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Updated September 15, 2013
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  • Mike

    Hi Has anybody got this (Waze) to work on Blackberry Playbook? Tried downloading and did not…

    Thanks, Mike

  • Abqjammer

    When I click on the link to download, it just opens the icon image.  Where’s the App?

  • I can’t also download the app. How am I going to download this?

  • HDSecurityStore

    You may want to visit this site too

  • This information would be really very helpful for me also for exploring this wonderful city. Because next month i am also going for the same city for spending my holidays.

  • RyanCNDA

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  • We are a family owned and operated business with 11 locations across the great state of alaska. One-way rentals available.

  • Paul_ONT

    Runs on Z10 but only downloads maps – I can’t get to the GPS functions

  • MikeWalters24

    Is tvFoodMaps available as a .bar file?

  • This is very useful information. I seriously looking same kind off Apps that helps me to find my travel destinations. Or your app made my travel too easy and comfort in the finding of affordable hotels and travel destinations. Thanks a lot.

  • is the official ‘all things Williamsburg” authority for any and all topics in or around our beloved historic city. Come join the discussions!

  • Thank you very much for this important information at least for me. My sister has just been shifted to new York and looking for a vacation rental home for a few days. I hope your this information will help me and her. I too have been looking for rental apartment in Spain.
    Can you help me in it ?

  • Excellent applications! I hope there will be something soon for Kenya

  • alenamauer

    This is an awesome app! I know just the person who will appreciate this! My sister struggles to find places to take her car in her town. This will help her a lot because they have everything from repairs shops to locksmiths. 

    Alena |