Blackberry Playbook and BB10 eReading and News Apps

If you love to read, you will love our definitive e-Reading, Manga, Comic book, newspaper and magazine apps for Blackberry 10 and the Playbook.

If you have any questions or concerns with installing BAR Files to your Blackberry Playbook feel free to comment below and one of our staff members will assist you. Please make sure the first thing you do is install the essential software and watch our videos HERE.

The Beach Chronicles for Playbook and Blackberry 10


The Beach Chronicles for Playbook and Blackberry 10

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Updated January 19, 2013
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  • No reviews.

  • I tried to sideload it but there’s an error that says that it’s not signed

  •  try to load what?

  • Gbaix2

    ezpdf reader doesn’t work !!

  • This app should be removed from the goodereader app store–it does not work

  •  We removed it

  • Has anyone been able to get Laputa to import books?

  • fustrated

    Error in downloading. Should be removed from apps until fixed. Waste a lot of time trying to get it to download correctly.

  • error in downloading what?

  • vivek

    best on device reader please…at present using moon reader .plzz suggest me a good reader
    and there are only few medical apps.thanQ

  • Hzambrano99

    Has anyone has the EL NORTE app, it is the same app as REFORMA, but with content from Monterrey Mexico

  • mobimanga isnt downloading

  • ApacheGold

    thx for this service – Kindle app downloaded and working very well.  would be great if you could convert Bluefire reader app for Playbook – unless there’s another Playbook app that can read DRM protected Adobe .pdf files?

  • StephenRH

    How does the PlayBook OS2 browser save pages to READ LATER?  The app gives instructions for each named browser which does not include the PB and none of those instructions fit the PB browser.

  • John

    Hi has anyone got a problem getting out of the book…I seem trapped in the book and can’t getback to the main kindle shop screen.

  • John

    I have sorted it seems my swiping finger from the top of the screen was not vey good but sorted now.

  • tonguetwister

    This file will not download using Firefox 11.0. Instead the screen opens into a reader/editor and shows a page of squiggly characters.

  • Rajnishk

    Hi, Just wanted to know when we will get moon+ reader pro version with built in offline dictionary. Thanks

  • Brother

    Nook pdf app does not seem to find pdf files, and doesn’t “see” any files deeper than /accounts/1000/shared (which is where the pdf files are).  And no files can be copied into directories any closer to the root.  How can this be overcome?

  • Pcjumaac

    I can’t get ReadLaer to work either.  Does anybody can get it to work?

  • Willem

    Can anyone make the dutch news app ready for blackberry?

  •  sorry it crashes

  • sorry this is a paid app

  • Shaazi

    Is there a nook app for the playbook?

  • Victorvorrath

    I have downloaded this app. Don’t runs

  • JohnHimself

    Any chance of adding the updated Kindle app (3.5.0)

  • Downloaded Kindle for Playbook yesterday.Worked great and was very simple. I love having all my libraries safefully on my playbook. So much plesanter to read them on Playbook then on ipad or my iTouch. You have made me a happy senior citizen.

  • Happy to help! 

  • Yes, a pity. Aldiko is a free app, now updated 2.0. I like the fact it can ready Adobe ID books. Hopefully the bar file is coming soon.

  • Jerry

    any chance for news republic 2.0 it blows the older version out of the water with its tile like interface

  • Can someone do HBO GO???

  • david cunningham

    Instructions were AWESOME !!! I now have kindle app on my playbook 😉

  • Djkuhn43

    Any chance you can get us the 3M Cloud. Library app?  It’s the format my library uses for its books.  Thanks a bunch 

  • I tried, they security lock their app so it won’t save as a apk file. 

  • O Urbina Almanza

    adding elnorte, thanks

  • Djkuhn43

    Thanks for trying — I really appreciate you guys,  you do fantastic work! 

  • pete

    Doesn’t anybody buy Barnes and Noble books?  I need the Nook for Playbook?  I hope someone will convert the Nook app for an old computer illiterate guy like me.

  • AB

    There appears to be update for NY Times. Will you make it available to playbook?

