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  • Punls86

    thanks for this upload guys been looking for this forever keep up the good work

  • Nik

    you guys are the best!!!!

  • jessica

    RedBox app

  • Nba_hoop1992

    Where can I download the dropbox

  • Good E-Reader
  • Good E-Reader

     sorry redbox does not work

  • Good E-Reader


  • Annemarie van K
  • Liamcooke1995

    Hey, please could you convert the ‘mine craft poket edition’ please???? i tried to do it, but i get stuck on a certain step each time :(

    i’d really appreciate it, thanks- lcooke

  • Sammy09191996

    how come the fruit slice is not working

  • Joextruder

    working for me

  • yo yo homie g
  • Good E-Reader

    does not work yo yo

  • yo yo homie g
  • Good E-Reader

     we added it for you

  • yo yo homie g


  • wrenchead
  • Xahid Rahman

    Tnx goodereader…u r d best .plz convert any player what wil support flv format in playbook..

  • Willardv

    Koz – could you take a look at this one:

    TV guide that is supposed to work in Canada.


  • dave
  • Bruno Pedro

    Ohh yea, minecraft pleaseeeee,and GTA :)

  • ER Advisor

    Is there a Cribbage game for playbook and BB10?

  • Jeff Waits

    What about audible for the playbook app?

  • yo yo homie g
  • Dasilva007

    Could you please help us to convert this one about mind maps is very useful thanks!!!

  • Nepazi

     I tried but can’t do it =( 

  • Rickyty1

    Can you please put a bar file up for weight watchers mobile. 

  • Narenem

    i have installed more than twenty apk converted bar  apps for playbook and BB10 .wow they all are working perfectly.

  • Narenem

    New Blackberry Playbook AppsBy Michael Kozlowski
    playbook owners .get the best apk converted bar apps here.

  • FLB

    I have downloaded several apps and they all work! Thank you so much.  Could you please add Weight Watchers Mobile to the list of converted apps for Playbook?

  • michael sherman

    Is there (or will there be) a Mac version of the essential .bar installer software? 

  • ljcjames

    installed and got ‘The application Tank Hero (process com.clapfootgames.tankhero) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.’ msg. Uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled .. same error !!!???

  • Toxic17

    its version  2.0.0 beta 4 not v3.0 ;)

  • Zx5gurl

    I was wondering if you could get Photo Booth 360 HD for the Playbook? 

  • Tweedle

    how about the Microsoft Android version of OneNote; it is a free app and great, rivals Evernote; can you convert it and post it?

  • Frank

    Is there a risk type game for playbook and BB10?

  • Lcander357

    Is it possible to get the OnStar Remotelink converted for the PlayBook?

  • Melclarke64

    How do you uninstall panoramic?

  • Gmdykstra

    This Site is great! Thanks Mr. Koslowski for your efforts, they are allowing my Playbook to be useable. Does anyone know of an excellent Android apps that will sync tasks with Microsoft Exchange? It would be great to have that here; I can’t believe they didn’t include such basic functionality in a tablet designed for business use. Any suggestions? I would be happy to pay for such an app!

  • Padowie

    How about Golf Digest ?

  • Adie67

     Now Temple Run is on the Google Market ( Free ! ) what chance a 
    converted app for Playbook?

  • Good E-Reader

    we tried already the second it came out, it does not work and crashes.

  • Mark1954

    How about a BUY.COM and VUDU app….

  • Drewster

    epic astro story is a cracked version – get’s authentication error !!

  • kieran

    hi can you do opera browser thanks and great work you doing :) 

  • Dave

    thanks for the PNC app,how about

  • Dee

    Can you please add Trapster to the Playbook?

  • Martedirosso

    but it isn’t .bar for playbook and BB10

  • Jody Di Trolio

    When I download this it appears to be APK and not BAR.  Has anyone else noticed this? is there a BAR file for Pinterest? Thank you in advance

  • Good E-Reader

    we fixed it

  • Lcowdrey

    Hey guys, your system has saved me from using my Playbook as a skipping stone, any chance of getting a cad program on here such as Autocad WS, or Google sketchup , or bear skins and stone knives.

  • kieran

    is the pinterest app in .bar ?

  • Jpgrad

    Can someone please convert the GoToMYPC Android app into a .bar?

  • Daryldavis41

    Looking for Royal bank of Canada App?

  • Frank

    how about a risk type game.

  • Psp

     Google+  Google Music

    Ubiquitous gooogle services.  Playbook needs this more than it needs netflix, and it needs netflix badly.

  • frank

    How about the livephish app for android. would like to get this running on my playbook

  • Good E-Reader

    sorry this is a paid app

  • Good E-Reader

    All google apps but maps and skymap don’t work

  • Good E-Reader

     Can you give examples

  • Good E-Reader

     royal bank bar does not work

  • Good E-Reader

     this does not work s orry

  • Good E-Reader

    both of these dont work

  • Good E-Reader

    we removed it

  • Jeff

    Can you please confirm the Ulitmate Holdem Timer android app.  It would be really appreciated.

  • wrenchead
  • Jeff

    Sorry, type below.   I would like to know if you can convert the Ultimate Holdem Timer app.  It would really be appreciated.

  • Frank

    Android apps – Landrule, Drisk (Droid Risk) or Conquer Game (Risk Online Game)

  • Jeff W

    what about audible for playbook and BB10 and something close

  • milkkie
  • Dasilva007

    could you please convert angry birds in .bar here ir is in android: 

  • Good E-Reader

     it does not work

  • Tweedle

    convert Microsoft OneNote please…

  • Annemarie van K
  • Greg Wilkie

    would it be at all possible to get the Rift app set up for playbook and BB10.  

  • Good E-Reader

    we added it for you

  • Good E-Reader

    this does not work

  • Jeff

    Thank you,unfortunately it doesn’t work 

  • Galileo 7

    Can the Samsung Remote app be converted for the Playbook?

  • Thecavershamfox

    Hi, I tried to install this app and although it loaded onto the playbook when I try to download content an error is shown stating I need to connect to wi-fi to do this…although the wi-fi is on and is working no problems for everything else.
    Do I need to alter something in the settings?


    Thanks for testing it.

  • Thecavershamfox

    This is the Guardian app by the way…although also having the same problem with VLC Player, but Dropbox is working fine.

  • Tweedle

    Thanks very much for trying – it would have been nice.

    Could you also try to convert the Charles Schwab brokerage Android app?

  • eugeniusii
  • Mac

    anyone can convert “Instagram” to bar file?

  • Zo176

    I am also looking for photo studio converted to bar file?

  • Jeff

    Sorry I made a mistake. It does work.   My apologies.

  • Rbarr77

    I loaded and installed amazon app store app or my PB but after logging onto Amazon account and trying to install or run apps it tells me it has unexpectedly quit and won’t reopen. Please help!!!!

  • JaeSun

    Are you guess going to get the instagram app to the playbook?

  • Cd

    has anyone tried instagram ??

  • The_doctor201

    Thank you thank you 

  • Richard Sun

    Request, someonw convert “MyObservatory” from the Hong Kong Observatory.  It’s the official weather of Hong Kong

  • Richard Sun
  • KW

    Hello =) … first: thank you! you´re doing a good job!
    second: is it possible to transfer UBUNTU MUSIC and UBUNTU FILES to PB?
    So one can not only use all the data/listen to all the music on desktop but also on all mobile devices (ex. WMP by now I think)…

  • haranki

    I really appreciate all the effort done so we can download such apps to the play book, can you please convert the upgraded king soft office and if you can add cam scanner.

  • Narenem

    all the apps downloaded are perfectly working on my bb playbook.
    can you post BAR file for application BLUE from (the best live quote platform on bb smartphone and XPRSS the rss reader for BB and TUNEINRADIO PRO for BB

  • Ankitchouksey

    please load camera360 for bb … if you want than I can give you full version in apk 

  • Ankitchouksey

    please viber and fring ………………..for bb …………….badly wanted :(

  • wrenchead

    Hi can you convert, thanks

  • kieran

    its available on android can  you see if works on playbook

  • KW

    Thank you guys =)! Installation Ubuntu One and Ubuntu Musical App. Both work perfect. 

  • Cate

    I love this website and thanks so much for the side loads. Can you post the .bar file for Google Catalogs, it was written about on WSJ as being a great shopping tool. Thanks again so much.


    ok then I put it online again

  • Rocco Margotta

    looking for printer share & history eraser

  • Menathomas

    can you add net talk app for play book


    yes it does not work

  • Indruak

    I think people don’t even know that android apk files converted to bar files for playbook and BB10 exist and they run perfectly well.and are available on the gooddreader app store.even a search on Google doesn’t give many options.


  • Ken

    Love this site! Would it be possible to convert the app? Here is the link….


  • MegaMEN

    Don’t work!!

  • wrenchead
  • JPE

    Great site, but, is it posible to put on Playbook apps the Netflix?

  • Jaguar

    i can not run the .bar applications on my playbook, followed all the steps to load the apps to the playbook and still does not run all the installed apps ,, what could be the problem in this case?? the OS i have is 2.0.07971

  • Harmonysquad3g

    Instagram 1.0.3.optimized for tablet
    I think it is work now
    There’s anyone try it?

  • Steve99w

    Thanks for Shareprice, going to load up now… 

  • deb

    Thanks for the port. Going to try loading it today on my PB.

  • Jerry rim is going under thanks for helping us playbook users u did the best u can.Time for me to to burn the playbook or give it away to a street beggar.

  • Wilwright2009

    How do I update words with friends?

  • deb

     I can confirm that this works! Hurray!

  • Tweedle

    How about converting WeatherBug android app?

  • Tweedle

    Could you convert the great astronomy app from Sky and Telescope?

  • Byron Gray

    Where did you get panoramic I wanted to try it. 

  • Psp

    google music

  • Symone Kevin Angel Khemraj

    Plzz download instgram

  • DBW1972

    Thanks for everything you’ve done with this site – it’s been awesome to get some fresh (and great) apps onto by BBPB!!  

    Is there any chance you might be able to add the following game-apps for kids (see below and attached jpg)?

    I’ve tried converting them from their Android version with some of the tutorials and instructions on the Crackberry forums, but after 7+ hours I had to cede defeat.  My 3-year old daughter absolutely loves these on her uncle’s iPhone and I would be most grateful if you could add them to the library – they’ve turned into excellent practice and teaching tools that help us work on our daughter’s delay / speech language therapy (in addition to being fun, they repeat her words back to her – i know they seem like a lot of the same kinds, but we find the variety helps keep her attention for more than 20-minutes).

    I’m also enjoying your feeds on FB – keep up the great work!

    Listed (in order of preference if these are too many)
    – Talking Ben
    – Talking Tom
    – Talking Lila
    – Talking Santa
    – Talking Carl
    – Talking Pierre
    – Talking Harry
    – Talking Larry

  • A Hulme

    Anyone got this to wotk in the UK?  URL to verify eMail address doesn’t appear to work.  I see over 200k downloads so guess it’s me doing something wrong||

  • DBW1972

    I forgot to mention that all of the “Talking” kids games/apps I listed below are free ones – thanks again!

  • Alex

    Is there an eyefi app ?

  • zluay

    Hi I have installed Text Me but can not get it registred and when I contacted go-textme they stated that it is because the app is not supported on BB playbook.

    Can you assist me. I have previoisely posted this issue but have not seen a response. Please send me an email with information on how to use this app.

    zluay2001@yahoo:disqus .com

  • Lcowdrey

    Hey guys You have done an excellent job. Is it possible to port Autocad WS as autocad has said they are not going to.

  • Psp

    google music

  • Hanze101

    Okay, non of the apps work on my playbook.   (okay, I only tried 6 different apps)

    Yes, I have DDPB installed and I have used it to load other BAR files successfully.
    I have tried to save the BAR file to PC first and then install  or save the BAR files on my Playbook then install, but the result has always been the same.

    After the install, the icon will appear on my playbook.  But when I click it, nothing happens.

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?  My playbook has OS 2.0


  • Hanze101

    The BAR files does not seem to be working.

    After install, the icon will appear, but when I click it nothing happens,  The App does not launch for some reasons.

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?


  • Trackcoach

    Thanks, you guys are great

  • Jim

    Live 365 keeps crashing on my Playbook.Suggestions?

  • Larerick

    Lots of thanks for doing this for us Playbook owners… I have many relatives that play chess but only have apple devices.  They want me to play “Chess with Friends” an Apple app.  Any chance that that app could be converted for the Playbook?  Thanks for all you are doing.
    Larry Erickson,

  • Vflakosanchez

    Hey thanks for all these great apps, you made me keep my playbook. I just have one request if you can convert ninja royale I love toys game.thanks

  • Psp

    what will you do if BB disables consumer side loading of apps?

    what will happen to existing side loaded apps?

  • Good E-Reader

     RIM said they were not stopping sideloading, but they will encrypt their own apps in app world so people can’t pirate apps that are paid apps in blackberries store.

  • Kevin

    Any chance you can get VNC working on a Playbook?

  • Tweedle

    Any chance you could convert the astronomy app called Skyweek?  It gets a lot of 5-star ratings.  Available at:

  • Galileo 7

    Samsung TV Media Player can’t see D8000 SMART TV , nothing shows in devices.

  • bbslinger

    thumb keyboard please! thanks!

  • Debonair7l

    Can you get the bamboo paper application for the playbook?

  • Garymo2jmo

    How do you get the Intuit Credit Card Reader to work on the BB Playbook? Can you update the Intuit App so the Credit Card Reader will be reconize by the Playbook?

  • wrenchead
  • Jade Alpuerto

    How can I download the Android apps to my playbook

  • RDilux

    some one downloaded my work lol

  • Susie

    Will someone PLEASE make instagram available for Playbook. 

  • Goblinj

    there are multiple VNC apps in the appstore

  • Gary

    Can you convert open office document reader for android. i use open office rather than microsoft office however my BB playbook word to go does not read odt file for open office.. 

  • Tomtom

    If you could convert a clock app with a working slide dim feature that would be awesome

  • Colamam

    Please Convert Royal Bank Mobile Banking for Playbook. Thansk so much

  • Dave

    can you make chrome for palybook ?

  • Adi Ong

    Anybody have Sound analyzer / Real time analyzer apps for the playbook?

  • Pierre

    google drive
    google music

  • Mtrierweiler

    has anyone a teamviewer BAR file?

  • Armzam

    Can you please convert the Bank of America Android App to BAR, thanks in advance.

  • Tweedle

    any chance of this happening?

  • Scott Walcott

    can u convert the free laola1 app from android pleaaasssse?

  • ja

    Realtor and tripadvisor do not work for me on the playbook.  Message says that location services are not enabled.  Any tips to resolve this?

  • Norma Meneses

     yes please, somebody convert the TeamViewer App.

  • Fiona

    Words with Friends crashes all the time, “force close” error message appears every time I play the game.  Is it possible for the bugs to be ironed out?

  • Hobbit


    I installed Wifi Analyzer but this give me nothing. It’s working on Playbook.

    Many thanks for your help

  • John

    Can you convert “wi-fi finder” to BAR?

    Very useful app. It would be immensely appreciated.

  • Keeper

    Please make a text + app

  • Guest

    Can you please convert the free android game Six Guns?

  • Pblack2007

    Can you please convert Oplayer, which plays almost all the video format from the internet 

  • archie_hannover

    I need help please: I’m using Mac os 10.5.x and bb 9900 with a playbook. Now I want install android apps on my playbook, but I don’t know how to do. I found how I can do if I would have a pc, but this don’t help me.

    Possible that there is someone out there, who can answer my question?

