Top Blackberry Playbook and BB10 Android Games

Sometimes you don’t really know the best games out there for Blackberry 10. We put this list together of the most essential games out there.

If you have any questions or concerns with installing BAR Files to your Blackberry Playbook feel free to comment below and one of our staff members will assist you. Please make sure the first thing you do is install the essential software and watch our videos HERE.

Metal Gun - Blood War for  Playbook and Blackberry 10


Metal Gun - Blood War for Playbook and Blackberry 10

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Updated October 29, 2012
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The end of the century in 2100, in the long history of the 21st century we have experienced numerous interstellar wars, the face of powerful enemies that we have experienced countless times arduous battle, eventually we take the victory to defend their homes. However, due to the Earth’s abundant natural resources are always cited militants peep once aliens formed a coalition in a marching to the Earth ready to divide up the Earth’s resources. Earth today facing the most difficult moment of deep behind enemy lines to destroy the enemy’s protection measures for this to be awakened to re-join the fight needs a hero.

Big Stage II:
Through your efforts, this could have been a losing evil war finally achieved local victory, it also allows the still alive people to see a glimmer of hope. But the evil continues and humans is still not out of the extinction threat, so the battle also to continue, your mission is not over yet , for the survival of humanity, Benjamin • Barton, fighting!

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  • alan

    any chance of getting angry birds, temple run, 3d bowling,  Thanks!!!  this is great!!!

  • Aakashnihalani

    please put ninjump for playbook and BB10 pleasee

  • Aakashnihalani

     if u want for playbook and BB10 contact me

  •  We tried earlier today it fails

  • Aakashnihalani

    ok then pleasee put zynga texas poker facebook

  •  Angry birds is a paid app, 3d bowling fails on the convert,

  • Aakashnihalani

    get angry birds from

  • Aakashnihalani

    please put zynga poker facebook 

  • We tried that today too, it failed

  • Akirwin20

    I tried to put Helidroid 3d on to my playbook to day, that worked but would not open when i clicked on it,
    Curos if any one els had the same problam, followed “all” instructions on how to put it on, but still nothin.
    Thanks in advance, and have really liked your website.

  • Shahrul Nizam

    Hi all,

    Great job and kudos to all you converters..i would like to request for this particular app to be converted, if it is possible. I would even PAY to get it converted. Could you please convert Logmein Ignition for Android. Thanks a milion.

  •  pleaseee cut the ropee playbook

  • Miroozy

    Angry Birds, Cut The Rope.. please 

  • Miroozy

    paradise island is not installin 

  • Rob9804

    buy the game dont be cheap

  • Rob9804

    buy the game dont be cheap OMG

  • Tee

    You guys are doing a great job. Can you convert oovoo. You would make twin son’s real happy. What did you think about the TaT video? The file sharing looked awesome. 

  • Miroozy

    it’s already on the google chrome web store and on my pc for free..why does it have to be for money !

  • Floweryeyes

    What about Ludia Family Feud…can this app be added for playbook and BB10….THXS guys for the sideload ….luv it

  • Jerry Mathis

    Becasue that is how its available on Playbook. Its well worth it.

  • ABCDElmosgottapee

    Yes Love to have it

  • Dadnoel85

    Thanks so much for all these apps. Makes me love my Playbook even more!!!

  • Happy you are satistifed! 

  • Danielmpalmer

    Can you convert BlackBoard Mobile Learn? That would be so awesome!

  • Krawczaj

    Please add the CBT Nuggets app, and like the poster below said the Blackboard App!

  •  You did not see we added the blackboard app?

  • Rachit

    Air Control Lite is not working,it is showing an error at the time of installation!! Other apps are good to go!! Kindly check!!

  • Rachit

    Hats Off to u guys!! Great job by the way!! It changed the whole playbook for me it seems!! LOving it!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Danielmpalmer

    Found the link…..Thanks Again!!!!

  • junaidiy jani

    hope dragonville will available on android playbook..

  • thank u very much but pleasee put cut the rope plss would appreciate u

  • Thanks for these! Any chance you could get world of goo?

  • Imranirfan

    before updatin operating system to 2.0 i security wipe my playbook. now i dont have tetris. blackberry appworld dont work in my country. what can i do to get tetris

  • Miroozy

    any way ..i got it from another site..and the HD version ..

  • harsh gupta

    can u please send me link for angry birds and cut the rope free version for playbook and BB10 ….

  • jazzy

    U can try using an american proxy on the playbook to access appworld.

  • Jerry Mathis

    How about Scramble with Friends? or Wheel of Fortune with Friends

  • 12

    Any chance of “Flick Soccer”? I know its a paid app, but can’t get it otherwise on Pb.

  • loc5

    Thank you very much for porting these games. Can you also port Lemmings and HD Chinese chess please.

  •  yes ok but i can give u only angry birds or any other not temple run

  • i want to but

  • carlitosPB

    ExpandThank you very much for porting these games. Can you also post Talking Tom? thanks

  • Imranirfan


  • Jimmy Hames

    How do i add Roms

  • Zak

    what am i doing wrong? i’m downloading the files to my PC but they all have extension .zip, not .bar
    Please advise

  •  It is prob because you associated bar files with the WINZIP or ZIP format. You can install them to your playbook using the installer.

  • alan

    possibly Jeopardy and  Temple Run                 thanks 

  • temple run?

  • Cynamonney for Cut the Rope.. I have it installed and works great 

  • Cynamonney ..Cut thr Rope link. Works great such a fun game 

  • pleasee if u can put wheres my water it would be good of u thanks 

  • Sheilamariemondejar03

    what do i needto dpo to download apk file

  • Can I get this app converted into .bar? Much appreciated ! 
    Pokemon Tower Defense game by Sam & Dan fun little game.
    Playing a .swf from my browser, but would love a more native version!

  • Thanks for the great efforts for Playbook community. I installed Paradise Island but it does not save the progress of the game and everytime Android player resets or I restart the Playbook, it starts from first. Any tips to save? Can’t find any save buttons or am I missing something. Thanks again.

  • pleaseee put wheres my water for playbook and BB10

  • Kennielsen

    This site is awesome! I knew I would love my playbook!

  • Zakorth

    how do i get these apps on my PB? do i have to pay  good e-reader?

  • Cynamonney

    I loaded the Bejewelled onto my PB but it’s not Blitz it’s bejewelled 2..

  • Zakorth

    can we get The Lost City, The Secret of Grisly Manor and Pirate Mysteries please.. thanks..

  • Paul Hatrey

    all i can say is i agree with everyone else. thanks for doing this for us

  • Daniele728

    please tip-off basketball game!!..thank you!

  • Zakorth

    can we get SNES and GameBoy Emulators please..

  • Cesar Bonilla

    you guy are doing great adding apps now opera mini or opera mobile and draw something and i will be so happy 😛

  •  None of the Opera apps work on playbook

  • Daniele728
  • florencio

    text twist 2 please

  •  we added it

  • Punls86

    great work u guys are doing keep it up. also could u upload Mspot music streaming app?

  • Playfan

    Thank you so much for doing this for us, my list of fun playbook apps gets better each day because you guys actually know which games to convert and I haven’t been so happy with it since the day I got it because now I know that good games and apps will be coming at a decent wait time through your site 🙂 I already downloaded kindle, skype and several games and they are amazing. Are either N64 emulator, Cartoon Wars, Finger Dance lite, or Zombie Contract killer  on your list of testing? Sorry for the big list. Thanks again for doing this 😀

  •  We already tried all of these and they did not work. I cannot find a copy of N64 emulator but none of the other apps worked. We tried them weeks ago.

  • florencio

    thank you so much, for bringing text twist to playbook! yes!

