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Escape from Baby Room


Escape from Baby Room

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Version 1.0.5
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Updated September 25, 2013
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Imagine you are trapped inside an infant room, which is filled with toys. Somehow, you have to escape from there. Use the clues and objects over there to escape. Good luck and have fun….
Get the toy from right side of the drawer.
Openthird drawer, get the screwdriver, insulation tape and cutter.
Get the hammer from first driver.
Click pillow on the top of the drawer,get bullet.get sticks from curtain.
Click drum Drag the drum stick to the drum and get the bullet from the drum.
Click on the baby crib, click pillow to move and get the cube under there.
Click toy gun Drag the two bullet to gun
Click bottom portion of cupboard, get dice
Note the symbols around the baby toy, Click top portion of cupboard, get lamp.
Click bag behind the ladder. get the cube
Click top of Almirah behind ladder ,go up.
Drag cutter to elephant symbol.Then large car, large star. Go right.
Get the large moon, large green star, large plane. Go left
click the top of the Almirah and get the battery.
Click the baby toy in the cupboard Attach all the respective symbols around the baby toy.
Get baby toy from there.Click the baby toy
Click on the chest portion of the baby toy, attach the battery.
Drag and place baby doll near teddy bear
Give the toy gun to the baby doll, click the toy gun twice, get the frame and cage.
Click cage, click the door of the cage and get key.
Click frame and drag the insulation tape.
Drag all the four dice to frame.
Click toy ,Drag hammer to toy.
Click the lamp, drag screwdriver to the lamp to remove screws.
Click glass of lamp,get cube.
Go right, and attach the frame on the wall.
Attach the cube in the marked area which is down the right corner.
Also drag the toy from the panel to see the puzzle door.
Solve the puzzle questions, set the word Aeroplane, Car, Elephant, Star, Sun and Moon.
A key hole will appear on the door.
Use the key to escape
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  • KoopaBerry

    could be converted in BAR please?

  • phire

    Is is possible to get the new updated version? I try opening the app and tells me there’s a new version….but of course my KF can’t download it. lol

  • Jen

    I love this game!!!
    However, after having converted it into a .bar file and  installed it onto my BB playbook I keep getting the error message:
    “The application Hill Climb Racing (xxx) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” 
    I have tried rebooting and re-installing, but can’t get it to work. 
    Can anybody help please??
    Would love to have this app on my playbook!!!

  • lconolly

    apps are all freezing on z10, what do i do to be able to play games and use apps

  • lconolly

    all games are freezing and stopping on my z10, the ask me to force stop or wait but never unfreez. what do i do

  • AurelianMartini

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  • millerc

    Awesome game. So addictive and very entertaining.

  • spodekstudio

    You may like the LapsoBOX, great jumping puzzles! Yeah!

  • spodekstudio

    You may like the LapsoBOX, great jumping puzzles! Yeah!

  • bobbyawesomeness

    I know right?? It’s like Tapslayer: Alice in Zombieland where I just tap the screen and i get to kill lots of zombies haha you can try it out

  • IshieFify

    Oh, yeah. Tapslayer is the bomb! Hahaha. Not really a big fan of zombie games, but this one got me so hooked! Must try! 🙂