Essential Playbook and BB10 Apps

When you first purchase your Blackberry 10 phone or the Playbook you want to get some apps right away. This is our most essential list of software you want.

If you have any questions or concerns with installing BAR Files to your Blackberry Playbook feel free to comment below and one of our staff members will assist you. Please make sure the first thing you do is install the essential software and watch our videos HERE.

  • coolbro

    Getting Failure 104 when trying to install….

  • 4 line phone system

    How great! An android applications for Blackberry playbook. I will try this! Thank you for posting!

  • Mike

    How can I run DDPB on Mac?

  • ScottGGG
  • AnthonyBarrett

    Awesome app, works just like google “alerts” so you can stay ahead of the deals and capitalize before anyone else. If your selling alot of stuff on craigslist, their is one tool that should be mandatory. Check out the article on my company blog …We use it as a dealership, but it can work for selling anything on craigslist. Check it out!

  • nick

    What file do I save the torrent to on my playbook?
    I would love if it could download directly to my music library

  • Mcqral

    anyone had problems installing flash 11 on their playbook? it installs with errors on mine! I get a message on my playbook stating “The application blackberry keyboard (process system.apps) has stopped unexpectadly. Pleas try again.” !

  • emdyey2002

    Hi there, was able to follow and instructions and was able to install applications correctly in my Z10, though the problem is when I am signing into Instagram, an error popped out saying “your version of Instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your app in the Play Store to log in to Instagram.” I am lost and clueless on how will I be able to upgrade Instagram’s version. Would appreciate if someone will help me out with this. Thank you. MJ

  • ar

    Flashplayer 11 for playbook crashes when opening. No good.
    Date posted October 28, 2012
    I am getting frustrated by all these “hyped” apps around here. Not many of them actually work – even after all these work arounds. I should sell my playbook. It’s getting to become piece of crap.

  • ProDiggy

    @emdyey2002 click forget password then recover password with facebook and then you should be able to sign in on instagram

  • emdyey2002

    @ProDiggy Thanks. It worked. You guys are awesome.

  • johnrboy26

    sent a message a week ago saying when downloading on ddpb i dont get the ddpb down to convert it can you tell me why ////???????

  • dzawryl

    does any one have a problem with skype? mine is not working..its saying failed to connect to skype server…any solutions ?

  • johnrboy26

    @dzawryl yes i have the same problem i use skype all the time so i no how to use it have sent message to goode but had no reply at all

  • Hesh

    how come my apps only load to 50 percent on the DDBP loader? They wont load to 100 percent help!!!

  • yuyeesuet

    hi, i scan the IP and press the password,it cannot connect. I download the windows 64,but it still does not work

  • niicoleshaw

    I have a Mac and i’ve been trying to download the DDPB file and open it but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve gone to computer, downloads and clicked on the file up it hasn’t helped in opening the file. is there another way to get the file open and installed?

  • niicoleshaw

    Also i’ve tried downloading the Playbook_tools link on the mac side of things and the link hasn’t worked either. Is their another way to get what I need?

  • hunterslight

    Installed  on my Playbook for the theft option;but it seems it’s not available except for apps bought from Googleplay store, that is, for Android devices, not Blackberry.The other parts seem to work, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep it without the theft feature.

  • hunterslight

    Installed  on my Playbook for the theft option;but it seems it’s not available except for apps bought from Googleplay store, that is, for Android devices, not Blackberry.The other parts seem to work, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep it without the theft feature.

  • Marlenus

    Is there a working bar for the golflogix.apk did one myself everything but the GPS worked ot doesn’t show up in my permissions.

  • drbrooks94

    cant get connection saying that i may have to reboot the targe

  • Rajesh das

    It is a voluntary group of medical device regulators from around the world who have come together to build on the strong foundational work of the Global Harmonization Task Force on Medical Devices (GHTF), and to accelerate international medical device regulatory harmonization and convergence.

  • Plumwine_88

    Thanks for the vid I can access into the PlayBook App Manager with google chrome, but how come I am not able to acces “the site security certificate is not trusted” then to the bar dl page? Ive checked my proxy and nothing is selected. I looked into my mac keeper but not sure if it blocks google chrome.