  • We just updated it for you

  • Nook for playbook and BB10 does NOT work

  • Kat

    same, i cant even get it to type in my username and password

  • Ilconnection

    Any chance of adding bluefire app for playbook and BB10

  • JBHJr

    First — THANK YOU for what you do!  Second — could you add the New Yorker app?

  • Spam_trial

    Any chance of posting the new Next Issue? With the release from 4/4, the old version won’t go past an alert screen.

  • jonjo

    The bloomberg looks great but i can’t seem to find the link to add my own stocks, is this a bug that can be fixed?

  • Rayvon

    Most of the apps that have an arrow return symbol will not function and consequently will not allow you to return to the main screen.  Am I doing something wrong?

  • Tbandrews

    Can you add the updated “Next Issue” app, please

  • david first

    can somebody help me? i can’t seem to open pdf files with the Go book reader, but the epub files open just fine, what could be the problem?

  • Rhall

    Working good. I’m Canadian and hooked up to Kindle good.I had to go in with a new account. Would not access using my old Kindle account.

  • Rwb4511

    I have followed the steps and now I’m trying to open this app on my BB Playbook through Dropbox but I keep getting this error message: Can’t open Amazon-Kindle- (2) bar (Please download an app that can open this file).  Please help.

  • Rwb4511

    I viewed another YouTube video that simplified the process and now it works!  I’m using DDPB Installer – DDP Installer.

  • Larerick

    could not get this file to load as a “Bar” file.  What to do?

  • Dwcowper

     My existing Kindle account worked great. I can download the books I have bought at kindle from the home page Archive interface. Cheers

  • Frustrated

    I can run the Kindle app and the Goodereader client app but only by clicking ‘run after install’ on the installer program. They never show up on any of the home screens. I heard today, that the new OS (2.0.1) prevents android apps like the ones here from running. Do you know if there is a fix in the works to allow running the apps again?

  • Harryl6134

    Kindle was installed on my PB before testrday’s update, and still works.  On one occasion, I had to remove/reinstall with DDPB installer, after the app locked up and wouldn’t close or respond at all.  The are newer Kindle variations out there, but the consensus (borne out by my experience) is that this version is the best available for now.  You can check for further info.

  • mirko_menegazzo

    Any chance to get Google Currents?

  • Betty

    It would be great to update this version- getting a message on Playbook that this one no longer works.

  • Vndpls

    What am I missing.  I downloaded the kindle app,but it says unable to find default app.  Please help

  • JMC

    Hello Thanks for everything  Could you please update USA TODAY.

  • E RUFF

    Any chance of an update to USA Today? The version as of 4/22/12 is no longer supported by the server and needs an update… Thanks!

  • Marnelle40

    old version…… need update…..

  • Jimmy Taverner

    Hello and thanks for the video re installing Android Apps on Playbook. I wonder if you could include a printed set of instructions on how do install for forgetful old men like me to follow. 
    Thanks once again.

  • Senocular

    Fantastic Work, thanks!

    all apps have worked so far apart from the sunday times.

  • Rdlangner

    is there a app to read the Toronto star on the blackberry playbook??

  • Episaac

    Warning to all. NY Times app does NOT work with the April 2012 PlayBook OS upgrade. Keep your old OS2 if you want to keep the NY Times  app working.  It’s a shame that a RIM upgrade did this.

  • Nkb

    could you add AutoCAD WS? That would be very cool! Thanks!

  • Episaac

    Hey guys, NY Times App does not work with the new PlayBook update. It used to work fine with OS 2.0 but when Blackberry updated the OS to 2.0.1 the NY Time App stopped working. It won’t even load. Is there a fix for this or are we just out of luck ? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Sandi861

    All I can say is Thank you!!!!  Thank you!!!!   Thank you!!!!   Thank you!!!!   Thank you!!!!  I have missed reading my Kindle books on my PB!!

  • Arlington Panganiban

    Big request/plea to convert the Adroid Sony Ebook reader to bar for PB please.

