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Updated June 12, 2014
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CrossHelp – the free application of mutual assistance, which will help You, Your friends and relatives in a difficult moment, in the moment of danger; will preserve the health and property, and it is possible to save a life.

CrossHelp allows:

• In a critical situation immediately to call for help;
• Assistance you can call secretly, without removing your hand from the phone out of your pocket or handbag in case of direct threat of attack;
• Send to phone the call for help with just one click;
• To specify your current location address and coordinates will be inserted into the message automatically;
• To publish alarm sound signal in case of a call (alarm function);
• To transfer a call for help via SMS, social networks, e-mail.

Who should use CrossHelp:

• You personally for personal security;
• Your children, relatives and friends, in those moments when You are away from them;
• Your friends with disabilities (deaf, deaf-mute, blind, disabled, sick people) who may need Your help;
• People whose profession is associated with risk for life and health – law enforcement officers, personal security guards, security, collectors and other;
• People who want to participate in law enforcement and to help people in distress;
• Drivers of land transport in case of accidents, assaults or poor health;
• Travelers, tourists and other active rest lovers;
• Search parties, rescue teams and mobile groups;
• Athletes, in case of injury, assault or ill health (cyclists, runners and other);
• In all other non-standard situations.

How to use CrossHelp:

• Press the power button 3 times on Your phone or press the power button and hold your finger on the screen for 3 seconds;
• Phone will automatically determine Your location and send the message to call for help and Your location to all the friends from Your list CrossHelp.

Why is it important that the CrossHelp is installed on mobile phones so many people as possible?

Each of us will help your family in case of danger, leaving all things, especially for children. Massive use CrossHelp that offenders will need to carefully prepare their criminal actions, because they will not know how many friends you will get a call for help, who are they (maybe your friends from the police) and how much time will you need in order to person came to help, but even if they dare, remains the factor of chance, i.e. your friends can be in 1 minute availability (for example, there is a barbecue near the scene). The basis of the actions of the criminals is impunity, i.e. having committed the crime, they think they can escape punishment.

Consequently, the massive use of the CrossHelp will impede the сommission of offences, and perhaps many offenders will be forced to surrender. Thus, it will drastically reduce crime and improve the security of our friends and relatives, as well as all citizens. Perhaps, this application will perform one of the tools of building a civil society.

If You’ve installed the CrossHelp, but not in use, however, this reduces the probability of an offence to 20%.

Please, read the terms and conditions of the following license agreement before using the Program.

Using the Program in any way means complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the present License Agreement.

If the User does not accept the terms of License Agreement in full, the User has no right to use the program for any purpose.

1. General

1.1. The present License Agreement («License») establishes the conditions for use of the «CrossHelp» Program for mobile devices (“the Program”). It is concluded between any person who uses the Program (“User”), and Gagarin Yuri Vadimovich, 11.03.1980 year of birth, passport series 4605 935914, issued by the 2nd Department of International Affairs, Mytischi, Moscow region, date of issue 30.03.2004 (“the Copyright Holder”).

1.2. The User expresses his (her) complete and unreserved consent with all the terms of the License by copying the Program, installing it on his (her) mobile device or using the Program in any manner.

1.3. The Program may be used only under conditions of the present License. If the User does not accept the terms of this License in its entirety, the User has no right to use the Program for any purpose. Use of the Program in violation (non-fulfillment) of any of terms of this License is prohibited and pursued under the law.

1.4. The User can use the Program in non-commercial purposes free of charge. Use of the Program under the conditions and in manner not provided by this License is possible only in accordance with a separate agreement with the Copyright Holder.

1.5. The governing law for this License and all relations connected with the use of the Program is the law of the Copyright Holder location. Any claims or suits arising out of this License or use of the Program must be submitted and considered by the court at the location of the Copyright Holder.

2. Rights for the Program

2.1. Exclusive right for the Program belongs to the Copyright Holder, or other right holders.

3. License

3.1. The Copyright Holder provides the User with a nontransferable right to use the Program all over the world under a simple (non-exclusive) license free of charge, in the following ways:

3.1.1. To copy the Program and install it on the User’s mobile device (devices) in order to use the Program for its intended functional purpose. The User is entitled to install the Program on an unlimited number of mobile devices. When installed on the mobile device each copy of the Program shall have a unique number that is automatically reported to the Copyright Holder.

3.1.2. To reproduce and distribute the Program for non-commercial purposes (free of charge).

4. Limitations

4.1. The User may not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, and perform other actions with the object code of the Program aimed at obtaining information on the implementation of the algorithms used in the Program, create derivative works based on using the Program, and perform (permit to perform) other use of the Program without written permission of the Copyright Holder, except for use in volumes and methods expressly provided under this License.

4.2. The User has no right to reproduce and distribute the Program for commercial purposes (as well as at a charge), including compilations of software products, without the written permission of the Copyright Holder.

4.3. The User has no right to distribute the Program in a form different from the one in which he (she) received it, without the written permission of the Copyright Holder.

4.4. The Program must be provided (as well as distributed) with the name: «Cross-Help». The User has no right to change the name of the Program, modify and / or specify in other way the Copyright Holder.

5. Conditions of use of the Program certain functions

5.1. Performing of some of Program functions is only possible when using the User’s communication operator functions (Internet access, SMS messages and other). The User receives and pays for access on his (her) own, according to the operator’s conditions and tariffs.

5.2. Hereby the User acknowledges and agrees that when using certain functions of the Program the Program can retrieve information about the nearest cell of communication operator, sim-card of which is in the User’s mobile device, the nearest point of Wi-Fi access or the User’s coordinates defined by GPS devices, and transmit them to the Copyright Holder to determine the User’s location.

5.3. Hereby the User acknowledges and agrees that the Program can retrieve data about installed on User’s mobile device applications and send them to the Copyright Holder to implement individual functions of the Program.

5.4. Hereby the User acknowledges and agrees that the Program can retrieve statistical anonymous (without reference to the User) data on the User’s actions when using the Program and ab

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      doesn’t work with PlayBook.

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    • topsurf please send us an email using our contact form and we’ll send you the file and lisence code.

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    • onlinebusanamuslim

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