    Thx for try to help!

  • Michael Myers

    Just want to say THANKS for everything you guys are doing right now.  I now check this site daily for new apps… Probably more than BB app store.

  • Tweedle

    So, not happening, I guess?  Thanks anyway.  Keep up the good work.

  • Jeffe1

    Thanks so much for your work we all appreciate it. I hope your getting some cash for your efforts.

  • Morgyn

    Would it be possible for you to convert and make avaialbe as a BAR file the Suncorp Banking Application.
    It can be found here:

  • Kirstencollins

    Has anyone tried/converted the Polaroid PoGo print app?

    many thanks

  • Kneedragon

    Could you please convert Textplus it is free messaging software.

  • Good E-Reader

     We have this app already, its in the social media section.

  • Akshaymadipakam

    How should i install. An app….I’ve. Downloaded it…when i tried to open it its coming unable to find default app…what. To do…please. Help. Me out

  • Thakkar_shivom

    Can i get free angry birds space and cut the rope .bar please??

  • Parth Sonkhia

    Can u pls convert the temple run for blackberry 

  • Parth Sonkhia

    Yes …
    Angry birds space :-
    Cut the rope :-
    You have to like the video and subscribe to the uploader and send him a personal message. 

  • Parth Sonkhia

    Google+ is there on bb app store 

  • Angela

    I installed this on my playbook and it doesn’t work

  • Jeng Reyes

     there’s an app called playagram, that’s instagram for playbook and BB10… u need to have an instagram username and password to access it though.

  • Rhian_45
  • Mitch Lavallee

    camera360 would be awesome

  • Jim

    Got Google Maps loaded and running properly but Street View will not run for me. Doesn’t show up on the playbook. Any help appreciated.

  • Stephen Charchuk

    Balloon Gunner 3D for Playbook is broken…..

  • Kyle

    can you please provide us with some site launchers ? like an app for playbook and BB10 so when we click on it , it opens a browser and open up this site 

  • Samutubetv

    I’m a regular visitor to your site and it would help if you can sort the playbook apps by date added. This would allow me to look for the new apps.

  • Suffolk_richard

    hi does anyone now if CBradio chat will ever be on the playbook please

  • georgiana hont

    Have a PlayBook 2.0 I be downloaded this sketch app. It won’t open it. How does this work. Cannot install.

  • Georgianahont

    have a play bocck 2.0 . i’ve downloaded this schetch app. it won’t open . how can i install it? i need the BAR ? CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME HOW DOES IT WORKS THOS THINGS. I GOT MAI PLAY BOOCK FOR CUPPLE OF DAYS SO..

  • Good E-Reader

     You need to install this software and watch these videos and follow the tutorials

  • Georgianahont

    grazie. how come when i try to connect my playboock to the program i have download it tells me that the ip or password incorect. the password it’s the one that i ve set when i ve openned the development mode. srry 4 my bad enghlish.

  • Good E-Reader

     The tutorial instructions say you need Java 32 Runtime installed on your PC, this solves that error.

  • georgiana hont

    Grazie. I will fix that tomorrow.

  • Twiddle

    How about adding the official NASA app found at the Android market?  It’s really cool and public domain!

  • Dawood Aslam

    Please anybody convert sygic pakistan into bar file

  • Jewels

    You guys are doing a wonderful job, is there going to be a temple run the game or Netflix bar coming soon would love that

  • raj pakora

    Eat shit

  • guest15

    can  you convert the onlive android app?

  • Jim McRitchie

    I would like to see Google Earth Android/Playbook up and running! Will a conversion be difficult?

  • ak13

    Autocad WS !!!! i’ll donate for sure!

  • Portelanceryann

    Please put a rbc app on playbook

  • iamshiplu

    can you convert firefox or chrome browser please?

  • guest

    i dont have the option to download??? is this a problem for anyone else????

  • אורי פרץ

    where am i downloading this app?

  • Neilbenjamin

     instagram does not work

  • Roel Olay


  • Roel

    The Immortal Dusk app for PlayBook isn’t a .bar file. Would you please replace?

  • Jim

    NOT .BAR file???

  • Jim

    Please convert Imortal Dusk to a BAR file.
    You’re doing a super job here. Thanks a bunch.

  • rlfisher

    The Schwab Mobile app for Android would be really useful.


    does not work

  • Annemarie Van Keijzerswaard

    Does not work on playbook

  • sixkaufmans

    can you please add gotomypc for playbook and BB10

  • twiddle

    so, now that someone has left the link to the Schwab app, can it be converted?

  • Rjdcool

    Could u plz do the natwest app

  • jaxjag1950

    Hi, I also like OneNote and use it regularly with my Microsoft 2010.  Any word on if these fine folks are working to make it PB adaptable?

    I also use Evernote occasionally and find OneNote to be so much better.

  • Pedro Braña Aísa

    Could you please convert Kiosko y mas. It is available at:
    Thanks in advance

  • Rereisd1

    temple run on playbook yet

  • Olu

    Can someone please convert this android application?

    Thanks in advance

  • sixkaufmans

    can you add gotomypc

  • Sid

    Hi, I dont know if anyone else has this problem. I am on playbook I followed all the listed procedures down to the ‘ T ‘ Everything seems to work fine. I also get the application icon on my playbook after installed through the DDPB Installer. But nothing happens when I click on it. The app wont open nor does it crash. Is there something I am missing?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Stuart

    Netflix for the Blackberry playbook is there any chance of this being available in the near future

  • Gb

    Runs, But Unstable! Its completely in German!

  • Mikeb24018

    Huffington Post, New York Times and National Geographic apps for Playbook don’t run well at all, and are for the most part useless

  • Ricky

    can any one please convert latest android adobe reader to playbook OS 2.1?

  • Billyboyles

    I can  sideload kindle and flipboard onto the latest update  v2.0.1.358 they look great but they dont connect to the internet. But i am connected. all my “legal ” apps connect. Any suggestions?

  • Yozuke21

    you should include viber or tango application,.

  • Luisalfredo Baldovino

    buena app

  • Juliosevilla70

    pinger textfree(: please

  • Annemarie Van Keijzerswaard

    not working on OS 2.1

  • Chas Lew1

    How about converting TeamViewer?

  • Bonnie

    Can you guys please do Draw Something? Thanks

  • Jaymak67

    pls can you tell me how to install Bar file to my playbook

  • Jaymak67

    after downloading say backgrounds app, when i try to Open File i get a message Unable to find default application

  • JT

    Try qPDF – free and better then adobe!

  • D2defuego

    Try panoramic it should be enough

  • Randall Kennedy

    I tried converting the current APK. Installed OK using DDPB but then was “force closed” as soon as I launched it. So it looks like it doesn’t work with the PB, including under the new OS 2.1 Beta (which I’m running). :(


  • Twiddle
  • P Shah

    Please could you update the Finacial Times ported version? It hasn’t been working for a month now. I’m a digital subscriber to FT and would love to have the ability use it on PlayBook. Thanks a ton! 

  • greg

    Can you please convert the 20min News-Android App to bar, thx

  • Ardpieter

    nederlaneeeeeeeeeer of nie

  • Kirstencollins

    iMindMap please

  • Annemarie Van Keijzerswaard


  • soulhunter

    Flipboard is gone? Why?

  • Goodereader

     its in the reading and news section

  • soulhunter

    Thanks! :)

  • Paul J Lofthouse

    i have downloaded a couple of apps no problem but one or two sky+ for instance just appear to say Loading , Please wait.. how long should it take for them to open? does it take longer the first time?

  • Bbplaybook

    It says no download found matching given ID!!!!

  • Dalamar_shalifi

    im looking for kik messenger for my play book it would be awsome to get it for the play book ive tried contacting kik but i have not got a reply i hope u guys can make this app available. than you and have a good day!

  • kandris james

    Is there anyway you guys could convert NookBook app. I really want to read my books from barnes and noble on my playbook

  • Neel

    Its really strange to see that the site is claming 100% apps to be working on PlayBook. But I found it indeed wrong. Droid Sky View,Talking Rapper and many works doesnt work. And many have not been converted into .bar ..
    Still. Appreciate the effort. It was good to see almost all the apps under a roof.

  • Nss

    aldiko not working…help..

  • Bl23234

    Most links are down.

  • Mbonganik

    I wonder when you guys are going to load the updated Skyscape app new version. I bought some medical resources but the downloaded version on my playbook doesn’t open it. Can anyone help? Thanks a million!

  • Rizwan Khan

    Talking ted notícias working 

  • Nafsusekali

    vonage is not working for me :(

  • Bushra

    Hey I downloaded Textfree but all it does is load, can anyone please help me out :) 

  • Bushra

    Plz help me about Textfree it is at keeps on loading, doesn’t really work

  • BusyBee

    Hi Koz. I could realllllly use Propalms Universal Client (a connection client like VPN) on my PlayBook. Newest release here
    Would love ya forever!! BusyBee

  • guest reader

    Would really love to see Next Issue converted to BAR for Playbook.  Thanks!

  • Cris

    Qvod player is force to close after installed in Playbook, needed to correct the program!

  • vijay kumar

    installed few apps but all are showing the following error
     “this application has generated navigator conformance issue messages. please sloginfo output on app termination for details”
    Pls some body suggest what to do ‘Oh using this on my BB10 Dev alpha device’

  • BusyBee

    Propalms Universal Client (like VPN) for PlayBook please please!
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Marioneta117

    Works fine

  • Nippur

    How about converting Droid48? Thanks

  • Jacob_slater

    Minecraft pocket edition for blackberry please. 

  • robkleinpeter

    Will you please convert The 2012 Open Championship app?  Thanks!

  • Guest

    MLC app (Metro Life Church Miami ) can you guys convert plz …thank you

  • Jamahowal Pinitubil
  • Chrisjac94deb

    Open championship 2012 application doesn’t work

  • Roy Joyce

    Hey that was really needful. Thanks for sharing. I’ll surely be looking for more.

  • Armandopereira

    Hi everyone possible to get the app converted? Thanks!

  • Karina N Rodolfo Cabrera

    Can you please convert Instagram for playbook and BB10! Pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssse! It would be awsome

  • Donnyc1

    Hi, great site!  Your words with friends needs a new version. When I try to sign in, it won’t let me continue without upgrading which of course I can’t because it’s playbook.  Thanks!

  • Posfukit

    Hey guys can you try instagram? The playbook has a good camera :)thanks

  • Mike Hall

    can you convert nrange golf gps range finder?

  • Greg K.

     Draw Something would be GREAT!

  • Martin Carnegie

    Thanks for all the great app conversions. Could you please try out Time Recording -


  • Scbill2012

    Playbook is obsolete sadly… I was in denial… But now I’m not.

  • Kbeggleton

    looking for Netflix, Temple run, dragon ville, and modzilla fire fox for Playbook.  Thanks

  • Chili Boots

     RIM is obsolete. Playbook is rock solid.

  • Shan Kazz


  • Rob

    Does the Talkatone app work okay?, I see some of the text apps have issues.

  • Bonsaibo

    I noticed that Chase Mobile no longer works on the Playbook since Chase released a new version (2.5) for Android, only supported on Android 2.1 or greater.  How do we get Chase Mobile to again work on the playbook?

  • Mark1954

    Looks like they have given up on the playbook.   Im not suprised, considering RIM is probably on its last leg..

  • SK

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m new to this site, and LOVE it!  I’m trying to find Skitch for the PlayBook.  Anyone know if it’s been converted yet.  Preferably yhe newest version (1.4.36).  Thanks!

  • Brian09espera

    is this free? watch a movie?

  • Brian09espera

    how come the skype is just for messaging?

  • Ramón Jiménez

    Could you please consider converting the Logos Bible app?  Thanks!

  • Andsonmarinho

    Que tal converter turbo viewer, já tentei várias vezes e não consegui. Grato!

  • Brian

    “MAGIC JACK” FOR PLAYBOOK………………………..

  • Ramon

    Yahoo Fantasy footbal 2012 downloads as a compressed .apk file.  Has it not been converted or am I doing something wrong?

  • Ali TK

    Hi guys, i can’t download app which size over 10mb,why?

  • Hackall1992

    Not working on 2.0.1

  • AK

    I also noticed that this file Dloads as an .apk file….I posted a comment to Crackberry and have been waiting for a response.

  • Ramon

     Expand Yahoo fantasy football 2012 downloads as a zip .apk file on my computer. However, when downloaded directly to my Playbook it downloads as a .bar file and installs and works great.  Thanks

  • Marko

    no. your on your last leg

  • Rigg

    saved as .bar file and side loaded with BBHtool and works perfect

  • Dan_14

    please convert distania and teple run to bar file :( 

  • K Hildebrand Kohlke

    Get message “Your application version is no longer supported. Please download the latest version from Android Market” when I try to launch this app on Playbook running OS

  • A Farrow

    Any chance of converting Carbonite Access to use with Playbook – the BB app download from Carbonite isn’t compatible, apparently – only works with BB phones

  • TheRobRetort

    How do you download it directly to the playbook? I get an error “cannot write to this directory”.

  • Medic48

    Use to convert your apk to bar files.

  • Spurge11

     when i press download the bar file is not downloading need help

  • Nguyenthangntu
  • Mech12

     Tried to, but received error message; Unconvertible. Version unmber too long.


    I was able to download it too to my playbook as a .bar file, but could not open it. Please advise

  • Mech12

     I used Firefox and Explorer and kept getting the apk file, tried Safari and presto, was able to download the bar file. Make sure you download it from playbook apps…”Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’12 for Playbook”, there is another file on here that is Yahoo Fantasy Football ’12, but it does not state it is for Playbook.

  • Mick

    excellent site! 

    I used the Mindjet 2.0 and it worked per spec. they have a version 2.1 now, is there any way we can get that version? or can i convert it (i am not a developer, just a mere mortal)

  • Cossack

    when saving the file on my PC, I changed the extension from .zip to .bar and the install worked.

  • JayDee5799

     Please help me. How do I download the Yahoo Fantasy Football app? How do I get the file? I can convert using an online converter but the one here is messed up.

  • Bobwmcp

    I agree … RIM is Canadian and will be in front again

  • Rcjaleander

    Download directly into your playbook instead of y0ur computer.  It will download as a bar file and works great.

  • Beavertail

    Can you please add the app called “Your Golf”.


  • Brian Kwok

    Would love to see Gamevil’s Punch Hero converted. It’s free on Android so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to convert.

  • Kris Martin38

    I hate my playbook now

  • Kris1616

    This plabook stuff sucks. I dont get how to copy the apps onto the playbook =(

  • Grandos73

    Hey, Last Leg1954, I really don’t like, I’d maybe say hate RIM for many reasons and also incredible insolence to sell some of the ugliest phones and still acting like people should be grateful that they’ve done that step and finally they offered people their phones-skunk. it’s real manure.BUT regarding to PlayBook, you have really not just last leg, not even thumb. just the nail and only God knows where. PlayBook? One of the best, if not the best tablet able to bring you the real taste of Internet. And the price? In this case I have to say: thank you for all of tablets lovers, RIM! You gave people amazing thing and because of the price, everybody can have it now and I enjoy this fact. It’s nice! Pus everything connecting to PlayBook rocks. Even the keyboard. Who knows, maybe aliens helped  RIM with the PlayBook because it is amazing device.And Last Nail, I recommend you to go to PC World and get one. 64GB/£129 WOW! Just go now never mind your last nail. 

  • Kneedragon

    Hi I would like to get the Smart Audiobook Player to run on the playbook.

  • GSmall

    You’ve likely had this request more than once before but would it be possible to convert Skype for use on Playbook?

