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Lord of Magic


Lord of Magic

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Version 1.0.7
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Updated August 6, 2012
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Long ago, in a vast land there lived 2 nations coexisting in harmony and peace.

But one day, a horde of powerful creatures of evil origins have disturbed the peace as they aim to conquer the world, one land at a time.

They destroy all that gets in their way to global domination and no one dared to stop them. Who will save the world from darkness and destruction?

In a sudden twist of fate, a spark of hope glistened. The Lord of Magic has arrived! With his powerful magic, he can stop all this madness, defeat the creatures of destruction and restore the balance once and for all!
And so, the fight has begun!


Lord of Magic is a unique HD game for your Android device! It uses familiar gestures and aim controls for the chosen skills. The game is a harmonious mix of RPG and casual gaming. You play the title role of a young mage who needs to protect world from utter destruction.

• Master more than 23 active powerful spells
• More than 8 passive skills to enhance your magic spells.
• Explore 19 enchanting levels set in 3 magical continents.
• Fight more than 12 fierce monsters with power levels and special attacks.
• Awesome innovation in controls [drag and aim with a chance of reflexive damage].

Recent changes:
– Bug Fixes

Content rating: Low Maturity

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    • graspberry

      pls make ragnarok valkyrie uprising available to blackberry playbook and blackberry 10. thank u!

    • alexisyu3


    • alexisyu3

      finally whaT  im to be a monster galaxy to play but its oN the fb aah=c im sad =cccccccccccccccccc

    • chiefrolo

      could you update lord of the dragons as it now does not play……ta!

    • Kiran Luthra

      Monster Galaxy is my favourite game and I enjoy it very much. Help is taken from gameskip so that I may level up easily and quickly.