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Dragon Empire: Clash of Orcs


Dragon Empire: Clash of Orcs

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Version 1.1.9
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Updated April 26, 2013
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Dragon Empire is a very interesting strategic and tower defense online game. Its pleasant style, diverse strategies and play methods, and easy operations can bring you great joy.
As a hero, you need to loot others’ resources to expand your own land, develop your territory gradually, arrange the locations of the buildings carefully so that your town could be as solid as gold, make a strong troop with warriors you trained with special care, and defeat every enemy that’s standing in your way.
Dragon Empire is dedicated to creating a magnificent feast of playing and bringing you a super cool experience!

Tip!Dragon Empire game depends on the outcome of your arms with arms grade, placing defensive structures, as well as defensive structures reasonable upgrade!You can use any layout of the building line of defense in the game, rational use of resources is the most important!You can also use real money to buy the game resources to the development of the main city.Of course, you do not want to spend money to buy resources, slowly development can also produce a senior arms, laid out a strong line of defense Oh!Keep in mind that the attack is the fastest access to resources!

★ ★ Game in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese ★ ★

l simple, interesting operation.
l free to choose the target to fight.
l Freedom of placement architecture.
l unique style, a variety of arms.
l brilliant picture and music.Let your ground.
l unique skills greatly enhance your combat power!
l to attack a specific barriers to achievement.

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  • Hello

    can you please covert this into a .bar file and make it available for BB10?

  • Mjouvic

    FIFA 2014 On BlackBerry

    Work flawlessly !

  • lharding925

    I tried putting Sims Freeplay on my Playbook, but it didn’t work 🙁 I converted the apk file to bar, then installed it onto my Playbook using DDPB. I opened the file and it downloaded the “updates” – said I couldn’t play until I downloaded the updates. It paused at 99%, but I thought it went through. I tried opening the file again, and it just goes back to my homepage. There was a notification that the “Download was unsuccessful” ??? What went wrong? I did this before for Kindle, and it works just fine. I really would like to have this game on my Playbook – this is the 2nd time I’ve tried downloading it without success. HELP!!!

  • dallas

    clash of clans neeeeeeds to be converted to a bar file….. for some reason every time i install it throu ddpb is gets a keyboard error…. unsure why this when its a tablet…. or could i get the keyboard ….would it work?

  • someone

    It’s the best with DOODLE FARM , just please update these games very soon . 🙂

  • ka

    if this could work on the playbook that would be awesome :/

  • portis0350