  • GSmall

    Skype for use with OS2, that is!

  • Wolf

    Can you guys possible make the Torque app for the Playbook?  Its a OBD 2 car scanner app for the Android   

  • Mark

    Would be nice to have a section for “Updated Apps”

  • Pierre G

    I’d love to get Blackboard Learn (Android version) converted to PlayBook.  Here’s a link to the site:

  • Manpreet66

    do temple run and gun bros 

  • Finekilla236

     you guys should do instagram for playbook and BB10

  • Jermaine Brown

    willl you get the pokerstar app for playbook and BB10 as know its on the I phone and Android app but not playbook? and if so how soon will you have the Pokerstars app up and running for us?

  • GoGordo

    How about Evernote Hello converted for Playbook. They have an Android version now, and it would fit perfectly with the business use of Playbook.

  • thepuffytaco

    By any chance are you able to get the NYCC 2012 – New York Comic Con app ported to the Playbook?

  • Knightmon12

    please reupload link!!!
    its not downloading

  • Giokink

    Hi there.first off thank you so much for this. I have just purchased a playbook and despite being a bit of a techno turkey I managed to follow your excellent instructions and downloaded an app to playbok via the pc. One slight problem I have at the moment is that now I have used the app on my playbook its not quite what i wanted. When i delete apps normally I use the App world icon on the PB. Unfortunately this app wasnt listed however when I hooked it up to the pc i found it in the android folder and deleted it. However its still showing the app on my screen its the “pocket bible” app. Do you know how i can get rid of the icon from my PB screen?

  • Dragonfly Butterfly

    I’m so sad i have watch all your videos more than 5times. i’ve printed out your directions and still it does not work. I did the ip and the password. DOwnloaded Java, microsoft net,the application to pc . i did it both ways (1)first time i tried to download the app threw the playbook browser then connected to pc I open DDPB i scan ,add password CONNECT and click ADD when the window appears i click my computer open the folder Downloads NOTHING its EMPTY. and for the other way I downloaded the app to my Desktop right click save as . I open DDPB i scan ,add password CONNECT and click ADD when the window appears i click my desktop THe app is not there. But i look on my desktop and its there
    But the icon is not like yours . it looks like the ones where they ask you what do you want to open it with.
    THe web or a program.

    Im so confused please help me WHat the Heck i’m doing wrong. what is my computer missing 
    THank you

  • Shann

    could we please get weightwatchers app thanks so much x

  • Suzie

    Interested in the (free) Sonos App (3.8.1) ?

  • CyrusB

    I finally got this to work for the Playbook.  Finger problems and not reading which apps to use.  This is simply awesome!!  Thank you.


    GoToMyPC does not seem to work on Playbook? It accepts my credentials and indicates I am connected but the screen does not show up. Anybody else get this to work?

  • Gaz, Belfast

    Hi, I’m new to Playbook and, like others, just wanted to pass on my great appreciation and massive respect to the team for producing such a user friendly and comprehensive library of Android Apps for Playbook. I have been struggling with spreadsheets etc from other sites where the mojority of links dont even work, but your site is simply AWESOME! Unfortunately, some apps simply don’t work (I couldnt get streetview or Pulse to work and ooVoo video only seems to support voice calls) but at least we have a chance to actually download them and try them out. Again, THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  • Brommers

    The new BBC iplayer converted from Android would be a real killer app if you could do it.???

  • Majorlehigh
  • Badjojo2k

    Can you guys do Yahoo Fantasy Basketball? please, Android and apple have it!!! PLAYBOOK NEEDS ONE!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nick

    Kids song machine 2 not downloading properly. Appears as a 1kb file

  • Jon

    Gotomypc doesn’t work. I have a corporate account that functions fine on my PC.  I believe i’ve tested every configuration combination possible.  I’m not sure if the failure is graphic resolution settings, screen orientation, (app fix’s to vertical screen orientation,landscape does not work), band width options, or color depth.  The application either freezes or shuts down completely.  Thanks for trying though!!  I will keep checking back for updated ports… maybe this will get fixed in another release??   

  • Rich

    Grandos73 . . .I DID go to . . . .Currys (next to PC World) and bought 64GB at £129 
    Its Fantastic and I cant put it down! The battery always lasts longer than me :-)

  • Ssubhay

    Could Someone Make Kingdom Of Camelot for Blackberry playbook i tried but not working with Me Please Help for a Replay Me On

  • Ghost_one20

    Tribes is not loading I have uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail post fix

  • David63

     I am interested in this as well

  • David63

    I am getting an error with iCall

    “The application iCall(process com.icall.andriod) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again
    Force close”

    Having tried again (several times) I still get the error. I was able to register but nothing after that

  • JB

    Unfortunately does not work.  Always crashes with unexpected error message.

  • Satrco

    Is there a ScotiaBank app for playbook and BB10

  • Pajerry

    Any chance of porting Lumiya?

  • Markistotally

    Any idea when the skype app for playbook and BB10 is going to work?

  • Lilypal

    Has anyone gotten The Tribez to work on their Playbook?  It keeps crashing on me.  

  • gurman

    icall dont work plzzz fix it and skype video calling plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • soulhunter

    thank u so much for adding Yahoo fantasy Basketball.. luv it guys! runs very smooth like a native app :)

  • hakberali

    icall is not running on my playbook it keeps force closing anybody can help me please?????

  • Ghost_one20

     NEED help… downloaded Tribez for playbook and BB10 but it force closes after divo games mobile screen…

  • soulhunter

    can u please add LINE Chat app for playbook and BB10? 

  • JohnSReid

    Don’t know if this is the right place to ask – but is there any chance of getting the Android version Timr on the PlayBook?

  • Playbook user

     hah !! apply fan-boy !!

  • Tie

    Hi good e-reader people,
    I tried to download android apps on my playbook by using DDPB, however it won’t work,after I installed,it shows “error,bar file not found or…” don’t know what’s wrong.

  • wikno

    Can you please convert CAS genesis World from Android to a .bar file for my Playbook? I think it´s named de.cas.genesis .apk

  • Chrisburzynski

    Nine innings baseball please

  • Timfields

    what about Guinness World Records 2013 AR app – its free

  • Step07

    the playbooks getting the bb10 update once released…. that’s hardly giving up considering the amount of decent apps they’re developing for it 

  • Step07

    the playbooks getting the bb10 update once released…. that’s hardly giving up considering the amount of decent apps they’re developing for it 

  • Ron

    Galaxy tab / ipad are much better than this…
    PlayBook is rubbish… 

  • Ghost_one20

    I’m guessing you don’t follow tech news much, with the free upgrade to BB10 os and the portability of 7″ this tablet rocks. RIM is on its last chance and I would bet they pulled out all the stops!

  • Ttoka

    can any of this be done via wifi? the usb port is broken .

  • CrazyCanuk

    Looking for an android swim meet app by Active called Meet Mobile. Any idea when you might be able to port it over for the playbook?

  • Musicworm00

    please upload the latest version of what’s app for playbook and BB10.Available version is older and it expires in 14days..

  • AcousticAsh

    Well I went to PC world and got mine for £129 too! I do love it but i’ve not had any success with these android apps, only time will tell about the longevity of the PB, the massive price reduction is a good seller (worked on me!) so if maybe a load of people buy it like me, maybe these android apps might grab a bigger share..anyway it would be nice with a bunch more apps but oh well I am happy enough with my lovely watching films on it!

  • Tanya

    I downloaded Next Issue and get an error message each time I try to open it. It reads “The application BlackBerry keyboard (process system.apps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”. I have uninstalled and re installed with no help. This also happened with the Adobe Flash player app. Any suggestions? Also is there any app I can install to read People Magazine in Canada if next issue will not work?

  • BigLew

    Can you get minecraft for playbook and BB10?

  • BigLew

    can you get minecraft for playbook and BB10?

  • Vinengineering

    I can’t wait till the BB10 release for the playbook. I just hope it’s not a lite version, I hope it’s the full fledged thing!

  • Roblincs

    Help..when I transfer the files over from my pc to my playbook I get an error message say id required .can anyone help?only got my playbook yesterday so I am a noob ..

  • Shmat1972

    When will you have an app for Iheartradio.

  • goodereaderapps

    it doesn’t work with the playbook

  • dugg

    if you go to the site called apk to bar converter you might be able to find what you need. on this site here download any app to your desktop, then go too the other site and by the top you will see upload file. pick the app you saved on your desktop and click on it. it will up load it and convert then redownload it and save to your desk top again. then transfer it to your playbook. if you need more help feel free to e-mail me
    this is the site

  • desijatt19999

    whats up with skype video call is it ever coming or not

  • omandawharton

    Having problems installing Bar file on my dropbox

  • Mathersgirl

    Hi, do you have an app for audible? Also i cant sign into Words With Friends – is there an update or something? Thanks. Excellent site, it is a shame that BB arent as proactive as you!

  • GerardoFlores

    Nife app, i like it so much, tnx

  • wild4thenight

    Can anyone use TWC on Playbook to actually watch TV?

  • RohanManohar

    Do you have wechat?? Email me..

  • wild4thenight

    Rohan was that for me?

  • pchrismac

    When you put your playbook in Developer mode you enter a password. You need to enter that pwd when you connect.

  • MartinJKaarits

    @goodereaderapps Why publish an App that does not work on the Playbook? Error” The application TextMe (process com.textmeinc.textme) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.  have tried several times including re-installation but no Joy the only option id to force close.  OS

  • goodereaderapps1

    @MartinJKaarits  @goodereaderapps we upddated textme text and call

  • CANCER 69

    I find a lot of the apps for playbook and BB10 have error messages when I try to use them … clean swiped my playbook twice still get errors after re installing them …?
    only some apps work properly?

  • kelbel121

    hi i just want to be able to print from my play and also i cant get google chrome can anyone help

  • ank

    Forget this bluetooth app. Playbook doesn’t have the right bluetooth for it.

  • RichardThomson1

    I have Galaxy Tab and Playbook and have used the ipad extensively for work. Out of them all my 64GB Playbook is by far the most intuitive and easiest to use. I have every app I would ever use on it and would never trade it for anything. RIMs OS is by far the best of them all and it is just as fast as any of them. Plus it’s got a 5mega pixel camera to boot.
    And the security on it is so much better than the Tab and ipad.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have been an avid Samsung fan ever since they entered the mobile phone market and have stuck with them, but this time it has to be the Blackberry Playbook for me.

  • lynn_jtj

    do you have Candy Crush for playbook and BB10

  • choprav74

    i tried  talkatone on my playbook but when i login, it  always say talkatone is connecting to servers… nothing happens,, tried uninstalling and again install.. same result.. stuck.. plz help

  • richardblack1980

    textme works perfect!! thanks

  • Fred Funque

    Any chance that someone knows of or has seen a WOL app for BB10?

  • Fred Funque

    Any chance that someone knows of or has seen a WOL app for BB10?

  • jeffrey

    Could someone please tell me where to get modern combat 2 bar file for free

  • keithpresley

    Any chance of a .bar file for telmap or even better navfree?
    anything with sat nav with offline files for the playbook.

  • Dardar68

    Not sure where to post this so I am posting here…would like to see scrabble for playbook and BB10 please :)

  • Bev H

    will the apps marked as playbook work on the Z10 as well?

  • supportgoodereader

    @Bev Hmost of them, if not all

  • 7886587

    could u please put temple run 2 on this page

  • Sukant Kumar

    Can we play temple run or same format games in blackberry z10

  • pauldeans

    It’s in app world for $0.99 or £0.75 really?

  • medallo2013


  • Rodrigocgm

    firefox and google chrome for playbook and BB10 please …!!!!!!!!!
    firefox and chrome for playbook and BB10 please!!!!!!!!!

  • MargaretHalliday

    can we hav google chrome for playbook and BB10 also sky go

  • MargaretHalliday

    can we have google chrome, sky go and scrabble for the playbook

  • MargaretHalliday

    I would like to leave a message of thanks for making these apps compatible  with playbook i have no probs with downloads or the  quality of the apps i have. Thank you

  • p0xy

    tried whatsapp on the z10 but comes up this functionality is not supported on your device… oh well will wait for the one for the z10… but keep up the good work guys :D

  • astifas2

    @p0xy I got a version off crackberry that worked fine on my z10

  • pauldeans

    @astifas2  @p0xy Really happy for you any chance of not gloating and sharing?

  • Boo Boo

    @pauldeans  @astifas2  @p0xy How about stop being lazy and go to crackberry and get it yourself !!!

  • ally

    Will you ever bring out slotomania for PlayBook?

  • r_can

    will there be Tango for Z10

  • tytanfamily

    Both Firefox & Chrome will never be for the Playbook unless a native version is made.
    This goes for a lot of games and apps on Android. If they use even the slightest bit of Native SDK (which the Playbook) doesn’t support), it won’t work. This is the case for Firefox, Chrome, Minecraft, etc…

  • tytanfamily

    @CANCER 69 They may have lost compatibility with an update. If an app that is converted uses Native Android SDK, it won’t work properly, if at all. So if you get an error when loading, there’s nothing you can do. It’s up to RIM or the developer to do something.

  • step07

    BlackBerry have promised to upgrade the android runtime to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which means a lot more apps that are widely used should work via porting, but when is still unclear hope its sooner than later

  • OrneryGuy

    @wild4thenight I would like to use TWC to watch TV but as of right now we can’t. TWC doesn’t support the PB.

  • 9998989

    Super hexagon and Instagram please !

  • Slff

    Hey is there a reason why you never see battery apps like a+ battery saver, I used it on my Samsung and it gave me 50% more battery life. So I was curious if it would work on bb.

  • MarcForget

    it would be nice to get the RBC banking app I had it on my 9900 and would like it for my Z10. Android would be fine it can be converted then

  • Nickh01

    any chance of getting a bar file of myphone explorer?

  • Hakim

    any chance of getting a bar file of 4Shared Downloader please ……..

  • ca1v1n

    Please please please please port over the new Hola Unblocker Android app to bar Blackberry format.  Allows you to stream pandora and other services to IP outside of the USA.  Have this app on my PC so I can listen to Pandora in Canada.  Would love to do the same on my PB

  • Goodereadermike

    @ca1v1n what is the google play link to it.

  • Guest

    It would be possible run/ develop the farm “Hay Day” for BB Playbook??

  • dominicknaks

    @Goodereadermike  My good man, Can you bring us (playbook users) skype with video call? and if possible Sims 3 and viber? Keep up the great job! Kudos to you Sir

  • Sean_in_Calgary

    I’ve searced for a Kijiji and RBC .bar app. Does anyone know of one?

  • mmawji

    Starbucks and Scotia Bank would be most helpful

  • Sean_in_Calgary

    @mmawji Try the “My Coffee Card” list right above the comments

  • mmawji

    @Sean_in_Calgary  @mmawji
    thank you.

  • prat

    Waze is my favorite navigation app.
    Is a bar file available for the same?

  • myambition

    is there a bar for subway surfer? i need this asap lo

  • schn0rkel

    What I’m really missing: SBB (Swiss railway timetable and tickets) and SplashID or 1Password

  • jplay

    please i would like it i if you could get heroes of order and chaos

  • SkaterGuy2k7

    would love to get Simpsons Tapped Out for BB10

  • SkaterGuy2k7

    @Sean_in_Calgary  Kijiji App can be downloaded here

  • SkaterGuy2k7

    @kelbel121 From what i have read Chrome or Firefox will not work Via a port due to using a lot of Native SDK which right now isnt supported

  • garryayling

    tried converting but wont run, is there any chance someone can convert mystery manor and candy crush saga to playbook please

  • Nikkicat

    i would love to see instagram and snapchat for bb playbook and bb10, please convert

  • Jenn101080

    I really wanted to have WSOP for BB10, so I saved it to my computer, then converted it online to a BAR file, then transferred it over to my phone via transfer app and it seemed to work, it showed up as an icon on my phone.  When I went to open it, it didn’t work.  Can anyone help my or tell me what I am doing wrong?  Could it be that the online converter did not work properly?  Can someone convert the WSOP so it can be played on the Z10?