  • florencio

    thank you very much, as in! I am very very happy, you guys are awesome!

  • John S

    Have you guys tried to convert the Family Feud app yet?

  • John S

     Have you tried to convert the family feud app yet?

  • Tom

    Nice work guys!  How about Drawing with Friends?

  • Where did the angry birds Rio go

  • Alfred0816

    i love you

  • Gonna try these games right now…what about GTA3???? Can you convert it?? i mean if it plays beautifully on the HP tablet it will on Playbook right????  Thanks

  • Alxdavey

    Any chance for Draw Something?

  • Evital2002

    Every day I become more happier for all these apps. I’m waiting for netflix app, skype, and some banks apps like PNC Bank and Wellsfargo. Thanks a lot.

  • nsonde1977

    Tried “Scramble with Friends” and the app gets a forced close “pick powerups” page.  Anyone have luck getting this app to work?

  • Jgrande27

    Could you guys convert the BRAVO NOW app i would be so grateful, you guys are AMAZING!!!!!

  • Thank You Very Much But If u could convert wheres my water   Link–  it would be very good

  • Whitman27

    When I try and download this I don’t get the file… I get a page full of Garbage text.  Anyone offer some help for MLB Lite 2012?

  • PAT

    The Scramble Free is not working. It forces you to close. Could you please fix this.. Thanks.

  • Steven Dowell

    Thanks for your alls time. I’m glad someone will go out and help others. I just don’t have the knowledge!!:)


  • KnowJoe

    Thank you for all the new Playbook apps. Good E reader is awesome!!!  PS- Scramble game does work… close out before game starts. Please re-post 🙂

  • Player

    Excited to play but can’t get it to work 🙁

  • Fr

    devil ninja 2 doesn’t download. 

  • Njcc08

    Has anyone gotten the square up app to work with the reader?

  • C.Diddy14

    This Site is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.  Can you please convert and post “Super Stickman Golf”  it is an excellent and addictive game.


  • joes

    Please fix Scramble with Friends force close issue.

    Keep up the good work

  • Gabino_44

    Can you fix scramble with friends because it force closes on me

  • Punls86

    hey can you upload netflix?

  • Bejeweled Blitz is not Bejeweled Blitz. Its the PB Bejeweled which is a paid app. You mght want to remove it.

  •  Thanks we removed it, after 800 downloads you were the only one to say anything, so we deleted it. Hopefully  you are being truthful about it being the PB version. I remember converting the APK myself.

  • Why did you remove the angry birds Rio app for playbook and BB10?

  •  Because someone said rovio was already selling angry birds apps on the playbook app store and because we had the android version of it, it was considered a pirate app by one user who emailed us, so we removed it.

  • Oh OK, but there’s angry birds in the android section on this site and it’s on the android market.
    Thanks for converting the other apps though you guys are awesone!

  •  The Angry birds apps in the Android Games section are there because they are the free editions from the Android Market. Whereas Rovio Charges for it on the Playbook market, so its not fair we can offer an converted android file for the playbook, and the company who makes it charges for it. We only want a clean section and no files that are paid apps or conflicts of interest to the companies who made them.

  • Could you email me the bar. file

  •  no

  • Pinball deluxe is a paid app though and its on here


  • When I installed it the game did not show up in my list but my Bejeweled 2 from App World had moved from its game folder to the main window. The File size is identical to the App World one and when I deleted and reinstalled it installed as Bejeweled 2 not Blitz and it does not launch in the Android player. Launching it showed it was 2 and not Blitz. 

  • Deede

    How do I download? Please tell me

  • Read the tutorial and watch the videos here

  • pleaseee convert talking tom 

  •  we tried, it does not work

  • Rottendude5

    all of my friends have this app and i would love to have it on my playbook.

  • Any chance you could convert Scrabble Free?

  • daddyo

    please add fruit ninja 🙂

  • Tracy thomposon

    any chance of tap zoo please

  • Gary

    Do you guys ever experience your Android “player” to just hang and freak out and you have to either wait a long time for it to respond or just restart your PB?   

  • Amanbassi6

    can you upload real soccer 2012? its free in the market.

  • Rottendude5

    please convert the free version of draw something! its currently the number one downloaded app and it would be great on the playbook.

  • Tom
  • Sexmegoodnow

    Is there a video somewhere I can watch on how to use the emulator.  I have the emulator on my PB but not sure where to get the right roms for the emulator I am using.  Also once i find a rom how to I install it and use it on the PB?

  • Chase Ohara

    anyway to get any of the zenonia games, possibly zenonia 4 hd converted to playbook

  • koolpinoy

    Fruit ninja plz….

  • Phad3one

    Please fix the crashing issue when starting a game! A lot of people have been waiting on this app just to see it crash =(

  • joes

    PLEASE fix scramble with friends force closing issue


  • John

    hi can we get scramble working? it craches on the selection screen.

  • Loc5

    You need toexit game gracefully intead of swipe up and tab x to close android player shell.
    I normally swipe diagonal from bottom until app exit, then close the android player shell.

  •  We added a new version

  •  we added a new version

  • boo

     scramble with friends does not work…at least not on my pb.  it always forces a close.  there are other comments on it as well.  I hope it gets fixed.

  • we updated scramble with friends today

  • Tom

    Can Super Stickman Golf be converted?  A great free game….

  • does not work

  • boo

     new version still does not work.  still forces closing issue.  just tried it today.  even uninstalled it and reinstalled it making sure it was the newer version of the app.

  • Ok, we will delete it right away then

  • boo

     there is a fruit and ninja app over on media fire…the link is farther down in the comments fine.  cut the rope app as well.

  • John

    Still seems to crash at choice screen…. Does any one have this working on their PlayBook 

  • Tom
  • Sexmegoodnow

    Is there a video somewhere I can watch on how to use the emulator.  I have the emulator on my PB but not sure where to get the right roms for the emulator I am using.  Also once i find a rom how to I install it and use it on the PB?

  • Amanbassi6

    is it possible to get some of the high quality android apps? like 3, great graphics etc.. like real soccer 2012, modern combat and stuff like that, or only the simple ones will work?

  • All those game loft apps don’t work because of the way they handle updates to a native version of android, since playbooks android is emulated and not a true OS it fails. ALL game loft games when you boot it up tries to download updates and there is noway to bypass it.

  • boo

    This will not load on my pB….it just says blackberry and goes dark..same thing with scramble with friends

  • Hanging with Friends and Pinball won’t install. Says that if can’t define the package

  • speedy

    we installed oovoo as a bar file, thru the installer. when we brought oovoo up the video chat button is greyed out, meaning we cannot send or receive video chat. we uninstalled the app, then reinstalled, same problem. HELP!!!!!

  •  It can’t use the video camera on the playbook, no android app can

  • Albert Irwans

    angry birds rio pls..Tks 

  • joes

    So is scramble with friends a lost cause…..anybody get this to work?

  • Gramawalls2010

    the nook or blio reader pgm  would be nice

  • Contact Ayush95

    Please a LANE SPLITTER version for the playbook would get the job done. 

    Thanks in advance. 
    Waiting for the post! 

  • boo

    No I have not gotten mine to work either….I tried both versions as well…I am hoping they will get it right eventually though

  • Amanbassi6
  • Reddlocks10

    Is there an update for this BAR yet? 

  •  update for what bar?

  •  nook does not work

  • lane splitter does not work, crashes

  •  this does not work

  • netflix does not work, 

  • stoneman001

    thanks for all that u guys are doing! great work! scramble with friends has a bug. it keeps closing right before the game starts. Could u guys please convert a citibank app

  • joes

     scramble now works…..thanks guys

  • joes

     scramble now works…..march 18th file

  •  We have listed to you guys and got the most recent version from the Android Market and it works FINE!

