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Extreme Fishing


Extreme Fishing

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Version 1.0
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Updated October 4, 2013
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★ phishing! Fishing! If chuljo naksigwang! ★
Leave the burning asphalt ★ Let’s go to the sea! ★
★ sexy beauties with is the master of the fishing! ★

Mobile scary events!

Now customize and run game mobile, free game
Go to mobile, Café (
Your event gift receiving.
Free items worth U.S. $ 5000 ^ ^ I’ll send
, Reinstalling your not Be ~ ~!

*** Events in the game ***
, Angry Ninja chuljo naksigwang beaten god of zero
Beaten god of gambler’s god, lod Elyos
lod Elyos, lod, I even more Hunters, Jingu

To broadcast unseen heochohuiraneun beaten Dating –
Glamour hit in the pictorial format ☆ 2 Please expect a lot from

*** Features ***
Do you want to escape the daily routine and boring?
Sexy babes with wanna?
Unobstructed from the beach ~
Enjoy sexy babes with fishing!
Fantastic bagels S ~ line, Beauty with
Will you come fishing too enjoyable.

That’s not all ~ ^ ^
Daughters of special abilities easier
You can enjoy the game ^ ^
~ A manager with ~ Enjoy a fun fishing!

Our, chuljo the naksigwang to stick to the basics!
Until now, the fishing game and can not be compared!
Realistic action is waiting!
Smartphone using the G sensor is the actual fishing homemade
Casting, hooking function can!

Homemade vibrant graphics and realistic!
Enjoy now!

Chuljo naksigwang! ‘ll Only the best!

Mobile (mobine) of the best games!

– Sexy phishing (fishing) with the manager chuljo naksigwang fun fishing!
Angry Ninja – magical diet terminator
Beaten god of zero-beaten authentic aid of Legends
Hit of the new 4 – and the most beautiful woman in the bout
God of gambler – Luxury life facing reversing Battle
avoid a new wave of defense game, lod Elyos – Asmodian
lod Asmodians – wind drove around the legend, Asmodian
lod I even pierced the wall of the game Legend of Defense, and I even
Hunter’s gruesome battle, and look forward to the day of freedom
Jingu – Billiards rather than archery


Game If you have any questions, Then He
Café ( mobile,
Please call or

Recent changes:
★ Achievements related to error correction is complete.
★ other system modification is complete.

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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