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Google Finance Launcher for Blackberry 10 and Playbook


Google Finance Launcher for Blackberry 10 and Playbook

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Version 3.1
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Updated April 8, 2013
Installs 110 times
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Google Finance charts and news repackaged into a clean app interface. Use this app for all your finance needs.
Features US and non-US market charts (unlike the official Google Finance app) and news from Google Finance mobile.
Also has currency converter and exchange rates from XE, as well as precious metal prices and charts (gold price, silver price, palladium price, platinum price).
For more detailed precious metal statistics/charts, please see our other app titled: Precious Metal Prices.

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  • VK
  •  Hey, you need to provide us with the direct APK for the android file, we don’t have google android market access.

  • VK

     Oh, here is the link:

    Many thanks! VK

  • VK

     I added both apk files to:

    Thanks again

  • vivek

    olive doesnt work…..need helpp

  • Rmintak

    thank you for the great work – can you convert audiogalaxy for PB? 

  • Rico781

    please can you do cnbc real time app?? 

  •  We tried, it doesn’t work because its optimized for honeycomb.

  • Rico781

     thanks for letting me know.  i like the playbook but lack is apps is hurting my head.

  • Hdv1990

    What about Huffington Post, Google plus, imgur gallery, shackdroid, or the verge wrap. Thanks!
    I’d ask about Gmail but I’ve read it doesn’t work. 

  •  We uploaded huff post and the verge

  • Hdv1990

    Yea, that’s my bad didn’t scroll down. G+ is on here too. 
    Shacknews and verge would be nice too though. 
    Thanks for this site!

  • badognobisc

    not sure if my first post was submitted.  I need a margin app for sales.  I am looking for a a,b,c program.  I have created this in excel but need something for a playbook. 

    here is the formula:

    a = raw cost
    b= load   a percentage times raw
    c = load divided by a 0.xx percent.

    her is an example:

    100.00 raw
    load is 3%   = 103.00

    margin vs markup  margin uses division of the remaining balance.  mark up uses straight multiplication of the percentage.

    margin example.   raw cost is 100.00  times 3% load = 103.00    margin rate is 20 percent or divide the load amount by 0.80. final sale cost would be 128.75.

    mark up example:  100.00 times 3% load = 103.00  mark up rate is 20 percent 123.60 or multiply everything out standard math.  final sale cost would be 123.60.

    there is a difference.  I need the program to have variable load ares starting at 0.5 or something that can be entered manually on the playbook.  I would like 3% to be standard. 

    I would like to see a spread sheet to show the margin rate from 1-150.

    I would also like to have the mark up listed on the far right to show the difference of mark up and margin.

    I would also like to have a seperate screen to show list price and a reverse margin/mark up.  list price minus margin and mark up percentages.

    IS ANYONE UP TO THIS?  I have not found a perfect android app for this yet.  I will also need this to convert over to playbook BAR file.  Time line is Monday AM central US 12 March.

    let me know what you have to offer.  sorry I am taking java calsses currently but I am not a JEDI yet.


  • Uzair Majid

    Thanks for the work!

  • Ng Alec

    can you please convert gmail for PB?

  • Clive Ashworth

    Audiogalaxy would be great – I cant use Pandora in Canada – and Audiogalaxy is amazing in Android if I could get on my playbook ;-))

  •  gmail doesn’t work

  •  We added audio galaxy in the audio/video section

  •  they both don’t work

  • Please consider converting the RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Android app for PlayBook.

  • SooGuy

    I am using all the Canadian Banks through the regular browser…Fully functional without limitations of Apps and secure!  I use RBC too…

  • GeorgeB

    Fidelity Investments loads easily (using CrackBerry Mac side loading — I don’t have a PC).

    The app works, except for the check deposit…app can’t find the camera.

  • Rmintak


    Thank you for the news, I downloaded and tried audio galaxy but it crashes every time I try to play anything ;-(  

  • Dansammartino

    Hi, thank you for your great work, I tried to run the audio galaxy and it also crashed for me.

  • Manm Ahmed

    Hey thanks so much for creating such an awesome site. It really is a great help to us who can’t access the appworld. I also wanted to know if you could convert KBS WORLD app from android zoom. It’s an app that plays a Korean tv channel live onto an Android phone or gadget. Just wanted to know if it’s possible. 

  • joes

    Are you able to add redbox app?


