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Vippie Free Calls & Free Messages for Blackberry 10


Vippie Free Calls & Free Messages for Blackberry 10

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Updated September 2, 2013
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Why do we think Vippie is a must have app? Cause Vippie allows you to make free calls and send free messages worldwide to any other Vippie users. Moreover, this messenger lets make cheap calls abroad to any number all over the world at very attractive Vippie-rates.

So isn’t it a must have app? – you have all included!

“Vippie is a fresh mobile app for free communication between users… This is interesting because Vippie is on its way to become fully cross-platform and this means there won’t be any OS-like barrier to call your friends for free.”
Emmanuel Lund,
You can check Vippie’s reviews on NY Times, Androidpit, Appszoom, Coolsmartphone, Appbrain, Best10Apps and many others.

* Vippie messenger will never use your mobile minutes, VoIP saves your money by routing your phone call over the internet instead of the cellular network! All you need is WiFi or 3G connection.

*Vippie is free download messenger and doesn’t contain ads.



Invite to Vippie and get $0,2 for each accepted and confirmed invitation.

#NEW: Do you want to GET FREE MINUTES TO TEST Vippie? Check how – it is quick and easy:

Vippie is a must have app and it is free download.

More options:
– fully cross platform: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry (PC and Windows Phone coming soon…)
– free calls & free messages between Vippie’s users all over the world
– international cheap calls to non-Vippie numbers worldwide (China $0,011/min, India $0,016/min, U.K. $0,01/min)
– HD voice and high quality video calling
– sending any type of attachments: video, photo, audio
– creating audio group conferences – talk with many people at the same time (free calls or cheap calls abroad)
– waiting calls – make two separate free calls or cheap calls at the same time
– free messages delivery confirmation and push messages
– call transfer – connect your conversations partner with other number or Vippie contact
– receive all your voicemails as mp3 by e-mail delivery
– send funny emoticons and #NEW stickers
– typing – you can see when someone is texting you
– instant messenger

Vippie is free download messenger so invite your friends, (they must have this app) and earn money for cheap calls abroad. They joined Vippie too? Even better- make free calls and send free messages with all of them wherever they are!

Be a part of the Vippie community 🙂
Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Twitter at!/Vippie_
Learn more about Vippie at
Skype – ivippie

numery alarmowe

ATTENTION: Check if VoIP in your country is not blocked. If yes, we can not assure you that Vippie will work properly. Anyway you can contact us, we will try to help you.
(UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait)

* If you have any questions, feature request or run into any problems, please contact us on We cannot help you if you only leave a comment.

Vippie – free download – a must have app

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    • Al

      just loaded dolphin on my pb.  Got past the few introductory screen. Now the browser just starts and then spontaneously ends. Any ideas?

    • JordynReaume

      hi i jus downloaded textplus for the playbook and when i go to start the application it all of sudden say i have to force stop it from loading what do i do to get my application to work and not have this problem anymore

    • JordynReaume

      hi i jus downloaded textplus for the playbook and when i go to start the application it all of sudden say i have to force stop it from loading what do i do to get my application to work and not have this problem anymore

    • howiefelter

      Whatsapp doesn’t work on my z10 with 4g lte on telus network

    • HIC

      Whatsup is not refreshing to include my contacts on my Z10.
      Skype is a beta which doesnt work with my carrier.
      Any Idea??

    • Aanya

      I’ve installed the program on my Z10 and it works well, for the most part, but it doesn’t seem to be able to connect with my contacts… When I select the “contacts” it says “this functionality is not supported on your device”.  The people in my current group chats show up as phone numbers, and so I cannot add any new contacts to any of the group conversations or start a conversation with someone I am not already talking to.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thank you very much for the app… it’s a vital one for me, so I’m hoping Whatsapp gets their act in gear to make a native BB10 app or that this one can be modified to work!  
      Thanks again.

    • rossi

      i’hv installed both the yahoo messenger and plug in on ma playbook… bt plug in is not working… i mean it still askin for plugin for video or voice callls.. help me if m missing something…

    • mizzniki0921

      What app are you talking about aanya? Are you talking bout go sms pro?

    • jeany butterfli

      Does whats app work on playbook since there is no associated number? I tried it and I got an error message 821 system required, any advice?

    • engmessam

      Yes it works. Connect to wifi and enter a phone number u owe and the serial will be sent to the phone.
      The playook wont detect it automatically and it will fail and will offer you to recieve a call, then enter the serial recieved on the phone and it will be activated. My only problem now that it cant read my contacts. contacts must be added to the pb android address book. Didnt know how is that yet. But whatsapp is working now.
      Any questions e-mail or bbm me.

