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Updated January 21, 2015
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With Paysera Mobile Wallet you can:

_Send and receive money
_Make payments for goods and services by scanning a QR-code
_Use a password protected transfers
_Send money request
_Convert currency
_Check balance and transaction history
_See a map with all locations that accept Paysera payment and nearby ATMs

Paysera Mobile Wallet is a socially connected payments solution:
When you have to pay a person fast, knowing only a phone number or an e-mail – Paysera Mobile Wallet is the solution. Transfer money to Paysera user: pay friends from your contact list instantly and for free.
Paysera mobile application is connected to the worldwide Paysera ( payment system. It provides the ease of access of Paysera Mobile Wallet to manage mobile remittances and make payments on the go via smart phones.

If you do not have Paysera account, you can register for free directly from your Paysera mobile application.

Steps to install and start using Paysera Mobile Wallet on your mobile device:

_Download free Paysera mobile application from the store and register creating your own Paysera account password
_You will get the digit activation code that you receive in your registered mobile number (enter it for your iOS/Android will do it automatically)

_Set a 5 number digit PIN code you will use every time to login to Paysera Mobile Wallet

Thus, even if you loose your phone, your money will remain safe. With Paysera security assurance, you can be confident that your personal and financial information will be protected.

Year-Round Discounts:

Paysera is always looking to get the best for you, so you will always find incredible deals and discounts. Pick goods&products with Paysera Mobile Wallet and get amazing deals.

Whether you are paying for a meal, petrol, taking a taxi, etc. paying with Paysera Mobile Wallet will save you time. It is a role in the future of e-commerce making your life convenient and ever exciting.

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement is concluded between “EVP International”, JSC (hereinafter in the Agreement called EVP) and the Client.
1.2. Object of the Agreement: the main terms and conditions between the Client and EVP are set under this Agreement for the Client to register in the System, open a Paysera Account, and use other services provided by EVP. Conditions of separate services provided by EVP are set under the Supplements, Agreements, and Rules of the Agreement, which are an integral part of this Agreement, and such conditions apply to the Client after s/he starts using respective services.
1.3. Supplements of the Agreement are agreements, under which the Client and EVP agree about the usage of respective services specified in Supplements. Conditions set in Supplements are special provisions, which have primacy over the other provisions of the Agreement. When the Client starts using services, which s/he has not been using before, respective additional Supplements of the Agreement shall be applied. If for the provision of newly selected services additional confirmation of Client’s identity and/or provision of additional documents is required, the services shall be provided only after the Client performs the actions specified by EVP.
1.4. Definitions of key terms used in the Agreement:
Electronic money – funds of the Client credited/transferred to and held on the Paysera Account to perform payment operations via the System.
EVP – “EVP International”, JSC, its branches, representative offices, and other legal entities used by “EVP International”, JSC in providing services and empowered to act on behalf of “EVP International”, JSC. All payment services, as defined by the Law on Payments of the Republic of Lithuania, shall be provided exclusively by “EVP International”, JSC (legal person code: 300060819, VAT payer’s code: LT10001261114, office address: Menulio st. 7, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania, tel.: +44 20 80996963, fax: +37052639179, e-mail:, website:; the license of electronic money institution No.1 has been issued on September 27th, 2012; the license has been granted by and the supervision is performed by the Bank of Lithuania; data about the EVP International, JSC is collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania, the Registrar – PI “Centre of Registers”).
Recipient – natural or legal person, indicated in the payment order as the recipient of funds of the payment transaction.
Client – a natural or legal person, who has registered in the System and created an Account.
Client identification – establishment of identity of the Client under the procedures specified in the System.
Paysera Account – a virtual account opened on behalf of the Client in the System used to perform payments and other payment operations.
Payment Instrument – any payment instrument the System allows to link to the Paysera account and make payment transfers with the help of this payment instrument.
Paysera Application – a mobile program for Paysera Account management, installed and used on mobile devices.
Account – the result of the registration in the computer system, during which personal data of the registered person is saved, the person is given a login name, and his/her rights in the system are defined.
Acceptable language – Lithuanian, English, Russian, Latvian, and Polish language.
Supplement – an agreement between EVP and the Client on the provision and usage of separate services provided by EVP. Supplement can be identified as an agreement, rules, declaration, plan or in any other way. Supplement is an integral part of this Agreement.
System – a software solution presented on EVP web pages, which is being developed by EVP and used for the provision of EVP services.
Agreement – an agreement between the Client and EVP that includes the present General payment service agreement and any other terms and documents (Supplements, Agreements, Rules, Declarations, etc.), including but not limited to the websites, to which references are made in the present General payment service agreement.
Password (Passwords) – any Client’s code created on the System or a code provided to the Client by EVP for the access to the Account and/or Paysera Account or initiation and management of separate service provided by EVP and initiation, authorization, implementation, confirmation and reception of payment operation.
Party – EVP or the Client.
User – a natural person who operating under the General payment service agreement and its supplements pursues aims which are not related to his/her business or professional activity

2. Registration in the System and creation of the Account

2.1. The Client who wants to start using EVP services has to register in the System. EVP has the right to refuse registration of a new Client without indicating the reasons. However, EVP assures that the refusal to register shall always be based on significant reasons, which EVP does not have to reveal.
2.2. During the registration in the System, an Account is created for the Client. The Account is personal and only its owner has the right to use it (log in). After the Client registers in the System and creates an Account, a Paysera Account is automatically opened for him. Paysera Account operates by the principle described in sections 4 and 5 of this Agreement
2.3. The Client can have one Account only. The Account is opened for a natural person only. If a natural person is going to use the System as a representative of a legal person, s/he confirms that s/he is an appropriate and authorized representative of the

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