Blackberry Playbook and BB10 Social Media Apps

Download Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and many other popular Social Networking Apps. We have a larger Selection than Blackberry World.

If you have any questions or concerns with installing BAR Files to your Blackberry Playbook feel free to comment below and one of our staff members will assist you. Please make sure the first thing you do is install the essential software and watch our videos HERE.

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  • Aakash Nihalani

     i installed on my playbook and i tried video call it doesnt work what shall i do

  • Aakash Nihalani

    i installed yahoo messenger on my pb then yahoo plugin but it says not installed what shall i doo helpp

  • Killa4luv

    Thanx for all of your hard work. This collection you have here is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Kshearer

    What’s with the joke of having all your app icons flash and show garbage cans over top of them like they’re all going to get deleted when you press and hold one?

  • Joelortob

    Video does. Not. Work

  • Jay-R Sarmiento

    where is the skype? before its here,are you guys try to update it for us to use the video call?? im excited….

  • florencio

    Chikka messenger Please

  • Edwardwyee

    This Weibo for Playbook would work better if we could have
    Scut gPen working on Playbook.  This
    would enable folks to input Chinese words using handwriting.

  • BBPB26

    Can you please convert Chikka messenger.apk to Bar file, chikka messenger is free in android device

  • Eric_e03

    You guys are awesome for doing this. I will click all your adds to support what you are doing. Everyone who has a playbook should do the same

  • mr.howlz

    I use Whatsapp on my Torch. I installed it on my Playbook but can’t seem to figure ouy how to add contacts? Probably something simple I am just overlooking.

  • Good E-Reader

     You want to swipe downwards from the very top and it will bring up some options

  • Gor

    Textplus app doesnt open

  • Gor

    Its an error message that says the app has stopped unexpectedly

  • Jay

    I have tried to login to Hootsuite for Playbook many times. I am typing it correctly, but it says that it “Could Not Connect – Invalid user or password!” Does it work on the Playbook as stated here? Or what am I doing wrong?


    Unauthorized when logging in, removed it.

  • Pagtranszonda

    The textplus app does not open. I’ve tried to delete&reinstall but it still won’t work? Can somebody help me?

  • Harshrocking2911

    this is awesome !! can u please add some full  version subtitle player  this would be nice !!

  • playbookin

    textplus not working

  • Lmck7

    is this android app better than the playbook one thats already on it?

  • koolpinoy

    can anyone convert simsimi for playbook and BB10?

  • Montagelenord

    Thanks!  the textplus does work on the playbook!  Just downloaded and is working fine

  • Jaspereric

    alkatone – free calls for Playbook doesn’t work on Playbook, it’s a waste of time

  • Electricempire

    The Yahoo Messenger for PB works fine.  I then loaded the Yahoo Messenger Plug-in for PB and it doesn’t work. The voice nor the video doesn’t work.  It gives the message, you must load a plug-in and tries to take me to the apps World to download the plug in which I have already loaded.
    Does the plug-in work for anyone else on the Playbook?

  • Electricempire

    Nihalani: I have the same problem.  The plugin says, “not installed” when I try to use voice or video.  Have you resolved the problem yet?

  • Dkleinschmidt

    SMS Verification failed?

  • Busaf95

    The Linkedin app doesnt work for me…I can’t even get the keyboard to come up to login.

  • Zaher

    i already download yahoo messenger plug in for my playbook, but it still doesn’t work and when i try to use vice call or video call it says go to apps and load yahoo messenger plug in. can some one help me with this problem pleas??  

  • Ab

    doesn’t work – cannot fill the fields ID and PW

  • Camilo Perez Gonzalez

    all the apps on this web are old; they arent udgrade!!!!

  • Calvin Wankhede

    It just shows no contacts.. It says to add contacts to the phone??

  • Lordbillistic231

    It doesn’t work for me as well

  • Ryan Saruwatari

    Hey, Thanks for all the great bar files. This site just makes getting all my apk. and bar. file so much easier. I was just wondering if you could add temple run and draw something since they are both free and to upgrade textplus so that it will work. If not i understand but it would be nice.