  • Mrjwallace

    Any chance I might see Filmon here sometime soon??

  • koolpinoy

    try Sketch w Friends! sure fun!

  • koolpinoy

    can u provide the link?

  • boo

    Thank you for fixing scramble with friends!  It works.  Any chance you can get scrabble?

  • boo
  • boo

    Works now.  Updated on the 18th

  • Tracythompson32

    tap zoo pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • sorry this does not work

  • can you add blue? it is a live streaming app for stock market quotes. 

    Also how about Zynga poker?

  • joes

    Great work guys

    Can you add Jewel Magic………great game


  • koolpinoy

    oh its fruit and ninja… i thought its fruitninja 🙁

  • Zaw Oo

    Please kindly convert 1st Myanmar Browser app for Android to playbook. I like to see my language web browser in my playbook. Thanks a lot.

  • Jordanidm

    Just wondering if its possible to convert “The Impossible Game”? I have the .apk file.. its just im puzzled with this converting stuff 

  • Twistedhead14

    Tried. Doesn’t work

  • When will Angry Birds Space be available?? I love those games on my playbook but this one isn’t available yet!! Looks like a lot of fun!!

  • jessica

    anyway we can get dinner spinner thank you guys 🙂

  • Punls86

    hey is it possible to get google talk video chat app?

  • Eka_hr
    angry birds

  • Reddlocks10

    Paradise Island. I have the game on my PlayBook. I downloaded the bar file from this website. Now when I get ready to play the game it tells me that I need to update. I can’t update it with the android Market. So I was wondering if there was an updated bar file. 

  • Reddlocks10

    Has there been an updated bar file for Paradise Island released yet? 

  • We will try and update it right away

  • Guest

    Can you convert F-18 carrier landing?

  • Ryan

    Any chance of a nintendo DS emulator

  • Assassin30

    Please convert Forces of War!?  🙂  Tx

  • Reddlocks10

    Thank you I’m waiting anxiously! 

  • Reddlocks10

    The current bar doesn’t allow you to purchase coins or visit other islands. I really would like to be able to access the full functionality of the game. Thanks 

  • ferdie nicio

    thanks for sharing eka_hr

  • Vissioner

    hi just wondering if mycountry on android could be converted for the playbook plz

  • Emmemel

    Muchas gracias por las aplicaciones!

    Thank you very much for the apps 😀 

  • Yiuk

    anyone convert angry bird space?

  • dhiman swadia

    can u convert temple run

  • dhiman swadia

    please convert it

  • Zak Orth

    Temple Run please.. its free on android.. thanks..

  • it does not work

  • leedsguy

    mycountry on android could you convert it plz ty

  • Why

    game saves don’t reload after playbook is restarted

  • Reddlocks10

    When I download the latest version/updated bar file of this game will my current game be deleted or will I have to start over? 

  • Dory_turner

    Please somebody the link for any King of fighters for my playbook?? I loove that game PLEASEEEEEE!!

  • zachary deckard

    ppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee do angry birds space

  • rivera47

    We need angry birds to convert for playbook and BB10 please do some games.

  • rivera47

    You guys doing good job for playbook and BB10 owners like me,thanks you.  Good job

  • rivera47

    Please we need angry birds space to convert for playbook and BB10 please help?

  • We tried, it did not work, like every other angry bird game on the playbook

  • Tweedle

    MLB Lite is a sip file and it only has an APK inside it, can not find the bar file – is this a mistake or what do I do?

  • jss

    you gus are doin’ a great job !

  • cano

    Angry birds space?

  • Carlosrios5162

    andry biiiirds !!

  • Carlosrios5162

    N64 EMULATOR !!

  • does any the sims games work and what about opera browser

  • how do i add it on playbook 

  •  Air Traffic Control I got the message cracked version, when I started the first time, after that it worked

  • Danasdaddy2002

    Helidroid 3d works awesomely.  That soo much for the game

  • sam

    Temple Run for playbook and BB10 please

  • Annas180

    Let’s Golf! 3 please

  • Atl1

    I am curious about where to find and how to install updates to Android apps and games converted for Playbook. Please help.

  • u can find how to do it in

  • Yonator91

    hi it’s possible samourai vs zombies it’s free on android thx

  • Shante

    Yes, will you get temple run

  • Words with Friends is telling me “upgrade avaliable”…takes me to blackberry appworld if I press OK so it isn’t working anymore  🙁

  • We just updated it

  • Words with friends for PlayBook asking for upgrade. Then I click OK. But then BlackBerry Applications World is open. How to upgrade android game?

  •  We just uploaded a version 2 minutes ago, download the new version.

  • pgg

    There is also a new upgrade for scramble with friends. Could you convert that too? Thanks.

  • Kristianarafat


  • max

    the majority of the apps i have downloaded off here do not appear in a BAR format, they just say FILE. therefore when i try and use DDPB as in your youtube tutorial, the majority of my apps do not appear in the downloads folder on my playbook when searching for apps to install through the program, any ideas?

  • Joedaviesgc

    any chance of My Word Game, i think its the only scrabble like game where you don’t have to go on line

  • Tazston

    Thank you for the apps….any chance Storm 8 games… imobster, pets live, kingdoms.  Thank you again.

  • Jasdeepsinggh

    can you convert some cricket games in bar file……. such as street cricket or something else…… and i am not able to install file… when ever i try to load the file by DDPB INSTALLER IT SAY SOME ERROR….. 

  • Jasdeepsinggh

    can you load . cricket games…. street cricket or sol. there are many games related to  cricket in i pad, or android… and fromw here i can get angry bird in my play book …….

  • Lordbillistic231

    Please is there a converted version of fifa 2012 yet?! Or scrabble?

  • Jasdeepsinggh

    when i loaded the apps in my bb pb, the earlier games which was installed also stopped working … and the games which was installed that are not working too……. any comments why happend so ……….

  • jasdeepsinggh




  •  try and reboot your playbook

  • jasdeepsinggh


  • IceWolf

     Hi hmm i was wondering if you have made a bar file for fruit ninja 1.7.6 and if you dont can i maby ask if you will convert it for me???

  • Gazettebobbi

    says account is suspect and is blocked

  • Robbfarr

    Great Site….thanks

  • Minnithings

    let me make a suggestion. because i do a lot of jb with android and apple, i have a lot of software and drivers installed, java is important for computer an a also and sdk app i on my computer and installed maybe this will give all the files you are missing considering these are android. I think again the file is sdk android platform. make sure all drivers are up to date since i have installed drivers and sdk also using rom etc. I have not have any problem with no devices ever. I also had to adb devices so i do have a lot of software installed. go to google put sdk and adb drivers in case you want to do something else are get another tablet you will be prepared this is what I had done. I hope this help.

  • Ramsenochana

    i few of the apps i installed when i click to load it, just shows blackberry and doesnt load up any advice

  • Guest

    Have you guys tried porting FPSe or another Playstation emulator?

  • Pat

    Can you convert a bar file for star front collision?

  • Wesley Bare

    It is fun but it isn’t the same. This one is live, Draw Something at least you can get with friends and you don’t have to be playing at the same time.

  • The file doesn’t open when it is downloaded on my PlayBook it says ‘unable to find default App’

  • Plz Plz give me a solution

  • Zakorth

    can we have glow hockey please.. cheers..

  • Agatha Riduan

    tom and ben news, talking tom.. etc.. anyone have it pls??

