running Playbook OS version

  • Dunnterry

    tried to install on my play book but says re-instal every time i try to log in 

  • Feitt1

    This Site is an excellent resource.  I would appreciate if you could also conversation the TDCanadaTrust web banking app.

  • Cherelle

    I have a question.  Everything is working good. but if i “click” on  “ADD” in the DDPB programm it can’t found the “blackberry playbook (Z)”   But on the pc i can found it. what do i have to do now?

  • Cherelle

    It works 😉   but is it possible to make “Sea Star” (its a game) for blackberry playbook? that would be great 

  • Cherelle

    ohhhhhh…. I’m sad….. Nothing is good…. The apps are not able to open on my playbook. I have P:E What’S APP   but if i want to open it, i only can see “initializing, pleas wait” and nothing happens. after a few second the app will be closed.

  • Dj_sntiago2002

    Hi.. I have Android apps that i wanted to be transferred to my playbook.. i have a Medscape app and other apps related to medicine that i wanted to put them on my playbook., is it possible to convert them?

  • cliffdweller1

    I’ve downloaded and installed the DDPB application, but can’t connect to the Playbook; the password for Development Mode is rejected. It’s the same password that correctly sets the PB to Development Mode, so not sure what else to try.

    I have the .BAR loaded on my PC, also moved it to the Downloads Directory on the PB. But becasue I can’t connect DDPB, the Install icon is not active.

    Any thoughts?

  • Dpmore

    I had the same problem as cliffdweller1. I finally gave up and installed DDPB on my laptop. Everything worked perfectly. Only problem has been that a couple of apps caused my PB to be unstable. I uninstalled those and solved the problem. I don’t recommend installing more than one app at a time and trying it separately.

  • Dukesfan

    that happens to me too sometimes when I run an Android app after using it for a while or running an app for the first time. I usually restart my PB & it works then again. You can give that a try. 

  • Lionel SANCHEZ


    Everything went ok and i can see the icons of my apps. When I want to launch any of them, two choices appear :
    Follow with :
    -Honeycomb Launcher

    I can choose one or the other, my apps won’t run and won’t appear anywhere.

    Could you help me please ?

    Thank you.


  • cliffdweller1

    Hey Ingrid, did this work for you?
    Good E-Reader, I already have JAVA loaded but just to be sure went to the mediafire link you provided, and re-installed form there. Unfortunately it didn’t alter the outcome, I continue to get the same problem as I posted yesterday, and also as Ingrid and others have posted on, i.e.Incorrect IP Address or password.
    Looking forward to using some of your apps soon, I hope.

  • James

    Hi There 
    i have followed through all your instructions, I can connect the ddpb installer but cannot locate the playbook on the computer, it does appear on the network but not under the computer icon. The BlackBerry desktop is open.

  • eFFeB

    Hello, I have noticed the same mistake error for skype as the others guys. It is said to reinstall the app and then the app store is launched. Can you please tell us how  to fix it?? thanks! F.

  • bbb3

    I cant find the playbook after clicking the add button, I have updated java and have blackberry manger installed but no luck. I can find it under my computer, i’ve watched both install and help videos but still no luck.

  • Jen

    Amazing apps you got here! Thank you!!
    Question about Dropbox.. Does it work with music files too?

    thank you. 😀

  • Toldone99

    how can I sync contacts with those in my address book? WhatsApp says that there is no contact, search within the sd that in the playbook there isn’t.

    Can you help me?

  • Sha Ghost 89

    Installed app but cant open it in playbook. Why?

  • Beener74

    I have followed the instructions step by step and for some reason when I open ddpbinstaller my blaybook shows 2 ip addresses and will not appear in my computer.  Please help

  • Baltimorebred

    Go launch 3.0 is out 

  • Arif

    Work very good on my Playbook. Its very fantastic website. Unbelievable.
    Could you add this application: 

    Thank you.

  • Mbonganik

    having trouble with Skyscape app as it is foreclosing all the time and would not work until I uninstall and re-install. I also get a message that there is an upgrade and when I try to install it, it does download the upgrade. Can somebody help?

  • Ahamed1974

    How to download. If downloads where will be there in my playbook

  • Matt

    I cannot get maps to open in Androzic on my playbook no matter what I do – converted with Img2Ozf version 3.03 and still to no avail?