  • Tslemko

    Shortyz is an excellent crossword app for android and I would love to see it ported to the Blackberry Playbook. The Crossword lite that is available in the games section continually freezes my playbook, and it is very frustrating. I don’t know if Shortyz would work any better, but I do know it is an excellent app.

  • Tom Barnes

    Hi great work, there are 3 Apps I could do with to make my Playbook right, they are BT Fon, Lloyds Banking and T-Mobile. I would be really grateful if you could add those please.

  • HI can you all add the nook app by barnes and noble

  • Mitch Lavallee

    camera260 please and thank you

  • Mitch Lavallee

    camera360 i mean

  • Sean

    FT app has just been upgraded. Kindly update the ported version as well. As the current version on your website has stopped working. thanks.

  • I’m getting the error that ‘default file’ cannot be found.  Does this app no longer work with the 2.01 OS update on the playbook?

  • Sean

    I am getting the same error. FT have upgraded the native software I think which means the ported version needs updated too. Guys, please update this software. Thanks a ton. 

  • Chris

    Had the same experience as Sean. FT app doesnt work anymore. Getting the error message “Not Found The requested URL /playbook was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80”. Could you please fix this app, as it adds so much value to the PB! Thanks!

  • Arthurven

    I side loaded this and when I launched it it said that I needed to download the updated version.  Which of course I could not.  Any chance of updating the .bar?

  •  What app are you talking about?

  • Francisco D’Anconia

    I use the Pressreader app.

  • Bob

    does not work on playbook, looks for file on a sd card directory not able to select playbook diectory 

  • Christoph Grunewald

    Could you please update the app, as it is not working anymore as describend by Sean?

  • Merna41

    The 3.5 is an apk file and my Playbook won’t load it.  The only one i can use right now is the 3.2 version…..Any chance of helping with this?

  •  3.5 of what app?

  • Fwitkowski

    3.6 Version of Kindle for Android just showed up. Maybe this one will be good for converting to Playbook app.

  • Epyon52328

    I downloaded the android Pdf viewer but not sure how to get my pdfs to open in that viewer instead of the adobe reader can anyone help me?

  • Stephen_TX

    While the WSJ app works, it appears to save huge amounts of data on your PlayBook.  It keeps a running last 7 issues, but doesn’t appear to delete the old issues or images.  I don’t know if the native Android app does the same.

  • RXS

    aldiko 2.1?

  • Dan

    would love to try the new version 🙂

  • Has anyone else run into the issue with the latest kobo bar crashing when trying to load a book bought off of kobo?

  • Pierre5018

    Flipboard crashes often

  • Drewmg11

    DDPBInstaller shows me a red exclamation point with a “-4” when i try to install the latest version of flipboard that was downloaded from this site.  can anyone help with this issue?  This happens with some apps and not others.  I have tried restarting the playbook and it does not change the result.

  • Kevin Savage

    There needs to be more bouquets instead of brick bats here.

    Really well done, I appreciate the work you have put and the ease I now have in installing these Android favourites on my Playbook.

    Thank you.

  • Rextupece

    hi!is there anyone has a viber for playbook and BB10?or can convert viber from other format to bar?thanks in advance….

  • Tada

    3.5 for Kindle

  • Aldiko 2.2 is out with support for 7″ screens. Would be nice to get this converted to Playbook

  • Creativepubtalk

    Sideloading technique from PC to Playbook has worked fine. My problem is The Kindle App only half works – as if a number of the important Kindle App menu features are missing. The App found my Amazon Kindle UK library but once a book is loaded there is no touch sub-menu to bring you back to your library or alter the font etc – unlike say Kindle for iPad. So I can’t access or get out of and read any other book, all commands have vanished, and I will presumably have to delete the App, reload and find another book? Is this a technical glitch being fixed? Skype is the same – contacts found but I cant communicate free over WiFi – only over a dialled number which is not recognised in the UK.

