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Photo Grid - Collage Maker for Blackberry 10


Photo Grid - Collage Maker for Blackberry 10

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Version 4.723
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Updated May 12, 2014
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Category Playbook Photography


With PhotoGrid you can make your photos collection into amazing collage.

#1 Collage app on Android, over *** 38 Million*** users like PhotoGrid.
* Top1 in Photography over 11 Countries.
* Top5 in Photography over 37 Countries.

Photo Grid’s simple interface and outstanding menu of pre-designed grids make it the best collage app on the market. – CNET

We love Photo Grid. It can work hand in hand with Instagram to quickly produce beautiful results… and its interface is so intuitive that anyone will be able to master it – PC Advisor

Photo Grid is free and makes sharing pics and collages easy.
Instantly and easily create collages, wallpaper and photo albums.
Edit pictures in our photo lab and share on Instagram and other places with Photo Grid.
This collage maker is incredibly easy to use, try it and see for yourself.
100% free and fully loaded.

#1 photo sharing app for Instagram users. Default mode crops pics to a square. Makes great an amazing instacollage for instagram

* Create a professional collage instantly – incredibly easy
* Variety of layouts for photo grids, wallpapers, photo walls, albums and collages
* Shake to conveniently swap pics or manually select for precision
* Editor allows you to move, swap, rotate, zoom, sketch, etc in the photo lab
* Add text, emoticons and clip art to your photos and collages
* Arrange your collages loosely or in a square (for Instagram), wide rectangle, tall rectangle or just use a single photo
* Share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Blogger, Tumblr, Google Plus, email, etc

5/5 Stars – Android App Magazine
4/5 Stars – CNET
4/5 Stars – PC Advisor
Top Free Photography Apps – Android Authority
5 Free Must Have Android Apps for Photographers – The Next Web

FAQ and answer

Q: Cant Save or Share?
A: After you click save or share, did you see a msg below that says “Storage card space is insufficient”
thats the reason you cant save.
we only give this msg when your card space is less than 20M
please delete some files like video or music to make more space.

Instagram questions
Q: how to make photo in square, so i dont have to crop it.
A: Default mode is square now.

Q: how to move the photo in grid
A: you can drag to move on mainpage now, no need goto edit and click moving button.

Q: too small to upload to instagram?
A: please update your instagram to latest version

Other FAQ
Q: not all my photo loaded in photogrid
A: please check if these photo in system gallery, our album are sync with system gallery.
A: and you can add album photo manually by click setting button on the folder list page (up right)

Q: How to edit? ( Move, Swap, Rotate, Zoom )
A: Please click “green pencil” icon besides save button on up right of main page.

Q:Where do the collages go when u save them?
A:Saved in \sdcard\Photo Grid

Q:How to send us debug log
A:Click setting on first page and select Email support。

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  • tesko

    pleasen wen will there be instagram on plabook

  • Yahtzee pls

    Hello, would it be possible to get Yahtzee adventures?

  • Denis Cyr

    did anyone get this app to work?

    Playbook os 2.1  32g


  • Ian

    Whenever I try to log in to my Picasa account it says “The requested setting is not supported by the Blackberry Playbook Tablet”. It’s useless to me without access to my on-line images.
    Any suggestions?

  • Ian

    Sorry-the above comment was for Picasa Mobile.

  • JES


  • John

    when is minecraft coming?

  • IPcameraMan

    Hi Guys, remote in your home CCTV cameras….! Check it out!

  • Are these apps all free? I would love to download all if its free. 🙂

  • Random101A

    Can’t get this to work. It keeps goind back to the home screen.

  • 7omoud

    i just download it, when i insert user name and password i get (your version of instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your app in the play store to log in to instgram)
    how can i update it ? please help

  • broadcast1995

    it say (your version of instagram is out of date. Please upgrade your app in the play store to log in to instgram) 
    how can i fix it ?

  • alabaster69

    please to ugrade..

  • alabaster69

    we want to new version..

  • ThiisPen

    Here’s a fix i stumbled upon:1. Side-load the app.2. Run it.3. Click sign in.4. Click “Forgot Password”5. Click Re-register  Using Facebook”6. Reset your password, and it should log you in.
    This is the way I was able to by-pass the “update” msg. Everything works flawlessly on it except for using symbols WHILE leaving a comment. That’s all jacked up. So for me at least, I can’t put hash-tags in comments. I don’t know if it will be the same for other. Hope this helps people. and i apologize if this doesn’t work on yours. I’m just stating the things i did and how it turned out for me.

  • ThisPen

    @7omoud @broadcast1995 @alabaster69 How it works for you guys.