  • Good E-Reader

    we upgraded textplus to the latest version, the other 2 apps don’t work

  • Ppanes2

     I have converted the chikka app to bar file.  email me at ppanes2@gmail:disqus .com if you want a copy of it.  It is currently working fine, been receiving and sending chikka messages to the Philippines just fine

  • Carlos Chikiamco

    I downloaded Yahoo Mail and installed it in my Playbook.  Unfortunately, it fails to connect to server.  I just uninstalled it.  If any of you how to fix the problem just advise.  Thanks.

  • Big_alx

    Hi Good E-Reader!! Thanks for your great efforts here!!Can you please please convert LINE app for me please? I am no longer using iPad and usually use this appto chat with friends, and will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you once again!! Cheers!! :)

  • Bhanuchopra02

    how to use watsapp???
    i am not able to send messages
    it says this application uses sms/mms which has not been customized for playbook and BB10.
    what to do?

  • Mr.Blackberry

    Hey Goode’s , i’d like you to convert photo booth or camwow please

  • MJR

    Hi! Thank you for all of your hard work, we really appreciate the time you spend in working on new bar files for the Playbook. My husband and I are trying to find a sms program that enables the feature to be able to speak text messages. Also a app in general that gives you the ability to locate something in general on your playbook by “voice”. Do you know of anything like this, that is the only thing that would make this device PERFECT!

  • MohaNad BaRaya

    Please convert nimbuzz messenger into bar file :)

  • Derek John

    Could you please add ChatOn. Thank you.

  • Farhan865


    i own the paid version on my phone but if 2 free versions its a remote contol for sony bravias really hoping it works
    one nomal…lay.view&hl=en
    and one for tablets…WJsZXR2aWV3Il0

  • Ricardo Benjamin Grajeda Herre

    windows live messenger don’t work, conections problems. 
    worked perfect at first, but two weeks ago that does not connect, e-coverage problems. the same happens IM + Pro. Please solve and  update.

  • Rodman John

    OOPS Yahoo Video is  not working. Go to apps and load yahoo messenger plug in. Any solution?

  • goldy

    very bad

  • Parv_x

    The same Problem I am facing which ZAher is facing, PLease help us out from this

  • S Hairol291

    already download yahoo messenger 1.5bar. plug-in install many times (4-5) to playbook but nothing….still cant video chat.just instruction ask to “PLUG-IN NOT INSTALLED”

  • Hihi

    this app makes a million folders on my playbook and impossibile to delete!

  • Davidrodri86

    When I install it, it stucks at 50%… :(


    PPS 影音 pleasee. Thank you!

  • Diego21292

    I’m have a question i download this app but it doesn’t work because it appered a text to say that i don’t have wifi connection maybe doesn’t work because i live in mexico or other option that i can try

  • Andy

    Tapatalk needs updating, im getting out of date shite when i open it.

  • BT

    this sounds like a great deal if it is inface absolutely free with no charges of any kind!!!

  • Puccajontas

    I alredy downloaded whatsapp and it doesnt work “Failure connection, turn off your phone and check your connection”  ??? so i dont get it why PHONE??? if im download it at my pb… please help me… and im with wifi connection… 

  • MohaNad BaRaya

    Update nimbuzz,pleaseeeeee

  • R-j-12

    i wanna ask you can i download Tango and Viber in playbook

  • MJL

    Hi Good Ereader can you please convert  orbot for android. Tnx

  • Pdklein

    Just upgraded my Playbook to version  Yahoo 1.5 worked fine.  When I took it off and loaded 1.7 it installs and gives a -4 error in the DDPB installer.  If you have version on your playbook do not install Yahoo 1.7.  It doesn’t work! 

    Now I need to find version 1.5.2 again but…I stupidly erased it.  Does anyone have the older version in BAR format?

  • Miguel Henriques

    The facebook messenger app redirects for an .APK file.. :/ 

  • Alitheacruz

    i already download yahoo messenger plug in for my playbook, but it still doesn’t work and when i try to use vice call or video call it says go to apps and load yahoo messenger plug in. can some one help me with this problem pleas??

  • Vico

    Hi kozmo, is viber working?

  • Jackolantern25

    alot of the apps on here are either not or 1/2 working a bit sad is it

  • MohaNad BaRaya

    Update nimbuzz please!

