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Dogfight for Playbook and Blackberry 10


Dogfight for Playbook and Blackberry 10

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Updated March 7, 2012
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Cute & tiny shooting fighter!

* Dogfight means a fight between fighter planes, they fly close to one another and move very fast.

Dogfight is simple but exciting survival shooting game. Just drag fighter to shoot down enemy’s fighter.



– Simple and easy control. Just drag. That’s it.
– Various items for more fun.
– Global/Country/Daily/Local top scores support. You can compete with people all over the world.
– Fighter unit was designed based on real war.

– Just drag fighter to attack enemy.
– The longer you drag, the faster movement.
– Automatic attack if an enemy is in your shootable range, and vice versa.
– Exclamation mark let you know enemy’s position in advance.
– New item shows up every five down’s of enemy.

– Red missiles : Four straight missles.(20seconds)
– Blue missiles : Four radial missles.(20seconds)
– Green missiles : Power up missles.(20seconds)
– Invincible : You can shoot down enemies by touching it.(20seconds)
– Shield : No damage.(20seconds)
– Lightening : All enemies down in the current screen.
– Repair : Repair damaged fighter(100%)

* Upgraded unit
– Ugraded unit will be availabe if you shoot down total 3,000 enemies.

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  • beholder420
  • AdrianMDimailig

    I’ve downloaded the Sniper Action but I can’t find that game in my playbook, I even saw the notification download complete. Pls help me. Thanks

  • JaCob2

    dead trigger? pleeeeaaase? 😀

  • nobugs123

    THX for Updating this fast 😀 u r the best guys.

  • nobugs123

    But it doesn t work 🙁

  • sdfgdfgdfg

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  • OWENS86

    i download this game it tells me it neeed the update weres the update at goodebookreader