  • Playbook User

    Dailymotion APP just downloads a PNG, no BAR here

  • Kandris James

    how do i get the flash player to work on my playbook 

  • Tanagraserin

    Can you help me because it won’t download it only say unable to find default app

  • Tanagraserin

    Everything in is not working to my playbook how come??? Please help and advice 

  • Tanagraserin

    Help me won’t work!  !!!

  • sha2012

    After installing Kindle , I am not able to see the icon in the playbook. However while installing I choosed ‘run application’ and it ran on the playbook. Do I need to download any other software to see the Andriod application uploaded in the play book

  • Ariyoa

    i have tried this, still the installer doesnt see any of the apps, put some on the desktop some in files but i cant see any from the installer when i search

  • Enci

    I have followed all the directions, watched the videos, re-installed Java, etc, etc. and all goes well until I click on ADD in the DDPB Installer at which point all my directories show up except my PlayBook. It does show up in Windows Explorer but not in the window that opens when I click on ADD.
    Any suggestions?

  • Ron8828

    I have followed the instructions and after download, there are icons on my playbook.  There are only two I can’t log into and they are Skype and whatsapp!  Why is that? Can anyone please help? Thank you!

  • Enci

    I should have read the posts below first. Moved the .bar apps to my PC and loaded from there. Worked fine.

  • Faisal Arfeen

    Can you guys please recommend an app to run .vob files on playbook…. please please please 

  • Ro

    I’m getting an Incorrect IP or Password message. It seems to me that a secure connection isn’t being made between my PlayBook and my PC. Any suggestions? 

  • J C Hughes

    Hi, i have followed all the instructions and downloaded every thing i need to download. my play book connects to the new software but when i click add, i cannot see it under my computer. i have downloaded BB desktop manager and have it open when i’m trying……. please help me!!

  • Shantel_williams01

    When will u have temple run

  • Anna Harris

    Hey! It’s good news for eBook reader. Surly, I will download playbook apps.

  • Parth Sonkhia

    its working man…..

  • Aquaohio34

    Easy thanks so much.

  • Saurav Dasgupta

    Hi Could you please convert the following photography android apps

    1. Vignette
    2. PicsIn Photo Studio
    3. Action Snap
    4. Lab
    5. FX Camera
    6. Camera 360
    7. Pic Say

    Also could you please create a new section for Blackberry playbook Photography Android Apps.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Bhaskar Bharti

    Does sideloading violates any warranty issues.

  • Bhaskar Bharti

    Whatsapp messenger works on your mobile phone no. How would you make this work on Playbook.

  • Pat

    Any chance you could convert the FindAControl app by crtigen?

  • Ixcancel

    My compuert do not see my playbook has a drive.   DDPB can see it and the Desktop Manager.  Any help?

  • Vach

    Can I get billiongraves android app with a sideload?

  • Prouda073

    So I loaded the game and it worked once but when I went to load the game a second time it freezes and says unknown error. I have tried deleting and reinstalling but it still doesnt work

  • Werner Patels

    Way too complicated. Why still bother with the Playbook. Both Galaxy Tab (10.1 and 7.0 plus) and iPad are ideal and perfect tablets – PB, especially since 2.0 sucks, is slow, surface is extremely slippery, etc. Gimme a break, folks, and wise up: PB is a thing of the past no matter how hard you try to come up with convoluted ways of putting “Android” apps on it … 

  • Ismail Jan83

    I after downloading and installing the app, a message pops up about skype raider … Not working 

  • Axe

    please add “Pocket” for Android.  It is a password vault that is invaluable.

  • Ian Howarth

    got this app a month ago when I got my playbook, worked first time and never failed, top site

  • Ronanmcnamara

    Hi cam anyone help me ? I can downloads apps and all but once i click into them on the playbook it comes up recent applications and shows some apps but wont let me click on them , 

  • taylor

     All the same here. Even though after installing BB Desktop Manger it wouldn’t show the Playbook out of DDPB. But the copy trick to computer seems to work just fine. Thx everybody

  • Nora Mejia

    the skype app did not work for me… it says I have to re install it… help

  • Josblackberry

    Make ‘instagram’ for playbook and BB10 plz!

  • Macwanroger

    Pls describe me briefly the procedure of installing and running android apps 

  • Anik

    The videos just keep loading forever and never play!! Please help me!! Thanks

  • Good E-Reader
  • Bevknorr64

    why do io need a name to post? leave me alone?  how do you delete these ereader apps ?

  • Leibanduru

    How do i install whatsapp on my playbook?