  • Guest

    While Zinio has had their own Blackberry Playbook APP for a bit, certain magaizine publishers (eg, National Geographic, Smithsonian and others) have recently prevented Zinio from allowing subscribers access to their periodicals via the Playbook APP (Zinio was very helpful with a refund).  Access to these certain periodicals is still allowed via Zinio’s iOS and Android APPs.  Is there any plan to work on the Zinio Android APP?  Thanks for your consideration

  • Ccwalker1958

    I have downloaded and install next issue for playbook and BB10 but it will not load what’s the problem

  • Lp Com

    Many of the books I have in my library force the app to shut down any clues why it’s doing this? 

  • DasShrubber

    If you load this app on your Andriod or Playbook are you then not allowed to distroy the device?  This is actually a seruous question.

  • Luna Azul

    I converted RepliGo Reader to bar. It’s far better than any other e-reader app already pasted here.

  • Matoms Ebele

    Mine always says unable to find default app for all mh downloads.what am i doing wrong 

  • chriswilkes

    Moon+ is a great app. It could be a little difficult to navigate for some people though. It has a lot of features that can be configured, which depending on the user, could be a good thing or a bad thing.

  • Akash Patil

    I have purchased Moon reader pro for 4.99 US $. But I received the .apk file only. Now I have sought for refund. Good-e-reader should intevene into this matter with seller.

  • Pgillin2

    Next Issue does not work for me as of 9/6/12

  • Therealjoeblow

    Wikipedia 1.2.1 doesn’t work

    Does anyone test these, or why do so many of them fail completely?

  • Troy

    I want to buy this Moon+ Reader Pro.  How to you get it to download after you pay for it?

  • Proskater_73

    It won’t let me open bar files on my playbook can someone help please

  • D Culloch

    I am only able to open one or two books without crashing.

  • Leo

    pueden conseguir la aplicacion sumo paint air para playbook les agradeceria mucho

  • Scotjimland

    Google News app won’t run . 

  • Paulc

    Just brought a new Blackberry Playbook 64 and could not get the Kobo Book Reader to even open let alone download my books. Of course Kobo cannot help me. But yes got the andorid version in .bar format and loaded that and yep you got it, worked perfectly. Many thanks for the tip.

  • Al Tedman

    How can you convert apk to bar so that it will work

  • Mel899

    Swype down from the top and you return to the library with your “home” key

  • Lowxss

    With Pocket, I’m unable too see anything, it does allow me to sign into my profile then my PlayBook shows that it’s downloading my saved articles, once finished I go to the app to read any article but it only shows the Pocket logo. I even reset my PlayBook but nothing works. Anybody having the same experience? Any recommendations, please let me know.

  • Lowxss

    Hello fellow BB fans, and thank you Goodereader. Is anybody experiencing force closure messages with the Pulse App.? It all started recently for me, about 5 days ago, it loads, shows my feeds, I click on a a feed, it opens the article then I get the message Pulse has encountered an error and to force close. My Zite app works wonderfully, and all others, too. Please let me know. Thanks.

    P.S. Goodereader, please add the SPB TV app to the .bar file, it is great for watching live TV from all over the world.

  • Bakshi_kapil

    I agree to comments by Sean. The app keeps crashing and has stopped working. Have uninstalled and reinstalled – nothing,

  • Fgfd

    crashes with OS

  • Lowxss

    Is anybody experiencing foreclosure messages when launching the Pulse app? Mine will open then close.

  • Do any of these apps work with 2.0.1?

  • David Reid

    I have tried all the book readers and this one is by far the best, it formats the books into paragraphs instead of just one big mass of writing.  Once you set up the layout to your preference it is great.  lots of control over how you like to set up the page, i love being able to change the font size by sliding up on the right side.

  • Aidenoberlin02

    its not on blackeberry playbook:(

  • soccerdad91016

    any plans to make the latest Android version available as a .BAR file?

  • Chipmunk

    Any chance you can convert the BBC iplayer app to Playbook

  • Scott

    will there be a Moon Reader pro release for Playbook, though i thought I saw it listed here somewhere for 4.99 (not andriod version)

  • Pulse works for about 3 seconds and than get error- “The application Pulse (process com.alphonso.pulse) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. ” Even after  a playbook restart it still stops almost immediately.