  • Scott Jensen

    How do I install. Bar files?

  • Wardovee

    Hello Good E  Reader Team any chance of Porting over the bigest bank in Canada’s App?
    Royal Bank RBC ? it’s a great app and would be fantasticve for the Playbook

  • Kennielsen

    Thanks soo much for ALL your efforts. Is there any way to get Epson iPrint ??

  • Bigstory

    Thanks for converting Note Everything, its a great app! Any chance you could convert Note Everything GDocs? That would allow me to back up to Google Docs.

  • This app doesn’t work because it requres a google account and for some reason the playbooks android emulation cannot detect a google account, so you can’t do anything with this. 

  • sorry guys, RBC DOES NOT WORK!

  • Sushantpatil8186

    Hello ,
    I downloaded the Essential app and installed it. It scanned my playbook and got connected too. But it doesnt show me play book directory, Instead it shows some Recovery disk with nothing in it. I tried it many times. If I go normally like click My computer and then I can very well see Play book disk , I can access all files but through Essential App , I just cant see my playbook directory. Please advise.

  • You need java 32 bit installed and open playbook desktop manager and enter the password you used for  your developer password

  • Lightfingers99
  • Sushantpatil8186

     Hello ,
    I installed 32 bit Java too removing 64 bit which was initially present. But still I cant see playbook directory itself through DDPB Installer downloaded from your site. If I do it by downloading apps to my computer and then installing ,all apps are crashing. Please advise.

  • Franz

    Thank you for doing the BMO online banking for Playbook. Works just fine. The only complaint I would have is that the links for Transfer, P{ayment etc. are so tightly spaced that my fingertips do not hit the right selection occasionally.

  • VK

    Dear All,

    is it possible to convert KeePassDroid? APK is here:

    Many Thanks in advance

  • I am having the same problem too, I got a low battery I going to wait for a charge and then try it again. 

  • DKnew2Blackberry

    OK what is really required.  The DDPB installer does not see my playbook.  My explorer does.  I’ve confirmed that I now have 64 Java.  I have watch the video several times and believe I am doing it correctly.

  • we added it under new apps

  • VK

     You guys are awesome! Thanks!

  • Electricempire

    I downloaded Square up for my Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0.  When installing it said “cannot use” and to upgrade to the new version of Square on the Android Market but I have tried to download the file many times only to get the message, “no Android phone associated with this account”.  The version 1.9 Square seems to work by manually entering the credit card numbers but the swipe does not work.
    Please, can you make available the correct latest version so that we can use our Playbook for accepting cc on Square up?

  • Electricempire

    Why can’t I download from (play google) the Square up app for Android.  It keeps saying “no Android phones connected with this account” and I don’t know how to set up my account so that it will be satisfied.  I want to sideload to my PC the Android Square app from (play Google) site and then using DDPD to install it to my Blackberry Playbook.  Other programs (from Goodereader) have already installed.

  • Electricempire

    PS: The Square up from this site loaded onto my Playbook fine but the Square reader doesn’t read.  I have to keep in the credit card by hand into my Blackberry Playbook.

  • Electricempire

    FROM GOODEREADER: This app doesn’t work because it requres a google account and for some reason the playbooks android emulation cannot detect a google account, so you can’t do anything with this.
    ElectricEmpire:  I just found this from 3 days ago and this must be the answer that I am looking for.  It evidently won’t work?

  • Electricempire

    Would it work to plug in a compatible Android phone (USB to PC), download Square from Play Google to the DDPB on my PC, then plug in the Playbook to my PC, and then install Square to Playbook from the DDPB?

  • Finmac77

    Is there a wells fargo app for pb?

  • blackberryman

    Can i delete the file out of the “downloads” folder once i have installed the app or does it need to stay there? thanks!

  • Charly35
  • Charly35
  • Armzam

    Hello Koz,
    Can you also provide the ‘square”card reader”app’?  This app is for the account portion only.

  • R. H.

    Have tried three times to get the Yahoo Messenger Plugin to work! No luck. Can someone help, please?

  • GeorgeB

    Noticed that you have Fidelity Investments, v1.3, posted March 7.

    But when I loaded it and tried to run it, I get: “Error: A new version of this app is available….”

    Going to Fidelity and clicking on Android, it takes me to the current version, which is version 1.33, updated March 22, 2012. 