  • Jorfmam

    el programa me pide una clave o password, cual es esta?

  • Cherelle

    It works, sometimes sometimes not xD. But i really really wanna have “sea stars”  and  “malen mit freunden”  for bbpb <3 

  • Cherelle

    “Sea Stars” and “malen mit freunden”   would be soooooo great <3

  • Skategirl_124

    Is there a way I can download some of these apps on my playbook without having to go on my pc to download them?

  • Skategirl_124

    And y’all should convert ” drawsomething” “temple run”  and ” home design 3d ” :)

  • Zeus

    In DuaDen Playbook Installer, I scanned my playbook IP address and then entered the password and it fails to connect saying incorrect IP address or password. I tried scanning it again and checked the password many times, yet the same occurred. What should I do?

  • Zeus

    Needed Java. Got it.

  • Itsme

    The “Good e-Reader Playbook App Store Client ” is still an APK file?

  • Good E-Reader

     Sorry about that, we just updated it a few minutes ago and uploaded the wrong version. It is now a BAR file

  • The usual suspect.

    Can you please update this app to the newest version 2.2.9? I will definitely send a donation if you’re able to help me out.

  • Good E-Reader

     what app are you talking about?

  • dglynnarch

    Connected PB to Win 7 PC, fired up BB Desktop Software, entered passwords, etc.
    Can’t connect DDBP Installer with Playbook – I get the message “Incorrect IP Address/Password.
    When I check the PB for IP address via Guy w/Shirt, it shows two IP Addresses.
    Checked CAPS, etc.
    I downloaded and installed the latest JRE.
    Still can’t connect. Ideas?

  • ibo

    I was able to install the app but when I run it, it asks me to reinstall. I just got my playbook this week so it has the latest OS. Anyone got it working?

  • dglynnarch

    OK – found out the version of Java I was running was outdated. Made sure it was current, and voila! was able to connect to PB and install apps. Note that in the file tree used in the installer program, the PB shows up as another computer – not the drive it is mapped to in Explorer.

  • Hojack13

    Will someone convert the Bank of America app???  thx

  • Hojack13

    Score Center app gives error after downloading 97%…881 packets missing info…please help via reply or email…thanks

  • needskype

    It would be awesome if the Skype would work.. For not just messaging but for video as well

  • Oneka

    ALso, great job on the apps, BUT I couldn’t get skype to work

  • Patryk79

    I followed the instructions to a T… none of these apps work on my playbook.  none!  I’ve tried downloading to the playbook and installing from there with your directions.  I’ve tried downloading to my pc and going from there.  Nothing.  The app icons appear on my playbook, but when you touch it, nothing happens.   Do I need an app launcher or what?

  • Sewnut

    I like the possibility but in reality I had to download the book I was reading 3 times while I was travelling. It ended up costing me roaming data charges, so reading the book I owned on Kindle cost me $21 in data charges. I was not very impressed. 

  • Ogie

    I could not play downloaded music. It says “media error. cannot open the file. please check the file permission and try again.”

  • Prometheus544

    Can you guys Please convert Heywire

  • Good E-Reader

     Sorry it does not work because you need a google account

  • Santosh Balan

    Great work !!. The second part of the video audio is not clear.

  • Santosh Balan

    have you taken off the download link for maintenance? Cannot see the download link ?



  • Kaneparker

    Council to convert: Android application: Kongregate arcade, fast reboot, adobe readerwith bookmarks / mark page number, if possible Silverlight. Google chat and video chat. the game: fruit ninja puss in boot. Machinarium, shadow gun, the impossiblegame, 3d SPEEDEX, more.
    if possible a louncher.

    Of app. BAR I tested does not work: IMO, IM +, ES files, skype, Photoshop, VLC,RockPlayer, and others.

    Again, thanks for the work you do.

  • Asdf

    downloads do not work

  • Hbraighle

    where is the download button

  • TVR369

    cant see no download button.. how do i download the apps??

  • Good E-Reader

     We are running maintenance today

  • guest

    I cannot see the app. Is there any thing that you can do?

  • TVR369

    cant play veetle, it says download flash player and i believe to have it already!!

  • Mohammed Kayyali

    How to install from Playbook browser ?


    can someone give me a bar file to minecraft and templerun 

  • Wf_13

    NBA Game Time 2011- 2012 cant find it

  • Wf_13

    Is it possible to have the android market app?

  • laila

    i don’t see my contacts ? what can i do now ?