  • Slimshadym18

     for those who dont knw.. after downloading .bar file u have to channel it through ddpb software

  • Pierce

    TextPlus was working fine till I started browsing the settings, then it crashed and wouldn’t start up again.  I tried reinstalling it and rebooting my playbook, still nothing.
    I would also like to use talkatone for playbook and BB10, but it won’t connect to their servers.  I think it’s because the android player connects to a virtual network on the playbook and not a real one.

  • Rickys Rose

    Says “unable to find default app” when clicking on the downloaded pinterest bar file… Please let me know how to install it

  • Sweety Rhai

    KIK messenger for playbook and BB10 please please please!

  • Tamarathompson8

    Hi have you any plans to add skype to your playbook apps list?

  • disqus_UUrAaLMe6l

    I can’t install it.
    I get this message: “result::failure 500 cannot determine Package-Id”

  • Jim

    Street View will not work with Google Maps (Latitude).

    Any suggestions?

  • Nagpal Tina9

    a cellular data network is required to activate whatsapp messenger…..please help??

  • Irf-man

    I’m not sure which category this falls under but could you please convert the “Yourshape Fitness Center” app from the android store for use with blackberry playbook thank you! :-) 

  • Carloss Across

    zello, loudtalks for the playbook ??

  • Ronnie Rockzilla Lochard

    This app needs an update but works

  • Hae_77

    Coloco usuario y password pero jamás se conecta, se queda intentando.

  • Bo

    Can you please convert TweetCaster? Thanks!

  • Iamnumberone

    does talkatone work?

  • Norma Meneses

    Can you please port the WatchESPN app?

  • Bernice Reshes

    connection error. this usually happens whatsapp installed on another device with the same phone number.whatsapp what I have in my nokia mobile and the mobile as in the tablet bbplaybook asks me to verify the phone number again, and again I do haver the same. Please help to work fine on my tablet

  • Eightball5salive

    Siriusxm will not load after downloading to playbook any suggestions or help please?

  • bbfan

    how do i make pinger works? it is not loading at all. 

  • Rextupece

     can you send me the chikka bar file?my email is in advance

  • Manish

    It’s not working……even installing again 

  • bryan

    can u please update textfree for it can work on 2.1 os 

  • John Romuel Bulaclac

    facebook keeps crashing

  • jae

    hello! thnak you for having this website for playbook and BB10 users to download android apps! i think that was a brilliant idea to do! but my concerns are that the texting apps arent working! like text plus! every time i press on the app on my playbook, its saying “the app has stopped unexpectedly!” what does that mean? when will it be fixed? ive been trying to let it work or download all the different types of texting apps but they dont work either! PLEASE READ THIS AND HELP :) it would be very much apppreciated!

  • yay

    Bakery story plz

  • Pat8793

    I would like to see Craigslit Pro app, It is by far the best, I use it on my Iphone but I know there is an android version. Sure would like to have it on my Playbook!

  • Harun Raz33

    text plus said it stopped unexpectedly when I try to open it. Please fix this because people are desperate for an app to send texts to any mobile phone 

  • Harun Raz33

     same here! ( text plus )

  • Beautiful Hope

    Where the heck do u find the the right installer for all these things to work?!?!?!?

  • Jpolley57

    text me app will not let me sign up an account. Fill in the blanks  and push sign up and get an error that says “MISSING PARAMETERS” don’t understand the problem PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!Do y just make up a new phone #YN

  • Mrlokiloko

    Whatsapp is not working… the package is corrupt

  • guest

    When I downloaded onto my playbook it seems to say that it can not find the app?! I need help.

  • brian

    Do any of these texting apps work for playbook and BB10!!!!!Tryed everyone no luck……….Why does it say for playbook and BB10 too do’nt understand unless i’m doing something wrong…anyone else……………….

  • MIKE


  • Brian

    It would be nice to have Majic Jack for Playbook

  • Cristina Velasco

    Can you please let us know whether all these apps are of latest version??

  • Toobarif

    thank youu soo muchh

  • cengizhan

    whatsup messenger not working playbook not support 

  • Mohammed

    I downloaded Yahoo messenger. However, when I try to make a voice call the plugin is not recognized as downloaded as it asks for the plugin to be installed from application world. is there a resolution for this issue.