    Guess Fidelity slipped a slightly newer one out after the 1.3

        Kind regards,

  • Tweedle

    Any chance you could convert and add the Schwab Android mobile app?

    and the Microsoft OneNote Android app?

    or have you tried and they don’t work?

    Thanks for a great service!

  • Breezy65
  • MikeMacCalla

    You guy’s are great! I followed your instructions and installed several apps on my Playbook without a hitch! Thanks.

  • Johnniegman

    open computer.   click the network icon.   Thats where mine was hiding

  • AB

    Zillow does not run after install. hangs up on “please wait…initializing” screen.

  • Coolcgs

    Could you port Tango to the Playbook. Seeing as Skype seems to not care about us Playbook users, maybe we will be better off using Tango if you convert it!

  • Tweedle

    any chance for conversion of Charles Schwab android mobile app?
    Could you also try to convert the Charles Schwab brokerage Android app?

    the Fidelity, Yahoo Finance, and Chase mobile banking apps you have done are great – thanks!

  • It is a USA Only download and won’t let me download it in Canada

  • Tweedle

    drat!  thanks!

  • David Mclaren

    Desperately seeking app that would load and sync my Outlook calendar, contacts and tasks on PlayBook.
    And how about a PlayBook version of Adobe Digital e-reader? Please.

  • camerak

    Has anyone tried WritePad on playbook, or any other handwriting recognition app?

  • trackcoach

    There is a new version of square people, can I find that one

  • Dscarb

    Have not been able to get the Fidelity App to open.  Any suggestions?

  • Nuckingfuts365

     Is the WD 2Go app working for anyone else? Mine is just getting a black screen now. Itworked fine before 🙁

  • Garymo2jmo

    How do you get the Square Credit Card Reader to work on the BB Playbook? Can you update the Square App so the Credit Card Reader will be reconize by the Playbook?

  • Gsmstafford

    can you please convert Free Blockberry Phone Unlocker

  • Pcarbonneau

    any chance you could get the new app? (square) its saying i have to update before it will work…thanks

  • Jonathan J.

    Please convert Google Video Chat!

  • Rob_sutton

    Hi guys great site, is there any chance of adding Auto desk design review for dwF. keep up the good work.

  • Realyifei

    This does not work with newest update

  • DJR

    I tried to download Evernote for Playbook. It said it finished downloading, but there was no app symbol to click on. Do I need to do the conversion as if it was an Android app, or is there something else I am missing.

  • tommy

    where can you find the link to the essentail app? i am not able to find the download link. can you please send me the link?

  • Tanagraserin

    cant download it

  • Philmac

    Would be wonderful if it worked on a playbook. It’s a wonderful app on an android

  • Hey guys, I don’t, if it’s possible, can you convert Rdio so I can install on my Playbook? 

  • Islandgirl8957

    Can you please add the Scotia bank app. By the way you guys are awesome

  • Hi there, could you update the .bar file to the newest version, 2.2.9?
    Thanks for all you do for the PlayBook!

  • sillybilly

    Where can I download the app for RBC banking for the BB playbook?

  • Ellazone

    Can anybody help me, my sidedloaded apps are not opening, only tweet deck…..please help!!!!!!!!!!

  • kimmy

    heya, I just want to say thank u soooooooo much for all the hard work that u have done. I truely appreciate it. My playbook is with me 24/7 now and thats because of u all.

  • Maggie

    Hi  We are DEV of File Expert. Could you please let us know how to update our app here? Email:

  • Garymo2jmo

    Is there anyway to post an updated version of this app so the card reader will work with it?

  • jajabinks13118

    these people must not be too bright… every single comment is about a different app….. im trying to see comments about this app!!!!

  • jajabinks13118

    how do i set the notifications and email zedge tones?  everytime i set them like you would think would be the correct way of assigning diff tones to diff places it doesnt work, it just makes t he same ol’ two sounds…. anybody know how to set the notification tones with zedge tones??

  • Ben Hammock

    It isn’t the people, it’s the forum setup that causes this

  •  If you download our playbook client you can comment on the apps individually.

  • Raymond Roman

    Can you please convert forex trading client apps, like “fxpro btrader”, “oanda fxtrade”, “instaforex insta trader, etc.”? Can you update “Square” to the latest version and if possible for the app to recognize the square card reader? because manual typed numbers cost too much. Programs like “Coupon Sherpa”, “Redlaser”, “Keyring”, and “Slice” are good for thirty or shopaholics.

