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Divine Armaments for Blackberry 10


Divine Armaments for Blackberry 10

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Version 1.13
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Updated December 28, 2013
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In a world run on the power of faith, you must gather a team of would-be Goddesses and help them fight their way to the top!

Equip and train each Goddess on your team so that they can maximize their potential!

Divine Armaments offers over 100 stunning Goddess cards and more than 800 equipment cards! Create a powerful deck and fight to become the most powerful!

■ Play and interact with your friends. The more friends, the more benefits available!
■ Participate in the Battlefield and special events to win rare cards and equipment.
■ Go on an adventure to learn about the world of Divine Armaments and find new characters and equipment.
■ Equip your Goddesses with the right equipment to make a powerful deck.
■ Trade cards with other players!
■ Collect, evolve, and even reincarnate your Goddesses!
■ Join a guild to become even more powerful using the guild bonuses!
■ Purchase Premium card packs to get more powerful equipment or rare cards!

Download Divine Armaments and start building your team now!

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  • Slimixx

    need a update plz

  • How to update this game
    Plz update

  • antispy360

    update? go to hell, this is the best rpg game and its working

  • antispy360

    just download it from goodereader app

  • EarlWaldron


  • AtInsider

    Awesome RPG. I purchased the MMO off BlackBerry World for my PlayBook and its the best MMO RPG on the platform.

  • AtInsider

    This is available on the BBRY PlayBook so no need for this one.

  • CarlPatrickSioson

    please… Update dark summoner in the newest version as of january 10 2014… Want this game badly for my playbook… I can never play it if this wouldn’t be updated. Please please please

  • sdfgdfgdfg

    Не можете скачать приложения с WorldApp? Вам к нам обновите свой планшет новыми приложениями.

  • 34sikintili