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Updated January 1, 2014
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Convert Everything unit converter & calculator includes everything listed plus MUCH more. Sorry it just can't all fit in the description. If you have any requests, e-mail or tweet me @fluffydelusions:
Acceleration – Angular
Acceleration – Linear
Electric Potential
Finance w/ 144 financial calculators
Ring size
Brix and Baume
Oven Temperature
Fuel Consumption
Large Numbers
Alphanumeric phone number to all numeric
Wire gauge
Sheet metal gauge
Colors – Hex to RGB, RGB to hex
Metric Unit
Men's Pants
Men's Hats
Men's Underwear
Men's Socks
Men's Dress Shirts
Men's Shoes
Women's Shoes
Women's Clothing Size
Men's Suits and Coats
Men's T-shirts
Text conversions – ASCII, hexadecimal, binary, Morse code, Base64, UPPERCASE,lowercase,sWitch cASE, Title Case, First letter of sentence, URL encode, remove spaces, remove extras, rot13 cipher, reverse text, reverse words
Moment of Force
Specific Heat Capacity
Heat Capacity
Illumination – Luminous Intensity
Digital Image Resolution
Planetary Weight
Planetary Age
Roman Numerals
Volume Charge Density
Temperature Interval
Latent Heat
HVAC Efficiency
Chemical – Henry''s Law
Calorific Value
Specific Volume
Thermal Expansion
Magnetomotive Force
Surface Charge Density
Surface Current Density
Magnetic Field Strength
Thermal Resistivity
Thermal Conductivity
Surface Tension
Viscosity – Dynamic
Viscosity – Kinematic
Concentration – Liquid Solution
Concentration – Molar
Data Storage
Data Transfer
Electric Field
Volume – Dry
Volume – Lumber
Velocity – Angular
Radiation – Exposure
Radiation – Radioactivity
Radiation – Dose Equivalent
Radiation – Absorbed Dose Rate
Radiation – Absorbed Dose
Flow – Mass
Flow – Molar
Heat Flux Density
Heat Transfer Coefficient
Linear Charge Density
Linear Current Density
Magnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux Density
Mass Flux Density
Moment of Inertia
Area of Room
Blood Sugar
Cooking – butter
Time – Unix timestamp
Frequency wavelength
Time – Lead time – add days/weeks/months/years to a given date
Time – Remove time – remove days/weeks/months/years to a given date
Time – Days until – number of days until a given date
Wind chill
Volume – Objects: Barrel,Cone,Cube,Cylinder – hollow,Ellipsoid,Polygon,Pyramid,Rectangular Box,Sphere,Sphere-partially filled,Torus,Trapezoid,Wedge,Cylinder, Cuboid, Cylinder – Hemispherical ends
Women's bra band size
Women's bra cup size
Children's shoes (4-7yrs)
Children's shoes (7-12yrs)
Toddler shoes
Infant shoes
Area – Shapes: Annulus,Circle,Ellipse,Parallelogram,Rectangle,Sector of a Circle,Square,Trapezoid,Equilateral Triangle,Right Triangle,Scalene Triangle
Perimeter – Shapes: Circle,Rectangle,Polygon,Square,Parallelogram,Triangle,Rhombus,Trapezium,Ellipse
Surface Area – Sphere,Ellipsoid,Cuboid,Cube,Cylinder,Cone,Right square pyramid
Time – Old enough
Time – Date difference
Time – Julian date: Convert calendar date to Julian and vice versa
Fractions – Convert between decimals and fractions
Fuel cost
Percentage – percent calculator,percent change, percent increase/decrease,percent discount,percentage
Tip calculator
Standard deviation
Number sequences: Arithmetic,Geometric,Fibonacci
Random number generator: integers,integer set,sequence,composite/prime numbers,even/odd numbers
Percent Error
Depth of Field
Statistics: Sample Size,Confidence Interval,Mean, Median, Mode,Standard Deviation,Root Mean Square/Quadratic Mean,Probability – Single Event,Simple/Linear Regression,Correlation Co-efficient,Harmonic Mean,Standard Error,,Standard / Z score
Electrical Engineering
Download time
Chemistry calculations
Pixels and Aspect Ratio
Area: Conical Frustum,Regular Incircle Polygon
Number Properties

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  • emmajmp

    None of there will download to my kobo vox?  It keeps saying failed, unsuccessful.


  •  Check out our video tutorial on the Kobo Vox and how to load apps, and make sure you are following the right steps.

  • Sdmilliken

    The Safeway app will not install on the Playbook. ,apk file was built to a .bar file with no problems, but the .bar file will not install properly.

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    I am the creator, I will take your requests

  • Searchinator

    I am the creator of this app I will take your requests

  • Searchinator

    Included OpenOffice Reader

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    I am looking for share point 2010 app

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    When will there be a decent MLO app for Blackberry 10?
    The Blackberry OS 7 app is horrible.

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    I need AutoCad WS .bar file for blackberry playbook. Does anybody know where I can find it?

  • nishanthan new

    BlackBerry playbook app dropbok

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  • redhotfox30

    I got this for my z10 it works great all except for the camera and I can’t change my profile pic.

  • Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  • mycomputerdoctor2010

    I am an avid  TeamViewer user myself. I use it for my clients for my business My Computer Doctor – – I love the fact that even with slow internet connections such as DSL I can still do my job with ease.

  • IrfanAlkaabi

    pleace convert hotspot shield for z10

  • IrfanAlkaabi

    pleace converte hotspot shield

  • Great app

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    @Searchinator will this work on my Q10 with Night Owl camera and dvr?

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  • jtaylor71

    Does anyone have the latest Kijiji? Ver. 1.8? Thanks

  • Angie

    Is it possible that this app could be a Bar version so that I could download it to my blackberry?

  • Angie

    Is it possible that this app could be a Bar version so that I could download it to my blackberry?

  • C Mar

    This app works great, I have been using it for two weeks with no problem to my Z 10. I opened this site on my blackberry’s browser, down loaded directly to my phone. I opened it under my downloads and hit run. It installed itself correctly to my phone and also works with or without the Square card reader.

  • C Mar

    This app works great, I have been using it for two weeks with no problem to my Z 10. I opened this site on my blackberry’s browser, down loaded directly to my phone. I opened it under my downloads and hit run. It installed itself correctly to my phone and also works with or without the Square card reader.

  • C Mar

    I have had people ask me to clarify using this app. I opened Good eReader ‘s on my BB Z10 browser. Hit download under the Square app. Then simply opened it under my Downloads on my BB Z10. It literally installed itself. I have been using it daily for months. It does work on my BB Z-1. I installed the new version a few days ago. It is even better and has the new Square features the old app didn’t.

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  • czxing