  • Raymond Roman

    Can you also convert Media Remote for Android by Sony?

  • M Joker_production

    Can we have Palringo in the playbook?? And what about the night club story game,  restaurant story???

  • Suresh541

    to see the required files copy all the required files to download folder then those available for .bar application also, it worked for me

  • Udoroessien

    Where can I download the dreaded client? 

  • Robert Skopyk

    Looking for Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) app for BBPB.

  • Caren

    An update of Amazon Kindle for Blackberry Playbook would be appreciated.  You’ve updated the .apk but not the .bar version

  • jelp2

    Could someone verify if Square Card reader works or not. I’ve tried several downloads and a couple different installation procedures but the app won’t install properly. Could be a corrupt file??

  • Mstremblay

    I am unable to open the CIBC mobile app on my playbook  it says I do not have the default program needed to open it..where can I get that please

  • bert33

    Everything worked except the loaded apps don’t appear on my homepage after install.  I select “run on playbook after finish” and they do, as soon as I close the app it’s gone though…any ideas?

  • bert33

    Haha, geez, nevermind, found them by scrolling down…bed time for me.

  • Brad Aitken

    Any chance of getting the updated version of WD2go?  They just released 2.0

  • BusyBee

    Propalms Universal Client (like VPN) please please!
    Thanks so much!

  • SuperBusy

    Really need Propalms Universal Client (similar to VPN), latest release at
    Thanks in advance!!

  • SuperBusy

    Really need Propalms Universal Client (similar to VPN) on PlayBook, latest release at
    Thanks very much!!

  • Geoffingram923

    Can you get Evernote Skitch and Hello??

  • Brent Adam

    mvelopes ( for Playbook would be much appreciated!

  • kuhn_haus

    I now have the app for Ancestry, and it seems to work well, bu I can’t find the app for Family Tree Maker. Is someone going to convert that program too?  The two programs work together!

  • Jpolley57

    We all need MAGIC JACK for playbook and BB10!!!!!!PLEASE create app if possible Who’s with me…………

  • Wordlaw

    update needed per app

  • kuhn_haus

    We need Family Tree Maker added to this list of apps.

  • Decfoster27

    Can someone help me install pageonce on my PB. I’ve downloaded the file to the PB but when I try to open it, I get stuck on a black screen.

  • kuhn_haus

    Thanks for the good work you do.
    Can you convert Family Tree Maker?
    It works very well with Ancestry, which I already have.

  • Lessard Paul

    need the dell mobile print app for the blackberry playbook


  • SbS999

    android market not working on go launcher playbook os –


    Just FYI….  The myAt&t app needs to be updated I.  I have v3.0 on my playbook from another app store.  

  • Rforkun

    I have just purchased a BB Playbook, then came here and followed instructions and downloaded the Kindle app and also Google Maps. Only the Kindle app shows on the screen. Did a install again of Google maps but it still is not on the screen.

  • Freenote on Google Play was just updated on August 13, 2012 to version, but the version number reported here is 9.6.1. Is there an error? Also, will you be making the updated version available?

  • Brian

    “MAGIC JACK” FOR PLAYBOOK………………………..

  • JIM


  • JIM


  • JIM

    I have been thinking the xact same thing toooooooo Magic Jack forPlaybook…………………………………..

  • Ramon

    Yahoo Fantasy footbal 2012 downloads as a compressed .apk file.  Has it not been converted or am I doing something wrong?

  • Jhiand

    guys this is a major problem I’m facing, maybe some of you as well. 
    PlayBook is unable to Synchronize with Desktop Manager or unable to access PlayBook as a drive 

    because of this on the latest os 2.0.1 with the bundle from desktop manager I can no longer download apps from here or even connect it to my computer. This is a major issue even the work around option does not work.

  • Medic48

    I am unable to load this on my blackberry playbook.

  • Alexander van Ittersum

    Wifi analysis, only wifi netwerk is blackberry wifi with 100% score. So there is something wrong here.

  • the card reader for this app does not work, i use it on my iPad and iPhone but when connecting it to my playbook the card reader is not readable.

  • Marc

    Putting in my vote for MagicJack too!