  • Siddmalhotra94

    I have installed some of these games in my PlayBook but when I tap the game icon I doesn’t open 


  • Rmkita

    Can’t install certain bar files (Words with Friends, Yahoo) to latest Blackberry OS  Please advise anyone?

  • John S

    Have you guys tried to convert the family feud app or Draw Something?

  • Excuse me GoodeReader, whenever I download Games with a size bigger than 10MB, download gets interrupted in Chrome, Failed in Opera and Stopped in Firefox and Unknown…. in Safari… I have a decent internet connection..

  • Jacques

    hello can you please get angry birds on playbook android alternative because the blackberry app world has angrys birds aswell thank you

  • Chefdad

    your new version is still asking to upgrade, which just takes you to BB appworld, any suggestions?

  • Chefdad

    Sorry I should have clarified, your newest version of Words with Friends is still asking to upgrade

  • andres arias

    the normally installed with the ddpbi but I get the icon in the playbook, that I can do?

  • Nik

    draw something and angry birds plz

  • Erishi


  • How to download these files as it is giving error 

  • Naphat

    tap sonic please!! fruit ninja please!! You make me love my PB More than ever

  • Tiny Tower? Please, it would be AMAZING!!

  • amitYerke

    I have downloaded Playbook OS 2, so now my Playbook can’t see any app from this website, why?

  • Larerick

    Please “convert chess with friends”
    Thanks a lot
    I have a son, with Iphone, who would like to play chess over the internet with me and my playbook.


  • Fiona

    Can you tell me how I can get Words with Friends to adjust to the screen, at the moment it will only open in “portrait” and does not change when you hold the playbook in “landscape”.  It is also seems to crash quite a bit when I am playing more than one game??  Any tips would be brilliant.

  • Brads24

    This sit is great.  You are doing a good job.  Love to have Iscore for playbook and BB10.

  • When is draw something coming onto BAR???? Its on android free. Thanks

  • Also wonder if talking tom can be done for playbook and BB10 too. Thanks in advance

  • Just downloaded and installed Kindle, Pandora and Words with Friends.  Got the “Done” message for all three.  The Kindle and Pandora apps showed up in my tray and work beautifully.  But Words with Friends never appeared.  Tried to install it again and even restarted my PB, but nothing.  Anyone?

  • Ganesh

    OMG this is just unbelievable!!!! am just lovin my BBPB!!!! The apps are great!! Can you please bring in the following apps: Temple Run, Equalizer for Music Player,Mixzing player, Office Talk, Viber…These are the apps I wud die for!!! Thanks a ton!! U guys are Great!!!

  • Fhdhj

    any chance for angry birds

  • NiceGuyyy

    Dont Download this file is a trojan!!!!!!!!

  •  what file is a trojan? We test everything we upload.

  • Vickens

    facebook scrabble using blackberry playbook

  • M_florey


  • mary

    Please get scrabble for the blackberry playbook

  • Jennifer Rowell47

    Cannot download any games off the internet for my blackberry well bad

  • Nancyp

    Words with friends keeps freezing on me…i get a screen where i have to force quit the app. The rest of my android app wok fine. Is there a fix fot this?

  • Blaxzor

    no Temple Run and Tap Tap Revenge?

  • Tracythompson32

    Can you please tap zoo 2 please

  • Cara Salmon

    Hi, I downloaded a couple of games and the DDPBInstaller. I managed to install the games fine but a couple of them aren’t working properly. Rock The Vegas gives me the message that the date is wrong on my PB, that i must correct date and restart?? Also Paradise Island opens and shows progress bar and gets 2 3rds before crashing. 
    Please help! Was looking forward to these 2 games.

  • any chance you might convert time management games like delicious emily’s true love, build-a-lot series, wedding dash series and the likes? pls make all of it available for playbook and BB10… thanks in advance… :]

  • Sean

    logo quiz 

  • Airras

    There is a problem with airport mania as you cannot select the hair dryer for Icy runways nor the paint booth for plane color changes without a error code ending with a crash coming up and forcing you to either return to a previous level (paint booth) or not being able to advance at all because of saved data reoccurring error/crash(dryer)

    While I am it any chance of getting the sequel converted?

  • Thakkar_shivom

    You guys have done a great job. Can you give me cut the please??

  • Parth Sonkhia

    Bottle shoot, Where’s my water and NBA Jam please……..
    bottle shoot :-

    NBA Jam :-

    Where’s my water :-

  • Parth Sonkhia

    go on the site :-
    It have many games for playbook and BB10 and even apps

  • Sinsowell 76

    I’ve had the same problems! The others I downloaded worked fine except these 2 🙁

  • anna

    POCKETFROGS???  please

  • BlackberryBoy

    are all of these free?

  • Thakkar_shivom

    Go to and then search for angry and then download it
    Then install it using the ddpb installer

  • Thakkar_shivom

    Go to and search for angry
    Then install it using the ddpb installer

  • Littlepixie12

    can you please add ninja chicken? thank you!

  • Jean Carlos

    It’s time to get a Baseball Game for every playbook user Pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Adriano

    Hello, my name is Adrian, I live in Brazil, I downloaded several games, I used the program “DDPB” he sent successfully to My Playbook, but I click the game icon and it does not work, simply does not open the game, the version of my OS is, doesnot work in this version or is it another problem?
    My “DDPB” is the newest version

    Thank you.

  • Jose Ortiz

    Please get temple run, n64 game emulator,defender 2, and angry birds

  • Johnnie

    words with friends freezes up my playbook often. Anybody else have this problem

  • Ellerson

    When I click the add button in the DDPBinstaller, my playbook is not listed under computer. My playbook is connected to my PC with the USB.

  • Cupcake

    can you convert “Tiny Farm” and “Mega Jump”? 🙂


    where the download link…….!

  • Cupcake

    toyville for the playbook please!!

  • BuZz

    hey i feel like a jerk asking this but can u plz convert this app plzzz. i appreciate wat u r doing … 

  • Is there any way to get Scramble With Friends bar file updated to 4.61?it was updated on May 16th

  •  updated

  • Can you convert ar drone freeflight

  • can you convert ar drone freeflight

  • Itikganas

    Hi there.. Not sure if anyone has requested this, but is it possible to bring King Of Fighters Android game to Playbook? I really dont mind paying for it! 🙂

  • mOOsekNuckler

    Is anyone able to get Waypoint working? It keeps saying “Unable to reach the Halo Waypoint services. Check your network connection and then start the app again.” for me… 🙁

  • Natterzz13

    can you please convert temple run to a bar file?!? (:

  • Wf_13

    Words With Friends….. (with out adds) — is this possible,, have tried from playbook to purchase but never connects

  • PrincessKCS2008

    Can you guys please put up Sims Please Please ^_^

  • dj

    How do you stop the “forced close” on words with friends?  I have downloaded multiple versions but still have the problem. 

  • Jg07080

    installed the version of Paradise Island you have posted, seems to get almost completely loaded when it crashes,dialog box reads application crashed! report sent to developers. then get a box reading Sorry! the application (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.   any thoughts on this issue or any ideas as to how and find the cause?

  • Perfect Piano for Playbook i’ts no work on the play bo pls fix i’t

  • Posfukit

    Hi guys thanks for the apps 🙂 is minecraft possible to migrate to playbook ? Is a small game thats why 🙂

  • It won’t work 🙁 it says “unable to find default app” am I missing something?

  • Eric Hamilton

    Does the skype app allow us to use video chat on playbook?  I’m sure you’re tired of that question but it’s important as this may affect my decision about whether or not to buy a playbook or some other kind of tablet.  I want to give the PB a chance but it has to feature the apps I want to use and skype is a big one!

