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NESN Mobile for Blackberry 10 and Playbook


NESN Mobile for Blackberry 10 and Playbook

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Version 1.0.4
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Updated April 2, 2013
Installs 47 times
Category Playbook Sports Apps


NESN Mobile provides sports news and video about the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, and Boston Celtics.

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  • Heitty

    excellent…. thanks for you wotk

  • tom

    can you load MLB ATY BAT app

  • Parothd95

    Will you have the MLB At Bat 12 app available?  It doesn’t look like MLB will be releasing one this year for Blackberry. 🙁

  • Andres

    i can install it correctly but when i run the app it gives me an error. somothing about .com.footy. i have a playbook with os 2.0

  • Mllazarus

    When I try to download, it says that this is a apk file – not a bar file

  • what app?

  • Mllazarus

    NBA Game Time.  Thanks!

  • Willard

    Any chance we could get a “newly added” category Koz?

    Am enjoying several apps from your page – Thanks so much for your hard work!!!!

  • Mllazarus

    Just checked again – NBA Game Time still only an .apk.

    Thanks for looking into this, and for maintaining this fantastic site!

  • The only way a new category would work, is if the apps in it, would not appear in any other genres/categories.

    So a new app would appear under “new Apps” but not anywhere else, until i manually moved them later. Would this suffice?

  • Sell Crack Ta Kids 88

    what are you guys doing with this file; it’s an APK not a BAR…  To confirm this file will allow me to view NBA League Pass (as a Canadian user)

  • Mllazarus

    Am i doing something wrong? Do I have to rename the app fron .apk to .bar?

    Thanks again so much!

  • excellent…. thanks for you wotk

  • Samutubetv

    would love to see app on playbook…

  • Parothd95

    MLB released At Bat 12 for BB phones today, but still nothing for Playbooks. 🙁

  • Joecharp

    Having trouble with the Playbook BAR installer.  I downloaded an app to my Playbook (it is in downloads folder).  I downloaded and installed the install app to my PC (Windows Vista).  I connected my Playbook (in developer mode) and signed in….connected.  I then hit the “add” button on the installer app and it brings up an explorer window.  Looked good at first except the installer is lookin at my PC folders and it does not see the Playbook (where the BAR file is).  I even tried downloading the BAR file to my PC – the installer sees the folder but not the file.  What am I doing wrong?

  • rodney

    It says unable to find default app. What do I do?

  • Hey I’m lookin for a sports app that has the ohl (Ontario Hockey League) in it, with scores and stats. That would be so awesome.  Here’s an app for instance:

  • Any response? Gotta say thank you for all your hard work. This site is on daily checklist of sites i visit. Installed a bunch of apps that work great, 🙂

  • J2y2572

    this is only bringing my 2011 teams up. is there a new one for 2012? if so can you upload that

  • robkleinpeter

    FYI,  The Masters GolfTournament app posted here wont run becasue a new version is available.

  • It was updated today, we will upload the new version in a few minutes. 

  • Elakiyan

    Hey i did everything you guys said to do on the youtube tutorial but the apps wont run i press on the app and it wont open got any ideas why? Thanks  

  • Dom

    Will the full version of be available soon? 

  • Pchf

    The new version of the Masters Tournament isn’t working and it starts this week! Help! It seems to install like the others but when I touch the icon, nothing happens.

  • Wmpitt

    Will you update At bat 2012 for playbook and BB10 on April 4, 2012 when MLB releases a new version?

  • Pchf

    Version 1.3 installed and loaded but got a message that it needed to be updated. Version 2.0 installed but doesn’t work- just a black screen…too bad.. tournament starts tomorrow

  • guest

    I just loaded 2.0 and it worked just fine. watched a few highlights and checked out all the features, looks ready to go to me

  • Pchf

    I just took a shot and reinstalled the Masters app and voila It is working! Don’t know why, don’t know how, but I am grateful. Thanks goodereader folks! 

  • We uploaded a new version today and put it under new apps

  • Tweedle

    what is the situation with two versions of MLB at bat lite?  One version posted early March is listed as ver 1.5 and the other version posted late March is listed as ver 1.0??  Which is the version to have?

