Blackberry Playbook and BB10 Audio and Video Apps

Download the latest Audio and Video Apps for Blackberry 10 and the Blackberry Playbook. You can get Shazam, Soundcloud and many more.

If you have any questions or concerns with installing BAR Files to your Blackberry Playbook feel free to comment below and one of our staff members will assist you. Please make sure the first thing you do is install the essential software and watch our videos HERE.

Youtube for Playbook and Blackberry 10


Youtube for Playbook and Blackberry 10

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Version 5.6.38
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Updated June 13, 2014
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  • It's OK but why would you, the native Youtube app is better.
    starstarstarstarstar- 2012-08-18

  • Does not work for me on playbook, the app loads but when trying to ident a song the app crashes.

  • Zephaniah Lawrence

    I can’t sign into my account. Gives error message.

  • Scott Perloff

    Still waiting for a response on why this app won’t work on neither me or my wife’s PlayBook.  I’ve posted 3x & they keep disappearing.  

  • carlitosPB

    How About real TV APPS, Like TNT pls,

  • Nodeadfish

    Does not work on my Playbook. Crashes on all video files even one which native app runs

  • Kr0z

    Same here, crashes when I try to play a video.

  • Please consider converting the Rdio Android app for PlayBook.

  • London1666
  • Garretmurker

    Hi, the audio galaxy installs and opens but crashes when ever I try to play something

  • BBPB26

    can we have isequenceNloop

  • Kiffmeister

    My comments keep disappearing too. The only point I want to make is that the wrong Grooveshark APK has been converted. The support people at Grooveshark recommend sideloading the current version which is 2.6.1 and not the one converted here (2.31)!

  • Rmintak

    Any chance you may try the audiogalaxy file again 😉 that is an amazing app and having it work on the PB would be awesome.

  • Robindavis1000

    Sky+ application says download does not exist!

  • Spam_up1

    Any chance of spotify or napster………. PLEASE!

  • Tonihalllentner

    I have everything working accept for moving/copying music from my PC to my Playbook. It says I do not have permission. What do I do? You guys are doing a great job! Thanks.

  • K_2kgen

    Whenever I try to sign in it says “There was a problem authenticating” on the playbook

  • Challinan

    Veetle did not work for me?  Keeps prompting for Flash to be loaded when you select file

  • whats it to yuh

    only works in us

  • Guest

    Could you add the Sonos controller app?

  • Chris

    Any chance for a Netflix player app?

  • Cr Dyson

    Please can you convert Google Earth and Google Sky Map from .apk to .bar files please

  •  We already have google skymap converted –

    google earth does not work

  • netflix does not work

  • Chris

    is there anyway to make it work?

  • Tikana

    Zillions thanks for the GOLF apps. Btw, ever heard of the VLC Streamer. I think it’s much better than VLC Direct. Really appreciate if you could convert it.

  • Alpousj

    Would it be possible to add tunein radio for the playbook?

  • Scott Perloff

    Disqus generic email template Pandora is way better…

    Sent from my BlackBerry® PlayBook™

    *From:* “Disqus”
    *To:* “”
    *Sent:* March 31, 2012 8:52 PM
    *Subject:* [goodereaderandroidappstore] Re: Blackberry Playbook Audio and Video Apps

    [image: DISQUS]

  • sam

    Tunein Radio for Playbook please

  • Kuba

    Can you convert sonos app?

  • Guest


    XM Radio Canada!!!!

  • Does not work for the playbook, keeps asking for adobe flash to play the videos

  • Shaarpar

    You’re doing a superb job! Thanks!
    But none of the media players seem to be working. 
    I can’t play any other video format other than mp4 and avi.
    Help please.

  • it prompts me to install flash player, then reload the app… I have the latest flash player, and reloading the app does nothing. Flash is enabled on my playbook, yet nothing….?

  • Joe

    Is there an updated version for Tubemate?

  • Clark

    ooVoo video calling doesnt work, im just getting the message “Please wait while receiving video” but nothing happens.. . Video chat not working…

  • Trspirit

    DDPInstaller refuses to let me access my Playbook.  It keeps telling me that the IP or password are wrong even though I use the IP the llittle man says I have and use the same password that I use for the playbook.  Does anybody know what is going on?

  • Angry Birds for PlayBook please

  • zluay

    I did install it but when I launch and login I can not communicate with anyone Non of the functions work all grayed-out.

  • Hanas

    I can not able to install Google voice. its giving an error ( DDPB) I am looking to install Gtalk (Voice) and Skykpe ( voice ) So please try to help me.

