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Field Trip for Blackberry 10 and Playbook


Field Trip for Blackberry 10 and Playbook

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Version 2.10
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Updated January 29, 2015
Installs 169 times
Category Playbook Travel and Leisure


Field Trip is your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world around you. Field Trip runs in the background on your phone. When you get close to something interesting, it pops up a card with details about the location. No click is required. If you have a headset or bluetooth connected, it can even read the info to you.
Field Trip can help you learn about everything from local history to the latest and best places to shop, eat, and have fun. You select the local feeds you like and the information pops up on your phone automatically, as you walk next to those places.
The hyperlocal history experts of Arcadia and Historvius will unveil local lore in places you never expected. Trend-setting publications like TimeOut, Thrillist, Food Network, Zagat, and Eater will point out the best places to eat and drink. Experts at Sunset, Cool Hunting, WeHeart, Inhabitat, and Remodelista will guide you to the latest unique stores and products. Atlas Obscura, Dezeen and Daily Secret help you uncover hidden gems no matter where you are. Songkick and Flavorpill guide you to local music.
What did you discover today? Enrich yourself with a Field trip during your commute. Live like a local when you travel to new places. Eat and shop off the beaten path. Or simply discover the obscure history about your neighborhood during your next walk to the park.
Get ready to see this world with new eyes!
NOTE: This app is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
★ Discover thousands of interesting places/experiences that fall under the following categories: Architecture, Historic Places & Events, Lifestyle, Offers & Deals, Food Drinks & Fun, Movie Locations, Outdoor Art and Obscure Places of Interest around you.
★ Choose from three different modes to set frequency of Field Trip notifications. See “Field Trip” worthy places around you on a map, by tapping on cards in map view to pull up enthralling points of interest around you.
★ Go on a Field Trip while you drive. Field Trip can detect when you’re driving and automatically “talk” about interesting places and experience around you.
★ Capture the memory of a special place, by sharing a wondrous discovery through email and social networks such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
★ Wondering where the gem that you recently discovered is? Find your discovered field trip cards in the “recent’ section.
★ Field trip learns what you love. Thumbs up or down to tune the information discovery engine.
For more information about how to use Field Trip, visit our help center at
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    • Barnett

      Can you add the united airlines app?

    •  Most don’t work, We tried United, Delta, Southwest and they all fail and don’t convert properly.

    • maninthemachine

      Would like to see the app. thanks.

    • maninthemachine

      Would also like to see the AAA triptik app,  thank.s

    • Barnett

       Dang! Oh well thanks for trying….

    • Mp Koper

      I have tried several ozfx3 and ozfx2 maps but Androzic generates an error and close itsselfs.

    • Franz

      Would like to see the converted from Android. I think it’s getting invoked from the trip advisor app when checking for the prices

    • Dan

      Mighty Grocery Shopping List does not support a number of features in Playbook. Paid for full version only to find that out. Disappointing..such as barcode reader.

    • Jack

      So do all of the apps posted work?

    • Shirleyhirst

      Can’t open on playbook. Why?

    • T

      ozf2 files that work in androzic on android don’t work on playbook, any ideas?

    • Doct121

      It works great for me. Though sometimes it stops working.
      Good thing is you can download any area of your interest.

      Waiting for Skype / Gtalk  for voice and Video.

      Thanks for your good effort.

    • Is that possible to port Street View as well?

    • Greg

      This app shows up as “Latitude” on the PlayBook. It would be nice to see that information listed otherwise I was confused for quite a while as to where it went.

      General comments, the Search function on this site was confusing at first because it showed no results for “google” but then I realized I had to scroll down to see the results for each section.

      Correct spelling for Playbook is PlayBook.

      Has there been an attempt to convert the Citrix Android app for GotoMeeting? Generally you need a fast connection for something like that but if you are doing voice over telephone and a PowerPoint type presentation then wireless speed would be ok.

      Thanks for the site, very helpful…

    • Abu Smatt

      Check out the video in YouTube for how to covert anroid app to pb you can use it

    • jorgecalgary

      Can you convert the Shaw Canada wifi finder app please

    • Huy

      Not work at all. It shows “Latitue” on my BP then click to and … “loading …” it keeps “loading” and not stop. 

    • Jimbo169527

      Google Maps for Playbook is amazing.   Turn by turn navigation and it uses the data connection via Blackberry Bridge.   Thanks you so much to the Good E Reader team for making it available!    By the way,   I only seem to be able to find Google Maps via the web site,   it is not listed via your playbook app.   This is a shame because I wanted to give it 5 stars and a glowing review! 

    • Question

      Why is this still a .apk file?

    • Romjae

      why is this an APK and nor a bar file?

    •  what app is a apk file?