  • guest

    no instagram for playbook and BB10?

  • Gaspar Mauricio Gomez Garcia

    np puedo descargar este programa ayuda dice que no se puede leer archivo de origen

  • simply me

    I have a problem with this app!!  I can’t not sign up.  It says missing parameter

    NEED HELP BAD!!!!!!!!!!

  • gurman

    can you guys make icall for playbook and BB10 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • gurman

    and temple run 

  • Kirsty Herriot

    Hi there. Thank you for these apps! Loving them. However, I’ve got whatsapp to install and appears to be working apart from it will only show my linkedin contacts that have whatsapp installed – it doesn’t seem to have access to the rest of my contacts. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. 

  • Ederose

    I down loaded TEXTME to my Playbook, However, when I tried signing up I get a message MISSING PARAMETERS. I submitted this problem to the help center at the TEXME  help site. There reponse was TEXTME was not available for Blackberry!!

  • ahmed korazati

    The Vonage application is not recognised on the playbook. After the latest OS release from playbook,  the application seems not to be supported.
    Please update the application to the latest release of the Playbook OS

  • Bushra

    textplus is not working after 2.1 os updtae, please fix this :(

  • Rancho400

    please update whatsapp version 2.8.5451 (new emoticons)!!!

  • Shinobi_alx

    I dont see skype on IM+ lite for Playbook

  • Awais Saim

    pls repir skype for video call on Os 2.1

  • Max

    do you have Kinkdom of ??

  • Ivorytowerish_bilal

    friends please help me who can i do voice chat on yahoo,hotmail , or skype on playbook. i am totlly woried this imo web is also not working please friends help me… my email is.

  • Chipmunk

    Any chance for Angry Birds

  • Elianan

    This doesnt work . . Is there something i have to do before??

  • Eliananoronha

    What do i do if every single time i try to go on it that ( look at the picture) pops up . :( PLEASE HELP ME 

  • mtnrtwins

    I am trying to install text me on my play book .. downloaded the application but can’t find the file on my playbook it on my playbook’

  • Olivertirkey

    needed  okcupid apps n skype with  video

  • Victorbotor

    hi gud evening sir can you send me also the bar file for chikka app…my email…thank you very much sir.

  • Quen-Quen Potter

    Looking for Posterous Spaces!

  • Marie Nash

    Does anyone know of any text apps that work with the new operating system on the blackberry playbook. Bought this for my daughter and now is completely useless in regards to texting. Rather of bought a cheap tablet. Any help would be appreciated. Textplus fails to load after first use.

  • Epotimet

    My playbook says unable to connect through the number entered

  • Kaypumping3300

    Pls can Anyone help to convert molome apk to bar

  • Jroxas_0727

    hi sir! can you send also chikka to my email add… thank you

  • Shinobi_alx

    There is any news about skype for the new os update?

  • GeorgeM

    I downloaded and installed Textme and it does not work. I can’t send a text to a cell number and I cannot get my free text number. Any ideas?

  • Phil McGrath

    Friendcaster is not free. Can only see news feed. Asks you to buy it whenever you try to do anything else. Cannot buy it in appworld since it isn’t yet available. :( ALSO, please do Netflix for us! Thanks.

  • Molotolaw

    Hi guys,any chance of having Tunein Radio, Air France and Who wants to be a millionaire apps for Playbook PLEASE. Keep up the good work

  • Manlawrie

    Hi guys,any chance of converting Tunein Radio, Air. France and Who wants to be a millionaire apps for BBC PlayBook? Keep up the good work.

  • Anikeya Aditya Anixx

    Friendcaster is not working it asks me to buy it as the current version is not licensed

  • Anikeya Aditya Anixx

    Friendcaster isnt working it is asking me to buy rhe app as current one is not licensed

  • Creaulx

    Facebook 2.0 force closes every time. Stick with 1.9.11.

  • bbMagic

    There is nothing available to raise text font or anything else on playbook. Bb10 software is coming to PlayBook shortly with all the updates. PlayBook bridge will not work with the Z10 it only offers your playbook Internet access.