  • rianmukred

    i get this erros ? 
    Last login: Sat May 18 22:39:27 on ttys000Rians-MacBook-Pro:~ RianMukred$ cd $HOME/Playbook_Tools/ && java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device -password wers cd: /Users/RianMukred/Playbook_Tools/: No such file or directoryRians-MacBook-Pro:~ RianMukred$ 
    can you help ? i tried even with a wrong password it doesn’t recodnise on Mac OS X 10.8.3

  • pbootsmama

    This app doesn’t work. Every time I click the icon:
    “Sorry! The application NQ Mobile Security (process com.nqmobile.antivirus20.multilang) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”
    over and over that’s what I get

  • AlfredRosario

    Thank you very much. This application works and it allowed me to have applications in my playbook that were not found in the BB app store so again thank. you

  • AlfredRosario

    Hi, i just want to inform that Ice Age Village for Playbook here isnt working. I hope you guys can look it up. the error i have is ( has stopped working unexpectedly. please try again.

  • mattie2

    Hello all: Posting with short comments re installing this and using after having problems previously. Downloaded Java runtime, no problem. Downloaded DDPB programme, no problem. Followed all the steps given on this site on another page and had no problems till I ran DDPB programme. The grey text box came up alright; took my IP address and password ok. Then I clicked on ‘add’ and it found the required app on my playbook. Then the snag. the ‘install button’ stayed grey. It was not until I hit ‘connect’ button to link PC with computer. Once I got the connected message the ‘install’ button activated and the programmes transferred quickly. Have installed 7 programmes now without problem except for ‘Flixster’ which will not show my movie collection even  though it is linked to my ultraviolet log in on other devices. Is this a different version or not ‘a full’ version?

  • ilse_sarai23

    Please!! make candy crush saga for z10!!! and draw something, these are a great apps!

  • skidrowshow72

    Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!

  • prince_adc

    please help! I has recently downloaded instagram on my bb Q10 about couple months ago and I had signed out of it last night from my phone and when I try to sign back in it says I must download the new updated instagram in order to continue using instgram. how ever I tried doing that by following the same procedure as I did the first time to get instagram on my bbQ10 BUT when I try to connect my device to the DDPB it does not connect I get an error msg saying “Error cannot connect: connection to https://169.254.***.*** refused. you may have to reboot the target. its NOT the jar file error… I already have java 32 on this computer. please help me ASAP! I need my instagram back on my BBQ10 asap

  • nazokel

    im writhing my ipv4 number and password but its not openin need help

  • manojnevrekar

    not working in bbz10

  • justmetlb

    The latest eBay Playbook here does not allow creating or revising selling features – the ‘REVIEW’ and SUBMIT are black (against black) and will not do anything when pressed.

  • OWENS86

    please make candy crush for the playbook

  • slanner30

    Hi, followed the instructions from the video installed a few apps on my playbook from your site and I alway get this error even before the apps starts:
    (name of the app) has stopped working unexpectedly. please try again
    Am I doing something wrong?  This happend with Angry bird Rio, Netflix and many other apps I installed.

  • cuban1

    Hey guys i was trying to download the app through DDPB, i get it on my Z10 and when i try to open it, it looks like it’s gonna open but never does. Any help? Thanks.

  • ryanmutchler

    Can you PLEASE make the eKey android app work for the Z10?  Pretty Please with Sugar on top?

  • citra indah
  • milton2013

    Hi all need help asap every time i go to connect a device to DDPB it says that ” java is not recognized as an internal or external command” PLEASE help

  • Enrique93014835

    please make instagram for playbook

  • FRojasD

    I installed the Good e-Reader App Store on my BB Z30.  Once downloaded I clicked on the app and got the unable to open the file.  I also received the message that my SIM card is not compatible… Can somebody please help me ????

  • samantharoberts

    can someone please help if you can. i recently downloaded the amazon app to my bb playbook the app downloaded and opens fine but when i go to download a program it says ” the application appstore ( process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again. can someone tell me what this means…or is there another program i need to install in order for the apps to download. thanks

  • Sunny Saltair

    Following all instructions provided for DDPB I loaded Netflix to my Playbook with no problems or errors, but it does not appear with the other non-android apps. Where do the android apps appear on the Playbook? I tried ‘play after install’ but that too did not work.