  • PrincessKCS2008

    Can You guys convert sims for Playbook Pleases (-(-(^_^)-)-)

  • Can WebEx be converted? It would be great to have it on my Playbook.
    Also would love to see TeamViewer 🙂

  • jolmir

    why so many of the programs won’t start?

  • Tsandjar

    can you convert sopcast apk to bar?

  • visortgw

    Words With Friends for Android appears to have been updated to v4.91 around 7 June 2012.  Could you please update the BAR from the newer APK?

  • Faceoflibra

    i downloaded these games in my blackberry playbook but were unable to install ….could anyone tell me how to install these games ????

  • the SNES Emulator doesn’t seem to be running the way it says. It doesn’t make the directory to put roms into

  • Toddgreen

    we need angry birds for playbook and BB10 plz

  • Toddgreen

    we need angry birds for playbook and BB10 plz

  • Rockon_saurabh

    plz convert temple run in bar file….(:

  • Sarthak2806

    Can you please provide assasins creed android for playbook and BB10? Help appreciated, thanks!

  • guest

    any chance for full version

  • Larry Ericson

    How about chess with friends, thanks

  • desperately needs this game

    Can you please convert The Gangs Of Crime City plz?? 

  • fist for fighting, fx3 free, f18 carrier landing lite, wave blazer, can these be converted, if you guys are still on this site

  • alexandor

    please…. convert Fruit Ninja HD to .bar it was the first game i downloaded to my iphone and i love it.. 

  • Tegrichmond

    Can you please convert chuzzle to a bar file

  • Krispkrunchy

    photoshop app doesn’t find pics.. 

  • desperately needs this game
  • Jg07080

    have tried several times to install Paradise Island game, always the same result.  game installs but will load to maybe 80% then crashes with dialog box saying it has crashed and report was sent to developer. curious as to how you managed to get the game to run?

  • tmh100

    Hi guys. Do you know if it’s possible to convert Google Play Music for the Playbook please?

  • Lukegreenidge15

    can you please make temple run a bar file

  • Dsinclairproperties

    Can U please convert Angry Birds

  • Dsinclairproperties

    Temple Run would be awesome also!!!

  • nate

    .apk to .bar convertor

  • Can you please convert and sign minecraft pocket edition and fruit ninja from an .apk file to a .bar file. here is a link to both .apk files so you can convert and sign them. 
    you must sign up or connect with facebook or twitter.

  • Alexandranavidad

    temple run pls convert it to bar file

  • Sanjeevsehwag

     this aap is not running after intalation pls suggst smthng

  • Sanjeevsehwag

    this is not working after getting installed

  • Uzi83

    how do you get the updates of the games you download?

  • Princesskayleah

    Temple run–> Bar file and wheres my water —>Bar File and Zoodles—->Bar File  plzzz thank you

  • Martinezart93

    canu put better games like angry birds ect ???

  • Mo2quic

    Can you please add angry birds and netflix?

  • dagz

    can you guys please convert rage of bahamut? 😉

  • unstoppable

    yh please convert temple run and some shooting games……to bar files

  • Angelz9

     please fix spades not downloading

  • Arunuppal

    Temple run dont work, tried multiple versions but it keeps crashing

  • Cowboysbaseball30

    Can u put up bakery story omg please lol

  • Brian Davies

    Wordfeud: my OH wants to pay for Wordfeud so as not to be distracted by the ads. When she clicks ‘buy’ on the Playbook she is taken to BB Appworld and, of course, it’s not for sale there. Is there a workaround for her to pay?

  • Nika Oragvelidze

    My Big  wish is to see grand theft auto 3 or 4 in my playbook . It will be great , can anyone tell me is it possible?  and another question please.. my playbook os version is ..does it make any difference  when side load android games? or it’s better if I downgrade ?

  • Ismaeelvahed542

    Y cnt I dwnld anytn? Evrytme it dwnlds a bit an then says error. Ths happns 4 all the games an apps

  • guy

    this is going to take a while

  • Paigerson08

    Zombie Farm! :p or Zombie life.. ? Any Tap games (tap fish, tap birds)

  • Foxychick996

    Does it work on blackberry playbook? If so, how do i save it??

  • Agarwalkapil0

    After buying my PB I used to curse now at with all these app this would be of use for me 

  • Arunuppal

    ive tried alot of versions and it dont work and iv even tried temple run brave and that dont work either

  • Arunuppal

    The OS on playbook dont support temple run or temple run brave

  • Kamulali33

    can we get some textingg apps like textplus or some

  • el geras


  • Parth14

    come somone please email me @ and tell me if there is a bar file for temple run or angry brids?? and when i try to convert them and place on my playbook it says unecspected error please help!

  • The zynga “with friends” games need to have the updated versions for playbook and BB10..other than that it works great..good job

  • Alxdavey

    Any chance we could get 9 Innings:  Pro Baseball 2013?

  • Arjaycerteza7

    any chance of fruit ninja

  • Business778

    this is an apk file

  • Ebro2 0

    Talking rapper app isn’t working, but doodle jump is. Thnxand could u fix that?

  • m&m

    It dosent work any of program in blackberry what can I do?

  • m&m

    all of my downloaded stop after 99.8% I dont know what can I do for this problem ??????????????????????

  • Syl

    Please get Scrabble android app for blackberry playbook

  • Zaine777

    yes it works

  • Zaine777

    could we get the bubble shoot by runnergames or runninggames lol

  • Iiluvuuu

    I Want Temple Run For BB Playbook Can It Will Be Possible ?

  • Kamulali33

    we need more games for this tablet dawn it like we can do any thing on it rather then use the browser

  • Scramble with friends needs the updated version on here..

  • Idonthaveone

    would be better if this was in ENGLISH! 

  • Jhiand

    Is it possible to request some games? Would love to see plants vs zombies, angry birds, temple run, maplestory live, monster hunter, the amazing spider-man, and alot more zombie games please? Basically we need more well known awesome android games is what i’m asking for.

    Thanks for your time.

  • jaraaaaa

    sims 3 please. :))

  • Tinysoccerstud

    i agree please convert temple run 

  • Pop

    maadar chod download kese hogaa bhosdi vaalo kutte ke biijo……..

  • CT

    There’s an update for this app.  Will it be updated here soon?

  • Jhiand

    hi good e reader, for temple run’s replacement can you possibly get tomb escape?

  • Hermes

    please convert chikka to BAR file.

  • Leuviah77

    it works perfect. PLaybook last update OS 2.01 Thanks

  • zynga slots please

  • Paul Cochrane

    Any chance of Pumpkins vs Monsters please? My fav Android game!!!

  • Dariskidelsky

    Football manager handheld please!

  • Would love to see Gamevil’s Punch Hero converted. It’s free on Android so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to convert.

  • Business778

    i added this game, it worked for a week then it stopped working, i reloaded it and it wouldnt open the load the game

  • Mzmurfee

    Can we get song pop please?

  • Guest784372396

    What about tiny tower or pocket planes?

  • qstan

    can u convert Where’s my Water ? 

  • Kellyhenry4

    great game but how to earn points

  • mojoman

    AWESOME! I downloaded the app store on my playbook and now it’s easy to find all the playbook apps I’m looking forward. Downloading and installing very easy after setup 🙂 Thank you so much!

  • Bigdee008

    Talking rapper doesnt work,. It keeps crashing soon as I load it.

  • Wantricky

    please can you convert call of duty: nazi zombies to a bar! ill be forever greatfull

  • wisdom

    i hope they still makeing more apps cause play book 2 came out

  • Y Crossar

    Is talking Tom available for playbook and BB10?

  • A Tk2

    hi man. i can’t download it. after 400kb Downloaded , i have a error.

