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The Weapon of Wisdom


The Weapon of Wisdom

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Updated October 15, 2013
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The Weapon Of Wisdom
Page 1: Once upon a time there was a big shadowy tree in a dense jungle. A crow and his wife lived there happily. They used to set out in the morning in search of food and came back in the evening.
Page 2: Wife of the crow used to give eggs every year. They both took good care of the eggs and waited for the little ones to come out. They used to be very excited to become mother and father.
Page 3: But it never happened. The trunk of that tree had a long hollow path. A wicked snake lived in that hollow of the tree. It used to come out of the hollow and eat the eggs when the crow and his wife were not around.
Page 4: When the crow and his wife came back home they found the eggs nowhere. They understood that the snake again ate up their eggs. They absorbed in deep sorrow.
Page 5: The crow said to his wife, “It is the high time now. I should do something to get rid of this snake. A fox is my friend and he is very clever. He will certainly find a solution of our problem. I will consult him.”
Page 6: The crow went to the fox and told the whole story with broken heart. The fox felt pity on him. He sympathized with him and thought of a plan to solve his problem.
Page 7: The fox said, “Dear friend! Don’t worry. I have a plan to get rid of the snake.” He told the plan to the crow. The crow became happy. Now he understood what he had to do.
Page 8: Next morning he flew to the king’s palace and reached to the place where the queen was dressing up. He picked up the queen’s most precious necklace and started flying back.
Page 9: The queen shouted and ordered the guards to get back the necklace from the crow. The guards ran after him. According to the plan the crow was flying slowly as if he was showing the way to the guards.
Page 10: The crow flew back to the tree where he lived and dropped the necklace on the neck of the snake. The snake was taking rest out of the hollow under the tree.
Page 11: Before the snake could understand anything, the guards started beating him badly with spears. The snake felt as if the sky had fallen down on his head. He cried with pain and died.
Page 12: The guards took the necklace and went back to the palace. Now the crow flew to his wife and told how the wicked snake reached to an end. They both became happy.
Page 13: Now the wife of the crow laid the eggs again and they both waited for the eggs to hatch. This time they were happy that their little ones were safe.
Page 14: The moral of the story is “Wisdom is the best weapon with which most powerful can also be defeated. One should not lose hope and think wisely for the solution of the problem.”

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    Comics by comixology is out.
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    I have tried many cbr/cbz readers, and this is the best. It opens files, it reads them, and when you get to the end of a comic, it opens the first page of the next one in the directory. You might think that sounds simple, but this is literally the only cbr reader for Android that I have found that does that. All of the hoo-hah that other readers seem so proud of — “libraries”, thumbnails, “collections” — none of that matters to me. Open the file. Turn the page. Open the next file in the directory when I get to the end of this one. That’s all I want, and this is the only cbr/cbz reader that does it.

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