  • DF

    Does anyone know of an EQ app that can be sideloaded onto the Playbook?   The most effective free one on the Android Market can be found here:

  • Sirpaul

    You can log into your tunein at and hear your stations etc…

  • Jim

    Hope it works in Canada

  • XxX


  • Cordertx

    Sometime ago I requested WIFI Finder and was wondering if you have tried to convert it yet.  Or did you try it and it won’t work. 


    Wil not load stations/music past 94 percent

  • chie

    How can i stall this application to my blackberry playbook?


    does not work…wants flash?!

  • Quimera2325

    any chance that google music player will be converted to the playbook

  • vince

    bar file of skype please….thanks,,,

  • Koko

    SKY.FM – no Audio at all – also with latest Playbook OS ;-((

  • Desilest

    Live365 loads to 94 percent only

  • Adolfomc70

    Thanx a lot for  this App i use it allí the time!! 🙂 

  • Bruno0623

    angry bird space,instagram and also draw something most wanted 

  • Genacanada

    This version of skype is not converted to playbook – please fix it.

  • Dalesdds

    Just found your website. Great! Any chance of the dish mobile android app being converted?

  • Riz

    doesnt work properly. please fix

  • Genacanada

    Skype is not working 🙁

  • Genacanada

    After installation Skype on a blaybook program ask me to re-install Skype – please fix this bag.

  • Kidgorgeous21

    Aside from asking to re-install, it also asks for a $3/month subscription. Just stick to using the grooveshark website. Works perfectly.

  • Dandvlynch

    Skype seems to install fine but fails on login looking to reinstall please help

  • BPJ

    I’m also getting the message, “Please Reinstall Skype”, which takes me to the BB App World. Any suggestions on how to get this to work?

  • Tcanidate74

    Has anyone had any success with oovoo video?

  • 4/26/12 @ 2:45pm – Just installed this Skype app and am getting the same error message about needing to “Please re-install Skype.” Please advise.

  • Brandon70__

    hey solucion para el problema de skype 

  • Genacanada

     no – only chat

  • Debbiejb

    Dailymotion Video Stream for Playbook doesn’t download

  • Genacanada

    Dear Good e-Reader,
    Please help us with Skype!

  • ASKF

    Arc media lite – ARM6 did not work properly (same in the Android platform), Can you please upload Arc media lite – ARM7 which should be working.


  • youtube doesnt work anymore

  • YAMIR785



  • 214199035


  • ewowo

    it would be appreciated if you could update KKBOX to the lastest version. it is working in os 2.01, but have some little issue. thanks!

  • BT

    voxer for blackberry playbook????

  • Uriah

    Skye asks me to re install takes me to BB PB App World????????????????????????????

  • killerheels

     Available anyway in the Blackberry world section. But it’s a paid app.

  • Jessevan_512

    Watch is default application..? We’d can I find it?

  • Mt

    soundhound keeps shutting down on my playbook…

  • Josephwhyte30

    how do i get install android apps on my tablet

  • Josephwhyte30

    how do i get to install android apps on my playbook

  • Ingluang

    NO Sirve, una vez instalada pide que se re-instale y hay se daña todo.
    Arreglar o indicar que se debe hacer…

  • Josblackberry

    Doesn’t work, can you fix it plzzz?

  • Arif

    Youtube not working. Force Colse.

  • Its not working update it please.

  • Lhalpy_2000

    Sirius XM Internet Radio USA has been recently updated. All of the MLB games are being transmitted over stations not available on the older app. Any chance of updating this app? Thanks.

  • Dalesdds

    Would love to see the Dish mobile android app.  Please and thanks.

  • Genacanada

    Hi Good e-Reader! We’re know that you are a strong team, but skype is not fixed yet.
    Could you speed up this process?
    Please advise anyone 

  • Rlrusso

    skype not working for me

  • Anik

    For fucks sake if Skype is not working go and comment on the Skype app page! 

  • Rudolphferns

    Please make a app for BlackBerry Playbook.

  • Mchekaji

    Whenever o install a Vlc direct and try to play my videos using it,it just tells me this application needs a wifi. Can you help me out with a good video player that i should use.

  • Robantan

    Please please get smurf village for playbook and BB10

  • Stefan

    Skype app for Playbook doesn’t work on my tablet. I can download it, but in the moment when I’m trying to log on it crash. What is the problem?

  • Santosh Balan

    Cannot see the download link

  • sam

    Great App for playbook and BB10

  • unical

    I’m still using skype beta and it works well for me 🙂

  • Ryan

    please post the link for skype beta

  • pls fix the skype  the skype i’ts not working the 
    program ask me to re-install Skype

  • Harvey Jassal

    Not working asking for install

  • Harvey Jassal

    Not working saying install skype, please can we have a fix.  

