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EX845 METERLiNK™ for Android


EX845 METERLiNK™ for Android

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Updated October 4, 2013
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The EX845 METERLiNK™ for Android app allows the user of an Extech Instruments EX845 clamp meter to remotely view and display readings from the meter on an Android phone or tablet up to 10m or 30 feet away.
What is METERLiNK?
The EX845 is equipped with METERLiNK™, a Bluetooth-based technology developed by Extech and FLIR that transmits real-time readings from the clamp meter directly to a FLIR infrared thermal imaging camera or to an Android device using this app and the device’s Bluetooth connection.

The app is used to discover available EX845s in METERLiNK mode, connect to a desired meter, and receive readings transmitted via Bluetooth in realtime.

This includes the display of readings for the following functions: ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, capacitance, resistance, frequency, diode test, Temperature (both contact, Type-K probe and non-contact, infrared functions). Function indicators highlight which measurement mode is selected on the meter. Additionally, Data Hold and Min/Max functions are also remotely displayed.

The METERLiNK app can also display a scrolling log of several recent readings for quick reference and basic trending. This is enabled by clicking the measurement mode indicator/button along the bottom of the screen that is active and highlighted.
For example, if you are viewing Voltage, the “V” indicator is highlighted in the row at the bottom of the screen. Clicking the “V” button will open the reading log.

Remote Display Advantage:
This METERLiNK app allows your EX845 clamp meter to function in a manner similar to clamp meter and digital multimeter (DMM) models currently available with a detachable wireless, remote display. The advantage of the app however is that the display on the clamp meter remains intact and continues to function, displaying readings locally in addition to the remote display on the Android device. Additionally, no PC or wireless transmitter/receiver dongle or other accessory is required to view readings remotely.
Now, electrical professionals can monitor voltage, current, and other readings at a safe distance from hazardous locations. Additionally, it is easier to perform remote tasks such as powering up equipment from a control panel that is not nearby. For electricians who must show readings to a customer or manager, the remote display makes it easy to leave the clamp meter in place while showing and explaining findings from a safe location.

Add the convenience of anytime/anywhere remote viewing to your EX845 today!

The Diagnostic Ecosystem:
The EX845 METERLiNK™ for Android app is one part of Extech & FLIR’s “diagnostic ecosystem” approach to effective troubleshooting. Extech and FLIR are committed to offering increased connectivity among Extech meters, FLIR infrared thermal imaging cameras and personal devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The goal of the diagnostic ecosystem is not only to improve communication among diagnostic and communication devices but also among technicians and their customers and managers, by leveraging accurate and coordinated readings from related tools.
System Requirements:
– Extech EX845 clamp meter
– Most Android devices with Bluetooth**
– Versions: 2.3, 4.0, 4.1 & 4.2**
The following Android devices are tested and found compatible. Devices are not limited to the list below. **Some Android devices’ hardware performance may impact the responsiveness of data.

– LG TracPhone – LGL45C (Android 2.3.4)
– Google Nexus Four (Android 4.2.2)
– Motorola Xoom (Android 4.0.4)
– Archos G9 (Android 4.0.4)
– Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Android 4.1.2)
– Samsung Tab 2 – GT-P3113 (Android 4.1.1)
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  • Angie

    Is it possible that this app could be a Bar version so that I could download it to my blackberry?

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  • C Mar

    This app works great, I have been using it for two weeks with no problem to my Z 10. I opened this site on my blackberry’s browser, down loaded directly to my phone. I opened it under my downloads and hit run. It installed itself correctly to my phone and also works with or without the Square card reader.

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