  • Tweedle

    could you convert the Android Sporting News free BASEBALL app?  please!

  • Are you going to update at bat lite 12?

  • Tony

    Hoping Livescore gets converted

  • Purpelcow0858

    At Bat 12 was updated a few days ago. Could we get the updated version?

  • Nsonde1977

    Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball isn’t working as it is requiring an update.  Thanks!

  • so download it again We updated it last night

  • Nsonde1977

    Sorry, didn’t see it this morning.  My web browser must of had it cached!  Thanks for doing an awesome job.

  • Afigucan

    The application does not work in playbook. I am a registered user to watch the games and I can not see any. See if anyone can fix it.


  • themark

    How do you uninstall one of these apps off the playbook? I deleted the icon and it said all the files will be removed but that is not the case.

  • Rsapperson

    Says can’t find default app after I downloaded apps….?

  • Tweedle

    how come MLB at bat lite download is a zip file?  is this the new update?

  • BigE

    Thanks for the hard work.  For the app will not load any games.  Has anyone had any luck at getting this to work? If so please advise. Thanks

  • MW

    should work in PB2.1

  • Eddy3_4

    Sorry if I’m a little confused. I have the newest update, OS 2.0.1.  When loading games it just indefinitely loads.  Is there a dev/beta Os 2.1 out there I should be looking for? Or is there some trick to get this to work?

  • tdot345

    Hi, can we get the ScoreMobile app for Playbook? Thanks.

  • Tweedle

    Does anyone here know if the MLB at bat app here will provide an MLB premium account holder the capability to actually watch the live game video broadcasts on the PLAYBOOK?  Basically, does it work?  Thanks.

  • Guest

    Thank you very much!

  • Neil

    This update is missing signatures. Can somebody fix it?

  • SugarBear

    TSN app is not working 4 me since recent BB PlayBook OS update. Any suggestions?

  • SugarBear

    All daily content is blank with TSN Mobile 4 PlayBook since OS update. Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

  • wf_13

    Any idea on NBA 2011 2012

  • wf_13

    ESPN score center wont load states missing files???

  • SoxonPlaybook

    Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball will not open on the Playbook. It loads fine, but states there is an update to the app that must be installed before it can open.

  • spoddar

    I tried downloading scorecenter, Terminal says failure because apparently required signatures are missing (RDK, AUTHOR) 

  • spoddar

    Anyone knows how to solve the issue?

  • Goodereaderfanboy

    Love all the port over apps so far. would really like it if ESPN Scorecenter would start working.. please update.

  • caquito

    ESPN ScoreCenter for Playbook doesn’t work, signature missing.

  • guest

    None of these apps work for OS 2.01.358
    Is there any chance of these apps being updated? 

  • When will the Edmonton Oilers app be ready??

  • likwidmister

    Where is the Edmonton Oilers app? 

  • robkleinpeter

    Will you please convert The 2012 Open Championship app?  Thanks!

  • anders

    The ads will not go away even after several minutes.

  • anders

    The ads will not go away even after several minutes on 
    SOCCER TV for Playbook

  • Xy0

    Top Eleven wont run because it needs an update can you guys upload newer version thanks 😀

  • Pierre Normand

    Could you please convert the 2012 Yahoo Fantasy football app please. It would be really appreciated.

  • phobos

    Help needed! When i try to open the file after download , it says cannot find apps (translated from french)


  • Steelers17

    Please convert nfl game pass. 

  • Ramon

    Yahoo fantasy football 2012 downloads as a zip .apk file on my computer. However, when downloaded directly to my Playbook it downloads as a .bar file and installs and works great.  Thanks

  • TwahaElyhee

    Hello i from mauritius this is the best play app i see for playbook and BB10 very good ….this app champion. League ask for update new version guy ..

  • Jpgrad

    US Open Tennis Championships for Playbook has been updated and the one here no longer works!

  • Cutter6

    Can you please convert Swingbyswing’s free golf gps app? It rocks and I’d love to have it on my pb!

  • Griffin88

    Hi, is NFL 2011 going to be updated to NFL 2012?

