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Updated April 9, 2017
Installs 8120 times
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The OFFICIAL BlackBerry BBM Messenger. New and free.

Seamlessly switch from a BBM conversation to a BBM Voice chat and talk to your friends, virtually wherever they are in the world, for free over Wi-Fi. Stay in touch like never before with BlackBerry Messenger.

New on the latest version of BBM: •BBM Voice now available for BlackBerry OS 5 users – Talk or text, the choice is yours.

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    • N'a e
      starstarstarstarstar- 2016-03-25
      Thank you for provide this apps. Since my GTAB 7.7 not compatible with the apps from the playstore.
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-08-14
    • can't working in my Z10
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-06-23
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-04-08
    • جميل مره يجيب عافيه
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-02-14
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-02-14
    • helwee
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-10-27
      Bueno 🙂
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-10-25
    • gooddddd
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-09-27
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-09-23
    • Mbarnet

      I have downloaded the Nook PDF file – this doesn’t work like the Kindle app. Is the app “REALLY” working right?

    • Mbarnet

      Sorry this was suppose to be for a playbook, not android

    • AGordon
    • Lino

      I use this app all the time! It’s a great way to read my comics on the go!
      Give it a try!!!

    • J35u5125

      not able to dwnload it

    • Pierre

      Please replace apk file with a bar file

    • Pierre

      TuneIn problem: Playbook site links to this site posting an apk file. Please post the bar file.
      Many thanks in avvance

    • Sebastian Cornejo

      Please post the bar file!!!

    • Siez13

      Hi is it possible for you to get hold of the new chronograph for measuring pellet speeds please there are a few to choose from so 1 must work surely .
      Many thanks
      Sincerely Simon

    • Kobo still does not load purchased books for the PlayBook

    • Michael Lucky12

      500,000 apps of android ,,80 apps only is working on BB playbook ,, it really sucks

    • Nicolas Sachse

      I have installed Soundhound v 2.8.1 from this web site for playbook and BB10 on my playbook, the app seems to load and function ok until you hit the Tap Here button, I keep getting this message ” Sorry!  The application Soundhound  (process com.melodis.midomiMusicIdentifier) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I have uninstalled and Installed again various times but no luck on it working. Any thing I should be doing different?  Thanks.

    • Jslk

      This is a great game

    • Medic48

      This app (3D Bowling) does not function on my BlackBerry PlayBook. Causes a “Force Close” operation.

    • Mki235689

      Please provide download for official Kijiji app. Thanks in advance.

    • Cmforshaw13

      download fine but everytime I try and open draw something on my playbook it just closes any.  This there anything I an do?

    •  try this upload your .apk

    • Dg

      TuneIn is available on Blackberry, why are you messing around trying to run an Andriod version?

    • Yeon

      Is there a Playbook version for this?

    • Sam

      Sony eReader – can you convert to the .bar file for PlayBook please

    • PierreLabreche

       No, tunein is not available on the PB app store

    • Bud

      Message says can’t find default app. What’s that mean.

    • Brown920

      Dear Goodereader,

      You have very helpfully converted DS Finder to the Blackberry format, but to get the functionality from a Synology Nas users need DS File and DS Audio would also be very helpfull. Could you please convert both of these apps to BAR.


    • Diabloboyy66687

      need minecraft pocket edition

    • Jo

      It doesn’t work after converted

    • Smileztoorude

      i know right that suck the games i want wont download caus eit an akp

    •  we have over 800 working playbook apps and games and growing.

    • Mat

      Can you please get a tap tap revenge to work on playbook

    • Lorenzo 128

      why all applications that i converter to bar by PlayBook .apk to .bar converter doesn’t works?

    • Lorenzo 128

      why all applications that i converter to bar by “PlayBook .apk to .bar” converter doesn’t works?

    • NNTs

      Is there a playbook version for Bingo Blitz?  I tried converting this but it didn’t work.