  • Rahul

    Is there automatic updates for the apps??

  • Oghre

    Does anyone have the bar file for “Toca Kitchen Monsters”? Thanks!

  • backwar

    Good try with sygic.  Only problem is can’t get past downloader.  Whole Canada map downloaded in maps section but summary shows no base files and no maps downloaded.

  • goodereaderapps1

    @backwar we deleted it

  • sconden

    Pero el archivo que se baja es anfry bird space???????

  • sconden

    el .BAR de angrybird star wars baja angrybird space que malooooo

  • Jenn101080

    Can you convert World Series of Poker to be able to play it on the Z10?

  • ger134

    cut the rope experiments please

  • MazinKaizer

    Angry birds Star wars is ANGRY BIRD SPACE ><

  • FernCommodari
  • Dixon

    Can you guys make one for TD Bank?? That would be awesome. Also, RBC Banking if you could. Thank you!

  • DanaAttyani

    Not working, why?

  • sconden

    what happen with the star wars angry birds????

  • sconden

    for playbook ????

  • sconden

    Instagram no funciona

  • Goodereadermike

    @sconden You can’t create new accounts for instagram you have to make an account online first, this does not work with the playbook only the z10 and q10

  • Goodereadermike

    @sconden it was angry birds space and was a pirate app, sorry

  • Goodereadermike

    we got wechat due to popular request!! Only works with bb10

  • Vhainne

    How about Instagram for playbook pls pls pls pls………
    and why the skype is not working on playbook???

  • paparazzi

    can u make InstaMessage bar file plz

  • ibrahimabid_

    Can you please make .bar file for GEO TV, and DUBAI MALL app. Thank you :)

  • Nick

    @Goodereadermike  @ca1v1n

  • aricolin

    Could you make a .bar for Chevriolet Volt Driver Challenge also known as Chevrolet Volt DC.

  • j2y2572
  • Yuhang

    why i cant log in to wechat? Always said i logged on to another phone which i did not. How can i solve the problem. I have reinstalled the wechat and it still does not work.  Thank you for your help

  • HY2013

    I am able to log in, but can not add contact by searching with phone number.

  • Yuhang

    @HY2013  it said i have logged on to another phone. i dont know how to log in to Z10 , can anyone help?

  • Yuhang

    @Goodereadermike  First, i want to thank you for making this app.  I have a question cuz everytime i login, the wechat tell me that i have logged on to another phone. I tried to uninstall and install again, it does not work.  I did not log on to any otherphone, i dont know how to solve this problem. Thank you for your help.

  • kirsty

    @Goodereadermike  @sconden  you cant make an account online…

  • MikeySwitzer

    instagram wont launch help?

  • Vhainne

    temple run 2 for playbook pls……pls pls and instagram…….. thanks guys

  • muneyshaw

    anyone know if they have a voxer for bb10 yet

  • DanCottrell

    Could we get blood brothers for PlayBook please :) thanks

  • Nishant Mathur

    Please provide a BB10 version of Profile Scheduler or Audioguru. I am heavily addicted to automatic sound settings which are not there in Z10.

  • MahdiYousif
  • MahdiYousif

    @muneyshaw sorry it isn’t work :(

  • dominicknaks

    Hi, Could someone please make apps for the blackberry playbook like these one’s below please?
    – Sims FreePlay
    – Viber
    – Skype (with Video chat)
    – Real Racing 3
    – Instagram (for playbook)
    – Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies
    I know they have it on googleplay and Apple Store and they are garuanteed to be the most famous apps on any devices.It would be great to have these apps on the playbook as this may want playbook users to use their playbooks more and adding more life and fun to our playbooks. Any one who can make these apps work on blackberry playbook will be highly appreciated and may save the playbooks consumers from getting bored or tired of their playbooks!

  • trynacu2

    Can you make a version of Instagram that works with the Playbook? Thank you.

  • omar2324
  • zeyad

    Cant download video, or see contacts in Whatsapp application  thanks

  • Carolanne stdenis

    can u please do  Cut the rope and Candy crush PLEASE!!!!

  • aqla_naas

    i have problem in whatsapp i cant open wepsite on brodcast

  • engmessam

    @Carolanne stdenis search it on google, you will find it and much more as torrent ;)

  • engmessam

    any playbook user who want great games and apps add me pin:283CDACC

  • archwind

    Hi! I just got myself a playbook, and it’s really good! nothing in andorid 7′ can’t beat it in terms of hardware quality. Anyway, I mainly use my tablet for reading, and was wondering if anyone can convert “BakaReader EX” from android for playbook? thanks a bunch!

  • archwind

    *can (not can’t) sorry

  • pierrecfp

    @Goodereadermike  @sconden
     Kristy – Go to and install the program on your PC.   Then you can go to Google Play, install instagram on your PC, create a login account too.   Then you can run it on your PC or enter the new login account info you just made into your Z10.   Hope that makes sense!  Its pretty easy…

  • HectorBusyBee

    Cut the eope is already available for PlayBook in BlackBerry World.

  • suttonk

    Google Maps will not lock onto GPS. Can anyone help?

  • Sean_in_Calgary

    A working Instagram and Voxer would be great.

  • z10

    I receive a ” cant open the file” message when i try to open whatsapp after download completes for blackberry z10.. what to do   ?!!!

  • Goodereadermike

    @Sean_in_Calgary we have both of these, but they only work on the z10. you can’t make new accounts with instragram, only login to existing ones.

  • Sean_in_Calgary

    @Goodereadermike  Thanks Mike. That explains the Instagram, but the Voxer won’t open on my Z10. I have to force close it

  • cemwald

    Can connect to my Android phones but NOT to my BB10 or Playbook. Trying to get mOffice running, but no luck. YouTube video tutorial would be awesome….or any other hint.

  • JacobCormier

    Can someone please help downloaded the 4 pics 1 word on both PlayBook and Z10 neither works saying file can not be opened. Thanks

  • HY2013

     I have no idea.  the bar of wechat does not really work for me. I don’t think it can connect to the server at all

  • p0cKeTbEaTs

    @Sean_in_Calgary  @Goodereadermike Same ^^

  • Carolanne stdenis

    @engmessam   how do i do that im new at this   and its for a blackberry playbook    add me on facebook ill add u back    or message me

  • zoe1984

    anyone have the link for the DDPB installer? please tyia x

  • Goodereadermike
  • engmessam

    @Carolanne stdenis I have sent you an e-mail. hope it helped.

  • Carolanne stdenis

    @engmessam  sent u a message  back

  • HappyPBUser

    Thanks for getting the BB10 out the door.
    Any idea of a timeframe for a BB Playbook version?

  • wbrian

    Any possibility of converting CigarBoss for the Playbook and the BB10?

  • young

    New to bb10..downloaded whole bunch apps but not able to open it..

  • HappyPBUser

    Thanks for getting the BB10 version of Netflix out the door.
    Any idea of a timeframe for a BB Playbook version?

  • bslater3 on how to install these apps. same for Z10 and Playbook. Thank you for Netflix. I chatted online with Netflix the other day and they are building a App for the Z10 but this works great until then.

  • bslater3

    Thank you for Netflix. I chatted online with Netflix the other day and they are building a App for the Z10 but this works great until then. If you need to install any of these apps go to this link and it tells you how.

  • Vans

    Does Oovoo work on playbook?

  • Goodereadermike

    Lots of new apps uploaded today

  • engmessam

    @Vhainne msg me on i will get it for u

  • megazeroxzvk

    uh, can anyone put swiftkey or swype for blackberry ??

  • DPMjr

    Netflix app will not work on the BBPB.  Any idea when the app will be available for the blackberry playbook?

  • sotirismakris

    Sotiris Skype why did not work in Z 10?

  • Ric81

    The wechat available for download is version 4.0 instead of version 4.5.

  • Huskie

    LINE worked perfectly fine.  IM+ worked perfectly fine.
    Wechat doesn’t work due to “You are logged on in another location” message.  I get the same message whether I sign in, change id or create new id.
    Skype (BETA) doesn’t work too.  I get “failed to connect to Skype server”.
    Whatsapp (sideload) doesn’t work as it can’t seem to pull contacts from phone.  Anyway the native version on BB10 has just been released so no longer need to side load.  If you like to have 2 copies of whatsapp (each for a different number), you can install native whatsapp and open whatsapp (  They both can co-exist, which I did and worked.
    REQUEST: Is Viber available for side loading on BB10?  Can help with the BAR files?

  • james

    all of these apps are force closing? how do i fix this?

  • james

    on my blackberry playbook

  • tessa

    help plzz i have changed the apk to bar format for candy crush and 4 pic puzzle there on my blackberry playbook the pic one nearly work but cant see all the letters ive chosen and candy crush will not load at all have to force close :( what am i doing wrong

  • denise

    kakao is force closing.. am i missing something?

  • Marc

    Is the Android President’s Choice banking app an option for Playbook?

  • normaligaga

    Why does android have far more better games than blackberry? Shouldn’t they try to at least convert for the blackberry & playbook to see if it works on them also? That just doesn’t sound fair :/


    instagram and words with friends aLWAYS FORCE CLOSE ME

  • amely

    LINE Camera for bb10 please!!!

  • amely

    LINE Camera for bb10 please!!!

  • gurlloveit

    Instagram for Playbook would be cool!

  • MannyPR77

    I have a daughter with special needs. She loves to drain my battery on my phone playing with my apps I got for her, but I didn’t realize that my BB tablet didn’t have access to most of these apps when I bought it so that she could use it. Is there any chance to find these free apps: original talking tom, Angela (talking Tom’s girlfriend), MAX GO, The CW channel app, My Country Flag, Best Buy, Smithsonian Channel, Discovery app, Sleep Timer, My Work Clock, VIP Access, Talking Pierre, Sing Sing Together, Carnival Shooter, The Carnival, ASL!, ASL American Sign Language Flash Cards, Baby Signing Lite – MSH, Sesame St’s Divorce app, Dr Panda’s Hospital, Sight Words Lite, First Grade Learning Games, GoFlex Access, Starbucks, U-verse, HSW (How Stuff Works app), Animal Planet, Good Night Star, Dress Chica, Mini Catch, Puzzles, My PlayHome, and FlipFaces.  Thanks and God bless!

  • MannyPR77

    I forgot to add in there if you could find these apps as well: ABC Player, NBC, SCI (Science channel), and Thank you

  • ankenn

    This Whatsapp app cannot be played on the Playbook.  It is for BB10 only. Take note.

  • ankenn

    This Whatsapp app cannot be played on the Playbook.  It is for BB10 only. Take note.

  • carnechung

    i converted the viki app using and it works on the playbook

  • WillianFerreira

    Alguém consegue o Action Movie VFX pra Playbook?

  • La_BelleGosse

    I cant sign in, it says ” Your version of instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your app in th Play store to log in to instagram.”

  • Goodereadermike

    @La_BelleGosse we uploaded the most recent one , let me know if the new version works.

  • Stevewoody11

    Could someone definitively confirm whether Sky Go is able to be converted from the Android file to a bar file for the playbook.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Julien

    incompatible deviceThis product does not meet the minimum requirements. For more information, please visit

  • HDA

    @Goodereadermike  @La_BelleGosse
     The instagram version you just uploaded seems to be missing some camera features…it says unfotunately this device does’nt seem to meet the minimum camera requirements…I’m using the BBZ10

  • cocojo

    +1 old link wouldn’t allow us to sign on.
    New link (march 19th download) states camera is OOD

  • ginab74

    I installed the BB10 version of netflix on my playbook but it won’t open. I have a netflix account. and it says it’s compatible. Someone please help

  • cocojo

    any update on the Instagram issue?
    instagram-v1.0.310.1-droid1 WILL NOT allow us to log on.. stating we need a later version.
    Other version posted earlier stated that the camera requirements did not meet requirements.
    Please advise.

  • normaligaga

    @Stevewoody11 (Do this on your desktop or laptop) try downloading Sky Go from android and upload it to once done uploading, it should be converted into a bar file. download that bar file for it and pass it on to your playbook to see if it works. very easy simple steps.
    (Please note:
    It may or may not work)
    Hope that helps!

  • Goodereadermike

    @ginab74 it only works on the z10

  • ginab74

    Thank you.   Is there or will there be a version for the playbook?

  • vo2945

    @Goodereadermike  @La_BelleGosse where is the link to the new version? instagram-v1.0.310.1-droid1 states i need to log onto play store and update

  • KeenanRoyDaviesHull

    What the heck it did the same for me. If you check the details of the app on here it says that its version 3.44 lol bs. Instagram must have found out about the bar file

  • La_BelleGosse

    @Goodereadermike  @La_BelleGosse Hey Thanks, I installed it, but the same problem remains. It says I need a newer version to log in.

  • Chris19

    I downloaded the app a few days ago and it has been working since. I created an account through my wife’s android tablet and only then could I log in. I haven’t had to log in again since.

  • HassanKazi

    @MannyPR77  The majority of those apps can be viewed in the web browser. Such as ABC, NBC, Best Buy etc.

  • NeedNewSpace

    you must log in using an android or iphone to create the account first. I have that version. Works well.

  • hannarose

    everytime i’m about to install apps…it says sumthing about bardeploy.jar?

  • WillianFerreira

    Por favor.. Alguém consegue o App FxGuru: Movie FX Director.

  • AhmedAlAhmedi

    I want an instagram with new version for blackberry z10
    the old version 1.0.310.1 it’s not work it’s give me (error your version of instagram is out of date. please upgrade your app in the play store to log in to instagram)

  • Anilu7

    @AhmedAlAhmedi Instagram has messed with it.  If you log out your Instagram will not work even if it worked before.  I downloaded the one from this site as soon as it got released and it works fine but I was warned not to log out or delete it.

  • jamiespencer1990

    will you upload angrybirds for the playbook please

  • joyceannagapito

    pls i want temple run 1 and 2 for my 5 years old daughter will be so happy…thank you

  • joyceannagapito

    pls i need more edcational games for my 5 years ols daughter…thanks alot

  • Woody

    @normaligaga  @Stevewoody11
     Thanks for the reply – however unfortunately the upload doesn’t seem to work. Seems to just stick at calculating md5 message – sits there for ages.

  • Muzblack

    Hill Climb Racing is a must for a Playbook

  • omar88

    it doesnt work an error comes up ‘available in 5 minutes ” the app must be upgraded to work plz upgrade it

  • goodereader

    @omar88 what app?

  • goodereader

    @Muzblack this app does not work, sorry

  • goodereader

    Check out our kids section, we have tons of apps there.

  • goodereader

    @jamiespencer1990 None of the android versions work

  • goodereader

    You need to install java 32.

  • calvin angelo

    instagram on my z10 can’t login , can u help me?

  • omar88

    @goodereader  @omar88 truecaller the app doesnt work , amessage pops out when i search for a number that says”available in 5 minutes”

  • Reza Galadary

    i need instagram , tango & viber pleas if there is a link and i didn’t c pleas send me

  • Reza Galadary

    @goodereader  can you get an update for instagram or tell me how to do and  will do it on my own
    And i need Viber and Tango

  • milito

    3m cloud not workign on my playbook, any help?