  • Punls86

    hey can you convert megacloud app? this would be good for ppl who wants to stream music from their playbook

  • gabopump

    This app does not work, it crashes every time I want to use it.

    Works for you guys?

  • Why is it that after i downloaded the apps it says unable to find default app…

  • Natnik18

    why wont it play?

  • Jazysmom

    Please help me get paradise island to work on my blackberry

  • Chrisburzynski

    nine innings baseball please

  • angrybirds4life

    Heres what i found to get angry file that works

  • Anonymous

    Does Minecraft Pocket Edition work? Even just the demo?

  • Solidpain

    Angry Birds Or Swat and Zombies

  • Nelsonvle

    convert monsters ate my condo

  • Seamus

    I have to uninstall the dpp system , then download the bar file . reinstall the dpp system in order for it to work wtf

  • Thesleepyguy86

    Rock The Vegas for Playbook does not work at all 🙁 i was really looking forward to the game but everytime i load it up it say error

  • chase miralles

    big help! temple run for playbook and BB10 pleaseeeeee….. thanks!

  • Alreiger


  • Max

    could you please convert Kingdom Of

  • angrybirds4life
  • angrybirds4life for angry birds, since this site didnt have it 

  • Sendme123

    Seems like most of the apps DO NOT WORK….just tried “Words with Friends” Shazam” “Keeper”  “Office Suite”  “Tube Mate” and a few more.  The odd one works for a couple of functions the rest don’t work at all.  Don’t think they should be listed if the DON”T WORK. 

  • Sendme123

    Should have added for PLAYBOOK

  • Squirrellsgonuts

    where do i find roms for snes and sega

  • Please could someone take me thro the steps so that I could install some of these games onto my Blackberry Playbook  ??

  • John Holmes

    I downloaded the bar file but when I try to open it it is not recognized. Can you help? Thanks 

  • angrybirds4life
    angry birds ready and working

  • Yahtzee pls

    hello, Just wondwering if Yatzee adventures is available?

  • Yzracer11 11

    Please do some dirt biking games. Ex- 2xl offroad.   Ricky Carmichael motocross I would really appreciate that.

  • Paul Anderson

    paradise island has stopped working on playbook, i have deleted and reinstalled several times, now just got it back and lost months of progress, is there any way to retrieve gameplay?

  • Leehayes

    how do you convert apk files to bar? someone please answer

  • firdman

    Highlighting japan and hacker manual stated that they are for playbook and BB10 but they are in apk format. Pls rectify. Thanks

  • Mr25percent

    Can we get the actual Minecraft game?

  • Olidesy

    I not able to play… They ask me to put my email and a password. If I put something and sign in, they say that I have to update the game… What can I do? I want to play!!! Please someone help me.

  • Cleerox

    Please convert Minecraft Pocket

  • Poetry

    Can you please covert Jetpack Joyride and Skater Boy to a bar file 😀

  • Kool KAT

    Could you convert diner dash

  • Dave B.

    Can’t seem to make this game work on my Playbook. Did the recent OS update screw things up? Wondering what to do. When I try to play – it just says: Sorry! The application Words Free (process com.zynga.words) has stopped working unexpectedly. Please try again. Force close. Tried many times to make it work after loading it today. Wouldn’t work. ???

  • Kldavis7811

    Zuma’s revenge. or Dr. Droid

  • Lmac20

    when i try to open the game it says “unable to find default app” what does that mean and how can i fix it? thanx

  • Beastboytobi

    search on google

  • Galaxysurfer

    v 5.4 words with friends unsigned bar file so wont install

  • Dylanskates20

    when are you gonna have the updated version 1.5 of drag racing availible for the playbook? or can you?

  • LickitySplit

    please convert super emoji manga to a .bar FILE

  • Mle724

    Is version 5.40 of Words with Friends for Playbook now only landscape mode?  Can’t get portrait-mode since the uprade.

  • Sue

    This is a cool game but on playbook it won’t show the rest of the Island. It calls for an upgrade but of course it goes to the playbook site with no access to the update.
    On my daughters phone there is a whole lot available that is not in the playbook version. 

  • Mark Taub

    Just installed the Words with Friends app on my BB Playbook. It keeps telling me there is an upgrade, but can’t find it on BB Apps site, it’s not there I had to install this app throught eh back door. Any advice?

  • Lilyehm

    It keeps saying this ! this is my favorite game ever please could you look into this issue !

  • Micheley1101

    Top eleven asks you to update and then crashes

  • Micheley1101

    Doodle Farm won’t load onto the Playbook

  • Micheley1101

    Thank you for making the apps here available for the Playbook

  • Rregimbald

    why isnt angry birds star wars converted into bar file….?   i cant find it anywhere . and its not even out on the playbook

  • Yash Sharma

    Plants vs zombies???

  • Ryan

    can you please try to convert TEMPLE RUN and INSTAGRAM to a bar file compatible with blackberry playbook

  • Plague would be nice as a bar file please 🙂

  •  hi,
    can anyone convert magicjack to bar please

  • Madz Abreu
  • Fabrício do Amaral

    PESSOAL EU CONSEGUI ESTALAR, 1º COLOQUE SEU PLAYBOOK EM MODO ( DESENVOLVEDOR)  2 º DEPOIS LIGUE O CABO USB, 3º COLOQUE A SENHA QUE É DO PC SENHA DE SEGURANÇA QUE SEMPRE PEDE AO INSERIR O USB, 4º ENTRE NO APLICATIVO QUE JA DEVE TER BAIXADO NO SEU PC—ESSE AQUI>>>( DDBP  INSTALER) e mais uma coisa tem que baixar tambem o java no sati da ORACLE… vou passar um link do video do YOUTUBE onde eu aprendi…e CONFESSO que esse sati aqui foi o 1º que estou conseguindo abrir toodos os aplicativos em BAR, mas acho que esse que vçs tem ai pra intalar para o playbook esta com falhas ou vçs não baixaram  o JAVA…

  • Ali Warsame

    cartoon wars would be nice aswell

  • David Farrow

    Why am I getting a Internet connection error with zinger poker when I no its connected

  • Reli

    Downloads as 0 bytes. Does not work.

  • Lorraineoloughlin

    i have downloaded montezuma to my playbook but it wont open i have downloaded other games and have no problem opening them

  • Jory567

    how come GBA emulator wont work on my playbook?

  • Cmingo71

    Can someone please convert The Hobbit Kingdom of Middle Earth

  • PLEASE MAKE  Where’s My Water FOR THE PLAYBOOK!!!!

  • Johnclaxton9355

    cant download marv the miner,keeps saying connection error.



  • SallyBogue

    Help please can you tell me how to solve this problem…when my app is finished downloading i click into it. And it says ‘unable to find default application’..please help me

  • ToxicCandy

    Paradise Island for Playbook will not work.  I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling 4 times.

  • HarryMorton

    Hi just wondering if after downloading all the apps that are the free or “lite” version whether we will then be able to download the full version on to the playbook?

  • ErikZwo

    Could we get Blood Brothers for the playbook.

  • MikailNelson

    Any chance you can get minecraft pocket edition

  • ktbk

    I’m having trouble with my BlackBerry PlayBook when I down load I go to open it and it says no back up app what do I do

  • dag

    can you put games like 9mm and asphalt on here for the playbook, i don’t want to pay for them

  • I’ve found my answer here

  • dane_gurl

    Doesn’t Work tried 4 times

  • dane_gurl

    Rock the vagas, paradise Island and Miracle City do not work tied reinstalling them 3 times. Very disappointed :(. I just get a message saying “Application Crashed. The report was sent to developers.”

  • Lediard

    For the love of god, full versions of any kairosoft game!  They are incredible!