  • Zarabat

    Would you please convert any of Referey, Scholarley or Droideley to Bar file? They are extremely necessary for Mendeley users…  

  • Shadmantaz2

    YouVersion quit working on my Playbook after months of problem free use. This version will download but only give a black screen. Other versions such as the one on Blackberry App World do not work either! This is my favorite app please help restore it.

  • disqyak

    Are the bar files not so good or am I the only one for whom the following don’t work at all or are essentially useless? (Playbook / / / – Actually, WinaAmp worked but I was disappointed that it didn’t have the sort functionality I wanted so that it is just like the other music players.

  • Tokesurf76

    Is it possible to update the kindle reader software thru playbook as it won’t allow me to to read comics and GN’s? Books seem to work okay? 

  • Amring

    The Kobo app will not download my library…the Kindle app works fine…

  • Jrosebuckley

    After downloading Java 64 on y Lenovo E520, I still could not connect.  I have been trying to download DDPD so that I could take advantage of Android aps.  The message I get when I try to connect is:  “java is not recobnized as an internal or external command”.  HELP please

  • Nuke_10

    Any chance we can get the updated BaconReader? Thanks!

  • AliWonder

    Please can someone tell me where to download the FRENCH version of this app? I know it exists but can’t find it anywhere & need the version for Playbook.

  • karl

    Hi all, how do i locate ecomic files in Comicrack for playbook and BB10?

  • Multipleboogies

    Waste of time.  Doesn’t work.  It won’t open pdf files as claimed.

  • Doirecormac

    I have just downloaded this App (after searching the net for 2 days) and it is brilliant.  Thanks to all at goodereader for simple, clear instructions and most of all for developing and providing this App.

  • Guest

    Is this latest release working correctly? The first time I uploaded it to the Playbook it showed the full days text and School agenda. It also downloaded Feb 2013 mags and more books, however, the Feb mags would not open and I have tried reloading it but now only get days text (no school agenda), no Feb mags or additional books. It would be helpful to know if there is a glitsch or not, Apart from that it is a great app!!

  • Belzlangtree

    im looking for zinio bar file

  • Crazyer

    The marvel comics app can no longer connect with the store,I cant download new comics, is anyone else having this issue on the playbook?

  • voland

    You Have to installiert Java 32bit. Themen IT Workshop.

  • Lozo

    I’m having difficulty with nook app it opens but will not let me open any books

  • qwerty

    Link broken

  • qwerty

    moon+ reader link broken

  • supportgoodereader

    we fixed Moon+ reader link

  • tom

    Flipboard is okay if load for the 1st time i can login and add account, for 2nd time is blank screen. after that it can’t load anymore

  • Geoff

    I have installed NOOK on my BB Playbook and two books have downloaded. I can’t open either of the as I get a dialogue box with an error message
    The application NOOK (process bn.ereader) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
    I have removed and reinstalled the application several times with no joy. Is there a solution to this please? (I hope it isn’t Barnes and Noble withdrawing support for BB PB)
    I can read both books using NOOK for PC on my laptop.

  • TRR

    How about the new Google Play app for magazines?

  • T0M4S_

    iv tried to install this app using ddpb but every time i do i get “500 unpack requiers a string argument of length 22″…   what is this? please help

  • Jam

    I have the same issue as Tom.  Flipboard loads correctly the first time – then when I try and reopen – I get a black screen.  Any way to fix this?

  • karen L

    I have installed the 3M Cloud Library app on my Playbook.  When I try to register (select my state, library, enter my ID and PIN which I have confirmed with my library, and confirmed the user agreement) I get an error that says “the application Cloud Library ( has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again.”  I have tried ten+ times and no luck.  Suggestions???

  • rickyxx

    flipboard only loads if the orientation is portrait, not landscape! think of how it loads on ur phone thats how i got it. other apps r like that 2, like the urbanspoon app.