  • Brearsian

    Any news on Skype for Playbook OS 2.0? Keep up the good work guys/gals/dudes/dudettes et al.n

  • Saritap

    Amazing!!!! Works like a charm! But ofcourse for Skype. Great service guys. Thanks a ton.

  • i waiting for skype fix

  • This fucking website is useless who ever created this shit go kill yourself 

  • unical

    I’m still using skype (Beta) version on my playbook and it works well even after newest OS upgrade 🙂

  • Mo

    Hello GoodeReader team

    I installed ooVoo Video Call for Playbook and experienced the following major issues:
    1- I could not initialize a video call from play book.
    2- Initialized a video call to the playbook did not have video/audio.
    3- Call could not be disconnected from the playbook.

    I am not sure if the version of OS maters but I have just updated to the latest version.


  • Daizcorbe

    no voice or camara on oOVOo whats going on??

  • Daizcorbe

    Hi guys only the im is working on oovoo not the video calling or voice calling just downloaded and tried it several times

  • Anees20148

    This app does not work, i tried it twice but as son you sing in it tells you to update…and it closes.

  • Kckman

     The website doesn’t permit sorting which app.  I have asked that the link to “playbook client” be posted so commenting on specific apps is “fucks sakes” possible

  • Asociado77

    Nice works good I use it every day better than pandora

  • Viv_im4u

    hey buddy try and fix this link shit . it downloads a png file every time i download this dailymotion app 

  • Good

     we fixed it for you

  • Nabeelahmed11

    video call not plzz help

  • Reece Van Buren

    Why are the comments re- the audio and video capabilities of this app so contradictory? Can it or can it not make audio / video calls? When is this app to be updated for os2?

  • D4_ym

    pls convert mr and mrs smith and line. thank you

  • Chai Fionne

    help! can’t support the video call after installation of ooVoo!

  • chris

     how did you install skype? please explain the procedure.

  • AneesOntario

    its been 1 month since the last comment on Skype. Is it fixed?

  • Goodereader

     we uploaded a new copy, it works only with skype text chatting, but video doesn’t work.

  • San Shrestha

    You Guys Rocks. Thank you for all the cool apps: Flipboard, Pandora, ReaditLater, Moonreader and others. Looking for more apps from you. Keep it up. Sonos, Samsung remote control, imediaLit are cool ones too. When you have chance please look into those apps as well. Thanks in advance.   

  • Boomblast201

    Winamp v1.3 dose not work on playbook (Force Close)

  • Howard Maddex

     How do I get the app to work? After downloading the app the display reads “unable to find default app”?

  • Shaqeebpalot

    sir how to fix Skype problem i already install my playbook but i will try to open that time say again install your Skype,
    can you give me the solution please     

  • Mackemftm09

    hey i need some help getting started on getting android app store etc on my pb. help please 🙂

  • Sushil

    Hi, this is a grea site. I could download various anroid apps for my blackberry playbook.  I needed nextGTv which is an anroid app for my blackberry playbook. can you help??

  • Wsadd


  • Fernanda

    Arc Media isn’t reading any files. It stop works everytime

  • D Schwark

    TU for goodereader !!!

    Is there a chance of getting Harmony Link app?



    Hi Good e-Reader. I Install the skype on my BB PB but this is only for text chat there is no option for voice calls or video chat plz process for this thanks.


    when i want to sign in google voice i cant sign in “error” you don’t have google ID plz signup and try again.but i have my correct ID plz solve this problem.

  • Rishab

    if u wannt angry birds
    search in google—— angry birds for playbook and BB10 on mediafire
    hope u like the comment

  • Raymar

    is no workin error process sns.arcmedialite.aminterface.arm6

  • Lacachorra

     como rompes las pelotas con esto en todos los post pelotudo

  • BBpalBB

    my skype is working. 🙂

  • Asif

    Im eagerly waiting when I will be able to use Skype video call on playbook.
    Skype team wake up please.

  • aloha

    QVOD player is not working at all. It has to force to close. 

  •  jajajajajajajajajajajajajaa le partiste la madre a ese pobre boludo, que me he cagado de la risa

  • Roelof

    So I bought a playbook because it looks like fun…
    Skype and Netflix is a priority for me…and those two does not run on playbook.
    Within a week of buying this playbook, I bought my son an iPad because of this.  
    My wife is showing interest in a tablet and guess what she is getting if this problem is not addressed.  (she doesn’t want to settle for my playbook without…)Surely there are more like me…please get it done. Everywhere I search for a solution I run into people complaining about this little problem.It is costing you sales.

  • Joela Reid

    Tried loading Winamp but it is not working

  • Ricoherrera

    any updates released?

  • Meowth

    Just installed Google Voice. When I Click-to-Call a number, I got request to … via … failed.

    What am I doing wrong ?