  • dane_gurl

    I’ve now downloaded 10 apps and only 4 have worked…what a waste of time

  • dane_gurl

    I’ve now downloaded 10 apps and only 4 have worked…what a waste of time

  • grumpydeaf

    Word with friends needs updating on a regular basis. Cannot do that with playbook so quickest fix is to play online via facebook. This is a common problem with many of the apps offered on e-reader its not possible to update them. The bar files need to be continuously updated and marked as update versions in the lists

  • Can you get any of the angry birds for playbook and BB10

  • krilat1

    Could we get StereoTube  for the playbook.

  • mitzy

    I would also like angry birds and where’s my water, can anyone suggest any good games and apps to have?
    Also my goodereader app keeps crashing on my PlayBook, any suggestions why?

  • luzgn

    revelawifi can you put here? and simple donwload mp3 is good

  • theshades

    all angrybbirds are out..

  • tazz

    Game does not work. It crashes at start up. Re-installed multiple times. No fix.

  • maggie

    can you guys do little things forever and inotia 4? i seethat you guys already have it as a andriod app, but it would be awesome if it was on playbook too please 🙂

  • cherylsoldier

    Cant you get the following games on here:
    Temple run
    Temple run 2
    Subway Surfer
    Asphalt 6
    Asphalt 7
    Parking Mania

  • phil

    temple run 2, everyone wants this. best app to convert.

  • xigxag

    hy guys,, try this game!! it is a rhythm based game called Touch The beat, search for it on blackberry world, it is free and beat my score!

  • PabC

    Any plans to include Candy Crush saga?

  • pjbailey

    my in-laws bought our 11 years olds Playbooks for Christmas (not sure if this was the best for their age but it is getting better with your help! They love the Shopoholic games & temple run but can only find apk temple run, no bar files…please help!!!!

  • RT

    Hey Guys I was looking to Download Counter-Strike Portable located “” and the download was in a “.apk” format. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or if the “.bar” file just needed to be uploaded.

  • RT

    Hey Guys I was looking to Download Counter-Strike Portable located “” and the download was in a “.apk” format. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or if the “.bar” file just needed to be uploaded.

  • @cherylsoldier yes can you get temple run 2 an 1 and subway surfer pleasssserrrerree i am with you

  • temple run 2 and 1 yea

  • fishingfan 77

    Hi ! Does anyone now if I can get jurassic park builder for the PlayBook ?

  • danbecks57

    pleaSE  CONVERT  THE BIGWIN games (hockey, football, baseball) for playbook. My kids are driving me ceazy for them

  • Check out The Server List: A place for server owners to submit their servers and a place for players to find somewhere to call home.

  • supportgoodereader

    @danbecks57 sorry, none of these work

  • supportgoodereader

    @fishingfan 77 doesnt work

  • PG923


  • JohnjoeClarke

    can u convert brothers in arms 2 please

  • josephconnelly45

    I cant get gba emultor to work can I get some help here

  • nevinbuconjic

    Hi. I cannot install any apps as it gives me the same error everytime and fails — “500 unpack requires a string argument of length 22”. Does anyone know what this means and what I can do to fix it?

  • JonathanGuzman

    @josephconnelly45 download the bar file from that link and sideload it (If youre trying to do it on a playbook)

  • OrneryGuy

    @nevinbuconjic Most of the apps are giving me this message as well.

  • supportgoodereader

    @OrneryGuy  @nevinbuconjic try using and let me know if the apps work with this

  • OrneryGuy

    @supportgoodereader  @nevinbuconjic An error occurred Your error has been reported to Google.
    I went to the market and did a search for playbook app manger and nothing was found.

  • OrneryGuy

    @supportgoodereader  @nevinbuconjic That error happened when I clicked your link.

  • OrneryGuy

    @pjbailey You can go to this site and convert your apk files to bar and see if they work.

  • Goodereadermike

    @OrneryGuy  @supportgoodereader  @nevinbuconjic

  • Thaicowman

    I am also having problems installing (get the same 500 unpack error”, also happens when using the app manager program.  Is there any way around this?  Thanks

  • huumai01

    Can u convert Heroes of order & chaos? great game :”(

  • BigBossMoss

    i was wondering if you can convert temple run 2 please and thank you:))

  • MarcoAntonioGomez

    @pjbailey friend comes to this page and paste the file apk and hopes that convert it and then give click and download automatic if it works, I hope and serve you

  • SkyBluePink

    This  is the best card collection out there for Playbook.
    I have deleted all my other card games as this collection had all my favourites in one package.

  • purplesusan2602

    any chance of bejewelled please?

  • Seb11

    is there a Real Football 2011 download?

  • koko123

    plz subway surf 🙁

  • lukeeeeeey

    Gun club 2 for playbook please 😀

  • rohi013

    how can i play coverted apk to bar files on my playbook when i installed converted apk to bar files on my playbook its demand force close ?. Please help me

  • jplay

    could you please get heroes of order and chaos.
    p.s thanks for this service you are providing if it wasn’t for this site i would have sold my playbook

  • guest

    Lord of the Dragons for Playbook BB10 Needs an update since they have ver for android now.
    Game will not play without the update directs to thegoogle app site which is no good for playbook 🙁

  • insomniak

    How about hobbit kingdoms of middle earth or kingdom of Camelot?

  • YoovrajChekori

    could you get gta vice city or 3

  • guest

    Once again lordof thedragons requires an update ver 1.3.0.
    Game will not play and I keep losing login bonus. It’s great to
    Get it here but updates in mid of campaigns are all real pain.

  • ukmiitchellx

    What does unable to find default app mean

  • guest

    Once again lord of the dragons requires an update ver
    Game will not play

  • Goodereadermike

    updated it

  • Meags14

    What do I have to do to delete downloads on my PB? I’ve downloaded a bunch that I will never play and I want to get rid of them.

  • Meags14

    How do I delete downloads from my PB? There are a bunch that I downloaded that I don’t like and I want to get rid of them. And I also need help with side-loading. I am looking for someone to help me thoroughly as I am so completely lost in how to do this. My e-mail address is Please e-mail me if you can help me!

  • OliviaJohnson1

    What does could not fined an default app mean it don’t Evan download

  • BryanLuigiFermin

    can you please convert zenonia
    I really love to have that game

  • JackNorman

    temple run 1 & 2 for playbook please

  • KidGamer

    Sword of Inferno is an awesome game but the enhance button for equipment doesnt seem to work… is there a fix for this?

  • JohnSmith31

    have downloaded the tribez game and it keeps force closing is there a fix for this??

  • yemyem

    Hi everone is there any angrybirds on here for pb and if not, why?

  • sikece

    majesty full version and zenonia series will be very appreciated…more RPG pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee….^^

  • playbook user

    can someone add and convert  the game called “yesterday” the free apk version can be obtained from google play store:

  • Its_Jodie_x

    Can you make temple run available for bb10

  • Its_Jodie_x

    Can you make flow available for bb10 as well as temple run

  • dmkb

    How many levels does this version have? I have had one version but finished all the puzzles on that one. I know some iphone people are up to level 500+ . The 4 pics I have only has 372 levels. Thank you

  • IgnacioHenriquez

    subway surf please!!!!! 🙂

  • Toddboy71

    Live holdem poker just stopped working. Prompts you to upgrade now. =(

  • Goodereadermike

    @Toddboy71 we updated it for you

  • Toddboy71

    @Goodereadermike Thanks for the try, but sadly same result. It happened this morning, figured I’d see if an updated version was available, and there was. But no luck. It says “live hold’em is now part of the DragonPlay Poker app. Click ok to install. Your balance, rank and data will not be affected.”

