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Run Run Run FOR BB10 and Playbook

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Updated April 14, 2013
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Refreshing and active action genre game , Run Run Run
Run Run Run is a game of action genre which going through obstacle using cats jump skill and using birds action.
▶Special Detail
– Vivid action
– Rapid speed
– Stage base on famous places
– Depends on the character vividly moved game
– Compete with people from all around the world
▶How to play
– Jump
Click on left bottom button for jump and double jump
Using for breaking through obstacle or jump from it.
– Bird Action
Click on the right bottom button for an action depend on the character
Press once for an action or hold on to it
Also can be use for coming down to the ground or breaking through obstacle
– Fever
Achieving items through out the game and bar on the centered bottom bar raises.
Once a bar achieve full gauge Fever boaster comes into an action and you can run faster and achieve higher score.
– Stage
For every mission, 4~5 mission exist
In order to move to next stage you must hatching an egg to explore new stages
– Hatching and Training
Use the ring in the shop for hatching
Upon hatching, you gain new skill and action
Through training, you can improve skill
– Mobirix

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    • dev03

      actually works on q5 but the screen ration is a lil bit off … still works good

    • Billbo98

      how do you convert .zip files into .bar files

    • sdfgdfgdfg

      Не можете скачать приложения с WorldApp? Вам к нам обновите свой планшет новыми приложениями.

    • monmomo04

      The .bar file is an archive file. So some download manager will change the file type to .zip or something else. All you have to do is to re-change the .zip extension to .bar and load it.