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Updated September 17, 2013
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● NEW free app with 2,000+ FUN smileys & emoji
● Black & Asian emoticons
● Send smileys to Facebook, Twitter, instant messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, etc.), chat apps, by MMS, e-mail and many social networks

❝Love them. I'm abusing it. I irritate my family and friends. I don't text using words anymore, I emoji them. ❞ – Gloria
❝Enormous selection! This is wild you must try it. Everyone will want to know where you got your emojis. Different races and hobbies to choose from. Also, So much fun to create your own emoji.❞ – Karalynn

● Type your smiley message inside Emojidom
● Tap the “Share” icon on top
● Choose from the list of apps on your device where you’d like to send it and confirm. Simple!
● Open your preferred instant messenger or a chat app, e.g. WhatsApp
● Tap a clip or a camera icon (depends on your IM) to attach an image, then tap the “Gallery” icon
● Choose Emojidom and tap any smiley face. It's now in your chat!
You can do this in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Skype, imo, kik, GO SMS, Go!Chat for Facebook, KakaoTalk, textPlus, Beejive IM, Viber, XMS, WeChat, IM+, miTalk Messenger, Comm and more.
● How to post Emojidom messages on your Facebook wall:
● Attach smiley faces in Facebook Messenger:
● Attach smiley faces in WhatsApp:
● Attach smiley faces in LINE:
● Attach smiley faces in WeChat:
● ❝Can you add these smiley faces to a keyboard?❞
      ➤ Sorry, no. Other Android apps don’t allow “typing” with high resolution images. So such a keyboard wouldn’t work. The only exception to this is the low resolution “standard emoji” (they are a special font, not images) – there are many other apps with those emoji. You are welcome to try them instead.
● ❝Can I send my Emojidom messages via free SMS?❞
      ➤ No. SMS allows sending text only. Emojidom uses smiley images which can be sent via MMS.
● The best free collection of high resolution emoticons which are funny and unique – you'll even find the “middle finger emoji”!
● Premium packs include: Naughty smiley faces, Grumpy Cat, Zombies, smileys for holidays (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas…), manga collection and many more fun emoticons.
● Want a new emoji or a smiley face for free? Tap “Request new emoji” and let me know. The best and funny ideas are chosen for the next app update.
● Take a new photo or add your existing images to create your own photo-icons, be creative and funny!
● High resolution quality of shared photo and emoticon messages – no matter which resolution Android device you have.
● Unlike iPhone emoji, Emojidom smileys are always visible. On any Android or iPhone device, computer, etc.
● Smileys are larger than the standard iPhone smileys, more fun!
Email me at – I respond quickly ☺
Emojidom can send emoticon messages to these apps (make sure you have the needed app installed on your device): Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Tagged, Hi5, RenRen, Sina Weibo, Qzone, Kaixin100, me2day, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Nazsa Klasa, MMS (Messages app), email, many instant messengers and chat apps.

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    • Anthonywastrinh

      not .bar file.  it is a apk file

    • you are in the ANDROID section and not the Playbook section

    • Sarah Garman

      It fails everytime i try to download

    • Choicebep

      so i all the apps that says “android” on it cant be put on my blackberryh playbook ?

    •  You only want to load in apps that say “Playbook” in the title if you want the playbook version.



    • Adogslife

      could you pz get maplestory live ty

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    • swingersviptracker

      love it

    • Seems good app.

    • ya good one !

    • db

      Each time i try to register, it says, Failed to contact server .. Could someone tell me what exactly the reason might be

    • CapitalFashionNyc

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    • PBX

      Tried and still have some bugs. Will try again if it’s stable.

    • doorbolt

      what do the first two buttons say?

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    • heski_j

      able to download instagram on bb z10 but not able to use.. plz help

    • Synergy615

      @heski_j You can’t register straight off the app, but there is an alternative to registering. here’s the link. once you make an account you’ll be able to use instagram on your z10, and it works great.

    • Raghavendra Bv

      @doorbolt you can join here to know about nukkad app

    • Raghavendra Bv

      @ PBX 
      We would like to know if you still facing issues. You can join our FB page and check out there or follow our twitter handle @nukkaddotme

    • Raghavendra Bv

      Can you let us know what issues you faced when using nukkad. You can also share with us on 
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    • Raghavendra Bv

      Hello, we can help you download the app and experience nukkad. Kindly write to us on our facebook page 
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    • Great web cool

    • yayayayayayaya

      i have registered but it says i need the version is out of date and i need to upgrade what do i do?

    • yayayayayayaya

      instagram says an update is needed, and I did the forgot password with facebook and it still does not work, what do I do?

    • yayayayayayaya

      when i verify with facebook it says ‘sorry we couldn’t complete your request please try again in a moment’

    • AriMor1

      hi guys ! i just want to share this cool site with you!
      hope you will find it usefull!

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    • SF71

      any word on Google+ becoming available for BB10? I would really appreciate it. Also Skype works great. Thanks

    • jtcorpca

      Any Chance at converting the Android version of Grindr which is free? instead of the stupid BB version that you have to pay for?  Ot getting a BAR version of Jack’D

    • mero_mori1 is better download any android app then upload and it will be converted to .bar file and put on yuor bbz10 or playbook works very good 😉

    • mero_mori1

      any one tryed send me message

    • mero_mori2

      i want to put some apps on the site what should i do

    • hpangya

      @mero_mori1 yup! you’re right! I tried to convert instagram, and it works! good thing you posted a link to where we can convert an .apk file to .bar files. Thanks!

    • hpangya

      does Instagram work on Playbook?

    • masonbaabaa

      Instagram is not the 4.0 version. Can you please upload to the correct and updated version? 🙂

    • BMM194

      Tried converting it to bar which worked. Opened on my Z10 and everything. Unfortunately, I get an error message stating ‘incompatible device’. This is a popular Google Play error so hopefully once its fixed in Google Play and on Android devices, the app will work on Blackberry devices.

    • bener banget gan
      kunjungi juga ya

    • jonsnow1

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      this work on BB Z10?

    • CBeastz

      it is downloading In a WinRAR file! please help

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    • nicolerr

      i download this app but when i try to open it it says unable to open this file??

    • Daniel Lachowski

      I ♥ this app 😉

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    • C Nowak

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