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Yocoy English - Chinese


Yocoy English - Chinese

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Updated October 7, 2013
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offline, no roaming costs, fast, always correct translations of millions of Chinese and English sentences for all everyday situations and conversations, big dictionaries, voice output of English and Chinese, comfortable search function for phrases and words, combination of phrases with your photo albums in your iPhone and iPad.
The free version contains a dictionary with more than 70.000 entries, two free dialogs and a voice output for some sentences (so that you can see and hear how it works). More dialogs can be purchased when needed, the full voice output for all sentences and words in the dictionary will be activated at once in that case.
Yocoy provides a next generation language guide app and mobile interpreter, an English-Chinese and Chinese-English communication assistant and even a talking translator between English and Chinese! It works without any internet connection (no roaming costs), functions fast and always correct! Whether you will travel to China or are from China and want to prepare your trips to the USA, Australia, Canada, UK or Europe, Yocoy phrasebook provides millions of useful English and Chinese phrases and their translations for everyday situations, with a huge dictionary of over 70,000 words. Search words or phrases in the dictionary and situations with a fast and convenient search function as well as a new and intuitive interface. With Yocoy, you can even learn to speak Chinese and English. This is the best and a fantastic iPhone app for People who want to travel to China, do business in China, study in China, visit China, live in China or even learn Chinese.
Features of Yocoy China and English language guide app:
– Functions completely offline! No internet connection needed, No data roaming, no additional costs!
– English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation and conversation
– Convenient search function for all phrases and words
– Flexible phrase templates, covering almost all everyday situations and contexts
– Insert your own words and phrases in phrase templates
– Include pictures from your photo album on your device into phrases
– Dictionary with over 70,000 words
– Voice output for all words and sentences in clear and well pronounced Mandarin Chinese and English for every situation category (purchasable through the app)
– Intuitive categories for all relevant everyday situations and their conversations: Essentials, On The Way, Hotel, Restaurant, Sightseeing, Shopping, Personal (including Small Talk), Emergency (including Health and Medical examinations by doctors and in hospitals)

The Chinese translations are not only shown in Chinese writing and Pinyin transliteration but are also spoken out loudly in flawless Mandarin Chinese. More like a smart translation assistant than only a talking phrase book, Yocoy offers your conversation partner the option to select answers that will then be translated back into your own language. It is the perfect travel companion app for China travelers and also the perfect talking phrasebook for expats living in China!
The intelligent talking translator assists you in all everyday situations such as ordering a taxi, ordering food or drinks in restaurants, asking for directions, chitchatting, shopping and even bargaining for a good price. In cases where you do not know how to name or describe an object, a building, some Chinese characters or a dish, you can even use a photo in combination of phrases, e.g., inserting a picture of a business card with the address of your Chinese business partner into the taxi sentences. Yocoy will prevent you from getting lost in translation and above all it covers many emergency situations such as talking with doctors and understanding about hospital stays.
Yocoy was developed by a team of specialists in computer science, language technology and chinese culture, who do cutting edge research in language technology. We create the next generation technologies and implement them directly into our products.

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  • jeffsback

    WOW! Thank you very much!
    It works PERFECTLY with my Kindle Fire HD
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