  • JB

    Any way we can get kindle 3.5 or above? That way we can use “kindle send” to read personal docs in the kindle app…

  • Daljitpreet

    Cannot find Amrit Kirtan,& Sundar Gutka Please we want this app as its is free in android market

  • Lendo78

    Nope, past the app doesn’t work.

  • Prprj

    Hi, Can someone please explain how to get wattpad to work on BB playbook. It was Working fine offline as well but now the Download More books just shows a blank pages.I have tried to sync to my account as well but nothing seems to work. Please help as I do enjoy reading.

  • ScottGGG

    The New York Times app loads but even when I enter my NYT password all the articles appear locked – I know it is not the password as I can log on to the NYT web site and access the articles.  Anyone else having this problem or have a work around?

  • MarkBeantownBoese

    I’ve downloaded Amazon Kindle, Flipboard and Lektz e readers. All three give me a black screen when I open them. I can’t figure this out…

  • piranavank

    Can you update this to the latest version to 13.0 …

  • roberthmclean

    How do people conect to BT Wifi? Is there an app for PB yet? Also how is skype progressing?

  • ar

    Kobo app 4.8.9571
    Date posted March 23, 2013 
    stops unexpectedly when opening a book. Please help.

  • we updated the app to the most recent working version, i just opened a book and it was fine.

  • soccerdad91016

    Pocket 3.4.3 (and 3.4.6) on the Playbook will load and allow me to download list of articles I have saved with
    However, it only brings up the webpages, does not download or save off line content (which is kinda the whole point of Pocket).
    Has anyone been able to get the offline content to work? I have tried changing download location to “sdcard” and that doesn’t seem to do anything on the Playbook.

  • Jiffy

     I’m having the same problem. Kobo app Unexpected error and force close when opening a book.

  • Pop

    Kobo on Playbook/BB10 crashes when opening an ebook that has DRM.

  • we uploaded an older version

  • we uploaded an older version for you

  • rmolin88

    Qsmart PDF crashes 🙁 please would love to have this app….Thank you

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  • MaxVeness

    Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!

  • reeldansr

    Hey guys – thanks so much for providing this service!  Just wanted to drop a note that I’m having probs with the Nook app – I sideloaded it without a problem (Mac), I signed in, opened my library, but when I try to click on a book to read, the app has an error and shuts down.  It looks good other than that, except you can’t actually open the book.  Any ideas?  
    I realize this may not be your issue, but may be inherent with the app, but if you have any ideas, would really appreciate it!  Thanks so much –

  • Scirpus

    I’ve downloaded eight apps for my playbook so far and have only one that hangs . I don’t feel it’s the apps fault since it does work at times. Thanks for your efforts. p.s. can you convert the app that enables Wisconsin Public Radio Moblie?

  • 81capri

    I just got the app and it won’t let me sync my stories onto my playbook… Can someone please help me out with why it won’t let me?

  • gbarnett52

    I downloaded and installed the nook app for my Z10 without issue.  I was able to purchase and download a book through the app, but when I click on the book to read it the app states it has encountered a fatal error and needs to be shutdown.  Any ideas?  From previous post it looks like I am not the only one with this issue.

  • wildchild_pt

    I have downloaded the Kindle app, but for some reason it is eternally “checking [my device] for new items & syncing”. only part of the app that works seems to be the home screen and store. Any ideas on why this might be happenning?

  • MikeWalters24

    I can use Kindle, Overdrive, Kobo, ZInio without issue, but can’t get the 3M app to work. It is what my local library uses so I am stuck without it. Any ideas?

  • Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!

  • VirginieBusette

    love this app but not working on BBQ10…it would be great if this could be fixed

  • clearcutter

    New to playbook. Have saved the bar file but can’t find it in file manager nor on desktop. What do I do?

  • ccpcmac

    feedly hangs on welcome screen on playbook. Other sideloaded Android apps work fine. Any ideas/suggestions?

  • partysmasher

    I keep getting an error message when trying to open up a nook book.  The message says “Sorry, the application NOOK (process bn.ereader) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”  Each time I try, this problem pops up.  I’ve even tried restarting my playbook and have uninstalled the software and reinstalled it through my PC.

