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WATCH DOGS Live for Blackberry 10


WATCH DOGS Live for Blackberry 10

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Version 1.0.7
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Updated September 17, 2013
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The power to control the city is in the palm of your hands.

Watch Dogs Live is an immersive online and real-world application based on the upcoming and much anticipated game Watch Dogs developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Using geolocalisation Watch Dogs Live allows you to become an infamous hacker by letting you hack real locations situated in and around Canada’s major cities.

Move throughout the city to hack everything within your hacking radius. Build your name by taking control of real locations in your city and hack your way to the top. Earn money to progress, level up and acquire new hacking skills.

– Join , a secret community of hackers, to fight those who don’t play by the rules.
– Use the Watch Dogs Live app to become the most notorious hacker in your city and become the number one hacker in Canada. Move throughout the city, target real locations and hack them easily.
– Take control of locations and defeat other hackers to have your name appear in the official Canadian ranking.
– 4 exclusive skills to craft the way you want to play.


– EVERY WEEK, take on a new exclusive challenge to WIN real PRIZES like PS4 consoles, Sennheiser headsets, EB Games gift cards and limited edition Frank & Oak clothing.
– EVERY MONTH, take part in real-time missions with your brothers
– Finish as one of the top hackers in the community and you could WIN a brand new Watch_Dogs SCION car AND be invited to the official Watch Dogs game launch in Toronto.

Preorder Watch_Dogs at EB Games to level up faster. Obtain extra money and data to use in the Watch_Dogs Live app and win supplementary levels to climb to the top of the leaderboard even faster.

In Watch Dogs, players enter the dangerous world of Aiden Pierce, a new kind of antihero who can hack the city’s systems and networks to use as his own powerful weapons.

Watch_Dogs is being launched in November 2013 in North America on Sony PlayStation®3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U™ and PC as well as Sony PlayStation®4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

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  • justclick1n

    Nice app… I have tried the same and at times people really believe that the screen is cracked 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  • prettybabyj

    this does not go beyond level 3 and it just disappoints

  • DrewLewStew

    I installed, upon opening the app, it has a preset game, and the screen looks like an old nintendo game whose colors and characters got all jumbled… no option to open or close any other Roms

  • RayMejia

    this app gets the job done.  You get play some old classics that  I haven’t seen in 15 years.  Jurassic Park 1 & 2, Donkey Kong

  • seo4

    There’s definately a lot to know about this subject. I love all of the points you have made.

  • PH3000

    what last version?

  • AnasNassar

    their isnt a version for playbook ?

  • sonyalyn

    I have restored the phone to factory, updated again to 10.1, reloaded all of my data, and sideloaded the apps again and the system still is not opening the apps!  The apps now do appear to be trying to open, but the progress bar gets about three quarters of the way finished and then the app shuts down. 
    Could there be some leftover code from the 10.2 runtime left in my back-up file?  I had not backed up my files since late July, so I had to back-up the files after attempting to remove these two files.  At the time of uninstalling, I did get a message of “535 permanent” when I attempted to uninstall the bar file. But, I wouldn’t have thought any permanent code would be in my applications.  I would think they would be associated with the OS.  But, maybe the problem now is the back-up file.  
    Please help if you can.  I no longer have a major feature of the phone any longer if I can’t use sideloaded apps!

  • sonyalyn

    I attempted to restore an old application back-up file that would not have included any of this Android runtime code.  The apps still get about three-quarters of the way finished and then the app shut down.  So it doesn’t appear to be the application file that is at issue. Something about the phone has fundamentally changed because of this runtime program.  I fear I will have to do a complete wipe of the phone just to be able to get back to my starting point.  The restore to factory did not help.

  • stevenb_jones

    Before I download this, can anyone tell me if it works on the playbook?

  • VelenciaDixon

    I would Love to play this game on my blackberry playbook

  • stevenb_jones

    Can anyone tell me if the Blackberry Android Runtime 4.3 works on the Playbook? It has been included in the Playbook and Blackberry 10 Casual Games area, but I don’t want to try it in case it causes lots of issues.

  • cxvader

    sonyalyn same thing with me. i had to wipe it TWICE .. still does not work

  • cxvader

    sonyalyn please tell me if you found something out :/

  • sonyalyn

    Unfortunately, I only have theories because I ended up having to get a new phone – somehow the repeated data restoring wiped out the text messaging capability! I have theories about the 10.2 Runtime. I believe it did rewrite code in my OS and application files that could not be removed. I couldn’t restore the application backup file to my phone without restoring the rewritten code. Lesson learned there – I need to backup more often. But, I also believe that the BlackBerry Link could have been the problem with the text messaging. So now I’ve just decided to not use Link except to sync Outlook stuff. I think my big takeaway is to think twice before installing something that tweaks the operating system.


    WHY DOESN’T CLASH OF CLANS WORK ON MY PLAYBOOK. Everything is fine my OS, i have spaces, etc. when i run the app it just shows a black screen  and i doesn’t go away!! HELP

  • ajorgensen110

    wtf you cannot have an xbow with a level 8 townhall. FALSE ADVERTISING. I’m suing your asses

  • GeorgeLanger

    I love Pou. I play <a href=””>Pou for PC</a> 😉

  • prince88

    who know where the saves are saved of clash of clans on BB Z10 any help?

  • MercedesHall

    not working for my z10 help!!

  • naokimsrun29

    it not work for z10 help !!! hay day