  • Ashishtalyan

    Oh this is not actual sideloaded android app for skydrive.It is web page link made bar file

  • Ashishtalyan

    Beautiful app.especially photo upload automatically is awesome 

  • blupton

    cannot make this HP printer app work…shuts down in error, any assistance available

  • terryjett

    I get a .apk and NOT the .bar when trying to download the Olive Office Premium?

  • terryjett

    X-plore File Manager for Playbook does not work. Get message “Please use official version from Google Play”.

  • Scotjimland

    Paypal app won’t initialize 

  • Bud

    When I open file message says can’t find default app. What wrong.

  • Loving these downloads thank you! However, I need a bit of help with whatsapp…installed it all fine and seems to be working although doesn’t seem to be picking up contacts on the playbook (only the linkedin contacts that have whatsapp appear to be displayed)…any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • GoGordo

    What about converting Evernote Hello. It would only be useful if it could access the camera, but if so, it would be an awesome addition!

  • Choffman

    Just wondering if you will be updating the AVG app?  Starts to run on the 2.1 OS and then just shuts down?? 

  • Pravpare

    Possible to get an update of the Free Note App…the app developer has updated the version to 9.8 but the version on this website is still at  9.6.1.

  • Drjgorman

    I was able to side load Cortado, but it doesn’t run on my PlayBook.  It opens, and starts loading, then closes.

  • spammagnet

    The app doesn’t seem to work.  Most others seem too but that one just gives an error about a keyboard.

  • Aoandrei

    Chase app does not work. After install, it wants to update from App World, but there is no update… Please fix

  • Drjgorman no longer works.  Is there an update?

  • Djrozo9328

    hello can you please update this chase mobile app. app ask me to upadate  for i can use the product. thanks

  • Wolfgang

    I haven’t seen this problem elsewhere, but when I download an app, everything appears to work. I get a completed message from the installer program and I see the icon on my play book desktop; however, when I click on any of the downloaded apps, all I get is a black screen or sometimes a blackscreen with the blackberry logo.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Kmhwong

    downloaded first class for playbook and BB10, went to open file, and it says unable to find default app”

  • goodereaderapps

    You need to download the essential Playbook Software. its under top playbook apps on the right hand side bar.

  • Roman_x

    First, love your site, been using it for 6 months or so, checking it every few days for new playbook conversions!  I noticed that today under the newly rebranded playbook/bb10 games section many games that I have personally searched out APK’s for and attempted to convert but wouldn’t run on the Playbook (error).  So I was pleasantly surprised to see them there!  When I clicked on them to download, though, they came down as .APK files (Android).  As far as I can tell, BB10 can’t play the .APK files natively, can it?  So I guess that’s my question, is this a mistake or are they “in process” or something else entirely?

  • AdolfoSpicassoCarrillo

    Does not work for me.  Opens and immediately closes.

  • Paul

    I see you have MetaTrader4 for Android, any chance of converting it to .BAR so I can use it on my Playbook. 

  • MKG

    Mint doesn’t seem to work on Z10.  Get error: has stopped unexpectedly…

  • spornicus

    It doesn’t work for me eather. It opens, I click accept, and then closes. This z10 is terrible. No useful apps at all

  • Murod

    doesn’t to work on Z10

  • woliszok

    I am getting the exact same issue, with nearly every single app, not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  • Jezza

    What is ‘Documents To Go for Playbook and BB10’ as compared to the ‘Docs to G’o that comes ‘native’ with the playbook but only seems to do Word and Excel? Should I change to the version on ereader?

  • Jezza

    EssentialPIM version 1.4 on ereader doesn’t seem to work with the Essential PIM version on the PC….support for the package say it should be a later version 1.8.6 as used for Android. Is anyone working on this?

  • smizer

    I have downloaded kindle reader app and can launch it on the tablet from the google chrome playbook app manager site where I installed it from since the DDPB didn’t work but I can’t find it anywhere on the tablet itself??????

  • HansIskandar

    Request to upload apps for InstaForex trading platform in this Playbook Apps. Thank you so much.

  • iamDiegoMiranda

    Chase Mobile for Playbook & BB10 not working. Says there is an update available. Thanks!

  • iamDiegoMiranda

    Chase Mobile for Playbook & BB10 not working. Says there is an update available. Thanks!

  • Guest

    FXCM app for BB-Z10 please. Is there anyway I can hide my app using a password? If so please post for same model


    Can someone please make a bar file for the Bank of America Mobile Banking App?

