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Money Control


Money Control

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Version 1.0.2
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Updated September 24, 2013
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Money Control is for Managing your daily Finance.Track your Expense easily with Money Control.Finance Report helps you to Track and manage your Expense by day,month,year or any selectable date ranges.Money Control is the best budget management tool for your money management needs.
“Find where your money goes with Money Control for free”
Why should I use Money Control
Using of written documents for tracking and controlling expenses is a difficult task now a days.For calculating expenses by daily ,weekly .monthly or yearly from written documents is a harder job and it may also leads to calculation mistakes.Money Control is designed in such a way that it will surely make expense tracking fun and easy.The main advantage of Money Control over existing money tracking tools is ,it allows you to enter expenses quickly from the application start-up page.

How to use Money Control
Money Control Application starts with some preloaded expense and income can add new category from application menu or remove an existing one by long pressing over it.
In order to add an expense ,simply tap on the corresponding expense category and enter amount spend,spending description,time,date etc on the corresponding text box provided.Application is powered with auto fill so that the date and time will be the current time and date which will help you to save time.

Extra features of Money Control
Income, Expense categories
Current month finance details on application start-up
Finance Reports by day,month,year and selectable date ranges
fast expense entry
balance report
Automatic fill
SD Card backup
100% secure application
Automatic data backup
voice input
Calculator option
fast,Simple and user-friendly
Supports more than 15 languages.
No network connection required
Edit/delete your entered money deals

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  • Wfraze

    Downloaded the Chase on Playbook, won’t work due to an recent update by Chase. Will there be an updated versio here soon?

  • Medic48

    This version failed to load on my Playbook. Resulted in a “-9” error by DDPB Installer.

  • Drjgorman

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    i am looking for the ‘kijiji’ app on a .BAR format as well as RBC app that works for Canadian banks too….suggestions?

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  • Anilu7

    Please convert to a .bar file so I can have this app on my Z10.  It was very useful on my 9900.  Thanks!

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    Please make a bar file for PlayBook!

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