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Kids ABC


Kids ABC

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Updated October 1, 2013
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★ Teaching kids Alphabets used to involve plastic blocks or glossy books. Of course, parents had to throw in lots of patience too. The patience bit has remained unchanged across generations, but a few new teaching tools to help with Alphabets can help parents teach kids Alphabets without losing their patience, it is fun for kids.
★ Kids ABC Learn Alphabet games:
1. Learn ABC Kids flashcards (Big & Small)
2. ABC Kids Memory Match
3. ABC Kids Puzzle (Drag & Drop)
4. ABC Kids Quiz (Compare)
5. ABC Kids Tap Tap
★ Kids ABC Learn is an interactive app which makes learning Alphabets easy, simple and fun which helps kids learn faster.
★ Kids ABC is an interactive educational game through which your child can develop hand-eye coordination and observation skills.
★ Features of the game:
✔It enables your child to identify kids Alphabets. ( ABC , abc ,Kids flashcards)
✔It enables your child to differentiate kids Alphabets Kids flashcards.
✔It will help your child get familiarised with the sounds of different Alphabets Kids flashcards.
✔It will also help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination skills Kids flashcards.
✔It will help develop your child’s observation skills Kids Memory Match.
✔It will help in improvement of your child’s memory Kids Memory Match.
✔It is a simple and fun learning game Kids Memory Match.
★What does the game offer?
✔ Learn , Practise and Test Kids flashcards.
✔ Learn and Practise the kids ABC s (A-Z & a-z) Kids flashcards
✔ Learn through Learn kids ABC Kids flashcards
– Study the Alphabet dictionary and get familiar with sounds of kids Alphabets and upper & lower case ABC .
✔ Practise through kids ABC Memory Match and ABC Puzzle (Drag & Drop)
– Test your memory by matching the Alphabets. Kids Memory Match
– This is inspired by the traditional Memory Match game. Kids Memory Match
– Tap, Drag & Drop the kids Alphabets in their correct slots in Alphabet Puzzle (ABC, abc).
✔Test yourself through kids ABC Quiz and ABC Tap Tap”.
-Choose the lower case alphabet that matches the upper case alphabet in ‘ Alphabet Quiz ’.
-Learn the alphabet order in ABC Tap Tap.
★How to play?(We recommend going in this order)
1.Learn ABC
-Study the Alphabets A-Z & a-z.
-Tap a Alphabet to see it pop on the board and know how it sounds and learn its lower case.
2. kids ABC Memory Match
-Memory improvement and concentration is a part of this memory game.
-Tap on a tile to turn it over and reveal a Alphabet. Then tap on the second tile, trying to find the matching kids Alphabet. If the images match, the tiles are removed from the board. Try to see how few taps you need to remove all of the tiles.
3. kids ABC Puzzle (Drag & Drop) Kids Puzzle
-Select a Alphabet and tap, drag and drop it on its particular block. Kids Puzzle
-If it is correct it will stay there or else it will go back to its original position. Kids Puzzle
4. kids ABC Quiz Kids Puzzle
-Guess the correct lower case for the upper case kids Alphabet shown.
5. kids ABC Tap Tap
-Tap on the correct alphabet as asked.
-This will help learn the abc order. kids quiz
★ Kids learn faster than adults. They have more grasping power. Thus all basic things are taught in childhood. Kids learning should be fun. Learning for kids should not be a task but a fun thing. There are many kids learning games available in market. You as a parent want to give your kid the best of it. Learning games is easier than learning books. Learning games for kids should be colorful and attractive. Plus the kids games should be educational. Educational kids games help kids to learn faster and with interest. Kids educational games should be fun games for kids. Kids should say, “it’s a cool game”. If the kids enjoy the game it will be easier to learn. kids quiz

★We at UPUP are trying to do the same – Make your child enjoy learning. kids quiz
★UPUP gives you all these- free games for kids, educational games for kids, fun educational games for kids, ESL for kids.

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  • KoopaBerry

    could be converted in BAR please?

  • phire

    Is is possible to get the new updated version? I try opening the app and tells me there’s a new version….but of course my KF can’t download it. lol

  • Jen

    I love this game!!!
    However, after having converted it into a .bar file and  installed it onto my BB playbook I keep getting the error message:
    “The application Hill Climb Racing (xxx) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” 
    I have tried rebooting and re-installing, but can’t get it to work. 
    Can anybody help please??
    Would love to have this app on my playbook!!!

  • lconolly

    apps are all freezing on z10, what do i do to be able to play games and use apps

  • lconolly

    all games are freezing and stopping on my z10, the ask me to force stop or wait but never unfreez. what do i do

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