    How to place a call ?

  • guest

    can we get the optimum app for the playbook please?!

  • D-rodriguez-m

    angry birds will be nice for playbook and BB10,, thanks guys,,for what you all doing for those who dont have androids tablets like me,,, keep up the great work you doing,,,

  • S Snake63

    MX PLAYER can u pls convert it for playbook and BB10 

  • Therealjoeblow

    IMDb v- has a major bug – when you watch a trailer, at the end the screen goes black, and there are no controls and no other way to get back to the app or the app player; it just hangs.  Even if you close the app player, next time you launch a different app, the black screen is still there and unresponsive.

  • Therealjoeblow

    Winamp 1.3 doesn’t work; (process com.nullsoft.winamp) has stopped unexpectedly -> Firce close
    Every time, as soon as you launch it.

  • harry shoker

    Can you load Karafun bar file playbook.

  • Shokers11

    Can you load Karafun bar file for playbook and BB10

  • Shokers11

    can you load karafun bar file

  • Cannot open the file 🙁

  • Donbw8

    Is anyone working on Skype?  

  • Chunk

    Please can you get a Sky Go app sorted for us. Everyone wants one and Sky are not interested it seems


  • Mileehuffman

    Okay I need help nothing is downloading 

  • Oluwaseyifunmi05

    please can u update d tubemate please

  • Danesterman

    This and pretty much every other app ive tried side loading hasnt worked. Games have worked fine but tried all the video players here and they all just closed

  • Alan

    I have installed the Q Vod Player for Playbook successfully by the DDPS.  However, when I run this app, it crashes right in the beginning.  Please help.  Alan

  • Irmaps_dinky

    En donde guarda la aplicación?? No la encuentro 

  • Simon_duong

    Q Vod Player is not working in playbook?

  • Askwong

    I installed it successfully but it crashed righy in the beginning.

  • Mandir75 Broadcaster won’t work for me…it force closes after I press the go live button 🙁

  • Rare-colubrid

    Pls convert a new version 2.7.0

  • Fishstix25

    Whenever the download is completed my PlayBook says unable to find default app. Skype is not in my app world HELP!!

  • Jeff1106uk

     Same on mine 🙁

  • bucky35

    MusicBox Pro – nice app, but how do I change the default download location? Seems once it loads, it’s set. Wants to use sdcard, but my (& most) Playbooks don’t use an SD; & the OS won’t let you add a folder to the root directory as a workaround.

  • Krnmc

    Just wanted to say thanks! for all the hard work =] 

    I know there is a application that allows apk to be switched to bar file, would spotify work? on blackberry?


  • Daletec

    Only Texting works.  The call works but there is no audio in or out. It doesn’t connect to mic, speakers or video camera.

  • any new apps for os 2.1? please and thank you 🙂

  • Daniel Banovic

    i buy i playbook yesterday and no pdf , ezpdf like iannotate and skype is not working after i buy my 5 blackberry now playbook i am fucked up really. And this page is working and the all bar files but skype and pdf not.

  • Dankmeistr

    Can you update the SiriusXM app for the Playbook please?

  • Alex Fisher

    can you get jetpack joyride

  • Craig

    RockPlayer LITE crashes when I try to view a video on my PlayBook. Too bad. I thought I had found a solution.

  • why skype can’t video call on playbook Os 2.1??????? pls fix this problem

  • Lowxss

    Hi folks, the YouTube bar file is launching a black screen and nothing shows up. I’ve even soft reset my Playbook, reinstalled the application and still shows a black screen. Is anybody else having the same issue? Please help. Thanks. 

  • gurman

    can u guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get the video calls working on it 

  • polkj

    I’m having trouble with the new youtube app. It’s only showing black screen. Anyone got it working? Please let me know. Thanks

  • Ivorytowerish_bilal

    how does it work help me

  • Molgauth

    Any chance iHeartradio might be converted?

  • Flypei

    Hello, it is saturday October 13,2012.I have installed the VLC Media Player app on my playbook. Yet it will not access a video file I have LOADED IN THE PLAYBOOK Video folder. What am I doing incorrectly. Looking forward to your guidance soon.

  • Suzie

    Interested in the new (free) Sonos App (3.8.1) ?