    • engmessam

      Yes it worked. But with giving a phone number for a device with no whatsapp installed on. I have two bbs, first i tried the one on which whatsapp already activated and it didnt work. I then tried the other no. with no whatsapp the sms was recieved on the phone but the playbook failed to recieve it automaticaly but asked to try to be called and asked for serial i entered the serial recieved on the phone and it worked.

    • daryl

      does we need to pay $0.99 year after?

    • kelbel121blue

      does anyone know how to get firefox on play book keep downloading but cant get it

    • You may want to visit this site too!

    • SwanTheSpartan

      Works perfectly on the Z10!

    • keith1000

      hi, i tried VOXER for BB10, cant get it to work. says its been downloaded 500 times. anyone actually got it to work? and how?

    • vezz

      I downloaded the imo app on my playbook but cant find it!   Help please

    • fay12

      @SwanTheSpartan how did you get it to work on your z10? I tried to download it but it says that the file cannot open.

    • pa6363

      I downloaded whatsapp to my playbook but when i go to install i get the error unable to find default application. Can anyone help

    • CaishaGreaves

      Hey, I downloaded Whatsapp on my Z10 and it installed successfully, however, I have no whatsapp contacts even though I have contacts saved in my phonebook. And I’m receiving an error msg “This fuctionality is not supported on your device” when I try to add contacts. I can still send and receive msgs but only if someone msgs me first (I don’t see a name just a number and I cant add them) What should I do????? Please…

    • mizzniki0921

      What’s app is available thru BlackBerry world now

    • CaishaGreaves

      I can’t get it installed through bb app world. It begins to download then gives me an error “Error installing application”. I thought it was os but thats up-to-date.

    • mizzniki0921

      Sounds like u need to reset ur phone I wouldn’t recommend it unless u backed up what u need n are comfortable doing so I’m no tech n it might not solve issue definitely delete the app u had I u sideloaded n try it again

    • engmessam

      Does any of these apps worked for calls for z10 or playbook…!!??

    • dzawryl

      there is no whats app on BlackBerry world

    • pierre20

      I do not see why the concevor put full with applications which does not even go on blackberry playbook, like Skype, Talkatone, goole voice so on.

    • raul gion

      Anyone having trouble with whatsapp? I just downloaded for bb z10 and i dont have any of the conversations i had before and i have no contact list. HELP!

    • amin123

      it wont send pictures

    • amin123

      kik wont send pictures

    • construction

      Hey thanks for the ubersocial app for the z10

    • rapacible

      it won’t let me log in

    • djmuzi

      no login with Playbook?

    • medwes

      stuck in connecting mode not working

    • snickers_2020

      Downloaded Line and it keeps crashing making me force close. Also, I can’t make any calls. Keeps showing error..
      Please help or fix this.

    • snickers_2020

      I’ve followed every step and i still can’t log in to wechat. Keeps saying that “Your account is logged in at another location”.
      Can someone please advise?
      I tried with an android phone and it works just fine….
      HELP Please…….

    • cunkc3nkb4l1

      Its not work, it will not log you in with facebook, ERROR (display must be one of the following values: async, iframe, page, popup, touch)
      Anybody else have this problem?

    • MatthewHutera

      this doesn’t work at all. it instantly says force close

    • snickers_2020

      any fixes for we chat yet???
      haven’t been able to log in since i downloaded this app..

    • snickers_2020

      any fixes or advise for line?
      i can’t make any calls with it….

    • matt127

      loaded onto my Z10 tried opening and get a force close error….

    • snickers_2020

      I still can’t log on to We Chat….

    • DeGrindDotCom

      I need SlingBox, is there any?

    • MikeEdstrom

      This always gives a force close error, how do you fix it?

    • MikeEdstrom

      voxer that is

    • TanujDamani

      Is there any update on this? The app gets stuck at the time of connecting.
      This is on a Q10

    • mitadmin

      This is a beautiful site:

    • jchitt1

      Hi can anyone help me, I have a playbook and have side loaded this app onto it… All went well on installing etc… however the thing it wont do is see any of my contacts! I’ve put mobile numbers into my contacts etc… and it still says no whatsapp contacts and I know that they are…

    • aledavi_15

      No funciona dice dice dice es compatible con m contactos

    • JaymieTanLynnWei

      why the version in my BBZ10 is version 4.0 but the latest version is 4.5? How can I get the 4.5 version in BBz10?

    • StephenSmall1

      it does not work when i download it using ddp soft were it does not even show up and i whent back on yahoo and tried it it does not work it asks if i want to go to the app store and down load the pulg in how do fix,someone please help.

    • changlihkang

      Not working on my Q10 too

    • aussiealisa

      not working

    • SlyGent …. watch this video for those have problem with java notification…

    • katvanbb

      confused by the title that states “Z10” but category is “Playbook Communication”
      so tried it
      sideloaded “Skype for Blackberry Z10”
      but failed on playbook – force close immediately – restarted playbook – restarted SKYPE – force close immediately
      please fix category and EXPLICITLY state in description that it is not for playbook – another waste of time

    • OmarHomsi

      does textme work for bb playbook

    • DulKiffil

      google hangout?