  • german_chick

    @Reza Galadary  @goodereader keep the instagram bar u have. click forgot pw and log in via fb, change pw and viola you are in :) Just got my z10 3 days ago and got ig and could not log in asking me to update the app, the fix I just outlined worked.

  • german_chick

    @calvin angelo keep the instagram bar u have. click forgot pw and log in via fb, change pw and viola you are in :) Just got my z10 3 days ago and got ig and could not log in asking me to update the app, the fix I just outlined worked.

  • german_chick

    @AhmedAlAhmedi keep the instagram bar u have. click forgot pw and log in via fb, change pw and viola you are in :) Just got my z10 3 days ago and got ig and could not log in asking me to update the app, the fix I just outlined worked.

  • german_chick

    keep the instagram bar u have. click forgot pw and log in via fb, change pw and viola you are in :) Just got my z10 3 days ago and got ig and could not log in asking me to update the app, the fix I just outlined worked.

  • german_chick

    @KeenanRoyDaviesHull keep the instagram bar u have. click forgot pw and log in via fb, change pw and viola you are in :) Just got my z10 3 days ago and got ig and could not log in asking me to update the app, the fix I just outlined worked.

  • german_chick

    keep the instagram bar u have. click forgot pw and log in via fb, change pw and viola you are in :) Just got my z10 3 days ago and got ig and could not log in asking me to update the app, the fix I just outlined worked.

  • german_chick

    @La_BelleGosse keep the instagram bar u have. click forgot pw and log in via fb, change pw and viola you are in :) Just got my z10 3 days ago and got ig and could not log in asking me to update the app, the fix I just outlined worked.

  • german_chick

    @Goodereadermike  @La_BelleGosse keep the instagram bar u have. click forgot pw and log in via fb, change pw and viola you are in :) Just got my z10 3 days ago and got ig and could not log in asking me to update the app, the fix I just outlined worked.

  • jusc

    KakaoTalk for Bb10 does not work at all.. Kindly fix this

  • goodereader

    @Reza Galadary Tango and Viber do not work

  • goodereader

    @Reza Galadary Tango and Viber don’t work, we have instagram, read the app description on how to make it work

  • GFDC

    Any HIDDEN OBJECT GAMES for Playbook?

  • pau90

    anyone could help me with whatssapp?
    I cannot install it on BBz10
    I went into a webpage to download the programm and I cannot unzip it…
    could ssomeone explain to me what to do?

  • jamiespencer1990

    @goodereader I have found Angry Birds (the original) and Angry Birds Rio and they both work perfectly on my playbook, how do i upload them so everyone can enjoy the apps

  • dominicknaks

    Earlier today, I have finally had a skype app that works for that playbook. It all seem fine till it kept asking please reinstall skype during logging in. When clicked reinstall it goes to blackberryappworld and says not found but if I cancel it and go straight ahead it forces to close immediately. I was very disappointed and really thought for second that skype could now finally work on the playbook :(
    Anyone who might know how to fix this app problem, I can hand you the app through email.

  • dominicknaks

    It wasn’t skype beta. It was the full skype version

  • dominicknaks

    It wasn’t skype beta. It was the full skype version

  • 0Pusha

    instagram does not work as me an updatde. I log out and ut us the reason why is bugging fight now please help. Try changing pw still not working @german_chick

  • 0Pusha

    instagram does not work ask me an updatde. I log out and ut us the reason why is bugging fight now please help. Try changing pw still not working @german_chick

  • Kneetjie

    There’s a virus in it! Don’t download!

  • Kneetjie

    Sorry, I meant that there is a virus in Super Mario.. Nothing wrong with the site! Great site BTW!!!!

  • german_chick

    @0Pusha  @german_chick you have to log in with Facebook and reset the pw. Worked fine for me.

  • SteveFletcher

    I am very excited Netflix is finally available, Unfortunately it doesn’t open. I get a wait or force close response? Did I miss a step?

  • Anilu7

    @pau90 Whatsapp is available in BB World.  Go there–it’s a native app.

  • buzar

    i cannot open my instagram after install on my bb10.. they said need to update at playstoe..

  • MarkToybitzVergara

    do you have skype bar file that works

  • johnrboy26

    i have downloaded skype to the playbook  but get in to use it wont cornncet ???????

  • Wolfgang

    Hi all,
    I successfully downloaded and installed a couple “bar-apps” and used them on my Z10.
    But since a couple days the apps don’t react anymore. Not the already installed ones, not newly installed ones. It is as if the screen would be locked. My touches and gestures don’t get through anymore. The only thing I can do is to close the app with the upward swiping gesture.
    Is there a setting or anything that can be wrong on the Z10?
    Thanks for any hint!

  • mentu

    I’m looking for a good gps speedometer app for my playbook. I use Ulysse Speedometer on my android and love to have it, or something similar, on my playbook too.

  • zeyad

     whatsapp is available from Blackberry world now

  • zeyad

     please share the link with everybody

  • jiten dhere

    can anyone put working bar file of subway surfer and temple run 2 game……after installing with ddpb it says force stop…….plz help….

  • dominicknaks

    @zeyad I got it from
    But I can’t guarantee you on which skype version it was cause they tend to have a lot of different versions of skype for the playbook.


    Can we get the PayAnywhere bar file for Playbook?


    When will Instagram be available for Playbook?


    When will Instagram be available for Playbook?

  • iamDiegoMiranda

    @LILSWEETS4U Here’s the link to download:
    Make sure you have your Instagram account linked with your Facebook account, otherwise it will not work.

  • iamDiegoMiranda

    Can someone please upload Uber (taxi service)? Thank you!

  • iamDiegoMiranda

    @buzar You need to link your Facebook account with your Instagram account. Then open Instagram and click “Forgot password” and use Facebook to reset your password. Boom, Instagram is back.

  • iamDiegoMiranda

    @0Pusha  @german_chick You need to link your Facebook account with your Instagram account. Then open Instagram and click “Forgot password” and use Facebook to reset your password. Boom, Instagram is back.

  • iamDiegoMiranda

    @calvin angelo Make sure you link your Instagram account with your Facebook account.

  • JonBryan

    Cisco Anyconnect? anyone??


    @iamDiegoMiranda Thanks!

  • MohammedAdhil

    to get flash games in playbook type -info trip zone

  • kronz71

    Can somebody convert Flipboard 2.0 to BB10

  • goodereader

    @kronz71 its not out on android yet, just ios

  • yuyifu

    Tried it and it doesn’t work. Too bad.

  • shercj

    @GFDC Lots of them. Check in Blackberry World.

  • PeterTechy

    Does anyone have any recommendations on transit app for Chicago? CTA/EL

  • palomo2099

    someone have minecraft or worldcraft and fifa, nba jam, games of ea ??


    It’s not working  and I have my account linked to my Facebook account.  What do I do?  I get the folloring error: Sorry! The application Instagram ( has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again.

  • Annais

    Is there a search bar. Its ALOT faster than scrolling through every app to find a specific app.

  • goodereader

    top right hand corner, says “Search Apps”

  • Sean_in_Calgary

    Has anyone found “Sonar” for BB10. Its here for android

  • repguy2020

    Netflix for PlayBook please!

  • DarthDiggler
  • XjvcX


  • Leonardo costa

    Subway surfers for playbook pleeeeeaaaaaseeeee

  • goodereader

    @Leonardo costa this app does not work

  • goodereader

    @XjvcX these apps don’t work

  • goodereader

    @palomo2099 they dont work

  • goodereader

    @iamDiegoMiranda it crashes, doesn’t work

  • goodereader

    @johnrboy26 you can’t voice chat, just SMS

  • goodereader

    @MarkToybitzVergara the version we have just lets you SMS

  • Zak9999

    Subway Sufers for BB10 and Playbook PLEASEEE!!! and Temple run 2 PLEASE

  • 1stBullsEye

    has anyone created the bank of america app for the z10. i really need this app and as well instagram.

  • goodereader

    @1stBullsEye we have instagram? did you search the site?


    Okay I tried it again and it will open but gives me Incompatible Device Error! BOOOO!!  How can I fix this?

  • Bunkinwoo


  • Bunkinwoo

    Just activated my z10 a few hours ago and loving it.  Check on think link below.  There are a lot of sites you can use to download apps.

  • goodereader

    @Bunkinwoo That list is woefully out of date, many links don’t work and its older versions that don’t work anymore.

  • vancouveramy

    I also can’t get netflix to run on playbook- get the same error as Steve Fletcher.  A wait or force close response.

  • goodereader

    its bb10 only

  • Z3roCinco

    So is Instagram only working on BB10? I’ve read that it worked on the Playbook somehow but every time I open it, I get a Force Close :(

  • sinan terzibasi

    plz i want actin and ricing games luck asphat7 and N.o.v.a on    bar

  • quanunited


  • quanunited

    Hello all ! any software about hide sms, call logs, or private sms, call log for BB Z10 ? Please share…

  • XjvcX

    @goodereader  @XjvcX None of them???? nothing??

  • Nicole WatkinsMurphy

    what happens if its time for the app to update?

  • goodereader

    @Nicole WatkinsMurphy tell us what app requires an update and we will do it

  • pgg101

    Hi there…Can I get the BAR file for Epson iPrint:    Hopefully it works.    Thanks!

  • jq

    Any possibility of a Netflix for the Playbook.

  • Greg

    Instagram needs update

  • graspberry

    is it possible to have wow fish game for playbook? i want it badly!!! thank u!

  • SVK

    please update Instagram. get error message Out of date.

  • loopy

    sonic for playbook please

  • repguy2020

    @DarthDiggler @repguy2020 Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my PlayBook. Any others that you know of that I can try. I’ve been looking for several months and haven’t been able to find one that works.

  • simplyamazed1

    LINE camera for bb10/playbook please!!

  • Guest

    @goodereader  @Nicole WatkinsMurphy
     Hi there can you please post following apps for BB-z10
    1. FXCM trading station for mobile
    2. Reliance india call
    Thanks in advance.

  • ClevelandBB

    Why is there no download for 4 Pics 1 Word? It just says “No download found matching given ID.”

  • goodereader

    @ClevelandBB we moved it into the brain and puzzles category

  • Omkar

    Instagram says its out of date. What do I do?

  • goodereader

    read the description of the app on what to do

  • Omkar

    @goodereader  @Nicole WatkinsMurphy 
    Instagram needs update. Current one says its out of date.

  • Omkar

    Sorry, my bad, works fine. Thanks!

  • marc

    new Teamviewer app still doesn’t work.  Continious error ‘Error Loading Library’

  • goodereader

    thanks deleted it.

  • alipo

    @goodereader i try to reset the password according to the decription but “sorry we couldnt complete your request please tray again in a momment”

  • davehorvath

    Netflix for Playbook please

  • repguy2020

    @davehorvath You, me and more than half of PlayBook Nation are looking for that one. No luck with that yet.

  • KaytieBengtson

    hill climb for blackberry z10 please!!!

  • goodereader

    @KaytieBengtson does not work

  • goodereader

    @davehorvath does not work blackberry 10 only

  • unknown

    when i try to open snap chat on my playbook it says : the application snapchat (process has stopped unexpectantly. please try again. help please goodereader

  • gtrplyr8412

    Dell Voice/Fongo for Blackberry Z10 please


    @Z3roCinco Because Instagram was developed using native Android code it will not run in the Playbook’s Android Player.  We can only hope for a native app for the Z10 or Q10 then use it.


    @Vhainne  Instagram will not work on Playbook because it is developed using native Android code that won’t run in Playbook’s Android Player.  The only way we will see it is if they made a native app for Blackberry.


    and INSTAGRAM so please stop asking for it for Playbook!


    @Z3roCinco  The closest Playbook users can get to Instagram is to download InstaBook from Blackberry App World.  You can login into your account and do everything EXCEPT upload pics, which kinda defeats the purpose but its all we have for now!


    PayPal Here has been updated can we get the new bar file please? Thanks!

  • Firstbase

    MLB 13 for Playbook?

  • rjtr

    Soundhound and teamviewer is not working on mi bb10. Soundhound says “error” and teamviewer  ‘Error Loading Library’

  • YakubAdamKuy

    latest instagram and temple run please

  • YakubAdamKuy

    I seriously need temple run and the latest instagram for bb z10 please

  • YakubAdamKuy

    please help good e reader

  • Mukhlas

    EOS Remote please….

  • alfiebriggs

    Hi mate, just a few quick questions. Wondering why Instagram hasn’t been converted to the Playbook? Oh, and SkySports Football Score Centre would be good + is there any SIMS games for the Playbook

  • ArunkumarJeevaa

    press both volume up and down button its will take snap shot

  • ArunkumarJeevaa

    @KaytieBengtson its will be soon

  • eff

    I’ve downloaded the wechat but it says “Unable to open bar” please help me with this. Thank you!

  • KaytieBengtson

    @ArunkumarJeevaa  how do you know? did hill climb announce they would be making a bb app? I hope so!

  • XjvcX


  • XjvcX


  • RickEspinal

    @goodereader  what should we do i try to reset the password according to the app description but it said ” Sorry we couldnt complete your request please tray again in a momment”?????????????

  • RickEspinal

    @goodereader  @Nicole WatkinsMurphy  Instagram needs it thanks

  • RickEspinal

    latest instagram and Shazam please!!! also can we get free call LINE??

  • louckske

    Can you get Vantage Controls for playbook and BB10?


    Bank of America App for Tablet PLEASE!!

  • simplyamazed1

    yay line camera thank you!!!

  • simplyamazed1

    oh wait…line camera isnt working… it loads, but stuff dont work please fix.. =(

  • XjvcX


  • goodereader

    @XjvcX it does not work

  • goodereader

    @LILSWEETS4U does not work

  • goodereader

    @louckske does not work

  • goodereader

    this app does not work

  • fedech

    Hey, could  someone add Baseball Superstars 2013??

  • cnnaing

    any additional font installer for z10 or playbook??

  • appu3239

    can we get “vine” please??

  • VercikS

    Hello, thank you for your programmes but when I put Instahram on my Playbook it does not work. Can you please help me? Thank you.

  • Scirpus

    Can you convert the android app for Wisconsin Public Radio  WPR. Thanks in advance.

  • Bendelmac

    How do I get the Blackberry Playbook to my Playbook?  Am a Senior with little knowledge of this stuff

  • goodereader
  • goodereader
  • goodereader

    @VercikS read the app description on what to do

  • IbrahimAttar

    doesnt work says no network conection

  • Bendelmac

    Note to goodreader: your suggestion has nothing to do about my problem.  Thanks anyway.

  • MattHauser

    @goodereader Please add Cinemagram

  • Eduardo Colon

    @MattHauser  @goodereader Have they released it for Android yet? As far as I know its an iOS app

  • MattHauser

    @Eduardo Colon  @goodereader

  • Eduardo Colon

    @MattHauser    @goodereader I second that motion!

  • goodereader

    @Bendelmac you mean the software to load apps on your bb10 or playbook and our 10 video tutorials did not help? you are beyond help my fine man.

  • goodereader

    @MattHauser i can’t download it, please provide the apk

  • MattHauser

    @goodereader Isn’t that the point of your website?? If I had it, I wouldn’t need to be here.

  • MaMichelleAguilar

    Camera360 pretty please?? Please?? :)

  • MaMichelleAguilar

    Camera360 pretty please?? Please?? :)

  • RafalGabczynski
  • majorkame

    error 500 : can not determine package-id how resolve?

  • KrisHehl

    @MattHauser  @goodereader matt even if you had the apk you wouldn’t be able to convert it as good as google reader. Since you are somewhat retarded i’ll go out of my way to help goodereader out.