  • Migueloal99

    hello friends I have a question please, when wanting to run SoundHound on my playbook I get this message: the application SoundHound com.melodis.midomimusicidentifier process has stopped unexpectedly

    Someone knows why this happens and how to fix it?

    thanks in advance

  • Migueloal99

    hello friends I have a question please, when wanting to run SoundHound on my playbook I get this message: the application SoundHound com.melodis.midomimusicidentifier process has stopped unexpectedly

    Someone knows why this happens and how to fix it?

    thanks in advance

  • Miguel Eduardo Alvarez Espinoz

    hello friends I have a question please, when wanting to run SoundHound on my playbook I get this message: the application SoundHound com.melodis.midomimusicidentifier process has stopped unexpectedly

    Someone knows why this happens and how to fix it?

    thanks in advance

  • Atomat

    please fix skype,we want skype for playbook and BB10

  • Atomat24

    we want strongly skype support& yahoo plugins support for playbook and BB10….please fix it soon.

  • Greenstar

    Hi. I am French and I use google to translate.I have a problem with Winamp application on Playbook (software v2.0).Installation via DDPB is well and Winamp is present on my Playbook.When you click on the icon Winamp opens but immediately a message appears: “Closing sudden application ….. Please try again” and it is only one possibilitée is click on a window “Force close” the background the reader is there.I tried several times to restart after having my Playbook but the problem persists.Someone can help me please?greenstar_at_

  • Lyfeexpression

    in skype i can chat but it wont let me video call are even reg call please help

  • erober

    I am getting  an error message”Your application version is no longer supported ” when I try to run your Direct TV app.

  • erober

    I getting an error message”Your application is no longer supported.Please download the latest version”. when I try to open the DirectTV app.

  • Lowxss

    Hi Goodereader, thanks for the latest update for Youtube; I want to log into my account by choosing My Channel, then I choose Add an account, then I get an error message: There was a problem authenticating. Is anybody else reporting the same issue, or is there another way to log into my Youtube profile? Please let me know.

  • Bighouseboy427

    I’ll donate another US $10.00 if you add “Netflix & Tune-In Radio” as a download for the BB Playbook. Thanks!

  • Tokesurf76

    Is the sky go app viable for playbook and BB10? Or would the Microsoft silverlight element make it impossible for me to watch my sky sports subscription on PB? Apart from that, loving your work!!

  • Rongrant1

    I naively upgraded my PlayBook to OS2.1 and now my Shazam and Soundhound no longer work. Shazam was working perfectly in OS 2.0. BlackBerry Support have responded that they cannot fix a third party app issue and neither do they have a method of downgrading back to OS2.0. Shazam Support has not responded to my request after a week. The Shazam app gives me an alert indicating “Sorry we couldn’t tag your music. Try again.” I would not have upgraded my OS had I known. 

  • Greenstar

    Someone has an answer please?

  • Oyieuolivar

    Great Site and very Helpful! You guys are very talented! Please BB Playbook user really needs Skype, Netflix, and Viber. Can you guys do something about these apps? Many, Many Thanks!! *hugs*

  • Cosdev

    whats up with winamp and icall. not opening 

  • steve

    the live 365 app doesnt appear to be working it just keeps loading over and over 

  • Rregimbald

    winamp isnt working for me.  after being installed , when i click on it , it gives me an error message “the application winamp (process com.nullsoft.winamp) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.” then i have a “force close” button to click

    anyone can help?

  • Greenstar


  • Bighouseboy427

    PLEASE add the Verizon FIOS App…….Thanks!!!

  • The Savages

    I can’t get Winamp1.3 to work on Playbook 2.0 any clues continuously shuts down.

  • Bryan Kadzikano

    hi – please update tubemate

  • nelo

    tien len game for playbook and BB10 pls

  • Rregimbald

    no one seems to know what the problem is?

  • Gvempresarial

    I installed it on my play book but can´t hear anything , there is no sound neitrher a sound.

  • Boris

    I have installed SkypeBeta.BAR. Installation allegedly completes but no icon can be found anywhere on the BBPB after install. Any suggestions why?

  • Greenstar


  • Dunk

    skype, skype, skype, skype, skype,over and over and over. why don’t you take skype off of the web site, since it does not work? and why don’t you put the comments for each app on the same page as that app, instead of the same mindless, pointless, skype whines on every page of the website? There is no way anyone with any common sense is going to read over two hundred skype whines hoping to find something about the application they are actually interested in.

  • Firebbrigadesingh

    Hey did this VLC work for anybody?

  • Sam_justice3

    Volume dont work for Pandora,   cant adjust via the program.  Any Ideas?

  • Daniel

    Hi skype don’t with video?

  • Daniel7

    Hi the skype don’t work with video chat

  • Natalie

    Hi I would like to instal kindle on bp. 

  • Daniel7

    Let me now when you have video chat in skype or tango

  • Eldon Edwards

    I downloaded the CBC Vancouver app, but when I attempt to open it, the ship’s wheel spins indefinitely and there is no sound.

  • Kapszu

    does not work!!!

