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Neverwinter Mobile Access for Blackberry 10


Neverwinter Mobile Access for Blackberry 10

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PublisherCode Summoner
Version 1.2.0
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Updated December 28, 2013
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This is a fan made app that gives you quick access to your Neverwinter Online character sheet, auction house, professions, guild, and mail. Great for when you’re on holidays or at work!

This app will never have ads. Code Summoner has no intention to monetize this app. Ever.

This app is not built by, endorsed, supported, or affiliated with Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Cryptic Studios, or Perfect World Entertainment Inc.

Q: 1) I can’t use this app. It keeps telling me I have disconnected from the server. 2) I get some message about www/index.html?
A: This is a known issue and a patch is being worked on. An update will come in late July.

Q: Something’s wrong with professions. I can’t scroll through all of the available jobs.
A: This is an issue with viewing the Neverwinter Gateway pages with the core Android Browser. Currently, there is only a workaround of tilting your phone to landscape/portrait mode, scroll down and load a few more jobs, tilt the device back to landscape/portrait mode, scroll down and load more jobs, repeat.. It’s INCREDIBLY frustrating, we know, but until the Neverwinter Gateway team patches this to be optimized for Android browsers (it works great in Chrome), we can not patch anything to fix this.

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  • Slimixx

    need a update plz

  • How to update this game
    Plz update

  • antispy360

    update? go to hell, this is the best rpg game and its working

  • antispy360

    just download it from goodereader app

  • EarlWaldron


  • AtInsider

    Awesome RPG. I purchased the MMO off BlackBerry World for my PlayBook and its the best MMO RPG on the platform.

  • AtInsider

    This is available on the BBRY PlayBook so no need for this one.

  • CarlPatrickSioson

    please… Update dark summoner in the newest version as of january 10 2014… Want this game badly for my playbook… I can never play it if this wouldn’t be updated. Please please please

  • sdfgdfgdfg

    Не можете скачать приложения с WorldApp? Вам к нам обновите свой планшет новыми приложениями.

  • 34sikintili