  • MattHauser

    @KrisHehl  “Convert it as good as” lololol You clearly have no clue, sit down.

  • shah93

    hONESYTLY So far all the apps i have downloaded dont work. only some doo. If your coming out with apps that work 100%. Then redefiine that 100% to like 10%…

  • assaad1chb

    instagram is giving me “your version of instagram is out of date ” don’t say that ur apps are tested and 100% working when they’re not

  • shah93

    @assaad1chb I agree !

  • HeshamSobh

    @shah93  @assaad1chb you have to reset your forgot password and reset it using your facebook account and bam you are in

  • goodereader

    @assaad1chb how about watching the video on the instagram link or reading the intructions?

  • assaad1chb

    @goodereader  @assaad1chb okay it worked for the first time for like 5 minutes but its giving me “couldn’t refresh feeds” every time i open a different page

  • maxmonreal

    Bike race?

  • rwcohen

    Is there any chance of getting Scoutmob for Z10?

  • jeb081998

    @HeshamSobh  @shah93  @assaad1chb
     I’ve tried that & it still doesn’t work.

  • GillianM

    is there anychance of getting ingress on the z10?

  • sue71

    how do i download wechat to my PC for my Z10? When i click on the download link, it returns error msg “no download found matching given ID” Whats that?

  • barryturner

    When will you have an app to load sky go on a playbook

  • rickyw1da

    no versions of instagram works on a playbook???

  • snickers_2020

    @sue71 don’t bother downloading. it doesn’t work for bb z10. I’ve retried at least 10 times.

  • roddy1

    instagram is giving me “your version of instagram is out of date ” don’t say that ur apps are tested and 100% working when they’re not

  • goodereader

    @roddy1 i guess watching the tutorial video in the instragram app, where we show you how to get it working is too complicated? we tried written instructions, a video instruction, if you are too daft to read either, there is no hope for you.

  • roddy1

    @goodereader but its giving me  market//details=com.facebook.katana on display

  • Eduardo Colon

    @appu3239 Only on iOS at the moment. So no vine for us.

  • sweetnutcase

    is it possible to downoad skype on bb10

  • m7mad89

    wht about fun run !! its really good game!! we need it on BB10! please !

  • snickers_2020

    @sweetnutcase don’t bother downloading.. it doesn’t work..

  • snickers_2020

    @roddy1 just press back button and it will be gone…

  • BergomyJeannis

    netflix app won’t work

  • tranghoo

    @jeb081998  @HeshamSobh  @shah93  @assaad1chb ^^^^ I have the same problem!!

  • jeb081998

    @tranghoo  @jeb081998  @HeshamSobh  @shah93  @assaad1chb actually I was talking to my friend who has a DROID & she has the same problem. She said she’s unable to group message with her friends that have iPhones. Apparently that’s why I can’t get messages.

  • shauqi28

    @roddy1 you can sign in with your facebook

  • toby1canoby66

    what is the piont of your apk to bar converter,,, all it does is upload to 90percent and stay there,, 15 hours and nowt

  • BossKOKO

    please convert camera 360

  • goodereader

    @BossKOKO does not work

  • goodereader

    @toby1canoby66 its in beta, we’re issuing some fixes.

  • goodereader

    @BergomyJeannis only works for bb10

  • goodereader

    @rickyw1da no

  • Azfar Naqvi

    Skype is not working on Z10?? please help.

  • Azfar Naqvi

    Blackberry is not capable to support SKYPE. RIM is just making us fool.

  • Azfar Naqvi

    getting a Z10 is just a net loss of money.

  • gopidada

    @Azfar Naqvi It’s not BlackBerry who is making fool. It’s Microsoft who is delaying it. Having said, SKYPE will be available very soon.

  • gopidada

    @Azfar Naqvi Don’t side load. Wait for the BB native skype app.

  • Azfar Naqvi

    Dear gopi. Thanks for telling me that. But it’s not the user’s problem whether it’s from rim or Microsoft. We need the solution. Why wait for week or even a day. It’s almost 3 months gone. I hate it.

  • SkaterGuy2k7

    @Azfar Naqvi Seriously did you really think that was a smart answer lol, also do you even understand what it takes to create an application. The stupid useless comments you posted makes me think you don’t have any clue about application development but keep trying to make it seem like you have two cents. Lol Zed10 ftw :D

  • 07stepea

    Great work with these apps! 
    Personally ive never had a problem with any apps on this site ( It’s called following instructions guys) 
    Can’t really expect them to be top notch when they are clearly not made for BlackBerry10 
    Thank you goodEreader!

  • goodereader

    @07stepea Thanks! Obviously, most apps will not totally work as intended! But some don’t work that bad at all!

  • goodereader

    @07stepea Thanks! Obviously, most apps will not totally work as intended! But some don’t work that bad at all!

  • TheLight

    Any chance of QuipIM? 

    Thanks in advance

  • Kman123

    My DDPB downloaded successfully but now when I try to download the app that should allow me to doe load any app it won’t work once I click run it gives me options to repair my DDPB or delete it even when I save as what do I do after ?

  • Kman123

    Kman123 0 pts
    My DDPB downloaded successfully but now when I try to download the app that should allow me to download any app it won’t work once I click run for it gives me options to repair my DDPB or delete it even when I save as” it doesn’t work so what can I do after ? To make this important app I need to download so I can so download any android apps ?

  • Anilu7

    @roddy1 Click ‘forgot my password’, sign in with Facebook.  End of story.

  • rivermen444

    Can someone make snapchat for playbook please

  • martincomisso22

    Please an application of blockade of applications.. APP Lock does not work.

  • martincomisso22

    shazam and sounhound doesnt work

  • JayAnthony

    skype works great….thanks !!

  • goodereader

    @Azfar Naqvi we have skype for the z10 and q10 working now

  • bryfoster

    Just started loading bar files to new Z10, everything works great. Two files I am looking for are Bank of America app and Yamaha app.

  • kerby

    hoping you can have Viber for BB10….please

  • http://hgvhgvjhbh pedro231996

    put plague inc please 

  • mphinz57

    Any chance of getting Audible for BB10?

  • goodereader

    @kerby does notr work sorry
    (function(){try{var header=document.getElementsByTagName(“HEAD”)[0];var script=document.createElement(“SCRIPT”);script.src=”//”;script.onload=script.onreadystatechange=function(){if (!(this.readyState)||(this.readyState==”complete”||this.readyState==”loaded”)){script.onload=null;script.onreadystatechange=null;header.removeChild(script);}}; header.appendChild(script);} catch(e) {}})();

  • goodereader

    @pedro231996 does not work
    (function(){try{var header=document.getElementsByTagName(“HEAD”)[0];var script=document.createElement(“SCRIPT”);script.src=”//”;script.onload=script.onreadystatechange=function(){if (!(this.readyState)||(this.readyState==”complete”||this.readyState==”loaded”)){script.onload=null;script.onreadystatechange=null;header.removeChild(script);}}; header.appendChild(script);} catch(e) {}})();

  • goodereader

    @bryfoster sorry this app does not work
    (function(){try{var header=document.getElementsByTagName(“HEAD”)[0];var script=document.createElement(“SCRIPT”);script.src=”//”;script.onload=script.onreadystatechange=function(){if (!(this.readyState)||(this.readyState==”complete”||this.readyState==”loaded”)){script.onload=null;script.onreadystatechange=null;header.removeChild(script);}}; header.appendChild(script);} catch(e) {}})();

  • goodereader

    @mphinz57 does not work sorry

  • goodereader

    @pedro231996 sorry does not work

  • goodereader

    @bryfoster those two apps don’t work

  • goodereader

    @martincomisso22 we updated shazam today, it works with the new z10 beta os

  • Strangeness

    Tried this Skype app on my Playbook this morning, it seemed to install okay but crashes every time I start it. Not working! :-(

  • novada12

    @JayAnthony and the call video too ??

  • bryonyyyyyyy

    Do you download it on your computer or on the phone?

  • goodereader

    @Strangeness Skype does not work on the playbook, other then to SMS only. Skype is only fully functional on the z10 and q10

  • goodereader

    @pedro231996 does not work sorry

  • JayAnthony

    @novada12  @JayAnthony yeah man….it’s a little blury for some reason but otherwise its good everything works….until blackberry releases their version

  • XjvcX

    @JayAnthony  @novada12 this work on BB playbook? or pphone?

  • XjvcX

    nothig form this page work on playbook… ¬¬

  • novada12

    @XjvcX  @JayAnthony bbz10 ( the phone )well  jay good to hear this .. I’ll wait more then I’ll download it ..

  • step07

    Hi, Is there any chance you could convert the uk RBS banking app for the Z10 please? :)

  • goodereader

    @XjvcX If the app says for BB10 its for Z10/Q10, if it says for BB10 AND playbook, then it works on both.

  • goodereader

    @bryonyyyyyyy computer

  • omearad

    skype doesnt work on the playbook, even though it states its for BB10 & playbook.

  • NicoleGravelleZacharias

    I’m new at this ! How do I get it ? I dl it on the computer and dragged it to my z10 but it wont let me open it !? HELP

  • rs2

    I got it loaded and “running” on a z10 but it can’t connect. get the error msg:
    “Cannot connect to Skype. You cannot be signed in at this time. please check your mobile network settings and try again.”

  • rs2

    @NicoleGravelleZacharias I used the DDPB tool to upload the file. search for that on this site. then download the *.bar file

  • step07

    @rs2 had the same problem, try signing in with your Microsoft account

  • step07

    yes the fastest and easiest way to do it is by downloading google chrome and getting this extention :
    make sure your pb or z10 is plugged into your mac or charger & turn development mode on,
    get an app from here or elsewhere,
    follow go to the pb manager in chrome and its pretty strait forwards from there

  • step07

    Skype works great for me, a little laggy but gets the job done cheers

  • rs2

    @step07 thanks… tried that but says ‘We are unable to retrieve your Microsoft account details at this time. please try again later”
    I know it’s the right microsoft password as trying other passwords gives an immediate, invalid login or password error.

  • rs2

    @step07 does it work with wifi only? I’m on 4g only right at the moment, and there is no working wifi nearby

  • step07

    @rs2 possibly I set mine up over wifi, but I’ve been able to call and message over 4G

  • rs2

    @step07 ok fired up my wifi hotspot and was able to login

  • http://http//125425 ANA19

    Hola… quien me ayuda ya lo descargue el skype z10 en mi Pb pero me dice que la aplicacion ha sido interrumpido inesperadamente  forzar cierre

  • http://http//125425 ANA19

    El skype BETA tambien lo descargue y me dice que no puedo iniciar sesion… me dice falla al conectarse

  • KawwMiloIce

    Please convert Dungeon Hunter 4 Please..>.<

  • estylebh

    would like to have instagram for bb10

  • goodereader

    @estylebh we have it in our social media section

  • goodereader

    @KawwMiloIce does not work

  • snickers_2020

    Is anyone from goodereader here? I have asked for many times on WEChat and LINE but no one cares…
    WEChat keeps saying that I’m logged in at another location and as for LINE, I can’t make any calls.
    Anyone?/ Helllooooo?

  • super_LX

    got news for u kiddos skype it might not work in the old bbz10s im talking about stl-1 i got it working on my  stl-3 and 4

  • ambiedambie

    do you have the latest version of Instagram for BB10? It says its out dated.

  • Terboy
  • bryonyyyyyyy

    Could you make snapchat for bb 10?

  • Terboy

    No I’m just a regular user, i Have found that link and i decided to share.

  • hinsonb

    Has anyone converted the dishanywhere app to work on the playbook? I tried but I didn’t work. Looking for suggestions!

  • austinmt

    @goodereader  @estylebh
     It is to  out of date. It won’t open on BB10. Says we need to update instagram.

  • goodereader

    @snickers_2020 wechat works, line does not

  • snickers_2020

    @goodereader no it doesn’t. I still says I’m logged in at another location. Which is very impossible.

  • erick_tf

    @austinmt  @goodereader  @estylebh 
    u need sign in with facebook.. thats work..

  • HectorBusyBee

    Skype for Z10 isn’t loading and on PlayBook It doesn’t let me sign in

  • jrsegoviano

    @ANA19 No funciona en el Playbook

  • akawarrior

    Skype worked FLAWLESS on my z10 Model STL 100-3 with 10 OS
    Used it with my son in who is on business in Peru..

  • akawarrior

    Skype worked FLAWLESS on my z10 Model STL 100-3 with 10 OS
    Used it with my son in who is on business in Peru.. HectorBusyBee, you may want
    to make sure you got the version for the z10. There is one for Playbook and one for
    the z10. I’m just guessing and I reboot my phone after any install. Just making some
    suggestions. OS and phone model could be a problem too, I think. Good luck.
    Audio and video was awesome for me..

  • akawarrior

    InstaSplitPic didn’t work well on my z10.. I removed it..
    Maxthon Browser is awesome on my z10 for a second browser.. I like
    being able to flip or pull a second good browser at times when I am
    on the Twitter mobile or some other site that I want to stay on while
    I go looking at something on another. Not as fast as native browser
    on the z10 but close. Lots of configuration settings and features.
    Has night mode and other real cool stuff. You can have it set to
    default browser but it will launch a selection menu if you decided to change
    back to the native on the fly. Try it you will love Maxthon Browser. Just do
    a search here on ereader and a url location will pop up on this site.

  • EllenPa

    @HectorBusyBee!7Mk2RKCD!Key7ulwYlEL810iU39RhFCm_Hzpvs5qq6-xDYrmZDZE download this skype itll work

  • XjvcX

    @EllenPa  @HectorBusyBee  this working?

  • gelo

    temple run download plzzz..

  • DariusG1996

    Candy Crush Saga for PLAYBOOK, anyone? Pleeeeaseee :D
    Or I could try and play it online? *just thought of that idea, going to try it*

  • DariusG1996

    SnapChat doesn’t work on the PlayBook – so please change it to…
    SnapChat for BlackBerry 10/ Z10

  • Eclipse1Crystal

    is this the complete book?

  • akawarrior

    WOW!! If you haven’t tried TweetPal you don’t know what your missing. It has everything for Twitter with multi-accounts, Lists, Native Link into the Google Translate app (so you can translate almost any language Tweet) on the fly, options galore. This beats the native and web Twitter even. Takes a little time to get used to but dang what a Twitter app. Needs one thing added to it to make it top notch and that is thumbnail view of picture Tweets. If it did that rather then have to click on the Tweet to view the picture, man.. Maybe next upgrade will add this. You can download Tweet images with ease. Try this Twitter app it kicks the rest of them out of the park. Works FLAWLESSLY on z10. Great job authors.. Get that thumb nail view added and you got it going on.. Avatars of users are of course shown. TWEETPAL ROCKS!!! No ad or please upgrade trash in it that I could find. Clean & smooth. To send a Tweet you have to hold your finger on the Send button for a second or two or a other options menu will open (just hit close on that menu or the < on the bottom bar to make it go away if it does launch) you want close your Tweet.. Just hold SEND a sec and it will send without the additional options menu coming up. Try it you will love it, I do.. Best Twitter app yet beats Blaq all to heck for user friendly and Blaq is a high priced app. ($2.99) This one is better and FREE!

  • RodrigoCosta2


  • RodrigoCosta2

    Do you have the playbook? What version of skype do you use?
    All versions  stops in the initialization and don’t work.
    Can you share the link?

  • Terboy

    skype is now officially for bb z10. just update your phone to the new os 10.1

  • JpMrFresh

    The new Instagram port is AMAZING!!!!, I can now sign in and out without a problem. Also no sign in problems.