    •  what app?

    • Jaret Earle

      google maps

    •  The Google Maps app is an APK file instead of a BAR file

    •  We fixed it.

    • Jaret Earle

      thank you

    • Pierre5018

      Please add the latest google maps with offline maps.

    • Pierre5018

      Google Maps provides no access to MyAddresses, and crashes when using top menu. 
      Nevertheless Maps is usable if used within what works.

    • Very good with PB 2.1 ! 🙂 Thank you !

    • msjaybe

      foursquare app for playbook and BB10 please

    • Derek

      When will the version with offline maps be available ?

    • Dereks

      Google maps crashes whenever I touch on the “settings” tab.

    • San Patkala

      Is it work in 2.0.1 version can I download 

    • San Patkala

      This Application is install but not proper working in os 2.0.1 .. please  help me us ….

    • Vaniel

      does this app need a external connection to work such as bridge,teethering or wifi?

    • Smallweb

      Please update, this Version is dead

    • Vishweshwarab

      Sir, i have just downloaded google maps. How to install it on pb?

    • Scotjimland

      Google maps app crashes as soon as you tap on ‘settings’ and also when you try to save map 

      .. useless. waste of time downloading  

    • Scotjimland

      To install  .. 
      its very easy , all you need is a loader .. download here with instructions..

      but don’t bother with this app, it crashes when you try to use it 

    • Mark

      Google maps / Navigation works excellent for me as long as my plabook is placed in the Mount UPSIDE DOWN in my vehicle!!…. If placed right way up, GPS signal is consistanly lost

    • Kevan Andrews

      Cannot connect to DDPB anymore ??? DL some games most of which are crap and now cannot get rid of them, not so sure I like this whole thing now and besides I have to type in that 1-9 password 2 or 3 times every time i want to do something !!??  Help, anyone ? Should I uninstall DDPB and reinstall ? Can I get my Playbook back to normal ?

    • Sl28354

      Hi,thanks a lot for your apps. Why not bring in Chinese QQ app? you will have thousands more users only for that app, thanks again.

    • Darragh

      can someone convert the x plane app which is now free 

    • Wizluvibrahim

      Pls we need the bar format of soccer pro 2012,3Dbowling ,angry birds,Temple Run and many others

    • Bhavingudka

      i cant download any files to my playbook browser or my pc folders. It gives me an error on the pc, the file cannot be read. Please advice. 

    • Warren Walker

      this fails 

    • Warren Walker

      this has failed 3 times when trying to install on

      Install failure -104

    • arlanda

      nice! (I can confirm that it’s working with OS 2.x)

    • John

      <amy thanks for making this available it is very useful.  BUT it would be even better if the Pro version was available.  Can you tell me if this is likely to happen?

      Many thanks again 

    • hazybabe

      I have tried 3 times to load this app. I have followed the normal process it downloads but when i try to enter anything on my playbook it says “The application skyscanner (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Is it something im doing wrong or is it the app being used on my playbook that is the problem

    • Wy537

      would like to see marine navigator lite for playbook and BB10

    • RyanCNDA

      Try this site I got the cheapest dream vacation trip to my Miami using it. I ended up saving over $2,000 prebooking my flight, hotel and car rental thanks to them. Couldn’t of afforded it without them

    • DWhatley

      Playbook OS  Software seemed to load with no warnings and the agreement screen pops up but then the Google Maps application dies.  Any suggestions on what I might need to do to get it to work?  I have not rebooted the PB since the install.

    • malhen


    • johnwesley49

      When I download app and save, I get an error message “unable to find default app”
      Any suggestions for my Playbook apps?

    • Have you tried this site?

    • brandonnesbitt

      Error when trying to load on an BB10 Z10 phone, Error 500 cannot determine pacakge-id

    • STEVEJ

      Hi I am trying to install googles app using DDPB installer and everytime I run the app it comes up with not java close app.
      But it opens ok , but when select and install the bar file I cant see the new app on my playbook. Running OS

    • abbydeesa

      how do i get lattitude on my z10? i succesfully downloaded the map but cant find latitude

    • Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out! and download mp3 songs

    • bicykler

      I heard this was a very good app but on my playbook the only thing that works is the compass and it is bang on.  What did I do wrong?

    • Surely I can get a lot of ideas from this software. I really love seeing design of different interiors.

    • Good app

    • Your site has very useful information, I really enjoyed reading them. I’m thankful I found this one

    • MeghanHemingway

      I downloaded the checkout 51 but when it is complete I click on it and it says unable to load the bar. Please help

    • Maya55

      Hello!  Can you please update the ChefTap app?


    • Hi! i want to visit renocan but i am not able plz help!

    • Hi! i want to visit renocan but i am not able plz help!