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My Soundboard Manager (MySoMa)


My Soundboard Manager (MySoMa)

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Version 2.2
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Updated September 17, 2013
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Soundboard freedom is here!

My Soundboard Manager (MySoMa) allows you to access multiple soundboards from the same app. You no longer need to launch a separate app for each of your favorite soundboards.

You choose which soundboards to install and they automatically show up in MySoMa. Each soundboard will show up in its own screen with its own background image. All MySoMa Soundboards have high quality soundclips; you are guaranteed to have no crappy, tinny sounding clips with any MySoMa Soundboard!

A “Favorites” screen allows you to add individual sounds from multiple soundboards to a single screen. You can have your favorite sounds from all different soundboards at your fingertips on the “Favorites” screen.

A NSFW (Not Safe For Work) mode allows you to launch MySoMa and rest assured you won’t accidentally play a soundclip that will get you in trouble. Try it out with Menu > Toggle NSFW.

Sort your soundboards in any order, including your “Favorites”.

For soundclips that you don’t like, just long-press the soundclip button and choose “Remove Button” so you don’t need to sort through 9 pages of soundclips you don’t like just to find the ones you want to hear.

If you don’t want a soundboard anymore, uninstall it and it will disappear from MySoMa. You can always leave MySoMa installed, then add and remove soundboards as you want.

Every soundboard you install will have the same features provided by MySoMa. For each soundclip you can perform the following:
– Add to Favorites
– Set as default ringtone
– Set as default notification
– Set as contact ringtone
– Set as default alarm
– Remove the button from displaying

If you want to download more MySoMa Soundboards, press the Menu button and choose “Download Soundboards” to go directly to the Android Market and view all MySoMa listings. When you go back to MySoMa your newly installed soundboard will automatically show up.

PLEASE NOTE: Only MySoMa Soundboards will work. You cannot download just any soundboard app and have it show up in MySoMa.

ALSO NOTE: There are no soundboards included with the base MySoMa install. You must have MySoMa and at least one MySoMa soundboard installed for it to work. The order in which you install them doesn’t matter.

Currently the following MySoMa Soundboards are available and more are on the way:
– 40-Year-Old Virgin
– Anchorman
– Billy Madison
– Borat
– Caddyshack
– Christmas Vacation
– Dumb and Dumber
– Eurotrip
– Family Guy
– The Goonies
– Grandma’s Boy
– Happy Gilmore
– Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
– Liar Liar
– Napoleon Dynamite
– Office Space
– Step Brothers
– Talladega Nights
– Tommy Boy
– Vacation

If there is a new soundboard you would like added, please use Menu > Suggest Soundboard

If there are additional sounds for a soundboard you want added, please use Menu > Suggest Soundclip from that soundboard

For any other suggestions, comments, criticism or general praise, please use Menu > Submit Feedback

My Soundboard Manager requires the following permissions for the following reasons:
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – to be able to save a sound as ringtone/notification/alarm, the sound gets written to the SD card first
WRITE_SETTINGS – to be able to save a sound as ringtone/notification/alarm in system settings
READ_CONTACTS – used by the “Save as Contact Ringtone” feature to list your contacts
WRITE_CONTACTS – used by the “Save as Contact Ringtone” feature to set the ringtone for a specific contact
INTERNET – required and used only by ads
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – required and used only by ads

My Soundboard Manager is rated “Medium maturity” solely for the content of some of the soundboards that you can download for it. I do not collect any user location data. There are no social features or simulated gambling in My Soundboard Manager. If you send any feedback or suggestions, I do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your email address or any other information you may send.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Recent changes:
2.2 – (1) Bug fixes

2.1 – (1) When in NSFW mode, adding/removing from Favorites toasts the NSFW text instead of normal text, (2) Bug fixes

2.0 – (1) Redesigned layout and flow for efficiency, (2) Added NSFW mode – share soundboards at work and not get fired! (3) Launching a soundboard itself automatically displays that soundboard in MySoMa, (4) Button Sort Order can be overridden per soundboard, (5) Other improvements for speed and overall app responsiveness

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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