  • Malte R

    same here says i have to reinstall it :( please help!

  • Isaias Rodriguez

    Skype app isn’t working, it says i need to re-install 

  • deadleg2

     At first I had the same problem Aman_rfd,

    I double checked all the settings–but the promised ‘man with green shirt’ never appeared.

    I turned off and then on again the ‘development mode’, removed and reset the password, checked the IP’s again, re-installed DDPB, downloaded an app from goodereader on the tablet, and  following the step by step instructions had no problem downloading Skype for my wife’s Playbook..

    The whole deal took me (a semi-nerd) a good couple of hours to set up, but now it works fine. And it’s worth the effort, because once done, now you’re free to avail yourself of the thousands of wonderful Android apps. :)

    Wishing you good luck, and a bit of patience. You’ll figure it out. btw, I’m Win7, 64bit, and OS2 on the tablet.

  • sillybilly

    Please convert scrabble to blackberry playbook format.  It would be awesome to play my favorite game on my bp.

  • Leedean59

    i just love the record feature on the pro

  • Sandro

    i was wondering if the geo vision app for my camera system at work is going to be avalaible in the store any time soon

  • Mexikansan

    The world would be a better place if 9 innings: Pro baseball was converted to playbook 😀

  • Luis Garcia Ramirez

    Thank you very much for your work. This was really helpful and I’m extremely grateful. Again, thank you.

  • Ipe Palhares

    how to konow when a update is avaliable e how to download it?

  • Dan_p890

     hi there please can you help with the android apps.
    iv loaded some on all fine, then after a reboot i clicked on the icon
    and nothing is happening
    please could you help me with this.

    many  thanks
    Dolph Boy

  • Dan_p890

    sorry i was ment to say im on OS2.0.1.358

    thanks Dolph Boy

  • Oxforddrofxo

    Mine says that too. Running version 2.1

  • StrawberiisLife

    me too. :(

  • Johnclark05

    Would love to see the Lodgenet Mobile App converted for Playbook…Thanks!

  • Jaficg Zeng

     can not upload pictures since update to os 2.1 beta

  • Francis

    Awesome stuff! Will you upload more game apps?

  • Pravaasi Prav

    after i installed the apps, I am unable to type into any data entry fields . The keyboard does not appear when i click on the empty fields. Anyone else have this issue ?

  • Dan_p890

    Hi there I’m running OS2.1 iv done all the aboth installing. That apps I have them on my home screen,
    When I click to run the application, nothing happens.

    Could you please help me with this.

    Many thanks 

  • Ricardo

    The .bar file is corrupted.

  • Dan_p890

    please could you help me with the app.
    iv installed and followed the above videos and texted. and the apps are showing up on the playbook,
    but they are not loading after I’ve clicked on them.

    could you help with this? is there something I’m going wrong?
    im running OS2.0.1.358

    many thanks

  • Coolcgs

    Trying to install bar file and keep getting error message saying Java is not relevant. Java IS installed. HELP

  • Good E-Reader

     You need to uninstall java and install java 32

  • Ghyonas

    i did the installation for 16GB Blackberry Tablet, but nothing is inside the table….could anyone help

  • deadleg2

     Yes Nora, I had the same problem. The problem is the app just is flaky with BB’s OS. Until they fix that in a later release (we hope) we’ve got to use an alternate video chat server. The deal there is everybody needs to be using the same program, at least of those I’ve looked at. Can you hear us RIM? We need Skype for PB. Thank you. :)

  • Cosmo_23

    can you convert scotiabank app?

  • Jasoncopsey

    Could you please contact convert the Panasonic VIERA remote apply, I have recently bought a new Panasonic TV and it would be nice to use this application on my playbook.

  • Hound789

    Can VMWare view be converted?

  • Brenton

    Thank you what a great thing you have done here!  very easy to download to PC and side load :)  had an issue with registering the Marvel Comics app, but that is the only issue out of 19 apps I download.  you have a new fan!!!

  • marcos optimus maximus

    Can you download android apps for blackberry PlayBook and if so how do you do that 

  • Good E-Reader

     You can only download BAR files. All of our playbook files, have Playbook in the title of the section

  • armin

    is there any linux platform?

  • Shaheenjinraj

    I would like to download 2 apps found on google play – canadaqbank and eggy words can u help ?

  • Ingus Bubnovs

    thnxx  for  hellpp  :)

  • Finalcombo

    skype doesn’t work for me either.