  • H Henriquez2

    my skype is working but onlt chat 

  • alacran

    My brand New playbook music store worked for about 2 weeks and I bought quite a few songs. Now it will not open. I live in Canada and made sure all updates have be kept up to date. When you try to open the 7digital native music store app all you get is a blue screen for about 30 seconds and then it returns to the home page. I tried changing my country of origin in the settings to the US and rebooting the playbook , also tried holding the switch,s on the top of playbook in the sugested order ,—nothing seems help still can,t access. Apparently there is a problem because I googled this and there is lots of playbook owners with the same problem. Any Ideas out there———-THANKS

  • JohnCudney

    @alacran What version of OS do you have? I too have issues with some apps not wanting to work. My version OS is 2.1

  • alacran

    My version is 2.1.    I just checked for the lastest updates this morning and that is all good. Like I mentioned all worked good until Dec. 20th/2012–that was the last time I bought a song from the Native Music Store App——Now it will not open.

  • Marbleismental

    A complete and utterly pointless App. Side installed via Playbook Apps Manager, logged in to LoveFILM and found that you can’t watch streaming instant stuff, you can only choose titles you want to rent on various formats.  Seriously, what’s the point in that? It’s actually worse than logging in via web browser. (-5/10)






    I just got a BB Playbook and had to update to the 2.1 OS.  I just downloaded the SkyFM radio app and it works except there is no volume.


    I bought a security camera and DVR from – Its great!

  • mrbnsandiego

    Use your App on your Playbook to go to App World, they have a new App for the Playbook to open Kindle, Nook, .chm (which is HTML) + many other formats for 99 cents from Blackberry themselves.

  • SNP

    This app doesn’t work on the PlayBook.

  • Hi, is there an app avilable so i can play netflix on my playbook?

  • Nice post. Dude. I really like your stuff.

  • HDSecurityStore

    I bought a security camera and DVR from – Its great!

  • MargaretHalliday

    can we have sky go for the playbook

  • t0c

    Shazam for BB10 doesnt work for me 🙁 Screen is black and nothing happens???

  • sam

    cant see my ultraviolet movies once im signed in

  • kjason1989

    @t0c same

  • kjason1989

    @t0c same

  • kjason1989

    app keeps crashing after it listens to the song 🙁

  • kjason1989

    screen is just black for me

  • mnhockeycoach99

    I’m curious if someone can convert the newest iHeartRadio Android app to a BAR file for my PlayBook?  Thanks

  • carnechung

    i just converted the video streaming app for asian dramas called viki

  • SaktiRamadhanAyah

    blackberry playbook oovoo cell

  • jennifer122294

    Why doesn’t Skype work for BB10?

  • BillCarls

    This app doesn’t work on my playbook.   I tried everything and it will not recognize my Roku player.
    Help if you know what to do to fix this.

  • RG

    anyone tried converting the newer version of skype ? could really do with this app

  • thedude

    please update TWC tv app

  • toniakoko

    @konkon the vcl and goodereader wont work, the android app on my playbook ends unexpectedlyy each time i open them. what can i do to make them work properly plzzzzzzzzz help needed.

  • skbrennan

    Can you put xfinity-player so to watch shows. Also Watch ESPN. Thanks.

  • WasimMalik

    Heloo my name is Wasim I am from Spain I have Problum in download Skype on playbook

  • kurigami

    Download link is invalid.

  • kurigami

    Sorry, wasn’t clear, download link for youtube is invalid

  • kronz71

    Can somebody send this file to me

  • smizer

    I am new to this and downloaded the DDPB, dwnloaded app to pc, connected tablet and installed an app.  However, now it doesn’t show anywhere on tablet.  I looked in file manager.  Where could it be?  Thanks

  • MiguelD

    I can’t seem to get this app to work on my Z10.

  • doughill2288

    I downloaded it fine and 3/4 through searching for a song it reduces on my Z10 and then when I enlarge the window it has an error message and says I need to close the app. Any suggestions out there?

  • doughill2288

    I downloaded it fine it seems and the app runs on my Z10 but when I try to use it and search for a song it stops 3/4 way through it and shrinks the window and when I enlarge it again there is an error message to close the app. Any suggestions out there?

  • bbz10userworried

    not working installs ok but doesnt start on z10

  • BB10

    it won’t uninstall from my z10, it says its permanent, HELP!!!!!!

  • jzarucha

    After installing I get this message when I select a channel ‘the application siriusxm internet radio (process com.sirius) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.

  • jzarucha

    Sorry, the below post was for the BB Z10 siriusxm app

  • al pee

    I cant video call on oovoo

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  • z10user

    truecaller NOT WORKING AND whozCalling app not avialble

  • RostyslavHodunko

    it says couldn’t connect to skype server

  • eyeofthepirate


  • eyeofthepirate

    @RostyslavHodunko did u get the fix? its happening to me too 🙁

  • JessMonisa

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  • al pee

    cant video chat on oovoo with bb10

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  • bobby calentine

    I have downloaded this app and i can’t uninstall it. The garbage on the corner of the icon that we usually hit to delete an app isn’t there. Is there any other way to uninstall an app?