  • RafaelMedinaDelaCruz

    I download this but not working

  • debakantaKumar

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  • MaximDimitri

    Try this site, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!

  • phone services

    Anybody has news about when Instagram will be available in this platform.

  • drtac1

    I had yahoo messenger on PlayBook but deleted now can’t reinstall any ideas?

  • munirahmalki25

    i get sick of z10 -.-

  • gracejurban

    i downloaded skype, whatsapp and facebook messenger on  my blackberry playbook but it doesnt show the icon on my play book, in short it doesnt work…. can u pls help me solve these probs ? thank u so much….

  • kkoz

    @gracejurban you need to sideload them from your computer.  visit for the step by step processes

  • gracejurban

    @kkoz i already sideloaded but still it doesnt work.

  • bridkid64

    For Friendcaster try this one its my Friendcaster pro paid version thats been converted to bar file format.

  • qingmeisu

    thanks !!!!!!!!

  • sara305

    need palring program plz :(

  • blaknigaz

    2 accounts on Twitter V4 doesn’t work on my BlackBerry Z10

  • djouija

    Latest version of Plume in .bar format as of April 2013 ->

  • KirkJackson

    Hi – great site, I’ve really benefited from the work, and I recommend it to others.
    I’m a BB Playbook user, running several of the converted Android apps successfully with minimal problems.
    My current version of WordPress is this 2.1.1, which works reasonably well.  However, I see that WordPress Android now has a nifty v. 2.3, which I’ve started to use on my Android phone.  
    Any chance that you can update the existing WordPress program for the Playbook to the 2.3 standard?
    Thanks – keep up the great work.  You guys have made my PB a whole lot more useful.

  • goodereader

    @KirkJackson we updated wordpress to 2.3 released april 18th 2013

  • KirkJackson

    @goodereader Thanks for a very quick reply.  I’m looking on this page, and still seeing 2.1.1 … where should I go to get the 2.3?

  • KirkJackson

    @goodereader Thanks for a very quick reply!  On this page I only see the 2.1.1 … when I go over to the Android Social Media page, I see 2.3, but it’s an APK file, right?  Is there a .BAR available?

  • goodereader
  • KirkJackson

    @goodereader Thanks very much.  I found it and installed it … but in my particular case, it seems that the older version works better.  Different strokes.  ;-)

  • KirkJackson

    @goodereader BTW … on this page, the .bar download is v. 2.3, as you say.  For what it’s worth, the description is still v. 2.1.1, from May 27, 2012 – hence my confusion.  
    Cheers — Kirk

  • chrispepe

    I downloaded Mxit it jst says connecting not just says no connection found how can I fix this problem? Or how can I setup my playbook so that this Mxit works on it

  • KillerHeels_UK

    Hi I have working WhatsApp (for now!) com.whatsapp_v1.4.3936.0

  • gurysimrat

    @blaknigaz ohh  how did u find bb z10?

  • gurysimrat

    whats icall ?

  • super_LX

    can anyone convert the twitter android twitter since the bb 10 one sucks…

  • ambiedambie

    Thanks to this blog and I am now enjoying my BB10 more, though I hope there’s an updated version of instagram.

  • DivyanshuNandwani

    Can you please update the facebook, whatsapp and facebook messenger apps?

  • snickers_2020

    @DivyanshuNandwani Facebook and whatsapp you can get from blackberry world. Why the need for hassle?

  • snickers_2020

    skype is working already. just download the newest version and it supports video calls too. But its only for Z10 and Q10.

  • DivyanshuNandwani

    @snickers_2020  actually am a playbook user!

  • austinmt

    Can you guys please get GroupMe?

  • almostthere

    plz help me i managed to get instagram on there but it will not let me through ive tried it all deleted it and everything,

  • Jayduran30

    need update not longer working!

