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Kids Puzzle Toddler PUZZINGO


Kids Puzzle Toddler PUZZINGO

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Updated July 24, 2012
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PUZZINGO – The Greatest Puzzle on Earth!
Fun educational puzzle for kids.
✪ Selected best kid’s apps by Chicago Tribune!
✪ Editor’s Choice by BestAppsForKids
Do your kids like puzzles? How about the best kid’s puzzle that is fun, interactive, musical, and educational? 77SPARX Studio has re-invented what kids love – puzzles – for Android! It’s guaranteed to entertain and educate your kids! See what others have to say.
✪ “This game gets two A+s!! One from me, and one from my 3yr old!!” – A Customer
✪ “I work with special needs preschool children and they always ask for “the Puzzy Game” – An Educator
PUZZINGO is a professionally designed puzzle game designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Unlike other kid’s apps, PUZZINGO is 100% professionally beautifully illustrated. We also use professional voice actors rather than machine generated speech to teach your kids names of the different objects in the puzzle. The puzzles have a couple hundred pieces that teach your children: numbers, alphabets, animals, solar system, space, rockets, shapes, colors, food, and much much more. As children play the games, they learn what different animals and things sound like, they learn the names of different objects, and they are entertained the entire time by funny sounds and great animations. Better yet, when they finish a puzzle, they will be rewarded to a variety of engaging “celebrations.”
PUZZINGO comes with 3 terrific FREE puzzles with over 50 pieces free for your kid to enjoy – farm animals, picnic food, and jungle animals. It also has a DAILY FREE PREVIEW of new and exciting puzzles every day. PUZZINGO also have many additional puzzle packs for you to purchase that cover topics such as shapes, colors, numbers, alphabets, space, solar system, rocket, and much more.
✪ See the Demo Video for yourself!

✪ “Do yourself a favor and next time you hand your child an app, make it one like Puzzingo.” – theiphoneappreview
✪ “Educational Toddler Puzzle makes going to the circus an educational experience for your toddler.” – theiphonemom
✪ “The vibrancy and beauty of the graphics and animations coupled with the lively, authentic sounds are all guaranteed to delight your children and teach those little minds!” –
CONTACT US: If you run into issues with the app on your device, instead of leaving a bad review, please email us at We are not able to respond to reviews, but we will be happy to help you if you email us.
As parents ourselves, 77SPARX Studio takes children’s wellness and privacy very seriously. Our apps:
• Do not contain ads
• Do not contain integration with social networks
• Do include in-app-purchase with parent verification (e.g. a math question)
• Do include a link to other quality 77SPARX apps

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  • KoopaBerry

    could be converted in BAR please?

  • phire

    Is is possible to get the new updated version? I try opening the app and tells me there’s a new version….but of course my KF can’t download it. lol

  • Jen

    I love this game!!!
    However, after having converted it into a .bar file and  installed it onto my BB playbook I keep getting the error message:
    “The application Hill Climb Racing (xxx) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” 
    I have tried rebooting and re-installing, but can’t get it to work. 
    Can anybody help please??
    Would love to have this app on my playbook!!!

  • lconolly

    apps are all freezing on z10, what do i do to be able to play games and use apps

  • lconolly

    all games are freezing and stopping on my z10, the ask me to force stop or wait but never unfreez. what do i do

  • AurelianMartini

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  • millerc

    Awesome game. So addictive and very entertaining.

  • spodekstudio

    You may like the LapsoBOX, great jumping puzzles! Yeah!

  • spodekstudio

    You may like the LapsoBOX, great jumping puzzles! Yeah!

  • bobbyawesomeness

    I know right?? It’s like Tapslayer: Alice in Zombieland where I just tap the screen and i get to kill lots of zombies haha you can try it out

  • IshieFify

    Oh, yeah. Tapslayer is the bomb! Hahaha. Not really a big fan of zombie games, but this one got me so hooked! Must try! 🙂