    • BMM194

      This (Chomp SMS) needs to be updated because it does not work. Waste of time.

    • jawbreakerjeff

      still getting page not found. downloading LINE apps 🙁

    • TichJura

      any download links for a working instagram and youtube?

    • this is getting more and more frustrating!what is up with LINE and KAKAO TALK??i downloaded it on my z10 and i can’t make any calls!!why is dat??please help!!!!!

    • mobilenum10

      Whats app is successfully installed in BB Playbook ,but showing no contacts, how to add contacts into it.

    • rockranu

      dear sir,

      i want to install kakao talk in my Z10 but not success. why showing error?????
      pls help me

    • mobeereid

      Instagram????? It needs an update!!!! I can’t watch videos, or upload them.

    • deebrain

      how to change my whatsapp wallpaper on the z10

    • AudreySirvent


    • liwaywayegar

      I would like to talk to

    • lietome

      I downloaded it on playbook. installed ddpb on pc win 8.1. got java jre7 32 bit to make ddpb work on 64bit win 8.1. loaded textme! on playbook. started app. tried to create account but “.” is printing “r” oin screen so can’t create account because without “.” cant enter email address. weird. All dots (periods) “.” are replaced with “R” “r”. So I cant use the app.

    • lietome

      tried copy paste the email address to get over the  “.” issue but then the app crashed and will not restart. tried rebooting, still not starting. Uninstalled.

    • ryanmutchler

      Is there an app that will make my phone a hotspot? There are quite a few on the android market.

    • senthilvelradhakrishnan

      hi may i know whether u have dial 91 app i need it very badly for my new z10…pls help me thank you.

    • wildchild_pt

      Has anybody sucessfully installed Skype on the Playbook – I cannot load it on my Playbook.

    • Gijs47

      hi, in 2 days the version of whatsapp for playbook, which is the version of february 2, will expire. Is there already a newer version available ?


    • WenderAfonso


    • not working!i cannot even register!not working on my bb z10.

    • NischalNHegde

      While sending via superbeam error comes on the receiving phone as “Couldn’t find other device” & while receiving an error comes on my phone i.e. “Could not scan wifi networks”. I’m using Blackberry Z10, O.S. version:   I contacted BB help for the same issue and they asked me to contact the app developer in order to receive support for that application. Can you help me?

    • Enrique93014835

      this version of kik messenger is not working for playbook fix the problem plz cause some failur 500 cannot determine package id is comming

    • Enrique93014835

      this version of kik messenger is not working for playbook fix the problem plz cause some failur 500 cannot determine package id is comming

    • Big Daddy

      does skype for blackberry z10 work with playbook after sideloading?

    • Pra

      please upload a new version this is not working only 2 days left

    • Mbali Baz Mbambisa

      I having an activation problem. Error reads; “A cellular data network is required to acivate WhatsApp Messenger.” It gives me the error message when I’m connected to WiFi or tethered with a phone. I am running OS2.1.0.1971. Anyone have a solution? Thanks 🙂

    • yan

      whatsapp is not working it is giving an error

    • syed

      nooo whatsapp is not working befor agu 2 set

    • zeeshan

      hi i m using samsung galaxy s4. i m trying to install imo on my phone. when download reaches at 89% it give me an error 932.

      any idea what wrong with it

    • Lovlyshark

      Can you please add SKYPE app for black berry playbook

    • Shaikh Musho

      whatsappp installed properly but its showing error message whenever i start it from my blackberry playbook version. it says to reinstall it again from play store..i dont know what to do.. pplease suggest me

      thank you

    • Ashlee Hilary

      whatsapp nt working on blackberry playbook..please update please please help

    • Ashlee Hilary

      whatsapp nt working on blackberry playbook..please update please please help

    • Ashlee Hilary

      whatsapp nt working on blackberry playbook..please update please please help

    • Ashlee Hilary

      whatsapp nt working on blackberry playbook..please update please please help

    • Ashlee Hilary

      any one with a bar file for whatsapp wc works on playbook…please help with a link where I cn dwnload the bar file..
      thank you

    • tod

      This does not work with playbook

    • tod

      This does not work with playbook

    • Gk4

      same here

    • Don Panda

      Hey, I tried to install this app but it is not working, it asks me to go to Play Store.

    • Nate

      The page says that the Skype build broke with the new blackberry OS version and that there trying to fix it. 🙁

    • Roy

      How do I download whatsapp on my BlackBerry playbook please help asap

    • Collins

      Same here. Now i don’t even know what else to do.