  • Alan Swannack

    I couldn’t get this app to load on my Playbook and had to delete it

  • Leonardo Shilong

    can we can get temple run for playbook and BB10

  • Seamus

    Eurosport does not work either

  • Cormac Seamus

    Tried to download Eurosport . Would not work stating it had to close ????

  • Tommyguard3

    Gamechanger has been updated to version 2.6.4.  is it possible to get the updated version?

  • Rmorley20xi

    I downloaded two apps but can not open the downloaded file as PB could not find the app

  • Badjojo2k

    Yahoo Fantasy Basketball app please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • soulhunter

    Someone please convert Yahoo Fantasy Basketball for playbook and BB10 plzzzzz…

  • Talal

    Its telling me to update from android market! PLEASE UPLOAD THE LATEST VERSION OF THIS APP!

  • Kaizersozzay

    Really need the update,someone please upload the latest version

  • cena

    I try to connect mine but it say ‘unable to access jarfie’ What di i do?

  • roy090384

    how i update this? the app don’t work else

  • roy090384

    how i update this? the app don’t work else

  • pip

    can you please convert cbs fantasy football

  • mamin02

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  • wilbrich

    I can’t retire my old Android device until I’m sure I can get my Red Wings fix on the PlayBook. Can you help me by converting this apk to bar? Really would appreciate it.


  • Garry1872

    can you plese convert SkyBet to playbook?

  • zim_001

    NHL GameCenter will not let me view my subscription games! I am downloading it again to see if it will work. Can you please check to see that it works properly for subscription based games. Thank you.

  • The complimentary Canadiens app gives you instant, one-tap access to exclusive pic galleries, behind-the-scenes videos, social media nourishes, message boards, and additionally casino player cards. Go within it the locker bedroom for upgrades on top of the players, from the players. Being connected with the Canadiens signifies never missing an additional goal, conserve or perhaps fight with LIVE updates upon scores, stats and additionally standings from the a large number of comprehensive Canadiens app accessible.

  • zim_001

    NHL Game Center does not work for live games!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please fix this. Thank you.

  • Mike B

    So when will the TSN app be available on the BB10?

  • zim_001

    @Mike B that would be good too. Funny how koz never replied.

  • moses72

    Unfortunately this no longer works as there is now a new version of ESPN Goals

  • knight1987n

    yahoo baseball 2013 plzzzzz

  • eva

    I can’t get passed login. Keeps on spinning. Any suggestion?

  • Hi
    Does anyone get a flash player error when they try to play a game through MLB at BAT 13? 
    Im running OS

  • Berserk

    Eurosport is not working on Z10 
    can delete this app

  • Bayfield

    Had the same problem but if you go to the instructions for DDPB. you’ll find the error. Mine was that the developer had turned off and I had to reset it. Hope that helps.

  • Bayfield

    Thought I had made this comment but maybe not. The Adobe Flash App has a red exclamation mark and a -12 when I tried to load it with DDPB to my Playbook. Can you please explain. Also I have tried numerous times to load the PGA Golf and it gives me an error message and will not run. Hopefully you can determine what might be the problem. I thank you in advance.

  • Disappointed_in_Android

    For God’s sake–please remove this app–since Playbook can no longer use Flash–thanks to Android 
    Without Flash At Bat 13 won’t play–so what’s it worth?

  • caquito

    this is a .apk not a bar please replace.

  • zim_001

    NHL Game Center even with the update doesn’t work on my playbook. WTF? How could it be updated from Jan to April and the update is worse than the original? At least the original opened up but wouldn’t connect to any games. The update version doesn’t even allow it to open never mind login|!!!!

  • austinmt

    instagram is out of date and won’t open. Do we have a fix for this?

  • @austinmt yes, its called reading the app description or watching our tutorial video

  • dhlpilot

    I downloaded the Game Changer App. When I try to open it, it says, “Unable to find default app”.  What’s the problem?

  • bmorris1530

    nfl matchups needs to be updated with the newer version so it may actually work on bb10…

  • Rlgwood

    This Sunday Ticket no longer works, needs to be 2.1.0 help

  • Rlgwood updated it

  • hakbrandon

    Can you update too 1.1.1 by chance?

  • PierreNormand

    Please upgrade Yahoo Fantasy Football to the last version (4.1.4). It would be really appreciated. Thanks