  • Gvstav

    issue at sharing photo and location, for location can’t locate the position while for photo; camera is not working and picture gallery stuck at path picture editor. other function is running well so far

  • shotgunboss

    goodereader any way to get the epson iprint app converted to bb10 and playbook? i was using cortado workplace on my old bb 9800 and that would let me print to my wifi printer, ive tried the cortado workplace app for bb10 while it loads up on my playbook and bb10 when i go to add a printer from the wifi option it closes the app, thank you

  • shotgunboss

    here is the the link for the epson print app


    Since I can’t get Instragram to work on my PB can somone make a BAR file for PicMix?

  • mahmoud sallum

    First of all thanks for motivating me to keep this crap playbook 
    Second, all the app i have downloaded from your website have worked good except of kingsoft office, olive office and office suit pro 
    Which i need the most i have reinstall it and also is not working… 
    Please provide me solution

  • NewBBZ10User app does not work….

  • frannieland

    Thank you so much for providing us with this service. I have downloaded several BB10 apps and EEBA (Easy Envelope Banking Aid) is the only one that does not work.  I love my phone but hated the app selection.  Now it’s not so bad!

  • Winston8

    BMO Mobile Banking for  Playbook and BB10
    Was working on Playbook but now I get an error, “the server is unable to complete your request”.  Any suggestions why this might happen?  I use the same app on my BB9810 and it works.

  • Guillermo Pozzi

    Dear “Good-e-readers” Sirs,
    I have downloaded the Documents to Go (ver. 3.0.4) “bar” application from your website, to my BB Playbook. It works okay except for the restrictions for being the free version. I want to purchase the Documents to Go Full Version Key, but I can’t find it in your web site, and I am not sure if the one in the Android Market will work on the Playbook. I was looking for a Playbook version with no success. Would you please tell me where and how should I purchase such “key”, to enable all features of Documents to Go version 3.0.4 in my BB Playbook.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Wow… this article is so amazing, every words is contain a useful information, same as, both sites have great and interesting ideas.


    Bank of America and State Farm Insurance bars please

  • construction

    Hi could you make the BT SmartTalk & BT Wifi bar files please for the z10

  • beboboka

    arabic language pdf reader and arabic sappuort  please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chugal3001

    This app is unable to fully download on the BB10 os. It partially downloads and when you try to open it, it shuts down.

  • Allthegearnoidea

    The PayPal Here app loads on to the Playbook but then it says that you need to download the latest version from Google Play.  the choice then is to download the latest version from Google Play (which won’t be converted for Playbook) or close the app.  Any chance of the latest version being converted?

  • Andre Samuel

    I downloaded the Business Calendar app..downloaded perfect… but cannot sync calendars… any suggestions?

  • redhotfox30

    Can someone please update this app.

  • nerdydaddyo

    @chugal3001 I have one that works on dropbox. A version older, but fully functional for BB10. Works like magic on my Z10.
    To whoever runs this site, feel free to upload it to your list of working BB10 apps.

  • austinmt

     And maybe also Wells Fargo

  • hiraziblue

    The current download is the updated version that should sync with the current desktop app…

  • redhotfox30

    everything works on this but being able to put pictures.

  • redhotfox30

    for path that is. for paypal here I keep getting that it needs an update.

  • haniman

    M A G I C   J A C K     f o r    B B   Z 1 0  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

  • jump

    @Andre Samuel same problem here any solution?

  • pedmag

    The APP. for Chase Bk install OK on the Playbook but what about the Z10 that have the BB10. any help on this Please

  • RajBrar

    Has anyone got this app to work with the Z10?

  • CanalPj2e


  • sergiodfernandez

    I need GWMail, is it possible to get it for BB10?? please?

  • bellandbottle

    The mOffice version above says 3.6.2, but the version dowloading is 3.3.5 – how do I get the up to date version?

  • BryanandLaurelPatton

    Does this app automatically track debit card transactions?

  • Morindonesia

    Update PATH please……… Cannot upload photos……..

  • SanderS123

    I cannot install the udated version. I have version 4.2.1 installed at the moment. on installing version 4.6.5 I get an error: “500 cannot determine package -id”

  • RonWin

    I can not connect with BMO, error message, “The server is unable to complete your request”.  App did work but stopped after 2 months.

  • MakisSolakidis

    hi g analytics does not work with z10.there is also no other alternative app to use.your support will be appreciated

  • vsdavid

    I was wondering how can we update this app… It’s kind of outdated… How frequently are the apps at goodereader updated?

