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SuperMario Bike for Blackberry 10


SuperMario Bike for Blackberry 10

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Updated April 17, 2013
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[Android Super Mario] The game is a classic stand-alone game, I believe many of my friends have played the game when young.

“Super Mario” also named Super Mario Brothers “is well-known horizontal version pass game produced by Nintendo, the earliest launch in the red and white machine.

And Now, I modify and improve the OPEN source code(RunnersHigh, I modify it and released Non-profit), and finally released this classic GAME—- Android Application: Super Mario.

I this Android Super Mario game has the following characteristics:
1. Interface gorgeous, beautiful, and with a 3D effect
2. Simple operation, only need gently touch screen, driving a motorcycle Mario will jump up or over the brook, or eaten chicken thigh meat floating in the air, or across roadblocks and thorns.
3. The system can record each time the game riding a motorcycle ran away, and can spread to the network.
4. Dynamic music allows you to play the game as immersive.

Anything else ,please contact me :

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  • dev03

    actually works on q5 but the screen ration is a lil bit off … still works good

  • Billbo98

    how do you convert .zip files into .bar files

  • sdfgdfgdfg

    Не можете скачать приложения с WorldApp? Вам к нам обновите свой планшет новыми приложениями.

  • monmomo04

    The .bar file is an archive file. So some download manager will change the file type to .zip or something else. All you have to do is to re-change the .zip extension to .bar and load it.