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PrimeCalc Calculator


PrimeCalc Calculator

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Updated May 6, 2014
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PrimeCalc – free scientific symbolic calculator
– 70 functions, 20 mathematical constants and up to six variables
– New functions and constants can be defined by the user
– Supports complex numbers
– Matrices, vectors, sets and calculations on them
– Solves the mathematical equations
– Calculate the integrals and derivatives
– Step-by-step calculations
– And many more

Supported functions, operators, and mathematical constants:
Operators +, -, ×, ÷, %
x^n – nth power of x
√(x) – Square root of x
√(n, x) – nth root of x
ln(x) – Natural logarithm of x
log(x) – Logarithm of x to base 10
log(n, x) – Logarithm of x to base n
∑(f(x), imin, imax) – Summation of f(x) from imin to imax
∏(f(x), imin, imax) – Product of f(x) from imin to imax
Mathematical analysis:
∫(f(x)) – Indefinite integral of f(x)
∫(f(x), xmin, xmax) – Definite integral of f(x) from xmin to xmax
∂(f(x)) – Derivative of f(x)
lim(f(x), c) – Limit of f(x) when x approaches c
Equation solving:
Representation of polynomial – x^2+3x-2=0
= – Polynomial equation operator
Numerical Functions:
m mod n – Remainder of m ÷ n
gcd(m, n) – Greatest common divisor of m and n
lcm(m, n) – Least common multiple of m and n
abs(n) – Absolute value of n
round(n) – Integer closest to n
frac(n) – Fractional part of n
floor(n) – Floor value of n
ceil(n) – Ceiling value of n
Complex numbers:
Representation – 5+2i
re(c) – Real part of complex number c
im(c) – Imaginary part of complex number c
median([a]) – Median of [a]
gmean([a]) – Geometric mean of [a]
amean([a]) – Arithmetic mean of [a]
randi(n) – Random integer from 0 to n
randr – Random real from 0 to 1
Number theory:
harmonicN(n) – nth harmonic number
n! – Factorial of n
binomial(n, k) – Binomial coefficient
multinomial(n1, n2, …) – Multinomial coefficient
catalanN(n) – nth Catalan number
fibonacci(n) – nth Fibonacci number
Trigonometric functions:
sin(x), cos(x), tan(x)
sec(x), csc(x), cot(x)
asin(x), acos(x), atan(x), acot(x)
Hyperbolic functions:
sinh(x), cosh(x), tanh(x)
arsinh(x), arcosh(x), artanh(x)
Representation – [[1,2],[3,4]]
[m1]⋅[m2] – Product of [m1] and [m2]
tran([m]) – Transpose [m]
ctran([m]) – Conjugate and transpose [m]
inverse([m]) – Invert [m]
det([m]) – Determinant of [m]
tr([m]) – Trace of [m]
mpow([m], n) – nth matrix power of [m]
Number sets:
Representation – [1,2]
union([a1], [a2]) – Union of two sets
intersec([a1], [a2]) – Intersection of two sets
max([a]) – Largest element of [a]
min([a]) – Smallest element of [a]
π – Number Pi
e – Euler’s number
i – Imaginary unit
∞ – Infinity
γ – Euler–Mascheroni constant
G – Catalan’s constant
A – Glaisher–Kinkelin constant
φ – Golden ratio
κ – Khinchin’s constant
C₂ – Twin prime constant
ζ₃ – Apéry’s constant
B₄ – Brun’s constant for prime quadruplets
B₂ – Brun’s constant for twin primes
EB – Erdős–Borwein constant
δ – Feigenbaum first constant
α – Feigenbaum second constants
BL – Legendre’s constant
M₁ – Meissel–Mertens constant

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