  • emrexhepi

    I’ve found my answer here

  • std_14483

    @bobby calentine  if you are installing/sideloading the app from chrom “playbook app manager” then from the list of apps existing in ur phone, find the app u want to delete , and then click “uninstall” written infront of it.

  • henrygvale

    @henrygv no funciona

  • henrygvale


  • StephenBB81

    I keep getting a notification in OS10.1 that “there is a new version of this app” and it wont actually “tag” songs

  • cjmorenob

    I keep getting a notification in OS10.1 that “there is a new version of this app” and it wont actually “tag” songs HELP

  • cjmorenob

    @StephenBB81  the havethe same problem

  • EllenPa

    This is the preview of the new skype coming out:!7Mk2RKCD!Key7ulwYlEL810iU39RhFCm_Hzpvs5qq6-xDYrmZDZE
    you can video chat, IM. It’s pretty sweet.

  • al pee

    @al pee Any explaination ????

  • bryfoster

    Can we get the Directv app updated?

  • @bryfoster updated

  • jhayjhaze

    It can’t detect my Samsung TV 🙁

  • jhayjhaze

    (Samsung TV Media Player for Playbook and BB10)

  • jahirul37

    I cannot upload youtube software for BlackBerry z10

  • Playbook233

    ME TOO

  • MaeZombiegirl

    so does this work on the playbook or not?? all i get is a black screen and i have to force close. have uninstalled and re installed it twice, followed the instructions that worked for installing kindle, kobo, aldiko etc.

  • gs158

    I downloaded this onto my PlayBook and Z10.  It works great on the PlayBook.  On the Z10, it loads but there is no sound.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  thanks.

  • chris2013

    I have just downloaded this Flixster app and installed it on my blackberry playbook. It works however i can not see my ultraviolet collection. They are linked to my flixster account as i can see them on my iphone. I have reinstalled this twice and still no luck. 🙁
    Any ideas on why i can not see them?
    Thanks in advance

  • bennyadam

    Hi, I was looking for the MyGlass version 1.4 bar file. I managed to find version 1.3 in APK format and used your converter tool to make it a bar file. After i Installed it on my Z10 it wouldn’t load. I received my google glasses and was wondering if i can have them work using the MyGlass app side loaded on my Z10.  
    Any feed back would be greatly apprciated! 

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  • bennypesos

    I installed the youtube app. It wasn’t my style, now I am unable to uninstall because it is a sys file. Any fix without having to do a complete wipe?

  • suzi26

    I installed the oovoo app on my blackberry playbook and it keeps sayin unable to find default application ….help!

  • Annette Collins1

    What You Have To Do Is Download It On Your Computer Then Using Google Chrome Extension Playbook App Manager and turn on development mode and u should know your way from there





  • gallol

    ted talks closes all of a sudden please fix

  • SumiyaMoumitaHasan

    Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!

  • echos

    @gs158 wow netflix works well on your playbook? I get the same effect as maezombiegirl

  • echos

    @MaeZombiegirl same here with my playbook 🙁 Weird gs158 had no problems putting netflix onto playbook

  • echos

    Netflix doesn’t work on playbook. Installed several times, shows up good, other .BAR files work good but Netflix: Total black screen of death and never loads or works. Useless for playbook

  • cc112

    I downloaded the ooVoo add onto my Playbook, the program starts without issue and the IM works flawlessly, but it’s failed with the video calling so far.
    Basically when I make a call, it’ll fail to start up the camera and mic on the playbook and just sits there with a dark screen (it also won’t load the video from the other end of the call) . I know it’s not freezing as it’s still responding to the call. When I hit the “end call” button and it’ll exit the call screen, same in vice versa when I end the call via my laptop, it’ll exit the call screen on my Playbook.
    Do I need to configure something with the program so it finds the right camera, or am I in a SOL situation?

  • jdubinc

    I have the same problem, currently looking for a fix, don’t want to wipe. Have you had any luck?

  • bennypesos

    @jdubinc Unfortunately I was unable to find a user-friendly fix, even after researching several well known forums dedicated to BB. There is a fix for it, but unless you’re a very advanced user with some programming and code writing experience it is actually easier to just perform a wipe and start over.
    I learned my lesson and will have to be more careful when sideloading android apps. Actually for now, I’ll try to stick to native apps when possible.