  • Toddboy71

    @Goodereadermike (I’ve tried both the one that was up, as well as the one you kindly tried to update as well, fyi)

  • t3ss4

    candy crush plzz plzzplzzz

  • Rlgwood

    Words with friends keeps crashing. Says updating may take a few minutes than crashes. BB Z10

  • dfgdfgdf
  • Rlgwood

    I clicked on the link but I did not see words on the page. Looks like you can convert .apk to .bar but I got the file from here already converted. I it available else where?

  • Goodereadermike

    @Rlgwood fixed

  • Rlgwood

    Doing the same thing. When it is updating to load games that you are playing it freezes than crashes.

  • KxThree

    Elgard ( please. I tried converting the apk. to bar. and got it on my z10 but Im not sure if I did it correctly

  • Rlgwood

    I clicked on the link, but nothing would load. The app is now opening, everything is working, menu, ads, etc. The only thing it doesn’t do is open current games. Let it run 15-20 minutes, than it locks up. It even let me start a game, but would not load any games that were being played.

  • Rlgwood

    Found it. It did not work for me. Would not even open for me.

  • t3ss4

    ty tried it crashed on loading 🙁

  • Str2010

    can you get Jewel Mania for bb10 please its my fav game. you will be my saviour

  • JakCooper

    Plz get minecraft as a  .bar file

  • VladHoria

    please update pou 😀

  • @VladHoria we did

  • VladHoria

    @goodereader  @VladHoria mmmm i know there is a newer update than the one on February 11, 2013 … maybe I am wrong

  • Z3roCinco

    ZENONIA 1 – 4

  • @Z3roCinco sorry we have tried, they dont work

  • Leonardo costa

    Please i want subway surfers for playbook

  • @Leonardo costa so do we, but the game uses native binaries and will not work on the playbook or bb10

  • palomo2099

    Please i want minecraft or wordcraft, please

  • palomo2099

    for the playbook

  • Z3roCinco

    @goodereader  @Z3roCinco Thanks for the response 🙂 Maybe some time in the not too distant future..

  • shepz25

    How about fifa or football manager for playbook?Or even top eleven?Maybe you guys can do what the bb app store couldnt even though so many people asked and really wanted them 🙂

  • shepz25

    football manager or fifa for playbook?Please 🙂

  • nv

    how do i get cod zombies for my playbook via DDPB

  • sherri66

    Im looking for good solitaire game for Bb10? Any nods?

  • nl5hucd

    is the game being updated?
    i don’t see a download link.

  • nl5hucd

    oh i found it. thanks for doing this.

  • AlbertoLimonSilva

    how can i get plants vs zombies , angry birds ,
    i download netflix and is not working
    how this forum works ?

  • graspberry

    Hello I want to request WOW Fish for blackberry playbook! I can’t seem to find it here. Thank u. I want it badly! 🙁

  • sarahg1991

    Hey is there any chance of getting the team lava games on the playbook ( bakery story and so on)?.

  • JacqueSpirituel

    The Application The Tribez (process com.gameinsight.tribez) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.Program problem!!!!!!!

  • JacqueSpirituel

    The Application The Tribez (process com.gameinsight.tribez) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.
    The Tribez version new???  Program problem!!!!!!!

  • oel

    would it be possible to sideload andorid apps on a pb running 1.0 os?

  • SurjoStranger

    umm does it work for angry gran?

  • SurjoStranger

    please convert simpsons tapped out for playbook

  • MichalinaJanik

    When i click on the download in my downloads section it just says “cant find default app” help!

  • MichalinaJanik

    When i click on the file in my downloads it just says “cant find default app” help!

  • MichalinaJanik

    @MichalinaJanik thanks! one more question though, how do i get full version of apps? i dl-ed text twist and its just the demo version and when the app asks if i want to buy full version i click yes and it just closes the app, is there something im missing?

  • LiamMorris

    Mine always says can’t find default apply!!! Help

  • Me ethier it says can’t find default app…

  • AdrianMDimailig

    I have the same error msg, cant find default app. Pls help

  • AdrianMDimailig

    I have the same error msg, cant find default app. Pls help

  • CindyMorgan

    please make dragon story or dragon vale for playbook

  • kekko93

    would you please put subway surf for blackberry z10


    You may want to visit this site too!

  • MichaelHallmark

    Can you guys tell me where to get “teenage mutant ninja turtles” for playbook for my son?

  • KneePad


  • sunset104

    Have loaded “Rock The Vegas for Playbook and BB10” onto my playbook. When I try to run it it displays “Your device’s date is set incorrectly! Please set the date and resart the application.” I have turned off 24-Hour Time and Time Automatically, tn restarted the program. Still not able to run. I have deleted the app and reinstalled, same problem. Does anyone know what I need to do to run it?

  • Tomb Escape please link for blackberry playbook

  • A complete hand is dealt to each player, and players bet in one round, with raising and re-raising allowed. This is the oldest poker family; the root of the game as now played was a game known as Primero, which evolved into the game three-card brag, a very popular gentleman’s game around the time of the American Revolutionary War and still enjoyed in the U.K. today. Straight hands of five cards are sometimes used as a final showdown, but poker is almost always played in a more complex form to allow for additional strategy.

  • sunset104

    @Ramesh chandra thanks for this, very interesting. Don’t understand why you posted but interesting.

  • zoe1984

    once you have an emulator where can you get the files for it and how do you load them up please help :/

  • ShaunRushton

    I’ve sideloaded Fantastica, SoulCraft, and Transformers Legends on to my play book but when I go to run them an error comes up and won’t load. I’ve already factory reset my Playbook and reinstalled OS2.1 on my Playbook so not beta OS with bad andriod play support, HELP!!!! Please thx

  • KeiranCoupe

    is there any chance that champ manager will be coming on playbook its quality on the iphone just need it on the playbook!

  • kociakmaly8
  • MohammedRashidShaikh

    is Bingo Blitz available for z10?

  • dragonboi006

    PLSSSS! @goodereader  Put MInecraft for PLAYBOOK! PLSSS I LOVE YOUR SITE 😀

  • dragonboi006

    PLSSSS! @goodereader  Put MInecraft for PLAYBOOK! PLSSS I LOVE YOUR SITE 😀

  • mobeereid

    Candy Crush please?????????????????????????

  • Robbuston

    Guys, Bloons TD 5 and battles, Plz, it’s sooo popular and soo good! It has to be done! D:

  • JaCob2

    dead trigger and dead trigger 2 pleas bros 😀

  • mario1234

    im downloading the file but it wont show up as a bar file just a file

  • hadishafiei66


  • akilesh

    parking mania 2

  • akilesh

    parking mania 2 please

  • Muhammad Usman Aziz

    i have downloaded the file for my BB Q10, but when i open it message appears ” unable to the .bar file”

  • smithyash123

    when ever i try to play this on my playbook it says it has stopped unexpectedly and wont let me on it? can some one help please?

  • elreyshadow94

    every time i try to open file in playbook it says it stopped unexpectedly how do i fix

  • elreyshadow94

    i cant open this file on my playbook it opens and crashes and say it has stopped unexpectedly pls help

  • kmolina97


  • kmolina97

    @goodereader how do I get this app to work? Do I need to download a pokemon rom directly to my phone or through the computer?

  • postamante789
  • postamante789
  • sdfgdfgdfg

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  • AtInsider

    BlackBerry 10 is the best Mobile OS and has the best smart phones on the planet.

  • BobAron

    Amazing ant smasher is an
    impressive game. if you’re looking for a game that is challenging, quirky and
    addictive then this one is definitely something that you need to get your hands
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  • pent0yas