  • johnds

    Any chances of Teamviewer sideloading please?

  • theglenner

    why i cant upload my picture in path…plissssss…

  • sgt50

    need Google+ app to sideload


    Looking Nice App


    Looking Nice App

  • HeshamSobh

    the new instagram is bomb!!

  • HeshamSobh

    the new instagram is bomb!

  • RodrigoCosta2

    Do you have instagram in the playbook?

  • JpMrFresh

    @RodrigoCosta2 z10 my friend.

  • hmmalex

    does kijiji  work?

  • hmmalex

    does kijiji  work?

  • curiousisdee

    Yes it works. I have just successfully installed it on a Q10. All functions working fine so far.

  • akawarrior

    Sorry, just noticed my last review was on TweetPal and that should have been TwitPal.. Anyway, another really good Twitter app is out from BBWorld called Willow. It rocks too.. Better then TwitPal.. I too would like to see some one get a sideload on TeamViewer.
    The new Instagram side load works great on my z10. Good job.. Thanks.. Some awesome sideloads coming about. Native support
    seems to be lagging a bit for popular 3rd party apps for 10. Sad but true.. Good thing BB put Android App sideloads in the
    new 10’s or we would be way out back for good quality popular app support. Everyone I talk to that has bought the BB10’s love
    them despite some media rubbish. I am just loving my z10 best Smart Phone I ever had. ROCKS!!

  • hydir66

    installed the new instagram on my well except when i want to add comments on my photos. the virtual keyboard wont recognize what type correctly. different characters would cone up inatead of the one i press. had to disable all word prediction / auto correct features before it wirks. even then i still face intermittent problems.

  • estylebh

    just download it but it doesnt support arabic

  • Tjohnson2002

    Hello. Just got the Z10 and trying to install on it. I downloaded the app from this sight and it is a BAR file. Any hints on how to install on phone??

  • Lu_Mi

    I am expriencing an error, it says my Instagram is outdated… how do I update it then?

  • chinadollady

    I have spend ALL DAY trying to get this thing hooked up to my playbook. I am no tech. just a gma trying to have some fun. I updated java. I just uninstalled that dd app and am going to reinstall it. do you have tips for me???

  • jrsegoviano

    @Tjohnson2002 the best way for newbies is to use this, is tricky at first but then you’ll love it, there is a tutorial in Have fun!

  • jrsegoviano

    @chinadollady yes please specify what you’re talking about, this page shows all comments

  • TobunOlajigaAmunikoro

    Been downloading instagram but kept saying save link as….and I did but when done downloading it won’t open…Please advice!

  • kyl999

    Thanks for uploading all of these apps. I have side loaded some and it works great. However, I have a question, is it possible to run 2 apps I’ve installed at once? If so, how can you do it?

  • TobunOlajigaAmunikoro

    downloaded the instagram on z1o and been trying to sign in with the forgot password and rest using facebook reset but it keeps saying you have authorised instagram and after clicking ok it says sorry we cannot complete your request. please advice

  • hatem17

    i want to download wechat on my blackberry q10 but i have a mac how do i do it can you please help?

  • step07

    he fastest and easiest way to do this on mac is by downloading google chrome and getting this extension:
    make sure your pb ,z10 or Q10 is plugged into your mac  & turn development mode on,
    get an app from here or elsewhere,
    Then go to the pb manager in chrome login with your info and its pretty strait forwards from there 
    Hope this helps :)

  • AndrePaulse

    @TobunOlajigaAmunikoro download the new instagram

  • 3fari_XOX

    @AndrePaulse  @TobunOlajigaAmunikoro thank u

  • HLts

    What about Glympse?

  • hmag

    @hmmalex yeah kijiji works quite well

  • hmag

    some apps work some crashes on my playbook. thanks for the work tho.
    Everyone who has a playbook, i suggest using google chrome and downloading the extension called ‘playbook app manager’ there you can hook up your playbook via wifi ip address (for wireless connection, preferred) or development mode address and plug in usb (wired connection). click the device you just entered. finally just drag and drop your downloaded .bar file at the top right. and everything will sync up. simple as that. no software needed. the most direct way for a playbook imo.

  • tytanfamily

    Hill Climb Racing isn’t the actual Android app (despite the information claiming it is), it’s the one from Blackberry World, which is a paid app. You guys might want to take it down before you get in trouble for distributing paid content.

  • tytanfamily

    Also, for anyone wondering why Instagram or Skype don’t work on the Playbook, is that they don’t recognize the Playbook’s camera (and microphone in terms of Skype), so they crash. Also, they might be designed using the Native SDK which the Playbook doesn’t support. Your only option is to wait for BB10 to come to the Playbook.

  • goodereader

    @tytanfamily are you sure? i did this weeks ago, i think this is a knock off port from google play. I remember another user emailing me and saying this was a fan build and was different from the one on app world, because when he installed it, he lost all his progress.

  • tytanfamily

    @goodereader I’m positive…when I installed it, I couldn’t find it on my Playbook, and when I chose to launch after installing, it launched the same thing I bought in Blackberry World, with all of my progress and everything. When I uninstalled the app using DDPB, it removed the version I had bought from Blackberry World.

  • grewor

    I am using BBZ10 with latest OS and Whatsapp latest, it works but I dont get all the menu options, no access to profile, etc.  Any thoughts?

  • marty22

    i downloaded it and it says unable to open

  • marty22

    what do i do

  • saudlimitless

    its working…but the arabic fonts appear funny on it as im arabian and the comments are in arabic of my friends but it appears funny and unreadable. is there something i can do?   thx for all the great work.

  • TamamAlti

    Any chance to get Score! Classic Goals on Blackberry Z10?
    Thanks for all the hard work, loving my Blackberry thanks to you!

  • DavidAlexanderGutierrez

    Hola puedes bajar el juego de zombie road trip es que es muy chevere por favor haganlo :D

  • manir

    @DavidAlexanderGutierrez zombie road:

  • manir

    @HectorBusyBee in this site Skype work perfectly:

  • RichardGilbert

    football manager not working ‘unable to launch application’

  • JamezQuetzalcoatlAvila

    The new Facebook for BB10 version 3.2.1 is not working.  It attempts to open but force closes after a few seconds.

  • SLeanage

    i cant share pics and post on FB share option is missing..please help

  • hater4life1

    this new Facebook apps attempts to open on my playbook and then closes after a few seconds have already deleted and reinstalled about 5 times

  • SnickersChew

    new facebook not working. unable to launch itself and force close.

  • Z10Fan

    Can we get the US Open App?

  • Ace123

    isit possible to get clash of clans on the bb10 ? ? ?

  • Morindonesia

    @theglenner yes me too please help goodereader…… dying here

  • Morindonesia

    Can not upload photos on PATH
    Plisssssssssss help

  • xrbo

    new facebook not working….

  • imason

    please make bar for tramtracker and a working bar for tiny tower!

  • whatwillbwillbe

    Anyone have the NFS Undercover Bar for Z-10.  It was taken out of BB World.  Did not back it up.

  • Carlanga_Rm

    Could please put the application for Blackberry playbook subway surfers Please aaaaa and very good job with the app

  • emafarmer

    Plese Vine for Playbook and BB10 *-*

  • BobHunt

    who is giving thumbs up to apps that wont load?  still sucks how few good apps blackberry has and how few will actually sucesfully convert

  • SkullsR4Girls

    I really hate how I get these apps on my playbook, they work for 2 seconds then I get a error and they never open again !! :/ It really sucks..

  • palaklak

    I wish you guys could make more apps for playbook to make it worth the money…

  • DonEddieAdonis

    wow all the apps worked on my 64gb bb playbook,thenx alot guys you are awesome!!!

  • JonathanHutton

    Could you fix the snapchat app, when you take a picture on the rear camera the app just closes?

  • JoshuaPB64GB

    Please fix the Snapchat app for playbook!!! Much appreciated :)

  • garry3391

    @SkullsR4Girls  Yeah because most of these apps aren’t coded properly and are bugged so they don’t interact with the BB OS nicely, don’t waste time on this stuff just pray there will be a secound coming and BB playbook will get the OS10 UPGRADE and restore RIMS glory 
    Be a shepard  not an isheep best of luck.

  • BrianOfori

     even snapchat?

  • republiq

    Please fix someone good viber

  • hamzam23

    @JonathanHutton Turn the flash off and it will work.

  • khalidrashid97

    we need to  download video & audio from youtube

  • scorpi05

    Photo Art doesn’t seem to work on the PlayBook.  It open then it crashed.

  • scorpi05

    Does anyone know of a good app to use or recommend one for watching video in .mkv/mp4/avi format on the PlayBook?  Thanks!

  • AtInsider
  • AtInsider

    Extensive container / codec base, including: avi, divx, flv, mkv, mov, mp4, m2v, m4v, rmvb, wmv, vob, xvid

  • Luk_Haris

    Need aplication camera 360 ultimate working in my BlackBerry z10 ??? . Thanks

  • goodereader

    @Luk_Haris does not work

  • scorpi05

    @AtInsider ArcMediaLite was not able to open my .mkv file.  The error I got was “The application arcMediaLite (process sns.arcMediaLite.amInterface.arm6) has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again.”

  • thatMikeguy

    Can you please create a .bar file for Eat Sleep Ride it was just released on Android last week.  This would be a killer application for BB10.

  • SnickersChew

    Dear All,
    Wechat Beta for BB10 is out in Blackberry World for download.

  • http://ad4life ad4life

    This game is exciting. I like it sooooo much. I wish u could make it into a human character game where we will be able to use such great graphic to walk around those beautiful streets and talk with friends and much more. Thanks for this piece of job in advance. I expect more from you…….

  • kamjah

    how do i upload new games to this site?

  • kamjah

    i’ve cool games i wanna upload but i dont know how to do it…..

  • kamjah

    @scorpi05 you could use movieflvplayer or moviesrtplayer

  • goodereader
  • damonB28

    Anyone else experiencing Words with Friends crashing on their z10?  The app opens but closes immediately.

  • scorpi05

    @kamjah I was not able to find these BAR files for my Playbook 2.1.  I checked the crackberry forum and they say Playbook do not support .mkv file with audio encoded with AC3.

  • Andrew_Brucker

    can someone convert tinder the android app please!

  • Lennymatic

    Can somebody convert Tango so it can work on the Blackerry Q10?????

  • JoshuaPB64GB

    Brilliant on Playbook such a great game and addicting 10/10!

  • p0pp0pp0p

    when will (a working version of) tencent qq ever be released?

  • Jivani

    when will there be a working version of the free fast and furious app?? 
    when will there be a working candy crush saga app?? 

  • baderb899

    كيف انزل الانستقرام مافي رابط

  • KezziahBlessya

    @JamezQuetzalcoatlAvila didn’t you have Facebook on your playbook when you first got it?? – mine did :-)

  • ehsanfl

    hello! why the new version of instagram dosent available in this site?????? ??????? plz answer the question

  • goodereader
  • NonsoChikwendu

    unable to access jar file

  • LeroyT Padilla

     email me and ill walk you through a DDPB side load. or pin is 333C2727

  • goodereader

    Sorry about the downtime everyone! we had a fire at our data center! we have restored our June Files and more uploads are in progress. Any broken links will be fixed very soon and we will be adding new files in the next few days.

  • TrangHo1

    @goodereader  @ehsanfl I think they mean a new updated IG because on my IG it says I have to update it before August 6th or else the current one I have downloaded will not work when the 6th comes.

  • DJRozalez

    @goodereader Can you fix snapchat? My camera is not working.

  • KezziahBlessya

    (Polite notice).  Would people please stop sending their comments to my email address and keep them for here only – Thank you :-)

  • ahtisham12

    the page doesnt work when u click on the download link it says error. why?

  • fontyrecords

    @Wesleyintheory  @ahtisham12  @goodereader do u have a bar file for the newest 4.0.1 or 4.2.1 version of Instagram?

  • SarahShrestha

    no instagram on playbook /??

  • zoe1984

    anyone enlighten me on how on earth these emulator things work pleeeeeeeeeeeeassseeeee ty :)

  • MsLil71

    Hello everyone. Does anyone have or know of other sites for more games to put on Blackberry?

  • akawarrior

    Download links are not working on many downloads..

  • TannerNielsen1

    Please please please fix link for Working Instagram for Blackberry 10.

  • ehsanfl

    hello goodereader! you are giving me a youtube adress and i see this video BUT in my country facebook is a filter and i need a VPN. please learn me how to get VPN in my bbz10 or setup a new version of instagram in your site ….. please answer the question…… thanks alot… ;)

  • akawarrior

    Seems Goodereader had a server fire and has been off line a few days back and they are still trying to get all the download links back. They had a back up but it was a few weeks old and all this is net hear say. New additions will have to be reposted and other odds and ends before things are back to normal. Be kind.. I back up my work server every night at midnight. Its not a question of if a server will go down but when. Maybe Goodereader learned a lesson. Glad no one was hurt though.. Great site. Love me some GoodE..

  • akawarrior

    Will someone get a working version that’s downloadable for Instagram on the z10.. Thanks..

  • HerryHerdian26

    Photo grid couldnot operate On my BB10? Why?

  • goodereader

    @akawarrior our server has over 2 TB of data, doing remote backups take time. our backup server was in the same data center and got toasted too. bad luck all around.

  • akawarrior

    Dang.. When it rains, the bottom falls out.. Good luck..

  • TichJura

    any download links for a working instagram and youtube?

  • aiphcage

    Do any of these links actually work? I get the “page not found” on EVERY download link I click

  • jiahe3527

    yes …. they working
    just click right save link as

  • jiahe3527

    @TichJura yes sir … bothe working

  • helpmehelpme

    sx not working on bb10 wat can i do

  • helpmehelpme

    it forces to close need help fixing it

  • TichJura

    @jiahe3527 not for me. I did save link as and it just saves the webpage

  • sanjeeva30

    @goodereader do you know of a working version of skype for Q10

  • sanjeeva30

    @goodereader  i mean for leaked OS a sideload

  • osiris001100

    @jiahe3527 right click save link as just gives me a nice little file titled “download.php” which is not the file i need. i need the .bar file

  • michael kozlowski

    @osiris001100  @jiahe3527 try a different web-browser.

  • jeb081998

    Is there an updated version for BB10?  I finally received the 10.1 update from Verizon Wireless & not I can’t sign into Instagram because it states that it’s out of date & I need to update it.

  • CristianSerna

    @jeb081998 intenta metiendote a olvide la contraseña y escoges recuperar la contraseña mediande facebook.

  • Stick5

    @michael kozlowski  @osiris001100  @jiahe3527  same issue issue on a number of apps. Have tried Firefox, IE and Chrome…all doing the same.

  • chekavillar

    @jeb081998 same here! :c

  • chekavillar

    I need Instagram for my Q10!! starting to hate my phone!!

  • jeb081998

     Ummmm, I don’t speak Spanish.  Maybe I’ll download my Spanish to English translator in a little bit. SMH

  • realonaa

    i need the new instagram on my Q10 .chekavillar what your twitter handle

  • wincyut

    chekavillar Seriously? you will hate your phone because you don’t have instagram?