  • SamHigs

    MortPlayer for Playbook doesn’t work. It keeps stopping the track after a few seconds of playing it. Any fix for this? BB really should come up with a REAL audio book player!

  • JJonPB

    Unfortunately, Parrot Audio Suite app doesn’t to connect to Parrot Zik headphones 🙁 – although, the app itself seems to work fine on both Z10 and PB. Anyway, thanks for making the BAR file available – much appreciated.

  • qchenac

    @std_14483  @bobby calentine STILL it cant be uninstall!!! GUYS dont install this app, it’s a disaster to your bb. Anyone know how to delete it?

  • KokiVargas

    no funciona para BB Z10 dice que otra aplicacion esta utilizando el microfono….alguna solucion?

  • Pepijn1908

    Doesn’t work. Can chat but no voice..

  • Tryyayaya

    Got black screen of death loading Netflix on BB playbook

  • OWENS86

    it wont let me signin help

  • OWENS86

    this app didnt install

  • sodawaterbottle

    Hi, The winamp app isn’t working for me.  After being installed , when I click on it , it gives me an error message “the application winamp (process com.nullsoft.winamp) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.” I Then have to “force close.” Can anyone can help?  
    I’ve uninstalled and re installed a number of times, to no avail.  The other apps I’ve installed have worked without issue so far.

  • choco9993

    it needs a new version the

  • choco9993 what app?

  • negrita

    hi….what player i can used to watch dramania

  • Kennuk

    Is this the official Canon EOS remote app? If not, how can you get the bar file off google play with a device?

  • awearp

    why when i want to download, is automatic .zip and it is not .bar?

  • sarhaynes

    This version has stopped

  • which app?

  • sarhaynes

    This is the DirecTv App for Blackberry.

  • SamuelMolina

    URGENT Help me please, When you install applications to my blackberry message: “the application was stopped winamp”

  • KhawajaMaimoon

    hi I download that app when I open it,  it displays ”unable to find default app” plz reply and tell what should I do to install it.

  • captcruzer60

    I have a BANK app that is in GOOGLE STORE, how van I put on my BBZ10?


    Hi all, I want to say that I downloaded the Netflix app to my Z10 and that’s okay but the problem is that no video, just the sound and the subtitle. Is there anything am missing………Thanks

  • starsat1

    Is Sirius xm available in BAR format?  It is listed under Z10 apps, but available only sd .spk.

  • starsat1

    … in .apk

  • tastyj

    Hi, This Eastlink app does not work on my BBZ10. Is anyone having the same issue? Keep receiving “CRASH REPORTED” when I attempt to launch a show/movie. Thanks.

  • vkong76

    EMOLU Swipe down from the top and on the bottom menu, there is a option for Player Type.  Select it and change it from the default to “Software”.  Hopefully, this should work for you.

  • tonygreenleaf

    Need the player pro app. I bought it from Google Play Store, but now I have a Blackberry Z10. Really love that app

  • masoodn386

    How to download Google play store in blackberry z10 the Google play store does not work in my BlackBerry z10 how to fix it I need help pls help me

  • Jason Burke

    Ok, i watched the instruction video, but my computer doesn’t recognize file. Is it supposed to? or do I just go into the development thing on q10 and drop it over there…

  • Jason Burke

    Have to download DDPB first. They have a video to watch first now.

  • Jason Burke

    Im in. Works good.

  • Vijay

    Youtube app just does not gets install on my playbook. ( I badly need this app.
    I am able to install some from this website.
    Apps that are not able to install :- Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, Skymap etc

  • david

    I loaded ooVoo on my playbook, registered and loggedin. Then I was brought to and update to 2.3.1 version screen which requires access to the Google play store which I cannot access from my playbook. What do I have to do to either fix ooVoo or remove it and try your latest version?

  • Leslie

    This app doesnt work in my playbook. It downloads it but whenever it asks me to sign in and enter phone number, it crashes. Please help!

  • yinka

    Pls ow can I download tubemate youtube downloaded on my BlackBerry q10

  • hamidraza

    I’ve installed some of these apps on my z10 but they are not working…

  • Upgrade

    Let me explain something to you guy’s, if you are running the OS 2.1 system on the Playbook you can forget sideloading these apps as RIM had left a nice little gift of blocking any sideloading of Android apps due to piracy. Even Dingleberry has given up!

  • Upgrade

    Let me explain something to you guy’s, if you are running the OS 2.1 system on the Playbook you can forget sideloading these apps as RIM had left a nice little gift of blocking any sideloading of Android apps due to piracy. Even Dingleberry has given up!

  • Pete3

    Writeup says app supports tokens but have been unable to find where tokens are added. Can someone update me? Works very well on a Blackberry Q10 except for the tokens.

  • Josh Reebel

    Wrong. For me at least.