  • kratos18

    @almostthere you have to reset your password through facebook and it works like a charm

  • KirkJackson

    Hi – really appreciate the work going into this.  Can’t do it myself, that’s for sure.
    Has anyone successfully converted WeChat for the Playbook 2.x OS?  If so, where can I get it?
    Periodically I get a message saying that the Whatsapp.apk is an unsuccessful download.  In the Desktop software, searching through the files on board the Playbook, I don’t see any evidence that the .apk is there.
    Is there anything I can do to stop the message from coming up?  I doubt that it’s doing any damage to the system, but it might be distracting it … 
    Thanks, cheers — Kirk

  • shaileshtr

    Your article helped me to understand the topic well and I would love to share this to my friends. I also love Thank you for this and all the best.

  • aaydensmommy

    My IG app keeps freezing! i have to delete it and then re install it! Is anybody having this issue?

  • alnaqbi4884

    hi _ the app is asking to update instagrame  to login  !! can u please solve this ?

  • alnaqbi4884

    im using Q10

  • lsdlucidream

    Hello i have got an error saying this “the application instagram (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again” after i hit log in and i have tried the facebook reset password one but when i click it i get that same error again,i have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it numerous amounts of times but the problem hasnt gone away,if you get this please email me back at                        Thanks

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  • BrandonMiguelGamezMenese

    yo quiero la aplicasion de instagram para playbook

  • akonalq

    hi _ the app is asking to update instagrame  to login  !! can u please solve this ?

  • akonalq

    plz quickly

  • RahulEknath

    non of the application woking on z10  says the process system. apps has stopped unexpectedly

  • RahulEknath

    i get a pop up !sorry the process system . apps has stopped unexpectedly .please try again {force close}

  • alexfrim

    does Photo Map suppose to work?
    currently it requests Google Map android API.
    I installed google maps .bar, however Photo Map still doesnt work.
    BB Z10

  • Greg Guy Isamu

    Viber BB 10 didn’t work as it could not be saved as “Bar”, only in ‘APK’ therefore it would not appear in Playbook to be transferred! Can this be rectified on your side? Skype beta, cannot recognize password/username which I have no problem signing in on other browser. Please assist especially Viber for Z10.

  • changlihkang

    I am using Q10. When the apps is installed, it says “Incompatible Device”. Can anyone help?

  • Fernando Arcila

    @Greg Guy Isamu well then your downloading it wrong ! maybe you’r downloading it from the ANDROID MENU section you have to get the apps from where it says “PLAYBOOK & BB10 APPS” there all BAR FILES

  • Fernando Arcila

    @BrandonMiguelGamezMenese bajala de PLAYBOOK & BB10 APPS del menu que esta arriba , baja el que dice “WORKING INSTAGRAM”

  • Sw4LL4w

    did you turn your device to development mode ?

  • vivitannada

    i have just downloaded this.. viewing, posting photo are just good.. but i can’t comment on my own photo.. when i type something then delete it, then type another word, the deleted ones keep appearing.. and i can’t put special character on comment too, like # or other.. .___.

  • heyoh

    i cannot create a profile, it say : server error when update the profile. then it still asking to create the profil. also the app insall is version 3.0206 when i start it.

  • heyoh

    the version of scurff install is 3.0206 and not 4.0028. then i cannot create my profile. can anyone help?

  • julienucc

    @alexfrim  I’ve installed so many different versions of this app trying to get the Photo Map to work, but have had no luck. I tried Google searching to find an answer but no luck there either. If you find a solution please respond to this post. I will do the same.

  • bashBrown

    I followed the instructions and was able to get Page Manager on my Z10!  it allows me to view my page, but if I try to post to the page or access the messages or do antyhing other than view the wall, it closes the apps.  it seems unstable to me,  please advise thanks

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  • ThornXiii

    hi..can anyone help me please.. I have downloaded the facebook messenger for said that download complete but I cant open the file to this really working on bb10? thanks

  • rene_lg

    porque no puedo instalar el update instagram al blackberry dice que no funciona por la camara

  • sabinadz

    okay, so i downloaded this app, and i worked fine! But, then there came a note saying: “please update your instagram app in the Google Play Store by August 6th to continue using Instagram” so i thought that i wouldn’t be able to use it anymore after today, so i deleted it an downloaded it again. and everytime im trying to log in, it says; its out of date, please upgrade your app in the play store” 
    what can i do? :( or will you put the upgraded version out here, if you can? :) please answer me :)

  • goodereader

    @sabinadz Just login, do a forget password via facebook, change your password and the app will work