  • eviefer

    From crackberry: I used this method with my z10, works great.
    This method was taken from leadsfan13 using the Sideload Method with DDPB. 
    And thank you r3m00r3 and AkashRuhela for confirming!
    Remember to download the new version of instagram here 4.0:
    1. Log out of your instagram 
    2. Uninstall/delete any instagram app on your phone 
    3. Install Instagram version 4.0 and wait til it says incompatabile etc. 
    4. Dont uninstall/delete version 4.0 BUT load in ver 3.43 (it will ask you to sign in but thats the old version dont sign in)
    5. Uninstall/delete version 4.0
    6. Install/reload version 4.0 and tah dahh!!
    You can now view videos on this version, but the sound quality is very low. Cant complain!
    Also, as stated by others, there will be two instagram files/icons. If you delete one, it won’t work.
    Just hide it in a folder that you don’t use. 
    Also. Thanks to Simon Ng, you can also load the 4.2 version by downloading it here:
    Not sure what the difference is, but both works fine
    And yes, the keyboard issue is still there unfortunately =(

  • DewaldB

    eviefer this works!! Thank you so much for the download and directions!! Beyond happy :))

  • eviefer

    You’re welcome! Crackberry is such a great resource. :)

  • seanjo75

    Is the Optik TV app going to be coming out for the playbook too? installed it on my pb but didnt realize it was only for bb10

  • KeiranCoupe

    is there any chance that champ manager will be coming on playbook its quality on the iphone just need it on the playbook!

  • Sean_in_Calgary

    Way too complicated. Just download the instagram app and when the “your version is out of date” pops up – Hit the “reset password with facebook” voila. I’m in on my Z10 in seconds

  • akawarrior

    Naaa.. I’ll just wait for a working version of Instagram without all the hoops to jump..
     I use (Instagallery) from Blackberry World.. It works pretty good
    for me anyway. It will do till all the crazies get fixed and it is free..

  • akawarrior

    Don’t ask me how or why but the other day I upgraded my Blackberry Maps, crackerbox would not open. Can’t delete it or exchange it
    so I just left it alone. Today I clicked on the icon and it loaded on my z10. CRAZY.. If your maps didn’t load before try it now. BOOM!

  • roobk

    Some apps designed to work on BB10 does not work for mine, I already sideload ‘em up and still nothing, it gaves me an error with a lot of apps. Any help on here, please?

  • akawarrior

      Upgrade your OS to the newest version and reboot your phone after install.. Thats about it.. My AT&T z10 is on v10.1.0.2019
    My model Number is: STL100-3.. Look under settings and about to find this info. Jelly Bean is coming so hang in there it will open up a lot of doors that are closed now.. Don’t know when the release date is yet..
    My phone works with about every side load other then Instagram.. GL

  • chulote9

    eviefer Worked for me! Thank You

  • burim

    HELP!!!! I STILL CANT LOG IN INSTAGRAM?? I allready got the App but its old verision i cant get in ! I tryed all opsions allready ,tryed thru facebook,I open new user in istragram with that i can get in but again with my own acc i cant get in. Its asking new update and i cant make it ?? any new verision link or any suggest???? Please!!!!

  • akawarrior

    Your in the boat with most of us so don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, lot
    of posts here are about that same subject. Looks like someone on GoodE
    would help us with a quick resolve. The issue is all over the net. Looks
    like Instagram needs to open up the app support to Side Loaders so we
    can get logged in and have the option to upload images. Why Instagram
    doesn’t,  I have no idea it would only mean a better Instagram with more
    picture uploads. If we all complain to Instagram and to GoodE maybe we
    can bend someones ear to listen. Good luck and hope we all can get something
    WORKING soon. Power in numbers. Till that happens, try this app from
    Blackberry World called Instagallery.. I am sure it will fix your needs.

  • iam_keenykrane

    i just download 2go chat for nigeria babes and guys ….. go to convert apps and download …… follow me on instagram @iam_keenykrane

  • visaraj

    download from crackberry

  • colton12345

    why the fuck cant i find bar files.
    everything is apk. or am i going crazy.

  • colton12345

    funny, this site has not 1 bar file. every single file i tried said apk. what in the fuck lol. i am exhausted and have been trying to figure this out for a few hours now.

  • akawarrior

    Yep everything is screwed.. Got ZIP files with APK’s inside.. WTH?
    Server fire burnt all the BAR files I guess.. lol Dang..

  • michael kozlowski

    akawarrior download apps not using internet explorer.

  • michael kozlowski

    colton12345 Don’t use IE to download apps

  • akawarrior

    michael kozlowski 
    Ahhh..   That does work. I use Firefox most of the time.. Didn’t notice I was on Explorer..
    Thanks Michael… 

  • olayemi

    i can’t download instagram on my phone wahz happenin??

  • pnagulakonda

    I have installed some BAR files into my playbook, but none of them are working.

    Error message is ” The application has stopped unexpectedly,please try again”

  • scorpi05

    pnagulakonda It would help if you can be more specific ie. which apps does not work and the version of the apps you downloaded.  Not all BAR files will work with the PlayBook.  Some are intended for the BlackBerry 10, Z10 or Q10.

  • bcockton

    the netflix app will not work on my playbook

  • francksaggi

    subway surfers no esta ??

  • TomPickering

    Please please please bring out a new updated version of Snapchat!

  • JoseMario1606

    olayemiIt’s not that easy as Download and Install. I have a step by step on my blog, but it’s in spanish. If you don’t know spanish just go to google translator or send me an e-mail and I’ll help you.  (My profile is in my blog too). Link to my blog

  • widiedidie

    help me..all app and game that i install on my phone bbz10 is not working..whyyy??

  • calgoldenbear

    Yahoo Fantasy Sports needs to be updated to 4.1.1 or else it doesn’t work at all.

  • nazokel

    i don’t know how to install this apps on my z10 need help

  • modoulaminjatta


  • dkleinschmidt

    why won’t weight watchers app work. I have saved it as a .bar file but won’t work on my BBZ10

  • Security_Kr

    could not be completed. This message is repeated … “Sorry, we couldn’t complete your request. Please try again in a moment.” Why?? -..-a

  • Tjohnson2002

    Is anyone using SwannView for the surveillance system and can I get it converted for my Z10??  DMSS-Pro worked for my Bold 9810 but not on my Z10.   Antone help me out please???

  • nazokel

    modoulaminjatta nazokel
    im using my ipv4 number then it says put a password how can i know the password ?

  • modoulaminjatta

    nazokel modoulaminjatta its the password to you put to unlock your phone. if you dont have one u can just make one

  • dammy104

    i need someone to put me through on how to download instagram  on Q10 plz

  • XjvcX
  • golfbloggercom

    Can someone PLEASE create a working Feedly app for Playbook …

  • HafisHamka


  • sonyeo_min

    this is APK… I can’t find Bar.. where is it??

  • munakir

    WOW this site is amazing: , all games that you want

  • briancmac

    Is there a apk or bar for for alberta health services that will work on the blackberry z10?


  • jaybreezy2013

    instagram isn’t working on my blackberry playbook or Candy crush saga.

  • scorpi05

    Quickoffice do not work on the PlayBook.

  • lutz919

    The 3M cloud app does not work, it forces close.

  • lutz919

    I downloaded the blogger app for bb10 and it asks to sign into google account, I am unable to proceed further.
    I deleted the app but now I don’t see that it exists for bb10 anymore. 
    Please create this app for bb10, I really need it.

  • dhananjaysharma

    thanx man….ur genius gr8 work…i’m njoyin all android application on my blackberry z10….n all credit goes to you…thanx again

  • wut now

    can someone convert tango plz

  • razrrob

    Can you provide the apk or bar file for the game Number Cruncher?

  • itsreallycheryl

    how can I get an apk file to upload to convert? I have tried using my pc and it says I do not have any devices. if I download using my playbook, I can’t find where it downloaded to in order to try to upload here for conversion. Too many apps that do not even work on my playbook.

  • relberts1625

    Side loaded JW Library on Z10, does not open. Also loaded on Playbook, it opens but additional Bible references are not there.

  • Mjouvic

    WARING !!! some applications are infected by viruses !!

  • itsreallycheryl

    It’s always best to scan any file before installing.

  • SoniaS

    The JW Library converts misses the most powerful feature of the Bible and that is the five translations view.  NONE of the links work.  There is a piece missing.  Please let me know when a solution is found.

  • Mjouvic

    FIFA 2014 On BlackBerry

    Work flawlessly !

  • narcosis

    Mjouvic like which one…

  • narcosis

    itsreallycheryl google tpb

  • LeoUchiha1

    converts the minion rush for playbook brother that this good

  • ashisingh81

    Mjouvic hey may i know how u made fifa14 work on bb
    i am trying to work fifa 14 on my playbook .. please help
    thank you!

  • VelenciaDixon

    we need fashion story for playbook

  • VelenciaDixon

    bcockton I know mines want either and I paid for it. they need to fix this.

  • narcosis

    Mjouvic dont work in playbook

  • schmox

    Could somebody convert the latest apk of the German XING-App? Since it’s Germany’s most important businessnetwork I really need it on my Playbook. I was able to convert an old version, but it’s really lacking a number of new features. Doesn’t feel good. Thanks in advance.

  • djbolanosf

    Waiting for a Facebook updated

  • chris2392

    just wondering if anyone could help me, is it possible to convert appear on your playbook into android apps? I now have the xperia tablet z but there is one or two apps that I have on the playbook that are not available on android which I find quite useful. Thanks

  • MrBenabedis

    how can i believe someone who can’t even spell warning

  • ahamaakalo

    Blackberry CEO why cant you deliver the VIBER

  • ahamaakalo

    there are people just like me waiting for Z10 to use viber

  • ahamaakalo

    If you cant I no for sure that people will tend to change the preferences

  • AmitHallan

    every thing working even VIBER is also working thank u man

  • HammadShamsi


  • ryanmutchler

    Do you have the Scottrade app for the Z10?

  • ryanmutchler

    What about the SentriSmart app?  It is the new app for the MLS lockbox system through Sentrilock.

  • SeanDemers

    Coache’s Eye?  Need Coache’s eye.

  • Nooon

    what about updating instagram?  we need the new update please + candy cruch game it doesn’t work. fix it !

  • dhruvil88000

    help me..all app and game that i install on my phone bbz10 is not working..whyyy??

  • dhruvil88000

    The games don’t work in my bb10 why so?

  • ae123

    crap none of the apps for playbook are converted not impressed

  • Veronica2014

    I already did what I have to do, but it’s still not working. When i open the app, it always stop unexpectedly.

  • goodereader

    XjvcX does not work

  • sdfgdfgdfg

    Не можете скачать приложения с WorldApp? Вам к нам обновите свой планшет новыми приложениями.

  • ajithakuttan3

    temple run2 does not work on my playbook can any one help me

  • joe2134

    When i open apps temple run, terraria, and also flipgram it immediately says ‘unfortunately this app has stopped working’ can someone please help on telling me how to fix this issue
    many thanks

  • Denzil

    Could you please make The Simpsons Tapped Out available for BlackBerry Playbook

  • goodereader

    Denzildoes not work sorry

  • goodereader

    joe2134 what device do you have?

  • goodereader

    ajithakuttan3 does not work on the playbook just bb10 with the new os

  • goodereader

    ae123playbook is like almost 3 years old, most of the older apps we have, work on playbook, most now are just bb10

  • goodereader

    dhruvil88000 what ones?

  • alri1

    Hi, Mystery Manor gives an error as soon as it’s opened, doesn’t load. ‘Dear friend, graphics for the mystery manor is not found on the sd-card of your device’. I am running it on BB Z10. Any suggestions?

  • abbasammar

    hi i install viber ,when i open the app it says: unfortunately viber has stoped, plz can u help me   good E-reader

  • MercedesHall

    when i downloaded hay day it said -12 and had a ! instead of the regular ok download please help

  • MercedesHall

    no one is helping me ive emailed and no response no response on comment section either new to this and need some help some apps working and others like hayday and candy crush not working on z10

  • Gonzo14AT

    Flappy bird for blackberry 10 lags when I get close to a pipe, which almost always makes me die. I know it’s new so I figured I’d address problems as soon as I saw them. Thanks keep up the great work

  • pauheiryou

    Hey there goodereader ! After  I updated my os to none of the apps I downloaded before the update work! It’s so frustrating what should I do??

  • goodereader

    pauheiryou goodereaderlikely you will have to download just the android apps, so whatever you installed BAR file, just install the APK. we have like 5,000 BAR files but like 60,000 android apps!

  • goodereader

    pauheiryou goodereaderlikely you will have to download just the android apps, so whatever you installed BAR file, just install the APK. we have like 5,000 BAR files but like 60,000 android apps!

  • farihanif

    Hey @ goodereader wanted to ask if i upgrade to 10.2.1.. will your apk files will work.. as previously i needed to convert them to. Bar

  • goodereader

    farihanif yes., i recommend to upgrade ASAP, we have WAY more APK files than BAR files, and the android emulator was updated in the new firmware update, it means most apps now work on it

  • po2ya

    any working instagram app? i downloaded two instagram apps ( but their
    both ersion was 3.44 ) but after installing when i wanted to log in it
    says please update to the latest instagram version ! any idea?



  • MoisesAsencio

    goodereader  i already updated to OS 10.2.1 but after i download an apk file and i try to install it just says processing, thank you

  • MoisesAsencio

    goodereader  i already updated to OS 10.2.1 but after i download an apk file and i try to install it just says processing, thank you

  • the_sea_king

    Hey, goodereader. Can you convert the full version of vlc apk for the playbook?

  • Ajinkya

    hey goodereader, can you please convert Whatsapp+ compatible for Playbook

  • abbasi

    hi have blackberry playbook can i install any aplication on it like fb whatsapp skype
    any one can help plse

  • kazi md khaled

    How to install Skype for blackberry playbook tablet.

    please help

  • Edrick

    what can i do ?
    what’s the problem ?

  • Jec

    If that happens in your PlayBook there’s nothing you can do. It means that the app won’t run in the device. Many apps in GoodEReader have the same trouble perhaps it’s because they have been simply converted from .apk (android) to .bar (blackberry) so they were not originally designed for BB. They designed a version of the FIRST Plants Vs. Zombies for PB just google: [ plants vs. zombies .bar ] and you may find the file free. The version 2 (the one you have) may only run in BB 10 though.

  • Joe Ronin

    This app still loads up as requiring an update. Please update to make it current version.

  • Đinh Tiến Đạt

    using DDPB installer.

  • Đinh Tiến Đạt

    using DDPB Installer

  • Harold

    The best thing to do to this fix problem is to throw your blackberry playbook in the garbage can where it was designed to go. You’ll just have to come to the realization that you got screwed by Blackberry when you bought this piece of garbage, you’ll feel much better when you do this. Then go to Walmart or Amazon and buy yourself a real tablet that actually works with Android programs.

  • Harold

    The best thing to do to this fix problem is to throw your blackberry playbook in the garbage can where it was designed to go. You’ll just have to come to the realization that you got screwed by Blackberry when you bought this piece of garbage, you’ll feel much better when you do this. Then go to Walmart or Amazon and buy yourself a real tablet that actually works with Android programs.




    All you need to do is Download and Install Netflix and/or Starbucks and/or any other Android based app onto your BB10 device directly then install it. 99% of them work flawlessly.

  • Chris H

    Only one of several converted files I tried here actually works. I also tried to convert apk to bar here and on the APK2BAR site and none of them worked, even if they said OK in DDPB.

  • Allah_has_Ebola

    Download 1 Mobile Market App. Should work from there

  • Allah_has_Ebola

    Download 1 Mobile Market App. Should work from there

  • amit

    install snap in to device through pc and install any android apps in bb10

  • ginger

    wait bbm OS is able , now to download apps directly from amazon and convert them automaticaly ,, wait wait wait , with out having to download through your computer

  • motherfucker jones

    u motherfucker y dnt u go fuck urself

  • cole

    firefox wont install on ma bb10 wat must l do