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Foxtel Guide


Foxtel Guide

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Updated September 21, 2013
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Want to know what’s on Foxtel right now? Well now you can with the Foxtel Guide. No matter where you are or what time of day you’ll be able to see exactly what’s on Foxtel.

If you find a show you like, set a reminder alert notifying you 15 minutes before it starts. Even better, if you’re away from your home or office you can setup a remote record to your Foxtel iQ or iQHD meaning that your shows will be there waiting for you ready to watch when you are. You can even Series Link programs ensuring you don’t miss any episodes of your favourite programs.

The Foxtel Guide allows you to easily browse Foxtel’s Guide in a single channel view or grid view modes and to make browsing even easier, personalise your very own list of channels in Favourites.

Change channels on your iQ from the Foxtel Guide when you’re in front of your TV. When you’re looking through the Foxtel Guide, and come across a program you like, if the ‘Change Channel’ button is available, you can easily change to that channel with a press of a button.

More like this is a feature on the Foxtel Guide that will recommend you similar programs based on actors, genres, directors or channels, making it easier to find things you’ll enjoy to watch.

Not sure what to watch from all of Foxtel’s great programming? Try browsing through Foxtel’s recommended content which we call ‘Preview’. Preview is configurable so that you can personalise this to suggest programs to your likings from Sports, Entertainment, Movies and Lifestyle & Documentaries.

The Foxtel Guide also makes finding programs so much easier with a number of search tools such as storing recent searches, suggestions as you type, ‘Did you mean…’ suggestions if you’ve not sure of a title or misspell a title. As well as setting filters allowing the Foxtel Guide to return results satisfying these criteria.

Note: This App is designed to work with the Foxtel iQ box. If you have a MyStar box please download the MyStar app from Google play.

• Browse Foxtel’s program listings up to 14 days in advance
• Remote Record to your Foxtel iQ or iQHD
• Series Link programs when available
• Watch promos
• Change channels on your Foxtel iQ or iQHD directly from the Foxtel Guide
• More like this – recommendations to similar programming
• Set reminder notifications for shows you want to watch
• Enhanced search tools such as stored previous searches, predictive search, ‘Did you mean…’ and filters
• Quick Search: Movies on now, Live Sport, Family Movies, Premier, Series Link Start and Foxtel’s Critic’s Choice
• Add channels to your Favourites list
• Configurable Preview recommendations


In order to use the Foxtel Guide, your Android device must be running on firmware version 1.6 or later.

The Foxtel Guide has two main screen design layouts and will utilise your device screen size and resolution to install the appropriate screen layout.

To Remote Record you’ll need a Foxtel iQ or iQHD set-top-unit and a Foxtel Online Account. To register for an Online Account visit www.foxtel.com.au/register

If you have a MyStar box please download the MyStar app in order to Remote Record.


The Foxtel Guide application may use a 3rd party service to collect usage data and related information, including but not limited to technical information about your device and application software. This data is gathered periodically to facilitate the improvement of software and product support. The Foxtel Guide does not collect any information personally identifying you.

Assistance on use:

For more information on using this application, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions at www.foxtel.com.au/discover/mobile/mobile-tv-guide/faqs

For more help contact Foxtel on 131 999 or email on FoxtelGuide@foxtel.com.au

Recent changes:
• Ability to Series Link your favourite programs where available
• Free To Air channel listings now available without the need to log in
• Ability to select your local region to see listings in your area

Content rating: Everyone

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    Admin-Do not update this version because the newer version will not work on older phones with less than Android 4.2.2 Thanks

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