  • marcos optimus maximus

    I am having problems in step 9 what windows application I went to downloads and I tried to open the ddpb application and it said I first needed to download Microsoft net framework 4 client profile then I tried to open the ddpb and it said I needed to still download the Microsoft net framework 4 client profile. Can someone please help me 

  • marcos optimus maximus

    And contact me.

  • Gaetanla

    I have installed 4 bar apps, AVG, Dropbox, Google Map and Google Street view.

    I can see the Dropbox and the antivirus on the first screen of my playbook, but the google apps are  nowhere to be found.

    I checked the “Run after install” and it worked perfectly. But now I cannot find an icon anywhere on my 4 screens and on my App World “My World” menu either.

    Can you tell me where the are so I can execute them?

  • Aditya Swaminathan


    can the skype add now be used on playbook upgrade???

  • Keerthi S

    Nothing is working

  • Eduardo Cruz

    When are we going to use SKYPE???

  • Michaeltm

    Can you please update the TubeMate to the latest version that fixes the PLAY feature.

  • Michaeltm

    Is your TubeMate PLAY button working?  It asks if you want to update the version.  Can we do that with these side loaded apps?

  • Maxittome

    So sad WD 2go is not streaming all files 

    I can’t seem to stream avi or mp3 files. Hope there is a fix for this? 

  • Marceloalvarez911

    instalé el whatsapp en la playbook pero no me reconoce los contactos, me da la posibilidad de enviar invitaciones por mail, pero esto no está bien..

  • Zazueta_x35

    y el dropbox?

  • Sk7175

    best site i’ve found for bar files. way to go Goodereader!!!!

  • Lostpuppy211

    i install satellite dishes in Canada. Any chance of getting a good app that shows angles,degrees, and uses the camera to pinpoint the satellite..

  • SirWhistler

    please can you convert meta trader 4 android for blackberry playbook also. I have been trying to make use of it on my playbook. thank you

  • Andrew Tavernese

    are all these 
    Blackberry Playbook Android Apps tested to work?

  • Victor Hill

    my computer says that java is not found as an external or internal command. what do i do i watched the vidoe and downloaded the kindle app  but now i am having problems

  • Luay

    SoundHound does not seem to work. Have anyone had it successfully working on their PB?

  • Andrew Tavernese

    am i the only one having problems with twitter?

  • santosh

    flipboard is prompting for upgrade. What should I do.

  • Alves26

    Can some one help I download them and they don’t open what am I doing wrong

  • Asociado77

    This is better than pandora and it works nice good sound. Quality is clean and clear it opens good no bugs this is very important. It was well done the adaptation for playbook and BB10 can tell that is a Google app apk it works flawless.!!! Jango its great


    Pageonce – Money & Bills for Playbook does not seem to load just get loading and a black screen

  • Jmartel49

    When Blue Fire BAR   Playbook ?   ( needed for Adobe download )

  • Ekalize

    My apps are not running what could be the problem

  • guest

    Can you convert the latest version of the Kindle Reader please?


    A PB HP eprint would be nice. Not the PB apps now that require printing through a pc (I would just print it from my pc) or a cloud. The android app prints directly from my android phone to my local HP wifi printer. No pc or anything else involved. I don’t want to buy an eprint center cloud compatible email printer either. GREAT site btw

  • jelp2

     Has anyone had any luck printing from the PB using Cortado Workplace? It crashes whenever I try. Even re-installed it a couple of times.

  • JKSwanton

    I just installed Kindle on my BBPB.  Your instructions are GREAT!  I am “technology challenged” so if I can do it anyone can.  Thanks!

  • Johntiisetso

    hi guys. I have a Playbook and I’m loving having it. I am in South Africa and quite honestly there are very very few people that use/have PlayBooks in in South Africa. The reason I am pointing this out is that there is not what one would call a “support base” with the local networks/service providers. However when i saw your clip on You Tube on How to use Android Apps on a PlayBook, I was over the moon with joy. I then followed the instructions and started loading some Apps. The downloading was a success, however none of them work. Please assist me on how to make them work. The apps are on the Playbook with icons and all but I am getting no response on them.  For internet I am using BIS (blackberry internet service) which is provided by my service provider on my phone, which i then use on the playbook via blackberry bridge App which then makes my PlayBook become an extention of my phone with its features. What can be wrong with what i am doing. 


  • badg

    can u pls convert angry bird for playbook and BB10