  • @vsdavid what app are you wondering about

  • vsdavid

    @goodereader the current app on this page. Indeed. When I run it on my Z10… its telling me that “A new version is available” update Indeed app now… I really would like to update this app. I use it a lot. What is the “update” process?

  • tccBB

    Everything that I download is only saved as zip files with apk files and no bar files, so when I try to load it with the DDPB, it doesn’t work. Help!

  • tccBB

    Minecraft, dropbox, are all saved as zip files and there are apk files and no bar files… frustrating.

  • tccBB what web browser are you using?

  • tccBB cite specific examples

  • tccBB


  • tccBB

    When I click the download link from this website, it saves the download in a zip file and within the zip file is a apk file, when I try to use the DDPB program, it doesn’t recognize and therefore doesn’t work.

  • tccBB try using firefox, chrome or safari and let me know if you still have the problem

  • tccBB  use a different web browser.

  • tccBB

    that did it. thanks!

  • sumailaadamu1

    Article very useful, is broker accepete the American trader, I think he would be happier.

  • tomaszlosy

    Same problem either 🙁

  • tomaszlosy

    Business calendar , can’d add calendar 🙁

  • tomaszlosy

    can’t …

  • Marina Avetisjana

    Can you add skype and pandora for playbook please????

  • Tigger33

    Hi, when I download this and check the version – it says it is 3.0 (314). I have been looking for an app that allows you to run powerpoint presentations with  animations…I am a business owner and running static presentations from my playbook is just to an option, and so I continue to lug my laptop around. Can you upgrade this to (at least) the version you have advertised (i.e. 6 or 6.5) so I can test the functionality. if it actually allows me to play animated slides, I’ll buy it, period. But, I need to be able to test it first. Been burned too many times purchasing apps that do nothing close to what they say they do and then (of course) getting your money back is a hassle. Thanks for your help

  • Sal_Long

    Marina Avetisjana playbook should have a skype (preview) download.. it works just the same as any version of skype

  • epbusiness

    Paypal here continues to say it needs to update to current version. Is there a more up to date version? Oovoo says the same. Thanks so much for your services……great job!

  • mdur

    Hi; how do I sideload with a Macbook and a BB10 phone?

  • mdur

  • borishytong

    Hi Please update Nest thermostat app. It has stopped working for some time now

  • kriskey89

    these files always download as a zip file. when i try to etract them with winrar the files wont load into ddpb. How do i fix this?

  • ChrisWelby

    ig index downloaded via DDPB, and actually got a Login screen, only to be told the app is out of date (to be fair IG are saying they are not supporting older apps)  what to do ? ? ?

  • Ulysses_S_Rant

    Nest Mobile working great on my Z10 in Canada.  Controls temps and settings menu as well as on my PC.  Thanks!

  • raulakh

    when I try to download it opens my DDPB instead of downloading the app. Any help?

  • knobs

    does paypal work in bb10 i get the app on my phone but during install gives a failure 9 error, help?

  • knobs

    does paypal work in bb10 able to load the app on my phone but get an error 9 after install, hit the app on my phone but then say initalizing thens just disappears any help?

  • mark

    thats nice really

  • Upma Nuni


    please update the PayAnywhere app for Andriod and for Blackberry 10 to the latest versions.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Upma Nuni


    please update the PayAnywhere app for Andriod and for Blackberry 10 to the latest versions.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Upma Nuni


    please update the PayAnywhere app for Andriod and for Blackberry 10 to the latest versions.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Upma Nuni


    please update the PayAnywhere app for Andriod and for Blackberry 10 to the latest versions.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Upma Nuni


    please update the PayAnywhere app for Andriod and for Blackberry 10 to the latest versions.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Upma Nuni


    please update the PayAnywhere app for Andriod and for Blackberry 10 to the latest versions.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Upma Nuni


    please update the PayAnywhere app for Andriod and for Blackberry 10 to the latest versions.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Upma Nuni


    please update the PayAnywhere app for Andriod and for Blackberry 10 to the latest versions.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Upma Nuni


    please update the PayAnywhere app for Andriod and for Blackberry 10 to the latest versions.
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • C Mar

    I also keep getting the Error message that says it need to update, so the app closes because it can’t update unlike the Square that doesn’t. How can I fix this?