    • cant install comes up with 500 `package-id` please help

    • Chuckcrispim

      cab i load netflix on my playbook

    • Matt

      You guys need to convert Sims Free Play into .bar because its a good game and I would want it on there. I come on this site every 2 days, I Dont even know if you guys reply. But still good site

    • Rammaha3


    • jay


    • josh

      you guys should get rid of the list and go back to the grid with the actual apps showing

    • Kewy66

      Can you do xbmc for PlayBook pls

    • Wizluvibrahim

      Pls we need Real football 2012 n most of other android apps on Playbook 

    • Shahaan79

      Bb playbook downloads the file but files are not opening

    • Beastboytobi

      this website is the reason i am getting a playbook

    • Beastboytobi

      they have it

    • Beastboytobi


    • Mamamia18

      when will you add Adobe PDF Reader for Playbook?

    • IrishDom

      This converter from apk file to bar file doesn’t work! 🙁
      Some of the other Apps on eReader worked OK.  But none of the games do!  I’m beginning to regret buying my PlayBook.  And only after three days of use!Come on Guys.  Try to upload Bar.file only.  For us un-techy peeps, it was a feat to get the ones on the PB that we can.  Don’t make it more difficult than necessary :-(Other than this issue – a really decent website!

    • Alpy

      Can i see which apps are working on my playbook? Or are they all working on the bb playbook?

    • X Zey

      It’s apk how I can convert it? 

    • Mrbrettschneider

      loads black screen?

    • Bonnie

      will the netflix app for android work on the playbook

    • Dmart0

      Can we get TuneIn for the Playbook, I love it on my Blackberry..

    • Daltonb

      When things to download kindle reader I get the following error message. 
      Nothing found for appswp-content uploads downloads 2012 10 amazon kindle
      Page not found.
      Please help.

    • Anneburgato

      just downloaded this app to kindle fire, and it wont open  it says it cant find any google accounts, but doesnt give me a chance to enter my google account! any ideas?

    • Pete

      Help please i click on download, the page opens but says cannot find this page ????

    • Valleyguys

      Help please i click on download, the page opens but says page not found  ????

    • Mkaleb23

      is there a angrybirds playbook app on here

    • Skstewart98

       did not work web site still says that I dont have flash installed on my kindle  fire hd help

    • Pickme0055

      When will SkyDrive be available for the PlayBook?

    • baluta

      How can I download this using getjar?

    • oldy goldie

      When I click on download for the kindle app it says page not found, am I missing something, anyone know what I am doing wrong and can direct me in the right way.  Thanks ever so much

    • Shiner

      Just tried it and Flash doesn’t work on the Kobo Arc. 🙁

    • Fsalsberry

      Is there a siriusxm app for kindle fire HD 8.9? If not will there be?

    • None of your apps work they are al apk. 

    • Alexandagonzalez225

      can you make this a Bar. File so i can download it on my playbook..?

    • Nhillson

      Vlc wont run on kindle fire HD

    • Henk

      it doesn’t work:(

    • dugg

      this worked thank you very much


      downloaded the kindle for playbook and BB10 app,it downloads as a bar file however when I try to open it I get message “unable to find default location”….what do I need to do,please?

    • goodereaderapps

      Kobo Arc normally has flash built into it. You want to download flash for Jellybean in the essential apps section.

    • hellimfat

      Check this one streetquest – run is a game, best one 😉

    • Stephane

      Can we get this game in a bar format? I’d love to play this game on the playbook.

    • kaleb

      You have to download it onto you pc first, not directly to you tablet. Gthen once it is on your pc, sideload it onto your tablet, good e reader has directions on how to do it.

    • Warrior69

      How do i get this to bar?