  • Thomas Higgins

    I get the amazon venezia error too when I try to download a program using the Amazon net store app. Bit of a downer, really.

  • yufiiii

    when transferring to my playbook it says Error 500 or something whyyyyy????

  • mudasir

    no app work on my playbook plz help

  • goodereader sux ass

    Most of these apps do not work on playbook Goodereader idiots must not even check examples crime city messenger for Facebook winamp this Site is a joke

  • rizu saha

    i cant use android apps in my playbook….. plz help me

  • Tracy

    Have you find the solution

  • skyblue

    Hi all need help asap every time i go to connect a device to DDPB it
    says that ” java is not recognized as an internal or external command”
    PLEASE help

  • DHD

    What version of osx do you need? im running 10.6.8, and the app wont even load. So i am guessing you need a newer version?

  • stoneridge

    this is an apk file not a bar file.

  • laru

    looks like you are trying to get PLAYBOOK apps onto a MACBOOK…. different things bro

  • tetrisfan

    I keep getting an error message that the app keeps closing unexpectedly. I noticed though, up in the left hand corner of my screen where the notifications pop-up, that it does display the temps. Is any one else noticing this? I hope that there will be an update.

  • Upgrade

    Let me explain something to you guy’s, if you are running the OS 2.1 system on the Playbook you can forget sideloading these apps as RIM had left a nice little gift of blocking any sideloading of Android apps due to piracy. Even Dingleberry has given up!

  • Jo-Annie Gagnon

    Same here. What do I do?

  • Hussaini Azmath

    Download java 32

  • chris

    Hi I have downloaded the app’s as stated and followed all instructions but every app I open comes up with an error and they are BAR. files

  • Lisa Le

    Hi, I have a new z10 and tried to use the DDPB. The error reads: “Errior:Cannot connect. Permission denied: connect. Please check IP address settings for the target. Try to ping the target.”

    I have checked many times and it is still the same IP address. Please advise.

  • MJ

    Have downloaded Kindle for Playbook. I need help in getting access to my existing Kindle account and in transferring my books to the playbook. I can access the kindle store but there is no link for sign-in, etc.

  • Aishmeet Singh

    I am successfully able to install apps on my playbook via my pc but non of those apps are working … :(
    Whenever i open such app it says –“The application has stopped unexpectedly . please try again ” and this goes for all bar files i install from goodereader.. Help me please …

  • •Maria Sandoval•

    HOLA el programa DDPB se puede instalar en Windows 8 o 10 ? GRACIAS ESPERO SU REPUESTA

  • •Maria Sandoval•

    HELLO DDSP program can be installed on Windows 8 or 10? THANK YOU HOPE YOUR ANSWER

  • •Maria Sandoval•

    HELLO DDSP program can be installed on Windows 8 or 10? THANK YOU HOPE YOUR ANSWER

  • •Maria Sandoval•

    HOLA el programa DDPB se puede instalar en Windows 8 o 10 ? GRACIAS ESPERO SU REPUESTA

  • Arthur Peterson

    I downloaded DDPB & installed. I input the IP & password, it said it was connected. Any app I tried to download gave me this Error Message:

    Error: Unable to access jarfile

    As a result, I can’t get any app into the DDpb & therefore I can’t upload them to my Blackberry.
    Please help !

  • Arthur Peterson

    I wrote the other day but I don’t see my message. I am getting an error message from the DDpb program.:

    Error: Unable to Access jarfile

    If you need more specific let me know. Because of this error code I have not been able to download / upload anything.

  • Jim

    I downloaded the CNN app, and the icon shows up on my BB Tablet. When I click on it, it opens the window where I can choose to Accept or Decline the “request for access”. I click “accept” and I get a “Loading, Please wait…” message for a few seconds and then it goes away and I am back at my home screen

  • Jason

    I can not install DDPB on Windows 10. It keep telling me that install framework, but when I download the framework to install it. It oppose the installation because windows 10 has the framework already. Can somebody help me. Thank you

  • hi

    i want to create a free idm