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Updated October 22, 2015
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Help misfit spirits find their way to the light in this unique game of collectible cards.
Find the missing rabbit, but be warned:

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed rabbit is king.

“Wonderfully Imaginative Can’t remember the last time I’ve played a mobile game so visually striking. Utterly charming in every single way.” – Kyle Gest

“Fantastically beautiful. This is probably the finest game on mobile devices that I’ve seen anyway. Heart Red Dread.”
– Emil Roxell

“The game is fantastic, illustration and music are perfect and becomes somewhat addictive. It is also great that you have improved so much in so little time. Better every time.” – Israel Lopez Rodriguez

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  • graspberry

    pls make ragnarok valkyrie uprising available to blackberry playbook and blackberry 10. thank u!

  • alexisyu3


  • alexisyu3

    finally whaT  im to be a monster galaxy to play but its oN the fb aah=c im sad =cccccccccccccccccc

  • chiefrolo

    could you update lord of the dragons as it now does not play……ta!

  • Kiran Luthra

    Monster Galaxy is my favourite game and I enjoy it very much. Help is taken from gameskip so that I may level up easily and quickly.