    • tacoboy

      use a coverter

    • tacoboy
    • tacoboy

      online to super easy just upload an
      d wait

    • tacoboy

      did it with fruit nija

    • tacoboy

      also use DDPB seach on google and put you play book in devepere mode and uplad as many andoid app as you want

    • mmj649

      Hi all, I’m trying to download your google books apk to my kindle fire hd 7″.   I’m having same problem as most others when downloading within the kindle.  messages below indicate that there are instructions on how to sideload from my pc on this site, but I’m having trouble find them.  Can you please direct me?

    • woz_b

      Has anyone tried to convert the Adobe DPS Content Viewer android .APK into a .BAR file for the Playbook. If so does it work and can .folio files bee downloaded from Adobe’s servers?
      Any help would be much appreciated

    • Did anyone try this software?

    • rach1034


    • rach1034


    • knowitllplaybook

      Blackberry playbook
      Download the app then convert it with this. There are a few bad things but not that bad. There’s a box that says you must force shut down but if you press Ok it returns to normal. I can use it now but at first I couldn’t find my TV.The force close box pops up alot. The app doesn’t expand to the full screen size

    • knowitllplaybook

      this app can be converted

    • Shiner

      Works perfectly on my Kobo Arc.  Flagged as requiring a GPS, so can’t be installed from the Play Store, but coarse location (wi-fi) found my local stations instantly.

    • AbraCadabra1

      Nice game! PC version is more fun and addictive. My blog article with this game for PC: Have fun!

    • VinaySadhanala

      .apk files ra not working in pbook is any resion ,or any other way to  instal that fils

    • DylanN DubletPlant

      @VinaySadhanala convert them to .bar then you will need an android player which are quite hard to find

    • draco51

      there was an update released for this last week. would it be possible to get this update? i am sideloading this onto a kindle fire and am unable to login to google play to update.

    • hey

      i downloaded on my playbook and its telling me theres a error i converted into bar so im not sure why it anit working

    • Nice post. Dude. I really like your stuff.

    • AlexIonutImbrea


    • AlexIonutImbrea

      @AbraCadabra1 Nice game! Thanks for sharing. I aprove you…is very addictive. ..I’m on level 78. Cheers!

    • SumiyaMoumitaHasan

      Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!

    • justgivingback

      Finally I have the fix. You need to download this flash version Adobe Flash Player 11.1-111115012.apk. Google it. Install it. That’s all folks. It works.

    • MG1

      I love this game but i am stuck at level 12. I can’t complete it. Can someone tell me how to complete it with all those hammer and other obstacles?

    • davidzu_Soulja


    • what a great game that was go pakistan

    • quincy

      @justgivingback. I could not find this on google

    • yuriniganu

      Hey! Check this out!
      Go to: and download need for speed world coost hack and start add unlimited boost to your account!
      This is awesome!! 😀

    • jplay

      i cant download gta 5

    • JaseConnor

      android is not too bad for games but the display needs a bit of work

    • Guys just sharing, I’ve found this interesting! Check it out!

    • It is hard to download gta. Si will spend my fre time on xbox.

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    • AbdusSamadMohammed

      go to                   or

    • Aniken677

      Hey can I download your temple run 2 for BB10 ??

    • EroticDesktops

      You may want to visit this site too!

    • saisandsky

      It doesn’t work 🙁

    • darivera

      la carga de aplicaciones
      funciona en win8

    • JohnSmith44

      Friendly Fire is an awesome game! Checkout the friendly fire forums here to get involved with the community:
      There’s also a friendly fire wiki if you want to know info about health, wait times, etc at

    • DomLV

      You may want to visit this site too!


    • ConradMcdonald

      Trying to get cineplex app for kobo arc

    • hello

    • hey frend’s how r u????

    • postamante789

      hii this version for all device ;

    • Carolyn Sinacola

      apk for bubble witch saga 2 loads to phone and installs but app won’t open past orange screen that says king

    • good

    • Scott M

      It doesn’t work. There is a download to the bar file. Search apk2bar on this site. You can then download. I couldn’t get it to work. Maybe you can get it to work.

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