  • broadcast1995

    @7omoud I write my name and password but it doesn’t sign in

  • zt

    I don’t have a facebook account, so is there another way to bypass the error??

  • broadcast1995

    @ThisPen thank you very much your fixing is working with me also 🙂

  • Helpp

    So I tried using the method through facebook, It says “Sorry, we couldn’t complete your request. Please try again in a moment” Could someone please help me out, it would be greatly appreciated

  • DevinFischer

    still not working………………………………………

  • ginakay

    As of 3/28/13 at 1:08pm Eastern Standard Time, the PicsArt App is still not working.  I was able to get into part of it after install but then it kicked me out.  Is there another update or patch for this app?

  • Khalid11

    I tried the way that I reset my password with facebook, but once I tap “Reset using facebook” it opens a blank window.
    Plz help me to do it.

  • itajo

    I’ve tried to link it to facebook but now i get an error “Sorry, we couldn’t complete your request” I have another Z10 at work that is running Version, I tested the instagram app on that and it works. Do you think its not working on mine because i have the latest OS I’ve gone the facebook route a bunch of time but still no good. I just reset from facebook again and get the blank window like Khalid11

  • GillianM

    mine keeps saying that i need to go to my playstore and update my app? what do i do?

  • BB10LOver

    @GillianM Mine as well. Please update the app and release a new bar file!

  • Jordan

    I can’t seem to save drawn on photos back onto my playbook is there some trick to this??

  • caseyleste

    do none of the apps that say ‘for bb10’ not work for playbook

  • alipo

    need to update the version…. how to do so?

  • basketball03

    some is happening with me

  • basketball03

    i keep getting the same message

  • al pee

    Says My version of Instagram is out of date. need to upgrade the app in the play store to log in to Instagram

  • SmalikAwan

    I am using Photo splashing app named “Photo Splash Fx” and found it to be awesome. Though i did use many other such apps, but due to following features, this became my favorite one. 
    Allows users to choose from and apply two separate sets of effects: Photo Effects (full picture), and Splash Effects (selective area).
      Ability to add text, such as your emotions or sentiments on any photo.
    Quick and user-friendly interface.§  Multiple options to load your photo from  – including Phone Camera, Photo Library, and the Pasteboard, as well as from the internet from Web Search, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, Flickr and Picasa, to name a few.
      Ability to crop a photo, rotate it left or right, and mirror.
      Automatic restore last session – restores the last editing session upon launching the app, if you wish to do so.
      Many different brush options to choose from – including Circular and Rectangular brush shapes, and Soft and hard brush types. Plus the ability to adjust brush thickness and opacity.
      Multiple effects to apply – as many as 140+ effects to choose from!
      Additional Colorize, Tintalize and Recolor features to enhance your photo.
      Advanced color picker for fine tune color selection.
      Pinch to zoom, Drag to pan and Double Tap to fit page.
      Unlimited undo is supported.
      Splash preview for fine-tuning and close-control over your image, especially the tricky areas.
      Works in both Portrait and Landscape mode.
      Share your edited photos via Email, or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox.
      Save edited photo to photo library or pasteboard.
      For more details, one may refer

  • boomboxkid03

    Says My version of Instagram is out of date. need to upgrade the app in the play store to log in to Instagram

  • rapacible

    can you get the squaready app working?

  • NananVillalba

    I can’t log in. It says that the version was out of date and needs to be upgraded at the play store to log in to Instagram.


    Instagram will NOT work on PlayBook because it was developed using native Android code and the Android Player on PB cannot process it.  We just have to hope they will make a native app for Blackberry!

  • caseyleste

    please can you make some photography apps like snapchat and instagram work with playbook

  • boomboxkid03

    Says My version of Instagram is out of date. need to upgrade the app in the play store to log in to Instagram. I also tried the password reset with facebook and when I log in it says I already gave permission for instagram to be on my FB and when I want to continue it comes up with an error that my request cannot be processed at this time.

  • boomboxkid03

    Says My version of Instagram is out of date. need to upgrade the app in the play store to log in to Instagram. I also tried the password reset with facebook and when I log in it says I already gave permission for instagram to be on my FB and when I want to continue it comes up with an error that my request cannot be processed at this time.

  • JuanAlbertoMateo

    @boomboxkid03 everyone , not only you

  • JuanAlbertoMateo

    Yesterday I bought a blackberry just because it worked instagram, 12 hours ago stopped working

  • MMercer15

    It won’t let me open it once I download it

  • DeeBee1

    @JuanAlbertoMateo watch video pls, and you brought BB 10 right?