  • DivyanshuNandwani

    Please update whatsapp and the facebook app (it crashes)

  • ydarr

    I’m having the same problem as @partysmasher. “Sorry, the application NOOK (process bn.ereader) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Anyone have a fix??

  • MattWhite1

    Flipboard 2.2 doesn’t work. Version 1.9 doesn’t seem able to pull in new feeds. Niiice…

  • MattWhite1

    Why bother listing Feesdly when it crashes at the load screens? I appreciate what you guys do but the claim everything has been tested here is nonsense.

  • PortMacOnline

    I have installed both Feedly and Flipboard v2.2 on my Playbook 1 w/ OS v2.1.0.1526 and both are loading, but all I get is a black screen with the Feedly logo and the message ‘feedly BETA’ for Feedly, and a blank white screen with Flipboard. Both have the back arrow and Info box along the bottom, but no login or settings that I can find.
    I have the DDPB program installed and running fine, and Development Mode installed and running. I have also installed the HootSuite app which is working fine, so the basic setup works, thanks. It is probably something simple which I am missing for the Feedly and Flipboard apps, but I need both of them for work so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Spoko

    I have downloaded and installed JW reader with no problem. However after I open this app it give me a message after 10-15 sec. : “Download Days Text Failed”. Not only that but also there is no Bible and the Magazines or only some of them can be downloaded in Epub format. The bottom row under Other Publications some of the books also can not be downloaded.
    Would you please help me with this

  • letterwiz

    just watched the tutorial on how to load good e reader tested apps to my playbook. Good tutorial but i have one question. Does the same process apply if your primary device is a MacBook Pro rather than a PC? IF not, can I download and use flipboard successfully directly to my playbook (from good e reader’s playbook app website) or via my mac? thanks

  • KPfish

    I keep getting an error message when trying to open up a nook book.  The message says “Sorry, the application NOOK (process bn.ereader) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”  Each time I try, this problem pops up.  I’ve even tried restarting my playbook and have uninstalled the software and reinstalled it through my PC.

  • tmuitvlugt

    I tried the Comixology app for playbook for the first time (Ver but when I run it I get a black screen and an error message: “The application Comics (process com.iconology.comics) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”  
    Have I done something wrong?

  • tmuitvlugt I uploaded an old version, let me know if it works

  • smithymethod

    need a dictionary for PlayBook please

  • lutz919

    3m Cloud Library for bb10 forces close

  • yvalaw

    I downloaded the JW app.  It loaded up great!…the first time….Now It only loads some magazines, everything else fails.  This is on my blackberry playbook.  What happened?  How can I fix this?  Please anybody???

  • Kuldip

    Many thanks to those who responded to my enquiry about installing Aldiko on my BP, I managed it by downloading Aldiko for Playbook and BB10 on my BB and then using DDPB to transfering it on my BP.
     Now for my 2nd problem. The version of Aldiko I have managed to install on my BP does not support Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks.Hence at the moment I can only borrow the encrypted books from the library (it does not support Overdrive) and read them on my HTC phone.  Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you

  • Ilu

    Zinio works on my playbook, but the instructions are only about using keyboard and mouse. So I cannot enlarge the font size or zoom in on something. Can anyone please advise me how to get that done? Don’t want to read with a microscope….

  • OmarParedes

    KPfish  did you find a solution to this?  I’m having the same issue.  =(

  • JediMark

    I installed wikipedia on my playbook but it doesn’t work. The screen is blank.

  • JediMark

    I installed wikipedia on my playbook but it doesn’t work. The screen is blank.

  • Gavin W

    Hello there,

    Just wondering how I would get comics onto the playbook if I had installed the JJ comic reader app? I can’t seem to be able to find the files……which folder should I add it to?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Michael

    The Kindle app needs to be updated. It doesn’t support comics. I just downloaded the first of the Deadpool series, and it said it couldn’t be downloaded, because a newer version of Kindle was needed.

  • pritam


  • lizzy g

    was working great until a few days ago. what happened?