  • sabinadz

    @goodereader it still wont work! :(

  • JayTaveras

    @sabinadz  @goodereader the samethings is happening to me

  • goodereader

    @JayTaveras  @sabinadz dont know then, your all doomed

  • bashBrown

    Page Manager doesnt work.  I downloaded it today, August 13.  it starts and then it immediately close the apps.  It is still unstable

  • bashBrown

    @goodereader  @sabinadz this worked for me!   I had the same message.  I was using instagram on my PC and couldnt remember my password so I changed it.   it logged me out of my Z10.  when I entered the new password on my z10 it told me that to upgrade my apps.  so I deleted the apps and reinstalled, then I told it I forgot password and to log me in via facebook. VIOLA I am not able to use Instagram.  But it still tells me that the apps wants to be upgraded.  BUT I am still able to use it.

  • PoPanda

    goodereader i cant download instagram app. Please help!

  • JayTaveras

    goodereader JayTaveras sabinadz try to fix it we wont stay without instagram

  • wildchild_pt

    I get the same error on my playbook, did you find a fix for this?

  • JafferAshoor

    the version of the appis out of date we cant log in

  • wildchild_pt

    I have encountered errors on several converted apps on the BB Playbook, the error is “The application Blackberry keyboard (process system.apps) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again” this appears on several apps that are on the BB10 and playbook list as well as on a couple of apps that I converted from apk to bar via this site.
    has anybody encountered the same or knows of a fix for this?
    I am using the BB Playbook with the latest software installed.

  • AliHashemzadeh

    that is out of date . i cant log in

  • goodereader

    AliHashemzadeh what is out of date?

  • OWENS86

    getglue is outof date cant login

  • OWENS86

    will this  work with the playbook

  • AlirezaBaghaei

    hey buddy this version of instagram is out of date and an upgrade is
    needed..and if you try to get the latest version an error will appear
    and it says incompatible device..would u please solve this issue for
    instagram bb users ?  doing a forgot password trick wont work either
    cause facebook is bloked in iran and u will need something for bypassing
    the filter..could u check psiphon 3 and make it work via sideloading it
    to z10?

  • OWENS86

    instagrtam keeps forclosing on me can u help me

  • OWENS86

    whats wrong with meet me app it keeps forcloseing an cant log in can u help me goodereader

  • CiprianCip

    mr. numbers don`t work on Q5, bb10 !!!! Don`t block private calls!

  • BG1007

    Will this work for Z10 Blackberry?

  • BG1007

    Will   Mr. Number-Block work on Blackberry Z 10?

  • OWENS86

    is there an update to yahoo mail

  • RohlaHabibi

    is tthere gunna be an update for facebook?

  • OWENS86

    its telling me to update facebook is there an update for it

  • MelanieRobinson

    BG1007 mine does

  • NickieSab

    MelanieRobinson BG1007  How did you get it to work because it won’t block calls on mine?

  • toemarcus

    nao cansigo instalar o facebook pode ajudar-me por favor toemarcus£

  • chanel91

    Is there any way I could download anything from here without a computer

  • goodereader
  • wildchild_pt

    I have downloaded skype beta for my playbook, but it does not allow me to log in, it says phone number not valid. I do not recall having any phone number registered with my skype account, but looking at my profile I have added a phone number, even still I cannot sign in using the newly added phone number. 
    Does anybody have any idea how to get this working?

  • shake_things_up

    Hi – I have the z30. Sideloaded the app but when I login it tells me “your application version is no longer supported”. There is an upgrade button. I click it, it says “content not found”. Any help?

  • OWENS86

    this getglue app hasnt been updated yet it wont let me login

  • marc1981

    esta aplicación no funciona en el Z10.. dice siempre que el usuario y contraseña son errados.. #fail

  • tixdix_mix

    no me deja enviar mensajes de voz, alguien sabe porque?

  • Amboman

    Hi, have tried a couple of times to install Facebook for Playbook app and although on DDPB it says done nothing is showing on the playbook screen, anyone any ideas, Thanks Steve

  • JediMark

    Tumblr for PlayBook doesn’t work. The app manager displays: ” result::failure -12″ when I tried to install it.