  • Dmtheawesome

    What if you dont have a Facebook?

  • fairtyalee

    can you please update Instagram

  • SF71

    Ya….I’ve tried the facebook workaround and it still doesn’t work unfortunately. I’ll have to keep following up with you guys until its been fixed, thanks for the video.

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  • bryfoster

    Anyone having issues with Voxer on BB10? App will not start, gives fatal error and shuts down.

  • NSR17


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  • Chris_Porter24

    Bring snapchat to Playbook!

  • HeshamSobh

    update snap chat please

  • AvivaPixieStansfield

    so Snapchat keeps forcing close… Is that because its not set up for playbook yet?

  • nick_navarro4

    everything is fine for me, i just cant do video and on some videos that are sent to me the screen turns black and it goes back to the home page as opened, and its self destructed so i cant see it. video has worked before from my other friends. PLEASE UPDATE SNAPCHAT

  • If you have an image in gif, jpg or png format which you want like to resize, simply use it

  • stoner420


  • Lauren_Chant

    it keeps saying it has closed unexpectedly and i have to force close it, please help?!

  • LiamMalley

    Please Bring Out The Updated Version of Snapchat its So much quicker And Easier

  • rebsz268

    ASpect ratio wrong for me

  • VaNjAkIs

    Works on Z10.

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  • philbodi

    My camera is on an 180 degree angle? regardless if i turn it on its side or not. help..

  • DJRozalez

    My camera is not working on this snapchat ? Can you fix it ?

  • RobertXavier

    how do i install this

  • RobertXavier

    RobertXavier  okay ive figured out how to install it but the app has stopped working and before that it said that  used up my 5 free snaps and that i needed to buy the full version

  • RobertXavier

    okay ive figured out how to install it but the app has stopped working and before that it said that  used up my 5 free snaps and that i needed to buy the full version

  • r_u_mine

    can you not install it onto a playbook? It says it has downloaded but when I open the file it says ‘unable to find default app” ? :s

  • Tiniyox

    Says on my Z10 camera error… please help

  • thomaslightyear

    Not working on Q10, it says it was forced to close as soon as you log in

  • Roofingsupply4u

    doesn’t work on my bb z10 just says force close soon as you open? please help?

  • MatejJure

    As soon as I open it force closes on me! Anyone know how to fix?

  • dafyddowen55

    needs updating as instagram wont let you log in without the recent version!

  • DushyantKarani

    hey guys, i found a solution. i was a troubled user too but i got it. it worked for me and hope it works for you guys. go to and download the bar file and its the same process from then on.

  • frkronen

    I succesfully downloaded snapchat for blackberry via

  • diederikvannoord

    you can also do this via

  • ssimons

    this isnt working on z10. it keeps giving me error message!!

  • VioletHiga

    How do I download the bar file

  • kaytiboo

    mine works brilliantly on my z10 thanks so much x

  • TomPickering

    Wont allow me to write text on the images

  • Aduhm

    Crashes as soon at you try add text on the image, please help!

  • natalieigh123

    how do you get snap chat on blackberry playbook? Please tell me

  • OliwiaZielonka

    Snapchat crashes every time I try to type, what do I do?

  • SwagTown

    Forces close when I type. Advice?

  • MariaCavaCava

    I think <a
    href=””>Download Snapchat</a> is not free

  • How do u get it?

  • ssimons

    Works Great!!!!!

  • cheleteto94

    People can’t see the videos I send them. Is there a way for you to fix this?? Would be much appreciated, thanks!

  • llshamess

    not one of these work . once downloaded there is no bar file only apk….. frustrating

  • al_pee

    kaytiboo ho

  • ruthi

    when I logged out of instagram and tried to log in again on my z10, it states that I have an old version and I cannot log in until I download the new version. So what do I do? Is there a new version?

  • mobeereid

    A lot of my apps wont open… Ones i downloaded on here, and from Blackberry world..      HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mobeereid

    llshamess try using a different browser??

  • denah

    al_pee kaytiboo

  • skaifey

    is this the newest version?

  • hamzam23

    skaifeyNo, but it’s the most stable. If you want the latest, search for snapchat in the apk converter they are there, they work fine just come up with annoying Google play warnings

  • miyazyn

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  • amberrose100

    snapchat stopped working for me when i downloaded the new bb software update (q10). i just redownloaded this version onto it and it just keeps beginning to load snapchat then go black and exit it…

  • slamdunker1596

    it says I have to download the latest version of snapchat

  • Helo

    Hey ! i can’t open my snap… some advice?